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Some interesting links from around the web:

National Oatmeal Month
It's National Oatmeal Month, so try mixing up your own gourmet version. Need some inspiration? The healthy lifestyle blogger at Kath Eats Real Food has some delicious oatmeal recipes.

Free Yoga Downloads
It's also World Yoga Month. Visit a local yoga studio to take a class, or download free 2-minute lessons from yogadownload.com.

Pantry Makeover
  • If you're still stocking your pantry with bouillon cubes, parmesan in a green shaker and olives from a can, you need to read this New York Times article.
    Plenty of Mark Bittmann's suggested swaps will help your waistline and your wallet.

    • Buy a spritzer instead of using nonstick spray. The latter costs $12/pint!
    • Bouillon cubes are full of salt and artificial ingredients. Make it from scratch (not so hard) or buy low-sodium boxed or canned versions.
    • Swap frozen vegetables for canned. They're much tastier, and they're picked and flash-frozen when they're perfectly ripe--so they retain more nutrients.
    • Ditch boil-in-bag rice for real grains. They have more fiber and flavor!

    Grocery Chain Won't Charge for Antibiotics
    Wegman's, which has 72 grocery stores in the Eastern U.S., is filling generic antibiotic prescriptions for free during the cold-and-flu season.

    The 411 on "Detox" Products
    FitSugar has a healthy look at the products that claim to "detox" the body.

    What other health news caught your eye this week?

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    • 43
      I love yoga and thank you for the other info! - 1/14/2009   7:53:13 AM
    • 42
      No time like to reinvest in oneself. Thanks for all the "timely", useful information. - 1/13/2009   1:25:32 PM
    • 41
      Wow, 15 free yoga workouts to download! I'm looking forward to trying them out. Thanks SP for continuing to post so many resources! - 1/12/2009   8:33:42 PM
    • 40
      Yoga is great. - 1/12/2009   4:42:58 PM
    • 39
      Ilove oatmeal. I check out the Katheats site. Some of the recipes for oatmeal seem awfully high in calories. I will stick with my old fasion oats or steel cut oats, with egg whites, little walnuts,
      and some fresh fruits. Works for me. - 1/12/2009   4:07:20 PM
    • 38
      I love oatmeal and eat it often, I have started adding things to make it different now and again. I chop up dried apricots and put them in the water with raisins then make the oatmeal, when its done I add 1 TB of apricot all fruit, splash of vanilla its so good and needs no sugar. I have done the same with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries so far. - 1/12/2009   4:04:29 PM
    • 37
      Kath's recipes look very tasty (yummy photos), but they may be a bit high calorie for some of us Sparkers. I checked out the pumpkin oatmeal, and it came out to about 400 calories; maybe a treat, but probably not for everyday! On the other hand, fresh fruit in oatmeal without the other extras is delicious. I like to add banana or raisins before the final 30 seconds of cooking. - 1/12/2009   3:36:28 PM
    • 36
      I live in Wegmans area , but my mom mentioned there was a super market in West Palm beach doing this as well..Peoples???maybe - 1/12/2009   2:21:55 PM
      i liked the New York Times article. I hate using chicken stock, etc., and will try some of their suggestions. - 1/12/2009   11:50:33 AM
    • GMAGEE
      Stop 'n Shop in the Northeast is also advertising a 'Free Antibiotics' program through March 09. - 1/12/2009   10:50:00 AM
    • 33
      Wish we had a wegman's in Virginia. It is good to see a company giving back to the community. - 1/12/2009   10:01:47 AM
    • 32
      I love oatmeal and luckily my kids do too. I haven't tried adding fresh fruit yet but I will soon - 1/12/2009   9:57:50 AM
    • 31
      I LOVE oatmeal, I actually eat it quite often for supper and add dried or fresh fruit, flax seed, soy protein, etc. and it quite literally, sticks to my ribs! - 1/12/2009   9:29:36 AM
    • 30
      "YIKES! Antibiotics for cold & flu?!? SP, pls check the info you're giving out.... "

      They said they are doing it "during" the cold and flu season, not "for" the cold and flu. - 1/12/2009   8:22:00 AM
    • EDDJON
      I have really enjoyed the information in this article. Live and learn! - 1/12/2009   8:04:30 AM
    • 28
      Thanks so much for the info! - 1/12/2009   7:28:37 AM
    • 27
      The not charging for Antibiotics
      - 1/12/2009   7:13:39 AM
    • 26
      The Giants chain in our area is also doing this as well! - 1/12/2009   7:13:00 AM
    • MELSMOM8
      I, too, love Wegmans! I grew up in Rochester and my first job was as a cashier there! Then I moved to NY/NJ and had to do without them until they opened a store in Ocean, NJ. Now I am once again without Wegmans here in Chicagoland. :( - 1/12/2009   6:57:59 AM
    • 24
      I have a nice oatmeal treat. Add 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 1 tbsp of all fruit type 'jelly' (ie, all fruit no added sugar) to your bowl before adding the hot oatmeal.

      I LOVE Wegmans. Esepcially that one in Pittsford, NY with the lovely, large deli. - 1/12/2009   6:38:55 AM
      LOVE the NY Times article, I printed it out. Just wish I had room in my freezer to make the stocks. - 1/12/2009   5:24:07 AM
    • 22
      can't wait to try some of the recipes. - 1/12/2009   5:04:01 AM
    • 21
      Not only are antibiotics generally useless against colds and flu (which are almost 100% VIRAL, not bacterial) but they can actually make things WORSE, because they kill off the healthy "good" bacteria in your body, which your immune system needs to fight off sickness! - 1/12/2009   4:44:19 AM
    • 20
      The FitSugar article is a waste of time. - 1/12/2009   4:16:17 AM
    • 19
      The ludicrous thing is that, for the most part, antibiotics don't work for colds and flu. - 1/12/2009   12:23:30 AM
    • 18
      Oatmeal's my most favorite breakfast! I mix it up different ways already but I'll be checking out the sites for new recipes.

      Kudos to Wegman's for helping out many people that otherwise couldn't afford their RXs. - 1/11/2009   11:48:48 PM
    • 17
      I love old fashioned oatmeal, I am reminded to make it by my 4yo who likes it also.

      Lisa - 1/11/2009   11:36:44 PM
    • 16
      I'm glad in this day in age when everyone is looking out for themselves . Health costs are rising people are getting laid off at least one or two possible places such as wemans and shop rite can at least make a few people a little comfortable when they get sick......and it's not the idea that antibotics won't help all the viruses and colds out ther....it is the fact that someone is trying to help keep costs down for the people who do have a prescription of antibotics to fill and also refills count also.....KUDOS to those stores. - 1/11/2009   10:39:55 PM
    • 15
      Excellent article in the NY times, will use many of the ideas...thanks! - 1/11/2009   10:01:08 PM
    • 14
      The yoga class on the site share www.yogadownload.com are awesome! Thank you so much for providing this! - 1/11/2009   9:36:19 PM
    • 13
      That NY Times article was full of great ideas which I'm looking forward to trying!
      Thanks!! - 1/11/2009   9:34:22 PM
    • 12
      "Taking the Pledge" I did again as i did last year when i started SP. - 1/11/2009   9:08:13 PM
    • TINA_08
      I will visit the website that give information on "detox-ing". I have been very curious about that. - 1/11/2009   6:50:04 PM
    • 10
      Well, antibiotics aren't going to do a bit of good for a cold or the 'flu, but it's a nice gesture. And good publicity for the grocery store.

      I am most interested in the oatmeal ideas though. My husband and I have been eating porridge for breakfast each morning since it's been getting colder and I was wanting some new ideas just to add a bit of variety. My first step has been to some days use muesli instead of oats. - 1/11/2009   6:14:29 PM
      never heard of oatmeal month ..do love oatmeal tho - 1/11/2009   5:45:46 PM
    • 8
      2-minute yoga--sounds speedy! - 1/11/2009   5:32:37 PM
    • 7
      I worry about supermarkets filling antibiotic prescriptions for free. Antibiotics do not work on viruses, like the cold and flu. Our country overmedicates with antibiotics to the point where we have drug resistant bacteria that will not respond to normal medications. It is a scary thing to see someone deteriorate and there are no medications to help them. There are many people that demand prescriptions from their doctor because they want something, anything to feel better. Policies like free antibiotics have the potential to encourage people to continue to overuse antibiotics instead of letting their immune system do its job. - 1/11/2009   5:27:37 PM
    • PEARLGIRL329
      National oatmeal month? Who comes up with this stuff? Is there a National banana month or lettuce month or grits month or..... you get my drift! However, I do love oatmeal! - 1/11/2009   4:15:17 PM
    • 5
      i really like the yoga. thanks for the info. - 1/11/2009   3:37:24 PM
    • 4
      Wegman's isn't the only supermarket that is offering free antibiotics. Stop N Shop is definitely doing it as well, and I believe Shop Rite is also. - 1/11/2009   3:33:10 PM
    • 3
      I didn't know there WAS a National Oatmeal Month. I love it! I just opened a gigantic bag of the stuff yesterday, so this post came just in time! - 1/11/2009   3:28:18 PM
    • 2
      I have been doing a 15 min. Yoga segment in the morning before Coach Nicole's New You Boot Camp & find it helps me limber up greatly in preparation for her surprises on the stability ball. Great Combo! - 1/11/2009   3:19:18 PM
    • 1
      Wow, good for Wegman's. I shop at a location in western New York and love it. When is so hard to stand out among the plethora of gourmet/health grocery stores this offer from Wegman's is memorable. - 1/11/2009   3:00:10 PM

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