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3 Zucchini Recipes: 15 Minutes Each, Under 100 Calories

How Sweet Potatoes Led to My 90 Pound Weight Loss

5 Reasons I've Never Had a Running Injury

How to Pack a Waste-free Lunch

Confession: I Gained 10+ Pounds on a Cruise!

Are You Happy about the New Happy Meal?

Introducing SparkPeople Workout Music!

10 Tips to Stay Safe and Comfortable in a Hot Yoga Class

Does Chewing Gum Curb Your Appetite?

Staying on Track: Instant Gratification vs. Long-Term Goals

Tips to Pack a Nutrient Rich Lunch to Save Pennies

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    The zucchini recipes are surprisingly good. - 8/27/2011   8:33:42 AM
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    Chewing Gum. I chew it all the time, so I don't put things in my mouth with out thinking. Can't do that with gum in there. Also, I chew just 1/2 a piece and that makes my gum last twice as long for the price. - 8/27/2011   12:31:22 AM

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