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By Jenny Uhlmansiek (SP_Jenny)

Things are pretty exciting here at SparkPeople, with the launch of our first book The Spark and all the good news surrounding it! We truly appreciate everyone’s support in helping us reach our goal of turning The Spark into a best seller. If you haven't picked up your copy of The Spark yet, you can go to Barnes & Noble and save 30% off the retail price for a limited time. (Click here for your coupon! Hurry! This coupon ends today!)

The biggest and most important "Show Your Spark" Weekend is coming soon: January 22-24. Mark your calendars--that's next weekend! This is your chance to show others that you're part of a worldwide movement of people who are reinventing fitness, nutrition and healthy living! All you have to do is hold a "Show Your Spark" Book Club meeting that weekend to share The Spark with others. Every SparkTeam that hosts a book club SparkRally will be entered to win a phone call from author Chris "SparkGuy" Downie during your meeting!

We have developed all the materials you need to hold your very own book club SparkRally that weekend. You can access these materials on our Online Book Bonus Program, which is only available to people who purchase The Spark.

Every SparkTeam that holds a Book Club SparkRally will be entered to win one phone call from Chris “SparkGuy” Downie during their meeting. We will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, January 20, and notify the Team leader via SparkMail.

Even if you're not hosting a book club or attending a SparkRally, you can still Show Your Spark!

For more Spread the Spark ideas, visit this page. And to Show Your Spark every day of the year, check out our branded products and apparel at SparkPeopleStore.com. We hope that we can count on you to Show Your Spark this January 22-24, 2010. As always, thank YOU for making SparkPeople such a positive place!

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    i agree that when I am down weight wise, my mood is great, when it is up I am bummed. I try not to weigh every am however if I blew my eating the day before it holds me accountable. if the weight is up I know I was wrong to over indulge, so daily weighing keeps me more on task. I can handle staying same weight.

    - 2/17/2015   12:03:27 PM
  • 33

    I just joined on 3/9/2010

    I am already excited about this site and what it can do to help me in the areas I haven't had support on before.

    I love how you can put in what you ate, worked out, calories burned and most of all I am excited to see how much I can lose with this extra movitational help!

    I saw your article on good housekeeping. I am so happy I did!

    I have sent a invitation to many of my friends that I think will be interested in this site for many reasons.

    Thank you and I wish everyone luck in there journey! - 3/11/2010   2:26:02 PM
  • 32
    I joined SparkPeople.com about 2weeks ago ,and I have already lost 6lbs ,and 3%fat! I think it is a very motivational site. I have emailed all my friends ,and even told my Dr about it who has joined. I really love the food table bcuz it has really helped me changed my eating habits. I think everyone should "Get On Board with the SparkPeople Train!" I feel Awesome - 3/5/2010   10:58:44 PM
  • 31
    With so many fat people in Pensacola, I'm always "showing my Spark." LOL - 2/21/2010   12:57:34 AM
  • CJAY0522
    Received my book in the mail today, so excited to get started reading. Invited facebook friends to join the site. - 2/6/2010   8:50:10 PM
  • 29
    I am very proud to be a part of the Spark Community!!!

    I wish I could get a copy of this book :( Alas, no Barnes & Noble in my area AND also unemployed so not in the budget :(

    - 1/25/2010   8:59:56 PM
  • 28
    Going to meet with one of my teams on Saturday, WOOHOO!! Spread the SPARK!!!! - 1/18/2010   9:20:22 PM
  • 27
    I doubt I can hold any kind of rally or book club meeting, but I show my spark all the time! I have a few shirts and gave 1 to my friend who I got to join! I wear my tees to belly dance class, the gym and around the house and out! I tell just about everyone I know about sparkpeople.com and now The Spark! I tell everyone to grab a copy and turn to p. 135 where I am quoted! so, it helps me to get others to read just a little and spark their interest to read it all! Spreading the Spark is what I do and so far I have gotten 8 of my friends to join and use the SP web site! - 1/17/2010   7:22:59 PM
  • 26
    I too bought my book at Barnes and Noble, no points for me I guess but I would like access to the online book bonus program. Hmmm? - 1/17/2010   4:50:25 PM
  • 25
    I need a bit more notice than "oh by the way NEXT weekend" to start up a spark rally. But I will be wearing my sparkpeople shirt and talking about it as much as I always do! - 1/17/2010   12:53:44 PM
  • 24
    getting excited - 1/17/2010   12:53:19 PM
  • STACEY75023
    I love SP and have told several people about it and wear my SP t-shirt proud! This is an awesome website and a great eye-opener! - 1/17/2010   10:52:17 AM
    everytime someone says "wow, have you lost weight or you look great!" I immediately tell them about SP! - 1/17/2010   1:45:02 AM
  • SUNSET09
    By sharing the info and Sparkspage with others! When you find a good thing, that's what we do! - 1/17/2010   12:58:19 AM
  • 20
    i wear my spark t-shirt and tell people about sparkpeople and hand out the cards - 1/17/2010   12:41:02 AM
  • 19
    I just love Spark People. - 1/16/2010   9:37:55 PM
  • 18
    I have only had time to read the introduction and already I'm motivated to read the rest. SP has been a really fun place for me. - 1/16/2010   7:03:39 PM
  • 17
    Thanks! - 1/16/2010   5:23:04 PM
    I take my book everywhere I go. Thanks SparkPeople - 1/16/2010   5:00:20 PM
  • 15
    I tell all & handout my 'You been Sparked ' cards!!.;-) - 1/16/2010   11:37:30 AM
  • 14
    Greatgal: the coupon expired yesterday, 1/15. Hopefully they'll put out another one, because I also procrastinated and didn't get my copy yet. - 1/16/2010   11:16:23 AM
    I'll be spreading the spark to my best friend this week. He's been a member of SparkPeople for months since I sent him the link a long time ago. However, he really hasn't used it yet. Every year he makes a bet with me that he will get down to a certain weight before either a half-marathon or a full marathon. I'm happy to make this bet because I know that's encouragement he needs. But this year I told him I want him to do it with SparkPeople, and to slowly lose that weight, plus give him tools to have that will help keep the weight off all year. We're going to sit down on Tuesday to map everything out. I'm excited! He's quite fit, but he'll benefit greatly from this.

    I helped out another man more than a year ago get on the SparkPeople plan, and he lost his excess weight following the SparkPeople recommendations. I'll never forget the email he sent me saying his daughter put her arms around him and exclaimed "Daddy, I can get my arms around you now!!" He was so happy, and reached his goal with SparkPeople! - 1/16/2010   10:22:43 AM
    I'd like to get the B&N 30% discount coupon, but the link isn't working today (1/16); please fix. Thanks! - 1/16/2010   9:36:16 AM
    Honestly, I personally would rather earn a call from Steve by hitting my final goal of 195. No idea if he would do that but it is something to hope and dream for. - 1/16/2010   9:26:05 AM
  • 10
    After starting my copy and seeing what a great book it is, I bought one for a friend of mine with whom I have worked on weight issues in the past. We will probably work from the book together. - 1/16/2010   7:05:20 AM
    I'm thrilled at how well The Spark is doing! I had a girlfriend mention how she needed to pick up a copy of the book because she needs to make major changes in her life; I've been trying to get her to join SparkPeople for months, and I thought she was a lost cause! I promised to give her my copy of The Spark as soon as I finish it, with the promise that she will pass it on to someone else when she's finished.

    I'm definitely interested in holding a book club meeting and can't wait to see some of the ideas offered to make the event take off. Thanks so much for all you do, it makes a difference in so many lives! - 1/16/2010   6:20:44 AM
  • 8
    As far as I know, there isn't a Spark People Presence in New Zealand, but there certainly is a Spark People Ambassador here. If I get to talking to someone and the subject of healthy living or weight control comes up, I always tell them about the Spark People website and sometimes they actually join in :) - 1/16/2010   3:45:31 AM
  • 7
    unfortunately i am unable to attend all these get togethers. if i could i would for sure. my way of spreading the spark is every day sending an e-mail to a friend or colleague and along the friendly e-mail mentioning the www.sparkpeople.com . most are not going to use it because of the language issue or because of the big time difference. that's why if i would be granted the opportunity i would like to start an overseas 'hq' of SP in Spanish, French, German and Dutch. You would still be a member of SP. A little bit like Weight Watchers. They are all over the world. Anyway enjoy your day and goodluck on your journey for a healthier and because of that happier and more at ease you. - 1/16/2010   1:52:56 AM
  • 6
    WooHoo! Guess I better go check around and see if events are planned in Cincinnati. - 1/16/2010   1:39:40 AM
  • 5
    We are having a gathering on Jan 23, 10 am at Words and Afterwords bookstore/cafe in Hardy, AR. - 1/15/2010   5:57:44 PM
  • 4
    In an effort to Spread the Spark I will be on the KSNT 27 6am morning show this Monday 1-17-2010 and then on WIBW 13 at the 4pm show with Ralph Hipp. Then on Thursday the 21st I will be on KSNT 27 5pm news. As you may or may not know I am featured as one of the 16 success stories in the new book. I may have more chances coming up to promote SparkPeople and the book and will pass those along as I know when they will be. Here is the promo video for the book in case you haven't seen it www.spiritube.com/chris -
    476617.html I will also be promoting a book discussion sponsored by the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on the book April 20th, 2010 6pm to 8:30pm at the library hosted by me. KSNT 27 webpage is www.ksnt.com/news/defaul
    t.aspx i didn't see a place to watch it live but they do put clips up. WIBW 13 webpage is www.wibw.com/localnews again I did not see a place to watch it live but they also show clips. Both have live blogs during the shows so feel fre to join them if you want to take the time.

    The book discussion should be fun and my library was asking if we could get Chris Downie to come for it but not so sure that would even be possible. Along with the book discusion I wiill also start the SparkPeople 101 class at my library where anyone who wants to learn about or needs help with SP can come into our computer training center and I will help them as best I can since most of us are SP experts when it comes to navigating the site. So if you feel like spreading the Spark in this way please check with your local library and see if you can do this as well my fellow experts! - 1/15/2010   4:19:25 PM
  • 3
    My wife bought the book so of course I'm not going to but I wish I could get points for reading it! - 1/15/2010   4:06:50 PM
  • 2
    I bought the spark book at Barnes and Noble...do I get Spark Points? - 1/15/2010   2:40:44 PM
  • 1
    Hi everyone. i have told many of people about this site . so many of ppl i told have join. thank you for makeing this site free. you guys are the best. you guys have change my life u have no clue!! this is my 2 week on my diet and this wensite help i have lost 4 pounds so far.. thanks again SP. Have a great weekend everyone !!!

    Amy AKA MommyAmy ; ) - 1/15/2010   1:38:53 PM

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