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This Thanksgiving: Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie from Peas and Thank You

Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches from The New York Times

Holiday Salad with Cranberry Apple Orange Vinaigrette from Oh She Glows

Fitness tips from top trainers from Chicago Tribune

Why You Should Mini-Meal It! from Fit Bottomed Girls

How to Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight from Diet Blog

herb baked stuffing from The Edible Perspective

5-Minute Fat Burners from

A Festive, Low-Cal Dip for Thanksgiving from the Fit Stop

How Bedroom Temperature Affects Your Zs from Fit Sugar

Parfait Perfection! (Two New Recipes!) from Hungry Girl

Exercises That Can Backfire from Woman's Day

10 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes from fANNEtastic food

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    Bedroom temp. - I sleep better with a cooler bedroom and a fan
    Exercises that can backfire - some of these I knew about but others were surprising, especially the weighted side bend. - 11/22/2011   10:09:05 AM
  • 11
    Bedroom temp and Exercises that backfire - 11/21/2011   6:09:52 PM
    10 recipes - 11/21/2011   9:48:30 AM
  • 9
    I really did like Exercises that can Backfire. It is true, about putting strain on different parts of your body, doing exercise, the wrong way. These exercises are so much more beneficial to the body. - 11/21/2011   5:39:59 AM
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    I am blown away that the US congress put big business over out Nations youth. SHAME on them. I am really afraid we are going down the wrong path with these lawmakers. I was really hoping for change but all we got from them was more money paid to special interests and LOBBYISTS.
    I will be writing my feelings on this I feel compelled to do so. I was a poor kid growing up in England and since my lunches, which were cooked dinners by all standards, wre FREE I was made to eat the lot I would be wasting taxpayers money. I had hope that our youth would be getting better choices, I am really saddened by this turn of events. Pat in Maine. - 11/20/2011   11:16:36 PM
    I too liked the "Exercises that can backfire" article. Too bad though the girl demonstrating the squat shows such poor form - the knees should not be pushed past the toes. Instead, the movement is like sitting down in a chair, with the butt sticking out and the knees behind the plane of the toes.

    And I'm disappointed with Congress for supporting frozen food companies at the expense of school children. Sure, the school lunch is only a small part of a kid's nutrition, but it can be so educational and helping kids form lifelong good habits. - 11/20/2011   6:29:27 PM
  • 6
    I've been watching the news that pizza's tomato paste is considered a vegetable! That is just crazy! Who thinks of these things? Wouldn't it be great if the kids were actually fed a real meal?! Maybe they could learn better...! - 11/20/2011   5:01:43 PM
  • 5
    Exercise that can backfire.... that one got my attention. - 11/20/2011   12:56:18 PM
    I appreciate the "Exercises that can backfire" article. I also would like to see an article an how to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome from weight training. My father apparently had this happen to him and it is something I would want to avoid as I start up strength training again.
    As for the New York Times article on school lunches, it is j yet another piece of evidence to show that our politicians are bought and paid for, as if it is not already obvious. My husband came home from his job driving school bus with food that was left over from the school cafeteria, and tried to give it to our cats and chickens. They wouldn't even eat it, and they were not exactly picky eaters. - 11/20/2011   12:18:59 PM
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    The difference between intelligence and wisdom:

    Intelligence - knowing tomatoes are fruit

    Wisdom - knowing not to put them in fruit salad

    * Either way get pizza and french fries out of school lunch lines! As if this were 2008 (again) when KETCHUP was constituted a vegetable by Congress. CONGRESS should not run USDA... where are the nutritionists? Let's elect competence not "compensation" to offices that end up ruling our lives. - 11/20/2011   10:46:20 AM
  • 2
    In reading 'Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches from The New York Times' I'm floored by the fact that Congress is bypassing this structural program with the U.S.D.A. Our kids are getting more and more obese, they are at least attempting to help. I guess it makes more sense to send astronauts to the moon which we will never inhabit than help our kids become healthier. Perhaps parents should boycott school lunches and pack them instead. After all the first step does start at home. - 11/20/2011   8:54:30 AM
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    "Exercises That Can Backfire" was very helpful. I think people can get away with poor form or "risky" moves when younger because the overall muscle tone is protective. At 50 and up, however, there is a difference. I appreciate that there are alternate exercises offered in each case. Thank you for this link. - 11/20/2011   6:31:18 AM

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