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Photo Blog of My Journey

Celebrating the Little Milestones

I've made my Motivational Poster

Power of Motivation

We can always bounce back, happier and healthier

This is Me…20 Pounds GONE FOREVER!!!

Something I have not done in years

So I tried on some old suits -----WOW---take a look

My 6 month Sparkversary

You Know You're Making Progress When….

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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  • 11
    Thank you for the motivation today - 7/4/2010   2:33:41 PM
  • EDEN30
    I wanted to read Power Of Motivation blog but it is private!! is there a way it can be posted so we can read it? - 7/1/2010   2:56:01 PM
    My favorite is Photo Blog of My Journey, great blog! - 6/28/2010   10:45:35 AM
  • 8
    Loved the "old suits" blog. :) - 6/28/2010   7:04:57 AM
  • 7
    I love the "best of member weekly" - keep them coming! - 6/27/2010   7:36:43 PM
    These are all great blogs. Thank you for sharing! - 6/27/2010   10:19:11 AM
  • 5
    I got hit a week or so ago when I posted up my pics by being featured here. Now I noticed a friend posted up pics and I'm loving the chain reaction as hers gets featured here. Pics for me is such an inspiration over stories as I'm a very visual person. I'm enjoying seeing more visual pics in the chain reaction that another started and had me copying than the being featured here part. Now I can be thankful mine was shared and look forward to seeing more visual pics. - 6/26/2010   1:39:28 PM
    I'm new to spark,and its great to see so many
    People are on the same road to positive life style changes.
    - 6/26/2010   12:19:47 PM
  • 3
    love the small can mean so much message - 6/26/2010   9:20:53 AM
  • 2
    I love Jodi Ann's motivational poster, she drew it herself! She's doing an amazing job and I'm so proud of her!! - 6/26/2010   9:08:24 AM
  • 1
    I loved the "Something I haven't done in years" blog. Such a simple thing is not so insignificant. Thank you. - 6/26/2010   1:15:50 AM

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