The Most Popular Health Headlines of 2012

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As SparkPeople's editor, the best part of my job is coming up with great story ideas for our members. Health education is my background (and my passion), so being able to distill often complex topics into digestible—and actionable—pieces to help you reach your goals gives me a lot of joy. I work with an amazingly talented team of experts and freelancers (think certified trainers, behavioral psychologists and dietitians) who really know their stuff and can help bring these topics to you week after week.
I recently looked back at the top-performing headlines from SparkPeople in 2012. These are new stories that YOU read most. Take a look these 15 features for some of the best tips and ideas that you may have missed over the past year (starting with number 1). Enjoy!

A 4-Week Detox for Sugar Addicts (March)

Are your cravings for sugar controlling your life? Taming your sweet tooth might seem impossible, especially without a plan. But we have one that really works!

Our 4-week challenge was the most popular feature of the year!

Burn Maximum Fat in Just 4 Minutes (February)

Does the world's fastest workout really work? Learn how to heat up your exercise routine in a hurry with the efficient training technique known as "Tabata" training!

This trend is here to stay!

7 Fun Fat-Burners for Fall (October)
Fall is a fun time for fitness! Take the "work" out of your workouts with these seasonal exercise ideas.

Be sure to bookmark or "pin" this feature for when fall rolls around again in 2013.

50 Easy Ways to Torch 100 Calories (August)

Burning 100 calories can be surprisingly easy. Squeeze some extra fat-burning into your day with these fun activities.

This is a great resource showing you just how long you have to do various workouts to hit a 100-calorie burn goal.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Dieters (March)

Is your healthy lifestyle playbook in need of some updated strategies? Find out what separates weight-loss winners from losers and how to come out on top, once and for all.

Start 2013 off right!

Stop Binge Eating for Good (July)

Are you setting yourself up for diet disaster by following this common weight-loss strategy? Take back control and end the food fight once and for all with these tips.

This article sparked an interesting discussion in the comments, too.

20 Effortless Ways to Cut Calories (March)

Eating less sounds so simple, but it can be a constant struggle between your mind and body. Re-train your brain with these proven tricks to help combat hunger and cravings!

Can Certain Foods Help You Burn More Fat? (January)

Green tea, dairy, and acai berries. All have made headlines as fat-burning foods, but do you they really live up to their claims? Find out what science really says!

5 Minutes a Day to a Better Butt (April)

Boost your bottom line by swimsuit season with this foolproof plan that tightens, tones and blasts away fat.

I love this simple workout plan of one targeted move per day. It's not too early to be thinking about swimsuit season again, is it?

The 'Bad' Food That's Actually Good for You (September)

It's been banished from carts and kitchens everywhere--for no good reason! Here's why you should reconsider what you've heard about this unexpected super food.

Who else loves potatoes?

The 8 Healthiest Ways to Start Your Day (October)

With the holidays here, you might need an extra push to help you stick with your goals. Practice these solid a.m. habits to stay on track.

What better time than January to think about starting a healthy routine?

15 Surprising Sources of Added Sugar (May)

We're all familiar with the obvious sugary treats, but did you know that the sweet stuff also hides in these unexpected places?

A must-read for anyone trying to cut back on sugar!

8 Guiltless Grilling Ideas (August)

Expand your cooking skills beyond hot dogs and burgers next summer. These healthy and delicious grilled foods will impress your guests--and keep your diet in check.

Anyone else still experiencing grill-worthy weather? We are in Ohio!

Quiz: What's Your Exercise Personality? (May)

If you're struggling to stick with a routine, you may be doing the wrong workouts for your personality. Discover your fitness identity to get more from your workouts.

The 'Healthy' Habit That Could Backfire (November)

Should you be taking supplements?Health-conscious people are more likely to use supplements, but do they really improve your health? We explore whether the most popular supplements really do what they claim to do.

Do you remember the stories above? Which one was your favorite of the year? What story ideas would you like SparkPeople to cover in 2013?

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Great blog. Thanks Report
I have had a lot going on in my life these last few years and have missed a few of these articles. Thanks for the reminders. The one thing in my life I can count on always being there to pick me up (besides my wonderful husband) is Sparks... Report
I Believe I Read The Majority Of These Articles Especially The Ones That Were Slideshows. All Offer Sound Advice for Some. Like The One About Tourching 100 Calories. I Also Like Reading The Slideshows The Best. Thanks For These Reminders. Report
I Believe I Read The Majority Of These Articles Especially The Ones That Were Slideshows. All Offer Sound Advice for Some. Like The One About Tourching 100 Calories. I Also Like Reading The Slideshows The Best. Thanks For These Reminders. Report
Thanks for the post, I missed out on a few of these. Especially like the ones on sugar. Report
Lots of jewels I had missed, well - hadn't discovered yet, being a latecomer to SparkPeople (October). Thanks for the compilation of awesome articles. I just saved several of them to my favorites!

Thanks, Coach Nicole and all the SparkPeople contributors!!! Report
FiFteen Surprised Sources of Added Sugar: That article didn't surprise me, since I've read Richard Johnson M.D.'s "THE SUGAR FIX" and watched his lectures on YouTube. Sugar is in everything.
Watch the YouTube documentary "THE MEN WHO MADE US FAT." Report
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