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Top 10 Safety Tips for Pet Parents from ASPCA

How to Run on a Treadmill Without Dying of Boredom from Carrots 'n' Cake

Shape Up in 7 Minutes from

12 Pumpkin Recipes To Make This Week from Savvy Eats

The Best Exercises to Do When Sick from Fit Sugar

How Many Calories Are in That Fun-Size Halloween Candy? from Fit Bottomed Girls

Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos from Oh She Glows

Carve Your Body—Not Just Your Pumpkin—This Halloween from the Fit Stop

How to Eat Healthier at Japanese or Sushi Restaurants from Diet Blog

8 Ways to Get More Sleep from Woman's Day

New Fall Recipes! (Seasonally Delicious Eats!) from Hungry Girl

Study Shows Why It’s Hard to Keep Weight Off from The New York Times

How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues from AOL Healthy Living

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    The Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos from Oh She Glows looks so good. I have already marked the page to make these later. - 10/31/2011   12:58:37 PM
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    As someone who lost over a hundred pounds and is now fighting to keep it off, I really relate to the weight loss story. They also talked about this on NPR this morning and said that an hour of exercise 6 days a week as well as eating 3-500 calories less than "normal people" (i.e. those who have always been at a normal weight) would help people to continue to lose or to maintain their weight. OMG. - 10/31/2011   10:01:32 AM
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    The leptin grehlin study never mentioned exercise.... - 10/31/2011   7:57:03 AM
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    I find it fitting to read about the Halloween candy. Maybe I should print it off and attach to the bowl at work that I am going to take all the leftover candy - 10/31/2011   6:42:23 AM
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    The NY Times article proves that a starvation diet of 500 cals/ day is not conducive to permanent
    weight loss. The body reacts by going on starvation mode, and producing hormones that will cause weight gain. A reasonable lifestyle modification is what works best.
    Maintaining the weight loss is work, too, but it can be done. Do not get discouraged, unless you are on a 500 cals/ day diet. - 10/30/2011   7:48:27 PM
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    The Japanese restaurants article was useful.
    i only read NYTimes article after reading comments and thought "oh no!" but the study is not conclusive, not enough participants and they lost a lot of weight really quickly which is a big No-no for keeping it off.
    The pets article was VERY obvious- IMHO if you did not know this information you should not keep pets - seriously!
    Loved the Monday Blues article- great tips for Balancing work week out!
    Loved the treadmill article also: great tips! - 10/30/2011   3:07:41 PM
  • B00KWRM
    I liked the suggestions outlined in the "How to Run on a Treadmill from Carrots 'n' Cake. Motivating article.

    - 10/30/2011   2:47:33 PM
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    I liked the article regarding exercises to do when sick. While I only get truly sick about 2 times a year, I always get nervous because I know I cannot do my usual work-out & I worry that I'll fall off my fitness wagon. Once I fall off for more than a couple of days, it's really hard for me to get back on. Having lighter activities that can be feasibly done when sick is good to know! Plus, if you're not pushing yourself too hard, I can definitely see it helping to alleviate you being stiff from sitting/laying around. - 10/30/2011   2:37:06 PM
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    The study in the NY Times article had only 50 research subjects who ate no more than 550 calories per day while losing weight. The research had neither a large enough base to be significant or any connection to ordinary real-life weight loss conditions. - 10/30/2011   2:15:41 PM
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    the weight loss story made me cry....I am working so hard to keep the weight off and it's sad to know it's always going to be this way......not sure how to deal with this - 10/30/2011   1:21:48 PM
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    New York times article- I knew it wasn't my fault, :-( - 10/30/2011   12:19:04 PM
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    The New York Times article definitely. Even though I'm still a ways from where I want to be, it helps me mentally prepare for the challenge of maintenance. - 10/30/2011   11:03:16 AM
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    I haven't read the articles yet, but the one I'm most looking forward to reading is the NY Times article. I have SO much trouble keeping weight off. - 10/30/2011   9:43:27 AM
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    Anything pumpkin gets my attention but Hungry Girl Fall Recipes. Are close second
    - 10/30/2011   9:00:41 AM

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