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Groups seek labeling changes for injected chickens

Risk of Childhood Obesity Higher Among Minorities

Nutrition experts battle industry groups over sugar

Cutting Salt Could Prevent Almost 500,000 Heart Attacks

Is Yoga All the Exercise You Need?

Body image, diet pushing Japanese women to lose weight

Life With a Pouch on the Side

U.S. Children: Generation Snack

Let Your Abs Say Ahh With These Stretches

Power of Prevention

Umami, The New MSG?

Which health stories piqued your attention this week?

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  • 20
    Umami, yoga and exercise articles.
    Umami is that natural roasted veg taste.
    Yoga rules!
    The exercise article is a furfy, there is research demonstrating the benifits of exercise in long term weightloss maintenance. - 3/11/2010   6:44:15 AM
  • 19
    Wow, the article on salt, about manufacturers injecting salt into chicken breasts? Geez, I'm going to look more carefully at what I buy at the grocery store!

    Also read the article about Generation Snack Kids. That really hit home for me. I could snack all day long! My sister has 2 daughters - 8 and 4. They seem to snack every 2 hours. The oldest is overweight and has been known to eat an entire canteloupe or a box of strawberries in one sitting! Granted, it is fresh fruit, but portion control it is not. Both kids are picky eaters (go figure!) and the youngest refuses to eat meat. Not that that is bad in itself, but I think my sister is always trying to make sure she gets enough calories, so she offers food every couple of hours. This, of course, means they aren't hungry at mealtimes, which are now battlegrounds. Go figure! - 3/10/2010   12:35:42 PM
  • 18
    Thank you very much for posting the Life With a Pouch on the Side article.
    I have crohns disease and his story was a true inspiration.
    I inherited my illness from my grandmother, she had a "pouch". The thought of me eventually having to have that has always terrified me.
    Dana's outlook is amazing, and I hope I can have half of his optimism when it comes my time to have that done. - 3/9/2010   7:42:00 PM
  • 17
    Enjoyed the article on Salt. I knew too much was bad, but didn't really know why. It increases blood pressure. Didn't know that. - 3/9/2010   5:42:31 PM
    Thanks for the article link to "Life with a Pouch on the Side." - 3/9/2010   10:11:59 AM
  • 15
    re: "nutrion experts battle industry groups over sugar":

    Just because something is natural, doesn't mean it's good for you. How many poisons exist in nature? It drives me nuts when people use that arguement. - 3/8/2010   5:36:02 PM
  • 14
    I read the one on the umami, yoga, and the abs. - 3/8/2010   1:21:20 PM
    I found myself clicking on all but the one. Thank goodness for tabbed browsing! - 3/8/2010   11:30:19 AM
  • 12
    The article about kids snacking too much and the article about Japanese women caught my eye this week. - 3/8/2010   10:38:44 AM
    very interesting - 3/7/2010   8:56:00 PM
  • 10
    Food suppliers do so much alter the natural food supply. It is good to be your own advocate.

    On weeks wher I practice yoga every day, I lose 4-5 pounds. I do not get the same results when doing other exercises daily.I asked my yoga instructor why and she felt it is related to the breathing techniques that are used during the practice. She stated that it helps the body to release toxins which promotes fat loss. - 3/7/2010   7:43:08 PM
    The couple of articles I read were about "control" and reading labels and made it sound like we should have "laws" to protect us from ourselves and make decisions for us so we don't have to. Make more things taste umami, just let me know it's in there and what's with only reading one label that says "100 natural ingredients" I don't pay any attention to the labels at all! Read the whole package! I crack up with the potato chips and other snacks that say "no added preservatives" as if salt were no longer a preservative? Humans have been preserving with salt since the beginning of time and if I can't 'believe" that label why should I believe any advertising label. Just give me the ingredients in a large enough type so my old eyes can read them and I'll make the decisions as to what I want to eat or not eat, I don't need do-gooders making my decisions for me. - 3/7/2010   5:58:08 PM
  • 8
    UMAMI the new MSG. That was so interesting and frightful,if chef's use this ingredient we will suffer. - 3/7/2010   4:00:01 PM
  • 7
    wow, interesting read about Japan - different culture is all I can say! - 3/7/2010   3:16:28 PM
    Umami?? - 3/7/2010   3:08:25 PM
  • 5
    the salt is to make the chicken plump but what is all that extra doing to us.. - 3/7/2010   2:26:22 PM
  • 4
    The article on Salt hit a nerve. I started using the tracking feature on Spark People to track calories. It has been shocking to find out how much sodium I have been consuming. I'm trying to cut down; however, I use a lot of prepackaged foods to save time. Even the best of those still have more sodium than is healthy. - 3/7/2010   1:48:26 PM
    I found the article on Japanese women to be very interesting. It seems that many young Japanese women have taken up smoking as a means to drop weight. They don't seem to understand that smoking will damage their health faster than being slightly over weight. Also, these women aren't even overweight, but they think they are because other women tell them so.

    That kind of pressure is never healthy. I've seen similar things happen here.

    - 3/7/2010   1:37:27 PM
  • ROWMO49
    I saw a nutritionalist at the begining of feb. I'd been following a very nutritious plan since xmas time and had only lost 3.5lbs - which should have been more in the region of 7lbs for the calories I'd consumed etc.
    He went through my diet with me and gave me two pieces of advice, cut out the diluting juice which I drank almost hourly and substitute potato for sweet potato. It has worked! I've lost 2lb a week since that day. It hasn't been easy and became apparent immediately to me that I was addicted to the sugar in the juice, I had headaches due to the cravings and felt so tired at first. This has now gone, but came back when I had a piece of birthday cake a few days ago.
    However, I've done it and I wont be looking back. I'm gently modifying my children's diet to help prevent the same problems.
    - 3/7/2010   12:52:43 PM
  • 1
    Whoa! I have been watching my salt. I never dreamed that they were injecting so much into my chicken. - 3/7/2010   11:58:28 AM

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