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Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious

Chickpea and Carrot Crockpot Soup

The success recipe for fitness: Mix in the fun

My Favourite Recipes of 2010

7 Homemade Spa Treatments Made From Holiday Leftovers

Meat, Poultry Required to Carry Nutrition Labels by 2012

Healthy Un-Fried Rice Recipe

Americans just won't eat their vegetables

4 Steps to Being Worry Free

Caribbean Sweet Potato and Plantain Soup

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 19
    The Success recipe for fitness. - 1/4/2011   1:00:25 AM
  • 18
    Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious.
    Thank you for bringing this one to my attention! - 1/3/2011   9:09:58 PM
  • 17
    The story about vegetables bummed me out. I know that for several people, getting fresh fruits and vegetables is hard because of poverty and lack of access. That said... MOST PEOPLE CAN GET VEGGIES. Why don't people GET IT yet??? - 1/3/2011   4:16:37 PM
  • 16
    Looking forward to trying the Healthy Un-Fried Rice. Yummy!! - 1/3/2011   12:42:10 PM
  • 15
    americans just won't eat their vegetables - 1/3/2011   9:53:32 AM
    Most interesting for me: Exercise Makes You Less Anxious". Least Useful: "Best Recipes of 2010"--no nutritional information. There must be better sources of good recipes that include nutrition information which would make the recipes much more useful. They sounded good, but I figured out the calorie count for one of them( which took awhile !)and the results convinced me I didn't want to add it to my meals--would have been nice to know upfront. - 1/3/2011   8:15:16 AM
  • 13
    I like the homemade spa treatments with leftovers. I am definately going to try some of those including the potato trick for the bags under my eyes!
    Happy New Year. - 1/3/2011   3:52:46 AM
  • 12
    Americans won't eat veggies. Well, I do and I will be eating MORE, since I want to stay healthy. - 1/3/2011   12:27:05 AM
  • 11
    The article about Exercise making you less anxious. I want to send it to my niece too! - 1/3/2011   12:04:13 AM
  • 10
    The Recipes, printed a couple of them. I must be hungry!!! - 1/2/2011   3:01:33 PM
  • 9
    I liked both the story about worry and the one about anxiety as I definitely have too much of both! - 1/2/2011   2:06:11 PM
    I am SO looking forward to the nutrition labels on the meat! - 1/2/2011   1:21:13 PM
  • 7
  • 6
    Definitely enjoyed "Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious", but it's also nice how items like "Chickpea and Carrot Crockpot Soup" inspire me to be a little more creative in the kitchen. In my soup for today I felt more comfortable putting together things I normally wouldn't have - particularly different veggie varieties. Yum! - 1/2/2011   12:56:41 PM
  • 5
    I don't know why this showed up twice -- I'm sorry! - 1/2/2011   12:28:59 PM
  • 4
    I thought the rat-exercise experiment (the "less anxious" article) was fascinating. I can tell that exercise is good for me, from my own experience, but learning about the science behind it is really interesting, too. I love science. - 1/2/2011   12:28:58 PM
    I really got a lot out of 'Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious.' Scientific proof of how exercise changes your body's reaction to stress. - 1/2/2011   11:36:41 AM
  • 2
    I immediately put the advice in "4 Steps to Being Worry Free" to use in my SparkPeople Journal. It felt great! Thanks a lot! - 1/2/2011   11:19:38 AM
  • 1
    Americans just won't eat their vegetables. Very interesting! - 1/2/2011   10:42:34 AM

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