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My 100 lb weight loss journey

50 pounds are GONE! Here are my tips!

My First Year Sparkversary

34 pounds lighter...before and in progress pictures

Today I am officially overweight...According to BMI anyway

Intervention: A Letter to Myself

My 2011 Vision Collage

I Like My Shadow

Journey of 125 pounds

50 pounds lost! With pictures!!

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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  • 8
    35 Pounds lighter! - 2/6/2011   7:38:45 PM
  • 7
    BTVMADS and CALLAHAN9101 make good points. I don't even bother reading "This Week's Best Member Blogs" anymore. They are the same every week :(
    - 2/6/2011   7:48:46 AM
  • 6
    I will have to completely agree with btvmads, it is so important to the ones of us that have only lost 2pounds and the ones of us that can finally sit with our legs crossed - 2/5/2011   7:17:52 PM
    Wow, that was unexpected! I am blown away... thank you. - 2/5/2011   2:55:15 PM
  • SARAHJ19
    Thanks so much for the honor this week! How exciting! Thank you :) - 2/5/2011   11:14:23 AM
  • 3
    Thank you so much for the honor! I'm not quite sure who chooses these blogs....I guess it's Denise Tausig. Anyway, I appreciate it very much! - 2/5/2011   8:56:23 AM
  • 2
    It's actually incredibly discouraging for me to see that the only blogs worth celebrating are people who have either lost a lot of weight or made the collage that SP endorses. I really cannot think of the last time you featured a blog about someone running a mile for the first time, or traveling without fear of airplane seats, or finally saying "no" to the cookies. I've been struggling to lose the last 5 pounds for over four months, but I've achieved a lot of my fitness goals and come to terms with my body along the way. Are people like me, who have healthy habits but still can't lose the weight, not worth celebrating any more? - 2/5/2011   7:05:25 AM
  • 1
    GREAT BLOG - 2/4/2011   1:48:30 PM

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