The Truth about Vision Problems


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When do you know whether an over the-counter eye product is the best remedy for you? Get our smart tips on when you should go to the drugstore and when it’s time to set up a doctor’s appointment.

Eyedrops for Dryness

Head to the drugstore if... a particularly windy or dry day is to blame for your irritated eyes. The best drops are preservative-free. See a doctor if... you've been using a product regularly or aren't sure what's giving you trouble. "Some people don't produce enough tears, while others have eyelid disorders," Hawthorne says. "Sometimes only a prescription eyedrop may provide relief." 
Reading Glasses
Head to the drugstore if... your doctor has determined that you don't need an Rx. Although drugstore eyeglasses may seem to work, they do so by magnifying print; prescription lenses help your eyes focus, so they're almost always a better solution.
See a doctor if... you haven't had an exam in at least a year. Your blurred vision may be caused by an imbalance between your eyes and may require corrective lenses.
Eyedrops for Allergies
Head to the drugstore if... itching and irritation are mild and happen only occasionally. Avoid drops that reduce redness, advises Hawthorne. These products contain vasoconstrictors, which shrink blood vessels and could make your symptoms worse.
See a doctor if... over-the-counter options aren't giving you any relief. If you suffer from chronic allergies, you'll probably need a prescription, Hawthorne says.
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  • 8
    i went to the eye Dr 2 weeks ago because i was having problems with night driving and I had to blink a few times to clear my eyes occasionally. She put me on restasis twice a day. I go back in four months - 2/15/2014   11:57:43 PM
    I'm near- sighted. I can't see clearly without my glasses. I used to have dry ,itchy eyes but not anymore. I was never diagnosed with dry, itchy eyes, but it used to happen every now and then. When I started using flaxseed oil ( tablet form) to help with my cholesterol, I have observed that the itchiness in my eyes went away, and most of all my hearing greatly improved. I don't know the connection, but hey, I'm happy. My husband has hearing problems and he noticed the same thing hen he took flaxseed oil. - 4/8/2013   11:42:02 PM
  • 6
    I use eyeglasses to read from Walmart and I don't have any problems with them although I used to break off one side every time. :) Thanks. - 4/3/2013   12:52:58 AM
  • 5
    eyeglasses don't magnify if you choose the right number, if they magnify they're too big, that's all. if the prescription is too high they'll magnify too - 4/2/2013   12:59:01 PM
  • 4
    I have to disagree about drugstore reading glasses. The ones I buy do not make things bigger, they make them sharper. - 4/2/2013   12:47:30 PM
  • 3
    Excellent points. My eye doc told me that if I was using artificial tears more than 3-4 times per day every day, it was time to call him. I'm so glad I did! - 4/2/2013   11:25:15 AM
  • 2
    Thanks - 4/2/2013   10:11:20 AM
  • 1
    Good. - 4/2/2013   8:52:59 AM

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