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Fatty Foods Addictive Like Cocaine in Growing Body of Scientific Research from Bloomberg

How to Reframe a Negative Thought with a Thought Record from Oh She Glows

A Reminder on Maintaining Bone Health from The New York Times

Smart Halloween Candy Removal Tips from Diet Blog

Brain Food 101: Storing Nuts and Seeds from Savvy Eats

Which Foods Burn the Most Fat? from

Six Ingredients or Less: Tandoori Mmmm Sauce from Peas and Thank You

3 Must-Do Yoga Poses For Tight Hips from Fit Sugar

Hungry Girl's Guide to Guilt-Free French Toast! from Hungry Girl

8 Breast Cancer Myths—Debunked from Woman's Day

Goat Cheese Spinach Artichoke Dip Healthy Tipping Point

Celebrate Meatless Monday with the Founder’s Favorite Meal from the Fit Stop

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 15
    Well, I recently read that SALT is addictive, too. And so many of us already know about the carb addiction. by personal experience.
    Get real - it seems any and everything can be addictive.

    It's certainly not news to me. - 11/8/2011   8:11:09 AM
  • 14
    Fatty Foods Addictive Like Cocaine in Growing Body of Scientific Research - 11/7/2011   10:02:26 PM
  • 13
    I agree with MINDHORIZON, DBCLARINET, etc. that the FIRST article is so misleading as FATTY Foods are the ones HIGH IN SUGARS as the article goes on to say.
    After reading the book by Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" I certainly know that it is SUGARS/STARCHES that is the problem. - 11/7/2011   5:30:12 PM
  • 12
    Wow, I second MindHorizon on the poor choice of title for the first article. Actually, the only reason I read it was because I wanted to see if they meant truly fatty foods, or if they meant cupcakes and Ho-Hos. Sure enough, they meant cupcakes and Ho-Hos, which are really sugar and processed-garbage foods. Fats are healthy, just like protein and carbs. I HATE it when articles blatantly spin the truth for sensationalism, and this was pretty bad in that regard. - 11/7/2011   3:03:11 PM
  • 11
    Definitely the Fatty Foods Addictive as Cocaine article. I Shared it on my Facebook wall! I definitely believe that some foods are addictive to me. I am positive that offering me a piece of chocolate is like offering an alcoholic a beer and saying, "You can have just one, can't you?" . - 11/7/2011   2:36:20 PM
  • 10
    I think the title of the first article is misleading. I could not get to that actual article, but a Google search helped me find other articles with that title. It would seem that the fatty foods they're talking about are those that have sugar and other carbs in them. It's the carbs that make those foods addictive, most likely, not the fats. Fats in the absence of carbs are self-limiting. They satisfy the appetite. The problem is that most of the fat we eat in our society is combined with some kind of carbohydrate. Fats are important nutrients. Animal fat in particular has vitamins such as A and D (at least in animals raised outdoors). Fat helps to assimilate important minerals such as calcium. We need healthy fats.

    By the way, vegetable oil is NOT a healthy fat. It is high in polyunsaturated fats which suppress the immune system and contribute to cancer. - 11/7/2011   12:27:07 PM
    Great articles! - 11/7/2011   8:23:02 AM
  • 8
    The article on maintaining bone health is of great interest to me because I already have osteoporosis and try to keep an eye out for articles that provide more information. - 11/6/2011   8:34:48 PM
  • 7
    "How to Reframe a Negative Thought with a Thought Record". Very interesting. - 11/6/2011   8:14:45 PM
  • 6
    As someone living with stage IV breast cancer, the breast cancer myths article caught my eye. It's true that it's not just older women who get it; I was 39 when first diagnosed in 2003, and around the same time, a coworker's daughter in law was only 27 when she was diagnosed.

    The bone health article was interesting too; I have bone mets from my cancer, and I was on Zometa, a drug to help strengthen to bones, for about 4 years until my doctor switched me to Aredia, a similar drug but one that is not as hard on the kidneys. I also have osteopenia in my left hip which was caused by chemo and also from the radiation I had there. - 11/6/2011   4:44:00 PM
  • 5
    lots of these articles look good! - 11/6/2011   3:38:54 PM
  • 4
    I'm excited to try the Hungry Girl French Toast recipe, especially the stuffed peanut butter/banana one. It looks delicious and the nutrition is much more balanced than traditional French Toast. - 11/6/2011   3:03:36 PM
    Fatty foods as addictive as cocaine!! No wonder once i have a cheeseburger im dying for another! - 11/6/2011   2:45:41 PM
  • 2
    If you right mouse click on the title and open in another tab you can open as many as you want. - 11/6/2011   8:18:43 AM
    I don't understand why you give these headline stories if you limit the number one is allowed to open and read. This doesn't make sense! - 11/6/2011   7:47:14 AM

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