The Best and Worst Takeout Foods


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By Jennifer Nelson for FITNESS Magazine

If you like THAI, go for:

Thai-style chicken: It's loaded with vegetables and sometimes served in a hollowed-out pineapple. It's your five a day in one eye-catching meal.

Summer rolls: usually wrapped in low-calorie rice paper and filled with bean sprouts and other steamed vegetables, shrimp and/or fish.

But Steer clear of:

Peanut sauce: "It's delicious but loaded with fat," says Joan Carter, R.D., an instructor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and a trained chef.

Thai tea: Sweetened with condensed milk and loaded with heavy cream or half-and-half, it's virtually a dessert.

If you like CHINESE, go for:

Wonton soup: It's light, refreshing and flavorful. One caveat: it can be high in sodium, so be sure to drink a lot of water.

Beef, chicken or shrimp with broccoli (heavy on the green stuff). Ask for the sauce on the side.

Brown rice: It's richer in nutrients and higher in fiber than white rice, so you'll crave fewer fortune cookies.

But Steer clear of:

Chow mein noodles and anything else that's crispy, crunchy and deep-fried, says Laura Olsen, R.D., a dietitian in private practice in Brooklyn.

Sweet-and-sour pork: Underneath all that calorie-packed sweet sauce are big chunks of deep-fried pork.

Kung Pao chicken: A typical order could be "garnished" with up to a half pound of cashews or peanuts (read: 30 grams of fat).

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What is your go-to takeout meal? How do you make it healthier?

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  • 15
    Thank you for all the great tips. I will surely use them. - 5/14/2011   3:11:56 PM
  • ROSEBUD1954
    I love reading the articles and gaining new info for eating healthy!
    Especially Chinese food or Italian! - 5/2/2011   4:09:04 PM
  • 13
    These articles are very helpful to me. I don't eat out a great deal but when I do it helps to have some information.
    Terrbear - 4/30/2011   8:47:42 PM
  • 12
    Glad to know there's a difference between spring and summer rolls and what the difference is! Now, if I only I can remember that the summer rolls are the ones to get. I was glad to hear that wonton soup is OK. I love wonton soup. I don't add the fried wonton. I usually get the beef and mushrooms rather than beef and broccoli because they don't cook the broccoli that well. They're too hard. I've never thought to ask for brown rice because all I've ever seen offered is white steamed or fried rice. - 4/30/2011   7:51:05 AM
  • 11
    this is exactly why I think it's so much easier to just cook for myself! besides trying to avoid all of the things I'm intolerant of, when someone else is cooking they seem to want to add all that unnecessary fat and sodium. - 4/29/2011   11:13:29 AM
    Pwill...7 spring rolls are different from summer rolls. Spring rolls and egg rolls are both deep fried As opposed to summer rolls which are not.
    Helpful and Good pointers! - 4/29/2011   2:06:41 AM
  • 9
    I appreciate articles like this. They are a good reminder, I always learn something, and being mindful when eating out, not leaving it to chance is important to success. - 4/28/2011   6:46:48 PM
    Very useful as husband loves to eat out. - 4/28/2011   1:59:41 PM
  • 7
    Great tips. - 4/28/2011   1:43:47 PM
  • 6
    Good tips. Does any one know if spring rolls and summer rolls are the same? I get those instead of egg rolls. - 4/28/2011   11:42:49 AM
  • 5
    This is good to know. - 4/28/2011   11:14:43 AM
  • 4
    I love lettuce wraps with tofu! Yum! - 4/28/2011   10:40:05 AM
    Chicken lo mein. I do love my noodles !! I'm just mindful of the portion, that's all.

    I'm picky about fried rice. Which is why I usually prefer white rice. Too many places I've been too tend to over load the fried rice. I prefer my fried rice to be light with less soy sauce and oil.

    I also prefer spring rolls to egg rolls. Egg rolls really are too heavy for me these days. - 4/28/2011   9:16:46 AM
  • 2
    sallad tool is great, my daughter forwarde it to me yesterday.
    it is great - 4/28/2011   8:40:27 AM
  • 1
    Most of the information was intuitive but it always helps to be reminded of possible pitfalls! - 4/28/2011   7:29:34 AM

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