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Listen to Superstar SparkPeople Member Leah on Skinny Scoopers

Dinner is the theater as food paparazzi converge

We Tried It: The Baby Food Diet

7 Cheap Superfoods Already in Your Fridge

Popcorn’s Dark Secret

FitStars: Bob Greene

New Green Monster Smoothie Recipes

Ricky Gervais's Turning Point: Sausages!

How much sodium does marinating add?

Which stories caught your eye this week?

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  • 28
    popcorn's dark secret. but once i opened it, i realized that it's movie theater popcorn, which i don't eat. - 12/11/2011   1:51:50 PM
  • 27
    Enjoyed the "green monster" article. My hubby and I drink green juice every morning now. We use kale, spinach, celery, lemon, cucumber and ginger root and green apples. My hubby even says he craves it now. That is great news from a former Coca Cola addict! - 7/31/2011   11:45:59 AM
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  • 25
    The popcorn article was not surprising at all. I often wondered how many calories were hiding in theatre popcorn, I was actually a little surprised it wasn't more. - 1/30/2011   1:26:19 PM
    OMG I was laughing at the baby food diet! Maybe if you had serious dental work, but over all---NOT! - 4/29/2010   10:58:34 PM
  • 23
    OMG! The Baby Food Diet had me laughing! Who would do this? I couldn't even buy the stuff to feed to my kids when they were little! Too expensive and easier to make your own BF! - 4/29/2010   9:21:22 PM
    The baby food diet?!?!? Seriously!?!?!?!

    but I never eat anything at the movies anyway. If I have to have something, I'll just bring a light snack with me, light a baggie of pretzels and a bottle of water. - 4/27/2010   10:40:12 PM
  • 21
    I cracked up reading about the writer who tried the baby food diet for ....what, 8 hours? It sounded absolutely awful, but she was really funny. She fell into the trap that all "diets" do. You get so hungry, that you'll gorge on anything in sight. That's the reason "diets" don't work. I like my plan of healthy eating instead. - 4/27/2010   8:53:08 AM
  • 20
    woohoo --- 7 for 7! - 4/26/2010   11:01:40 PM
  • PRESHA911
    It seems extremely weird to me to be a food blogger. It's one thing to take a picture of a once in a lifetime meal to share with friends. It's a whole other thing to go paparazzi style - taking photos of everything. I have better stuff to do. - 4/26/2010   4:39:44 PM
  • 18
    I was SUPER skeptical about green monsters, but I have had one almost every single day since I discoverd them. They are FANTASTIC and I have even posted a few blogs about them on my spark page. Ahhh... yum =)

    And I have 6/7 cheap superfoods, I am just not a fan of tofu! - 4/26/2010   2:49:46 PM
  • 17
    Baby Food Diet? YUCK! - 4/26/2010   2:44:54 PM
  • 16
    I found the popcorn article's not worth eating popcorn at the theater....and I liked the article with the 7 healthy foods...none of which are in my fridge...other than apples and romaine lettuce, they are not likly to be either. I don't care for Tofu. - 4/26/2010   12:07:43 PM
  • 15
    The Baby Food Diet ? Okay, first off, the word DIET should have been a warning sign right off the bat. Second, baby food is for babies. Adults need to eat like adults, not babies. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to lose weight fast.

    I love Ricky Gervais. He's a hoot !
    - 4/26/2010   11:57:50 AM
  • 14
    Come on, Baby food! Even if you manage to lose weight it won't stay off. All the sugars in the fruits would ruin your teeth. Once you have teeth you need to chew. And as soon a a baby has a few they are always looking for more ways to use their choppers. - 4/26/2010   11:25:18 AM
  • 13
    Fitstars: Bob Greene
    He has a proven track record and a realistic approach to weight loss as a lifestyle change. - 4/26/2010   10:38:15 AM
  • 12
    The baby food diet makes almost every diet plan out there look fabulous!! Ick! - 4/26/2010   9:01:41 AM
    The babyfood diet caught my eye. I have never hard of it! Weird!! - 4/26/2010   8:03:55 AM
    Of the seven superfoods, I had everything but the tofu! - 4/26/2010   7:48:24 AM
    what will they think of next? - 4/26/2010   6:38:24 AM
    Baby food diet? NASTY!!! - 4/25/2010   10:51:33 PM
  • 7
    1) Baby food diet? C'mon! The only baby food I remember being pretty tasty was the apricots...mmmmmm...good enough to spoon over ice cream. My dad remembers a cherry dessert, one bite for Baby, one for Daddy, one for Baby...

    2) 5 of 7 superfoods in my fridge.

    3) For the money, I'd rather go out to dinner before the movie. Honestly, if you can't make it two hours without food, you've got a mindless munching problem.

    4) Ricky Gervais makes a good point. And he is awfully cute.

    Hey, here's an idea: Smuggle pureed tofu-spinach-and-applesauce baby food into a Ricky Gervais movie! - 4/25/2010   9:16:39 PM
    Drink a glass or two of water on your way in - 4/25/2010   7:59:59 PM
  • 5
    Ricky Gervais is my Favorite! Though I really am glad he is wanting to get healthy, I personally, think he is Hot just the way he is...I know, weird, but I guess I'm more about a man's personality, than his body...but, really, he's not that overweight....I don't know!!! He's just so darned cute!!!
    (Maybe, he'll join SP!) - 4/25/2010   7:41:35 PM
  • TGOAD1
    about pop corn with butter at the movies, It cost more to eat pop corn than the movie does. When the economy went south so did the pop corn - 4/25/2010   6:37:18 PM
  • 3
    I was interested in Bob Greene. However for him to put down the Biggest Loser like its not a workable program goes to show he's not the only one who can take weight off people and he also doesn't work with people with such high weight losses. - 4/25/2010   3:59:15 PM
  • 2
    I was really interested in the Baby Food article since I haven't really heard about the baby food diet before. Looks interesting but I don't think I could handle it. - 4/25/2010   2:37:44 PM
  • 1
    I total agree with skipping the buttered popcorn and soda when you go to the movies! It is a hard habbit to break, but once you do it a couple of times, it becomes easier! Believe me you will thank yourself when you get on that scale at the end of the week! - 4/25/2010   2:13:16 PM

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