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How to Love Exercise (or at least not hate it) from fANNEtastic food

Forgetfulness at an early age is rarely a sign of early dementia from The Washington Post

Cow's Milk Alternatives Nutrition Guide from Diet Blog

Healthy Halloween Costumes from Fit Sugar

10 Heart-Healthy Dessert Recipes from

Why You Eat When You’re Not Hungry from Woman's Day

7 Gluten-Free Halloween Party Snacks for Kids (and Kidults!) from Fit Bottomed Girls

The Wild World of Eggs! (New Recipes!) from Hungry Girl

Combating the Silent Disease That Kills More Than Breast Cancer and Diabetes Combined from The Fit Stop

Asparagus and Mushroom Quinoa Risotto from Daily Garnish

Reebok to Pay Settlement Over Health Claims from The New York Times

No bake Pumpkin Tarts from Healthful Pursuit

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 8
    Why You Eat When You're Not Hungry was very good, and referenced SP - 10/18/2011   1:29:04 AM
  • 7
    the no bake pumpkin tarts had me at first sight - 10/17/2011   11:15:13 PM
  • 6
    How to Love Exercise (or at least not hate it.) I know I will never love it. Often I think of Stephen Hawking, who is in that wheelchair and I know he'd love to have my ability to move. Bless his heart, poor man. - 10/16/2011   11:46:40 PM
    "Why You Eat When You’re Not Hungry" ..... sometimes my answer is "all of the above."
    Also, the "10 Heart-Healthy Dessert Recipes" was great but left me wanting to eat .... and I'm not hungry. WISH I HAD MY HUSBAND'S METABOLISM!!! =( - 10/16/2011   9:03:26 PM
  • TISH0125
    wow! great postings thanks!!!!!!!!!! - 10/16/2011   6:56:58 PM
  • 3
    Very interesting about Reebok. I'm glad to see the FTC taking action. - 10/16/2011   3:00:24 PM
  • 2
    I really like the Women's day article, "Why You Eat When You’re Not Hungry." With the holidays coming right around the bend the article offers some good reminders on how to handle food and avoiding binges. Although I know this information, each time I read the information helps reinforce why I need to keep reading articles.
    - 10/16/2011   12:21:37 PM
  • 1
    I loved them all it is hard pick just one thank you so much for sharing. - 10/16/2011   6:20:32 AM

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