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Hallelul's Weight Loss Journey

A Measure of Success

My Vision Collage

Because We Deserve It

Find Your Own Inspiration Within Yourself

SparkPeople Stole My Double-Chin!!!!

25 lbs Loss Before and After Pics

How Can I Wear a Bathing Suit When I am Fat?

Starting to Notice Things...

Thenů..Now Pics!

I Tried Something New!!!

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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  • 13
    I love how you feature the blogs from members! - 6/23/2010   9:11:59 PM
  • 12
    Several of these brought tears... in a good way! - 6/22/2010   10:22:16 AM
    Every day people with every day lives. I am so inspired by the pictures, the thoughts and all the successess! - 6/19/2010   11:29:15 PM
  • 10
    Now I understand why so many comments on my page. (glad to help everyone out as By encouraging them they CAN do it!!) Was out for the day. Plugged into my private ebox and found it loaded with Sparkpeople comments emails from people I don't even know and wonder huh.. what's up... *laughing. I was only expecting my friend's list to comment and posted them to show them its possible. Nice to share it with the world and Jibbie has it right.. I love not having a double chin any more and so looking forward to posting up the 50 lbs loss in another 3 months! Thank you Denise!!! - 6/19/2010   8:13:26 PM
  • 9
    Just read all the featured blogs. Great and very inspiring and motivational. - 6/19/2010   5:49:46 PM
  • 8
    Thanks for including my journey!! WooHoo!! - 6/19/2010   5:19:02 PM
    I just wanted to say that I loved the blog on wearing a bathing suit. it was awesome ! - 6/19/2010   12:55:45 PM
    Great - 6/19/2010   8:16:36 AM
  • 5
    OMG... I just saw this and was taken back!!!! My blog was on this list. How cool. To say Sparkpeople is awesome is an understatement!!!

    Thank you so much for just taking the time to read my blog. I really love it here! - 6/18/2010   10:32:06 PM
  • 4
    I just love the Bathing Suit Blog. She tells it like it is and gives you confidence to go ahead and GO SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!! - 6/18/2010   6:36:46 PM
  • 3
    The measure of success is a great story! - 6/18/2010   1:31:47 PM
  • 2
    this site just gets better and better! The more I learn The more I love. this site has made me confident that I will loose the weight I am on day 7 and feeling good. - 6/18/2010   12:32:32 PM
  • 1
    The Then and NOW PICTURES are great. She looks so different without the double chins. - 6/18/2010   11:44:27 AM

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