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A Great Video about Operation Beautiful

Liquid Calories: What Cold Coffee Drinks Are the Worst?

Eating Vegetables Doesn’t Stop Cancer

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Fights French Fries

Stars Who've Run a Marathon

Spaghetti with ‘Neat’ Sauce and Cheeze

Michelle Obama Replaces Easter Candy with Fruit: Good Move or Not?

Prehab: Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints

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  • 47
    Michelle Obama replacing Easter candy with fruit. I think it's a great idea! - 11/27/2011   3:31:27 PM
  • 46
    Love the shin splint article! Just what I needed :) - 8/21/2011   8:43:52 PM
  • 45
    The liquid calories were what I was interested in. That's one thing I can't do without is my nonfat latte .... started drinking iced coffees last summer. This article just reminds me that I need to stay away from those pretty drinks. - 1/24/2011   11:43:39 PM
    French Fries a veggie, are you joking? Thats really really sad! - 11/21/2010   6:24:49 PM
  • 43
    French fries as a vegetable - well that's just plain wrong!!! - 8/30/2010   5:44:22 PM
  • 42
    I loved the liquid calories as I've become hooked on ice coffee drinks Also loved the Easter one as I live in DC so what's happening at the White House is always a fave topic. I also did like shin splint prevention as unfortunately I do get them - 8/15/2010   5:26:55 PM
  • 41
    I love the Operation Beautiful Video! What can I say? Couldn't disagree more with the Fruits & Veggies article LOL, has anyone read The China Study?? A movie "Forks over Knives" is coming ??when? Anyway, I was totally out of the ballpark on the coffee wonder...55 grams of sugar, no matter how you slice it....ok, no treats. Geez, the tea thing at Starbucks is WORSE!! Love this blog!! Great. donna - 6/28/2010   3:17:47 PM
  • 40
    I read most of the articles - Got hooked on Jamie Oliver's show, Food Revolution, and watched every episode. I thought he did an amazing job there, both in his activities and in his caring - and for the most part, non-confrontational - attitude. I would have loved to see a follow-up on the family with the freezer full of pizza (50 cents per, how can you pass that up?), and see what changes they'd sustained after that episode.

    I also wanted to comment on Michelle Obama's Easter celebration choices. To clarify, I dislike her on many levels, especially for her words and actions during the campaign. That said, she is now the First Lady, and has immense responsibility towards and can greatly influence our country (and affect the world too?).

    Former First Ladies have promoted their own causes. I remember these: Lady Bird and the beautification of America (for example, prohibiting billboards along highways); Nancy Reagan fighting drug use, which people make fun of but had impact; and Laura Bush's movement to improve Literacy.

    Michelle Obama's cause is extremely timely, AND needed, and I think she can help things change for our kids. It may be gradual, and I doubt it will be complete, but it IS something we all need to support. As for her Easter goodie bags, I COMPLETELY AGREE with this comment on the article (I paraphrase):

    "Mrs. Obama was in a Lose-Lose situation. If she gave the kids candy, she'd be seen as a hypocrite; in giving fruit, she's criticized as not letting kids be kids." This event was not, IMO, publicized correctly OR enough - all I heard was that the White House wouldn't be having their Annual Egg Roll this year. There was SO much more going on! - 5/17/2010   12:39:31 AM
    I read the Michelle Obama Easter Blog and give thanks that the comments were not posted on SparkPeople. I can't believe the anger and politicly motivated statements. Not to mention that Easter is not about the Easter Bunny it is a Religious Holiday. - 5/1/2010   1:54:07 PM
  • 38
    The one on Coffee. They had a quiz that I took and I got 83% on that. I registered but still didn't get my percentage listed. The average was 33%. - 4/20/2010   7:48:19 AM
  • 37
    When I tried to load the shin splints page my McAfee software gave me a security warning on the site. - 4/14/2010   6:13:15 AM
    I liked the Easter article. I think it's a good idea to start teaching kids at a young age that holidays don't have to be centered around cavities and gorging ourselves on foods that aren't good for us.

    The spaghetti recipe was interesting too. - 4/13/2010   6:50:07 PM
  • 35
    I enjoyed the tips from the shin splint article and the Easter article the most. I think that the big message with the Easter baskets is 'moderation'. I think that it was a great idea to have a few pieces of candy in the basket and fill the rest with fruit. - 4/13/2010   2:16:06 PM
    As a retired teacher, I have both good and bad memories of what passed as food in schools. Jaimie has done a lot to restore an interest in monitoring menus and ingredients and it can only be for the good. Well done, lad! - 4/13/2010   3:35:18 AM
  • PAMELA52
    Shin splints , because I have these sorts of problems with these with my PT clients and to hear how other people have beaten them is an encouragement when i share the advice with the clients. Thanks, heaps. - 4/13/2010   1:32:54 AM
  • 32
    I really wanted to see that article on preventing shin splints... my husband really struggles with these, and any exercises would be helpful. BUT, McAfee stopped me and STRONGLY asked me not to go to this site. Anyone else having problems??? Thanks! - 4/12/2010   11:52:54 PM
  • 31
    I eat lots of veggies and fruits mainly because they don't have fat, so I can eat more food that way, and not gain weight. Doesn't matter what it may or may not cure or save or whatever. In the end, we still have to live with what is handed to us genetically. - 4/12/2010   8:58:17 PM
  • 30
    I was sorry to hear that eating fruits and vegies does not seem to have an effect on cancer. I think that Mrs Obama did wonderful on Easter by giving fruits and still a small amount of candy too. Moderation in everything. If more parents did that then maybe we wouldn't have so many overweight children with type 2 diabetes. - 4/12/2010   8:48:15 PM
  • 29
    Awesome articles... - 4/12/2010   6:56:44 PM
  • 28
    Several of the articles were very interesting to me.
    I still believe consumption of fruits & vegetables may be beneficial in preventing & fighting certain types of cancer. I will continue to serve them to my husband fighting pancreatic cancer as well as the rest of my family for better health.
    Jaimie Oliver is not the first person to try & change what is served in our school cafeterias. It needs to happen now! Maybe with his celebrity status more people who can affect the necessary change will be shamed into doing so. I applaud his efforts.
    The White House Easter Event missed an opportunity in my opinion to maybe show moderation not deprivation. Why not give the children both? - 4/12/2010   5:27:54 PM
  • 27
    Easter is about Easter Candy. My children can eat fruit on Monday. There is no serious "candy" holiday now again until Halloween, so I look at it that way. Yes, there is birthdays and summer parties, but you can have cake there and fruit. - 4/12/2010   1:00:05 PM
  • 26
    Thanks for the great info! - 4/12/2010   12:30:17 PM
  • 25
    The students at my school stumbled onto Operation Beautiful and it has spread like a glorious fire. There are many post-its in the hallways or on mirrors with such positive and cheerful messages. On the day of my miscarriage I passed one saying "Smile, you will always be loved" and it made me start crying with good tears. - 4/12/2010   12:15:23 PM
  • 24
    Very inspiring and then some!! Thanks!! - 4/12/2010   11:58:10 AM
  • 23
    Eating vegetables has been proven to be good for your health but it does not prevent or cure cancer. Linda McCartney, the skinny vegetarian died of cancer. - 4/12/2010   8:25:46 AM
  • 22
    I think it's interesting that we are just NOW starting to pay attention to the crap that poses for food in our schools. - 4/12/2010   8:06:06 AM
    I enjoyed the veggie article, though I'll still eat lots of 'em because of the cardiovascular, and possibly other, benefits. That they're tasty and filling is my main reason for enjoying them. - 4/12/2010   8:01:11 AM
  • 20
    What I found the most interesting about these stories were the comments people left. Can not understand why people are so against Jamie for trying to improve school lunch programs. Have two friends who work in two different schools and it makes them sick to see what they have to serve some days and the amount of food that goes into the garbage.

    Then there is our First Lady trying to do something different from the all candy goodie bags. It wasn't like she replaced all candy with all fruit. Beside the fact fruit is better for you then candy, do people even give any thought to the fact there just might be some kids who are diabetic, need gluten free diets or just plain like fruit? Am sure these kids appreciated the fruit. - 4/12/2010   3:08:02 AM
  • 19
    Definitely enjoyed the article on preventing shin splints. Will give those exercises a try my next walking trip. - 4/11/2010   9:36:11 PM
  • 18
    Great list. I like what Michelle Obama did - a little bit of chocolate and some fruit. Doesn't deprive the kids of their Easter sweets completely, but gives them a small lesson on how to eat different foods in moderation. I did something similar with my son's easter basket. There was a little bit of chocolate, but the rest was stickers, small toys and non-edible items. The stars who ran a marathon thing was kind of fun too. Who knew W had ever run a marathon, and a very good time too!! - 4/11/2010   8:13:19 PM
  • 17
    I'm definitely interested in preventing shin splints and the article about vegetables not stopping cancer. - 4/11/2010   7:37:37 PM
    Informative - 4/11/2010   7:04:53 PM
    Hmmm... Mrs. Obama only replaced SOME of the Easter Candy with fruit. I think that's an awesome idea - and isn't moderation what we're trying to learn on here? Operation Beautiful is totally inspiring! I'm going to put a pad of sticky notes in my purse! - 4/11/2010   5:51:59 PM
  • 14
    Operation Beautiful. There is truly something beautiful in this simple idea. I don't watch much TV so I'm glad I read about it here. - 4/11/2010   5:25:35 PM
  • 13
    I think Operation Beautiful is a wonderful idea!!! It can only help our country and I hope it sweeps the nation! - 4/11/2010   5:04:16 PM
    I don't disagree with the vegetable/cancer article because more of today's produce is grown with man-made chemicals to both kill insects and promote rapid growth. It's inevitable that those chemicals are ingested by humans, poisoning our bodies.

    As far as the french fry is a vegetable thing: funny if anything. - 4/11/2010   5:01:14 PM
  • 11
    I have always eaten lots of vegetables, but it didn't keep me from getting cancer; I am currently living with stage IV breast cancer. But I am still a big believer in eating lots of fruit and vegetables; they have so many other proven health benefits. I've never had any heart disease, and I believe a big part of that is from eating healthy.

    I have been watching Jamie's show also; I applaud him for what he is trying to do.
    I no longer trust the USDA though, after learning that they consider French fries to be vegetables. - 4/11/2010   4:03:49 PM
  • 9
    I like the article with the french fries being counted as a vegetable;and no candy at the white house Easter egg roll. Gives you something to think about. - 4/11/2010   2:52:12 PM
  • 8
    I don't know what to think about the article that says that eating fruits and veggies has no effect on a person getting cancer. I was under the impression that several (reputable) previous studies had shown that eating veggies did lower the risk of getting cancer.

    I still believe that eating fresh fruits and veggies does make a difference even though the study says otherwise. It may not eliminate the risk, but it certainly decreases the risk. That's important.

    Also, considering how many Europeans smoke, how do the experts know that it wasn't the smoking that caused the cancer.

    The article is pretty vague on the details. I wouldn't mind reading the original extract to see for myself.

    - 4/11/2010   1:46:45 PM
  • 7
    I love what Jamie Oliver is doing about the food menu in our schools. I definately do not think that french fries is a healthy choice for our children! My son is 10 years old and the counselor tells me I should not deny him snacks or he is going to sneak them. Now he is sneaking healthy stuff lol. It seems I can't win for loosing! He is 120 lbs which I feel is way over weight for his age, but the counselor seems to think he will slim out. What do you think? Let me know your opinions. - 4/11/2010   1:43:08 PM
    I have my water classes do walking exercises very much like the shin splints article described. Now I know another reason to do them! - 4/11/2010   1:06:18 PM
  • 5
    I've seen every episode so far of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." I've learned a lot, just as an individual (with no children). Am super-impressed with Jamie's passion, determination, and creative approach (particularly in the face of what seems like endless opposition from certain local people). If I lived in the U.S., I'd definitely sign his petition. - 4/11/2010   1:04:09 PM
  • 4
    Go Jamie Oliver! We both went to his website and signed his petition. - 4/11/2010   11:56:14 AM
  • 3
    I LOVE Operation Beautiful and Caitlin's other blog Healthy Tipping Point. She is such an inspiring person, and truly cares about people and their self esteems! =) - 4/11/2010   11:33:09 AM
  • 2
    Ooohhhh... that vegan pasta looks wonderful! I love lentils but I never would have thought to put lentils in pasta sauce. Totally going to give that a try. :) I'll probably use my old buddy nutritional yeast instead of vegan parma, though. Yum. Thanks for passing it along! - 4/11/2010   11:21:21 AM

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