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Reflections on a year of maintenance


The blog I've been itching to write

A Peanutty non scale victory

5 Lessons from a Month with No Fast Food

Exciting indicators of progress!

14 minute mile at 100 lbs overweight!

Lost 50 lbs (if found, don't return). *Photos Included*

Strong Spark Women Tribute

60 Lbs Lighter & A Year of (Visual) Revolutions

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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  • JAIME_03110
    I just love all of these stories, they truly are all inspiring. It's so great to see that there are people out there that are just like me... that I am not alone on my fight against food. I love SP! - 9/27/2010   9:17:54 PM
  • MINDY502
    I liked 5 lessons from a month of no fast food; Great! - 9/21/2010   11:41:14 AM
  • 12
    Great Blogs!! I liked the 60 lbs lighter....but all are inspirational - 9/20/2010   8:14:10 AM
  • 11
    I just learned my blog was featured and I am so thrilled! I very much enjoyed all the comments from fellow sparkies, it was so motivating! I sure wish I would have taken more time to make sure my grammar was correct, haha! Thanks SP :) - 9/19/2010   9:00:13 PM
  • 10
    They were all so great--hard to pick the best. The victory over cookie madness was very inspirational but I vote for One Year of Maintenance. We rarely hear from those who were successful and then maintained their success. Very inspirational and I canʻt imagine living in "120-ville" but it must be lovely. - 9/18/2010   9:39:47 PM
  • 9
    I loved the peanutty non scale victory. I can really relate to the craving for peanut butter cookies and the desire to cook up a big batch, but it is so inspiring to hear how she fought it back. - 9/18/2010   6:41:24 PM
  • 8
    50 lbs lost is Great! I love the numbered paragraphs about all the different aspects of her tactics to change! They're very good ways to help us all!
    Liz-nypa - 9/18/2010   1:08:51 PM
  • 7
    A great selection as always! :-)
    Loved the Strong Spark Women Tribute. It is always fun when you recognise a face or two yourself. :-)
    A Peanutty non scale victory was also a delight to read. It is a victory well worth celebrating! :-)
    Lex xxx
    - 9/18/2010   7:54:49 AM
  • 6
    Since most people quit and never get to their goal, it is great to read SIXTY POUNDS LIGHTER!!!!! - 9/18/2010   1:04:41 AM
  • 5
    After a quick run through the list, the No Fast Food definitely caught my attention! - 9/17/2010   10:56:37 PM
  • 4
    OH! There she is...we posted at about the same time!!! YAY Annie!!! - 9/17/2010   3:41:47 PM
  • 3
    Reflections on a Year of Maintenance, by WALKINGANNIE, was thoughtful and thought-provoking, full of inspiration and hope, and showed in a very logical way how the difficult undertaking of MAINTENANCE can be achieved!!!

    Definitely my fav this week!
    Maha - 9/17/2010   3:40:17 PM
    Goodness! My blog is there! Thanks a million to SparkPeople for transforming a very weak, ill, overweight couch potato and yo-yo dieter - who had just survived a major medical trauma - into a slim, active, healthy survivor with a hopeful future. SP has given me a new lease of life and brought some wonderful people into my life. I can't put into words just how grateful I am. Thanks to Spark Guy, People and Friends. You rock! - 9/17/2010   3:39:29 PM
  • 1
    AMY - 9/17/2010   3:27:28 PM

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