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Your Winter Health Survival Guide

A New Nut Butter in Town

You Don't Have to Run a Marathon

Hey, Sweetie! (New Winter Dessert Recipes!)

5 Places to Get Your Lunge On

Holland House: White Wine + Lemon Chicken

Sesame Street Goes Healthy

Breakfast Advent-ures

Only 1 in 3 parents say families have healthful diet

Smart Ways to Stop Worrying

Caramelized Onion Latkes

Puzzles to Stretch Your Mind

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    5 places to get your lunge on made me laugh! Somehow I can't imagine myself doing lunges while getting gas or grocery shopping :) - 12/13/2010   6:23:14 PM
  • 14
    Thanks for the healthy headlines blogs, I appreciate having them all in one place. - 12/13/2010   4:28:12 PM
    so many ideas . so little time . - 12/13/2010   2:28:57 PM
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    I also loved "You Don't Have to run a marathon". Now off to do my mile on the treadmill. - 12/13/2010   10:45:07 AM
    I was sorry to learn that after all these years of struggle, Cookie Monster had to face an intervention by Hoots the Owl.

    Some things in life should remain sacred! - 12/13/2010   7:45:15 AM
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    I loved one of the games. Only had time to do one but it was fun. - 12/13/2010   6:34:43 AM
    I loved, loved, loved Emily's blog...Jesse Owens never ran a marathon and he was a 'real' runner. The marathon is to be respected not just another check mark on your things to do. - 12/12/2010   10:31:24 PM
  • 8
    Love the nut butter recipes! - 12/12/2010   9:21:46 PM
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    Smart ways to stop worrying...........................
    ....I won't bother to read that since I stopped worrying about 35 years ago when I read Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "Your Erroneous Zones" and he said that worry did absolutely NOTHING to change a situation. ACTION was all that mattered & I've lived by that ever since. I do things NOW, and don't let them go so I later WORRY if things will not turn out. For example, two of my cats died last week from CAT FLU (they were 15 yrs old), so I went & spent the money to take my two other cats to the VET, not even being sure if they would come down with it. But, like Dr. Dyer says "You can't go back and change things, so make a decision NOW and do it." So, they have both been healthy this week, and I'm just going to deal with the $205 I spent on the Vet. At least, I'm not having regrets. - 12/12/2010   6:56:29 PM
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    Love that link to the NY Times Science pages (Puzzles to Stretch Your Mind) ... this whole group of Healthy Headlines was very interesting ... thanks! - 12/12/2010   3:25:01 PM
  • 5
    Emily's blog! - 12/12/2010   1:35:13 PM
    Emily's blog is a lifeline to a person trying to become a runner! - 12/12/2010   1:08:59 PM
  • 3
    I'm totally with *Amber512 on this one. Emily's blog was just what I needed. I had a super slow race yesterday, but I had to remind myself that I was diagnosed with pneumonia in August and am STILL recovering... and that I shouldn't beat myself up for not being as fast as others, or not doing longer distances. - 12/12/2010   12:47:04 PM
    Unfortunately the "Hey Sweetie!" link is dead. I'm now trying to look for it on the main Hungry Girl site... - 12/12/2010   12:29:59 PM
  • 1
    Emily's blog : You Don't Have to Run a Marathon was one of the best blogs I have ever read. A really inspirational read!! - 12/12/2010   11:37:30 AM

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