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Visual Motivators

Before & During (w/photos)

Who's done "weighting"? This guy.

Vision Statement

Lost 40 lbs so far!

Wait, I'm WHAT SIZE?? (New Pants & Pictures!)

Happiness, A Choice that Begins With You!

One Year with SP...this I know to be true...

My Vision Collage

Note to Self

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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    After being away on vacation for a week, I was overwhelmed when I returned to find that my vision collage blog had been featured. I can't tell you how gratifying and uplifting it was to come home and find so many encouraging comments on my page! I am humbled by the Spark Community's interest in my visions and encouraged to continue on with my journey because of your support. Thank you for your many kindnesses! - 2/1/2011   9:04:51 AM
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    I had NO idea my blog (One Year with SP...) was chosen until a friend congratulated me.SP blogs inspire me so much and if I've even inspired one person, that would be so awesome... Thanks to all who have commented and supported me on my blog! - 1/30/2011   1:46:01 PM
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    Okay, this is crazy! I had no idea that my blog (Before & During) was mentioned here... THANK YOU to everyone for all of the kind words & support! - 1/29/2011   3:22:21 PM
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    My Fave...."Before & During".
    Now THAT'S a transformation!
    - 1/29/2011   12:57:18 PM
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    This is an incredibly encouraging and motivating experience. How does this happen? Is the "like" button? Because if so, I'm going to start "liking" blogs more! :D

    Athi - 1/29/2011   12:26:09 PM
  • 7
    Who's done "weighting"!! - 1/29/2011   12:24:37 PM
  • 6
    I like "Not to Self" - 1/29/2011   8:39:51 AM
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    Before and During! - 1/29/2011   8:17:45 AM
    Nope, SDJohn needn't worry about his BMI; however, the fat percentage would be the telltale measurement for him. If he's running marathon's, I doubt he has anything to worry about. Sounds like he has everything under control. Good work! - 1/28/2011   9:57:22 PM
  • 3
    That's cool, Sandiegojohn, I wonder how many people don't realize their blogs are chosen? I will go back and read your blog.

    The blog I picked was "Wait, I'm WHAT SIZE?? (New Pants & Pictures!)"
    I've been having a hard time chosing a reward for my final goal but those Lucy compression pants look neat so when I reach my final goal I am going to buy a pair even though they are $98. Hope they don't raise their price before I reach my final goal. I better get to work!

    - 1/28/2011   7:35:19 PM
    Hey! That's my blog! How cool is that?! - 1/28/2011   6:50:05 PM
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    Weight? I what size? with pictures!! - 1/28/2011   6:27:05 PM

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