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In the animal welfare movement, some advocates are replacing the word "mutt" with "blends" or "mixed breeds." "All come with positives and negatives," says Diana M. Knight, VMD, at South Orange Animal Hospital in South Orange, New Jersey. "And many people believe that mutts are hardier because of their lower incidence of genetic disease. What it comes down to when finding the perfect pet for your family is your lifestyle."

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are laid back and tolerant of tail and ear pulling by small children. "As with any dog, children should be supervised by an adult," says Dr. Knight. "These dogs need active families. Otherwise, they will get into mischief." 


Before you start looking for a specific breed, think about your family's lifestyle. Are you active or is an evening sitting on the couch watching a movie more your speed? Boxers are quite active, friendly, and good with kids.

Doberman Pinschers

"I've seen many Doberman pinschers in my practice that are loyal and incredibly protective of kids," says Dr. Knight. "They aren't as friendly with outsiders, though. They also require exercise."

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  • 5
    We have a black cat, we had an Akita for 13 yrs. She passed away and it was a sad sad day! - 3/11/2014   6:12:35 PM
  • 4
    We have an Australian Cattle Dog (AKA Queensland Blue Heeler) they need lots of exercise to keep them out of trouble. They are bred for their intelligence and need to be stimulated intellectually too. It is like having a 7 year old in the house. - 3/11/2014   4:42:49 PM
  • 3
    I have a boxer again and they are a wonderful breed and great with kids & people in general. A little jumpy when puppies, so they need to be trained. Great personalities too. - 3/11/2014   2:45:08 PM
  • 2
    I have 2 rat terriers, they are good w/children, need a lot of activity and a few walks a week. - 3/11/2014   10:28:04 AM
  • 1
    I love having dogs. My dog looks like a Dobie, but he's a 22 pound German Pinscher. He has killed a few rodents yet gets beaten up by our cat and has become my 7 year old's best friend. He is a stray who walked into my house one day, immediately clicked with my two month old daughter, so we kept him.

    I've had both, pure breeds and mutts, but I prefer mutts. My pure bred Malamute, had lots of problems with her skin and stomach, but had the greatest personality with kids and adults alike. My current dog had lots of problems when we got him such as chewing, pooping in the house, digging holes, pulling his leash during walks; all which got him the name Bart Simpson. With training, he became the gentleman that he is now. My child feeds him and walks him (teaching her responsibility). They play together and he sleeps with her.

    I cannot see our life without Bart. - 3/11/2014   5:53:23 AM

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