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As a fitness instructor, I spend a lot of time listening to music, searching for new (and old) songs I can add to my Spinning classes or listen to while I run. I can't emphasize enough how important music is to my workouts—it really motivates me to get started, and to keep going when I'm feeling tired. So I'm going to share with you some of the newest tunes on my workout playlist. Then I want you to tell me what you're listening to!

Here are five of my new favorite workout songs. Click on each link to listen to a preview (or purchase the mp3) at amazon.com.

The Academy Is…: About a Girl (pop/rock)

Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling (pop/dance)

Boys Like Girls: The Great Escape (pop/rock)

Lady Gaga: Poker Face (pop/dance)

The Ting Tings: Shut Up and Let Me Go (pop/alternative)

Now it's your turn. What's on your iPod right now?

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  • 243
    pissed of and mad about it is my execrated walking song - 5/20/2016   8:04:36 PM
    its 2016 now, whys this link still bfloatin around S.P.?
    SHUCKS!, i cant rates this one with a thumbs down? - 3/29/2016   1:01:55 AM
  • 241
    I know SP push listening to music all the time but I just can't get into it, when I am outside I prefer to listen to nature not all that noise. Hiking and music is not really a good idea, it is better to hear what is going on in the world, missing the crash of a large animal is better then blindly running into a moose or bear. Sometimes in the house or barn I do listen to audio books, it interests me without overlaying the normal sounds. - 1/8/2015   8:31:41 AM
  • 240
    Michael Jackson, I want to love you - 6/3/2013   6:35:39 AM
    Most of the time I don't listen to music if I am walking outside. Because peoples so crazy. So the days that I am on the treadmill I do. - 5/22/2013   7:58:14 AM
  • 238
    I have a hard time not walking to the tempo of whatever song I'm listening to, so I just get annoyed when the music is so slow that I'm strolling or so fast that I can't catch my breath. I put audio books on my iPod, mostly the ones I've always intended to read but never got around to before. - 2/1/2013   6:11:57 PM
  • 8DAWN8
    Shout by Sean Paul - 7/22/2012   11:08:49 AM
  • 8DAWN8
    Shout by Sean Paul - 7/22/2012   11:08:44 AM
    Right now I've been running to:

    Depeche Mode- "Just Can't Get Enough"
    Salt n Pepa- "None of Your Business"
    Leela James- "Long Time Coming"
    Audioslave- "Like a Stone"
    The Donnas- "Fall Behind Me"
    The Heavy- "How You Like Me Now?"
    The Ting Tings- "Great DJ"

    And a few more. I'm getting a lot of great ideas here for new music, thanks everybody! - 6/29/2011   6:40:12 PM
  • 234
    AC/DC, Shinedown, Disturbed, Santana's Guitar Heaven, Metallica, Pearl Jam, anything that rocks heavy really gets me pumped. - 1/21/2011   9:14:01 PM
  • 233

    Here's a few of my all time favorites. They never come off my ipod!
    The power- Snap
    Feels Good- Tony Toni Tone
    Stronger- Kanye West
    Push it- Salt n' Pepa
    Humpty Dance- Digital Underground
    Shut up and Drive- Rihanna
    Right Round- Flo Rida
    Rub you the Right Way- Johnny Gill
    Poison/ Do me- Bell Biv Devoe
    Whiskey in a Jar- Metallica
    Bust a Move- Young MC
    u + ur hand- Pink - 1/19/2011   12:19:22 PM
    I have a exercise play list with:

    1. Get the Party Started--Pink
    2. Bad Romance--Lady Gaga
    3. Poker Face--Work out mix Lady Gaga
    4. Lady Marmalade--Workout mix
    5. Bad Girls--Workout mix
    6. Sexy Back--J. Timberlake
    7. I love the nightlife
    8. C'mon n' Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJs

    Then if I am feeling aggressive or I am running I have a Loud List:

    1. Enter Sandman Metallica
    2. Holier Than Thou Metallica
    3. Through the Never Metallica
    4. The Struggle Within Metallica
    5. That Was Just Your Life Metallica
    6. The End of the Line Metallica
    7. Broken, Beaten, and Scarred Metallica
    8. Crazy _itch Buck Cherry
    9. Animals Nickelback
    10. Run to the Hills Iron Maiden
    11. Holy Diver Dio
    12. Peace Sells Megadeath
    13. Break Stuff Limp Bizkit
    14. When Worlds Collide Powerman 5000
    15. Icky Thump White Stripes

    So, depending on my mood, I'll do one or the other. Yes, Metallica isn't exactly upbeat music, but if you had a rough day at work, jumping on the elliptical trainer or pumping iron to it just seems to make it all better. :-)

    - 9/21/2010   6:04:18 PM
    My all time favorite work out song is an oldie, "Physical" by Olivia Newton John. Thanks for the great ideas. - 9/21/2010   10:33:41 AM
    My favorite five are
    Kat Deluna-Whine Up
    Rihanna-Pon de replay
    Rihanna-Please don't stop the music
    Pitbull-Anthem - 7/13/2010   11:19:01 AM
  • 229
    bob airplane love it while running walking - 6/9/2010   7:27:11 PM
  • 228
    Say Hey ( I love you) by Michael Franti & Spearhead
    It Happens ( Sugarland)
    So What (Pink)
    Disturbia ( Rihanna)
    Everytime we Touch ( Cascada)

    Music makes the workout so much better and faster! - 3/30/2010   8:13:02 AM
  • BHEEZY85
    **HEART OF A CHAMPION -nelly**

    BABY- Justin Bieber
    UPGRADE YOU- beyonce
    DIVA- Beyonce

    - 3/29/2010   2:37:09 PM
  • 226
    I wasn't a big Britney Spears fan until I needed to workout, but this order of hits really keeps me going on the elliptical: 3, Womanizer, Circus, If U Seek Amy, Radar, My Perogative, Toxic, I'm a Slave 4 U, Overprotected, ...Baby One More Time, Stronger - 3/29/2010   11:17:51 AM
  • 225
    Praise Music:

    Sing, Sing, Sing - Chris Tomlin is my current favorite. Can't NOT run to that song! - 3/29/2010   8:08:13 AM
  • 224
    1. Rihanna- Hard
    2. The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be
    3. Orianthi- According to You
    4. Kesha- Blah Blah Blah
    5. Shakira- Give It up to Me
    And a ton of others, but these get me moving. - 3/29/2010   7:59:39 AM
  • 223
    Nice. Definitely Inspriring. This is what my first 5 looks like:

    1. Jamie All Over-Mayday Parade
    2. Watch My Shoes- 3 Deep
    3. Sweet Child O Mine- Guns n Roses
    4. Right Round- R.O.O.T.S.
    5. All these things that I've done- The Killers - 3/10/2010   9:44:28 AM
  • 222
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I am constantly on the lookout for new songs to work out to. When I want to treat myself - instead of going for food- I now download a new song from iTunes... My wish list is definitely growing tonight ;)!
    Some of my favorites are:
    Basement Janxxx - Do your thing (lengthy intro but worth sticking it through!)
    Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
    Bicycle Race - Queen
    anything Fatboy Slim and/ or Groove Armada
    Proud Mary - Ike and Tina Turner
    Chelsea Dagger - Fratellis

    and many more... - 3/5/2010   5:40:38 PM
  • CINDY0213
    I totally agree with Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas. I also like Elvis -" A little less conversation, a little more action" Chicago - "Feeling stronger every day." Thank you for all the other great songs!! - 3/5/2010   12:38:17 PM
    My must have workout artist is M.I.A. Her songs are uptempo and amazing. I am always so modivated to push hard when I hear them.
    I highly recomend the songs Bird Flu and World Town! - 1/29/2010   11:24:38 AM
    Wow - thanks for the great song ideas! - 1/6/2010   11:07:06 AM
  • 218
    SHOCKINGGIRL, WOW! I think your playlist is absolutely AWESOME! I copied it and will start to build the playlist TODAY. Thanks for sharing it. - 11/15/2009   2:39:51 PM
  • 217
    I love to listen to really hard thrash/death metal when I work out. It gets me "angry" and I work out extra hard. I currently have 2 Metallica albums (Master of Puppets and Kill em All), 2 Megadeth albums (Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction) and a bunch of other bands that aren't mainstream but are awesome and VERY hard/fast (Amon Amarth, Alestorm, TYR, and Ensiferum) all on my MP3 player...I just let it play and know that the next song will be hard hitting...and so will I! :) - 10/28/2009   10:09:32 AM
    I love the Ting Tings...Great DJ is awesome!!! Check it out! - 10/28/2009   10:06:00 AM
  • 215
    First I start with Boogie Man by Rob Zombie, then I go to Shakira: Hips Don't Lie and She-Wolf, then on to Saving Abel, then Cage the Elephant - then on and on and on :) - 9/9/2009   12:58:05 PM
  • 214
    I love this blog! I listen to all kinds of music...mostly old school rock and hard rock.
    1- to get me going is Fuel-Metallica
    2-Gimme 3 steps-Lynyrd Skynyrd
    3-Break out-Foo Fighters
    4-Travelin' Band-Creedence Clearwater Revival
    5-for my cool down I love...Carnival by Tori Amos - 9/7/2009   10:48:51 AM
  • 213
    first 5 on the mp3 player at the moment get me in the mood to move even if i didnt feel like it b4 hearing the toons play:

    1. come out n play - the offspring
    2. cherry lips (go baby go) - garbage
    3. black night - deep purple
    4. be urself (& 5 other cliches) - supernova
    5. all my life - foo fighters - 8/29/2009   5:45:30 AM
  • 212
    My all time favorite song to get me all fired up, no matter how tired I am, is Mr. Brightside by The Killers. It's fast paced and I can't help but push myself harder every time it comes on! These days, it's been the new Rob Thomas album, Cradlesong, especially Gasoline, Real World 09 and Give Me The Meltdown. - 8/22/2009   10:43:37 PM
  • 211
    Went through my entire collection of 2836 songs and picked 963 (!) (and one at a time!) for my exercise playlist to go on my Zen mp3 player. I really love just listening to the whole 963 on random when I work out.

    If you're remotely interested, I uploaded the entire list [https://sites.google.com/site/sean
    redirects=0]. First five great ones:

    Flock of Seagulls - I Ran
    a-ha - Take on Me
    Amy Winehouse - Rehab
    Andrew W.K. - Party Hard
    Asia - Only Time Will Tell - 8/22/2009   7:09:09 AM
  • 210
    My favorite song for pushing me to workout harder is "Crazy Bitch"....the beat, the words, everything just gets me moving! There have been times when I have gotten to the club and realized my iPod was dead...really made for a long and boring workout! - 8/21/2009   10:35:29 AM
  • IN102WIN
    I have all of these on my mobile and I usually exercise to them

    Whine up - Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man

    What is Love - Haddaway

    Sun is Shining (Remix) - Bob Marley

    Sexual - Amber

    Sandstorm - Darude

    Please don't Stop the Music - Rihanna ( with Akon) (remix)

    Mambo Number 5 - Lou Bega

    Lovefool - The Cardigans

    Lose My Breath - Destiny Child

    Its Not Right But Its Ok - Whitney Houston (Remix)

    Heaven - Bleach AMV & Dj Sammy

    Finally - CeCe Peniston

    Crush - Jennifer Paige

    Bootylicious - Destiny Child (Richard Humpty Vission Mix)

    Back To Life - Soul 2 Soul
    - 8/20/2009   10:07:46 PM
  • 208
    Lady Gaga feat. flo Rida - starstruck
    The Veronicas- Untouched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whbT

    Nichkelback- S.E.X
    - 8/17/2009   1:11:40 PM
    OH my gosh! I am SOOOOO glad you made a post about great music! I cannot go out for a power walk without my mp3 - I won't do it. This post is WAY more than 5 songs, but I love you all and I hope all the MANY hours I have used to compile these songs will benefit someone else! I laugh when I listen to my music because I have such a WIDE variety of really fast, make-you-want-to-get-off-the-couch-
    and-dance! You are bound to love something (or many somethings) on this list. Okay, here's a WILD mix of songs - see what you like:
    I Love Rock N' Roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts(MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE to walk fast to)
    Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance) by the Contours.
    Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    I'm So Excited by the Pointer Sisters
    RESPECT by Aretha Franklin
    I Was Made to Love You by Tobymac
    Achy breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
    Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel
    Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath
    Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
    9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
    ABC by the Jackson 5
    Play that Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry
    867-5309 by Tommy Tutone
    All She Wants to Do is Dance by Don Henley
    Black Betty by Ram Jam
    Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
    Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall
    What I Like About You by the Romantics
    Any Way You Want It by Journey
    Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf
    Axel F. (Theme from Beverly Hills Cop)
    Burn for You by Tobymac
    Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync
    Call Me by Blondie
    Mony Mony by Billy Idol
    Spirit Thing by the Newsboys
    Harden My Heart by Quarterflash
    Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones
    Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats
    Conga by Gloria Estefan
    Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone
    Don't You Want Me by the Human League
    Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
    Superstition by Stevie Wonder
    Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics (LOVE to walk fast to this!)
    Talk About It by Nicole C Mullen (Another GREAT song to exercise to)
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
    Freeze-Frame by the J. Geils Band
    My Deliverer by Mandisa
    Peggy Sue by The Crickets
    FunkyTown by Lipps Inc.
    Tequila by The Champs
    Get the Party Started by P!nk
    Queen of the Night by Whitney Houston (The Bodyguard Soundtrack)
    Wherever We Go by the Newsboys
    Renegade from Styx (let it get about 20-30 seconds into the song)
    Soul Man by Sam & Dave
    Hot Stuff by Donna Summer
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
    Livin La Vida Loca by Ricki Martin
    Walkin' on Sunshine by Katrina & the Wave
    Love Shack by the B-52s
    Maniac by Michael Sembello
    Rock the Casbah by The Clash
    Shine by The Newsboys
    Bang On the Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren
    Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! - 8/14/2009   6:19:14 PM
  • 206
    Song 2 (Blur)
    This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race (Fallout Boy)
    Anything by Coldplay
    Ghost of Stephen Foster (Squirrel Nut Zippers) (and others by them)
    Cyclops Rock (and anything else by They Might Be Giants)
    Couch Potato (It's a parody of Lose Yourself by Eminem!) (and anything else by Weird Al!)

    I do like some of the new "high energy" stuff people mentioned (i.e., Let it Rock) but haven't downloaded it lately. My latest downloads were albums by All American Rejects, Daughtry, and Plain White Ts. - 8/14/2009   11:10:22 AM
  • 205
    I can't do this
    By: Plumb - 8/11/2009   11:36:17 PM
  • 204
    A few favorites from my running mix: great beats for a 10-12 minute mile

    "Everytime we touch" - Cascada
    "If you want blood" - AC/DC
    "My life would suck without you" - Kelly Clarkson
    "Jump" - Van Halen
    "Right Now" - Van Halen
    "Let's get it started" - Black Eyed Peas
    "Something's gotta give" - Leann Rimes
    "Just Dance" - Lady Gaga
    "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey (I think it's on every mix I've ever made...)

    And, of course, for crossing the finish line, the "Chariots of Fire" theme song. - 8/11/2009   10:39:33 AM
    Tamberine- Eve
    Diva- Beyonce
    The Battle is the Lord- Yolanda Adams
    Show Out- Unk
    Move- Mims - 8/11/2009   10:27:23 AM
  • 202
    My top five: 1. Addison Road - Sticking with You
    2. Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway
    3. Lonestar - Walking in Memphis
    4. Pink - So What
    5. Heather Rigdon - Gravity for Grace (this is a great cool-down number. If you haven't heard her check her out on iTunes... she is amazing!)
    This list would be forever long... so I just chose 5 of my favorites..which are constantly changing... lol!
    - 8/10/2009   11:52:33 PM
    My top 5 are:
    boom boom pow-Black Eyed Peas
    Workout- Kanye West
    Hate On Me- Jill Scott
    Sister Big Bone- Anthony Hamilton
    Earth Song- Micheal Jackson

    Gotta have these 5 Love the Attitude in them - 8/10/2009   9:37:26 PM
    My fav right now is Beautiful Day - U2 - 8/10/2009   7:42:57 PM
  • 199
    Some lively music, the album, "Intimo" by Incendio. Check it out at Amazon.com, http://www.amazon.com/Intimo/dp/B00

    Then to help keep me in a positive state of mind, I have the album "Wonder" by Faith Rivera. Also found on Amazon.com, http://www.amazon.com/Wonder/dp/B00
    - 8/10/2009   5:59:07 PM
  • 198
    Boom, boom pow by Black Eyed Peas - It gets me moving like no other. Just when I feel like giving up (while running) a super fast, upbeat, motivating tempo tells me to keep going, don't stop, get in my zone. I love it. - 8/10/2009   5:50:51 PM
  • 197
    I got the Leslie Sansone3 mile walk from Itunes, shape walk(power music) and fabulous 50's.
    Just go in Itunes and type in walking music then go from there - 8/10/2009   2:50:52 PM
  • 196
    1. Swag Surfin
    2. Lil Wayne Every Girl
    3. Mario Breakup
    4. Mary Mary--God in Me
    5. Beyonce--Diva
    - 8/10/2009   1:21:08 PM
  • 195
    I like KMFDM and Pantera the best on my IPOD right now - 8/10/2009   12:16:32 PM
  • 194
    My mp3 player has an assortment of music on it. I make a point of listening to different music every time I work out on the stair climber and elliptical machines.

    I tend to pace my workout to the beat of the music, so sometimes it's fast, and sometimes it's slow -- the pace changes with each song, so it's a custom workout each and every time, based on the music -- no two workouts are ever the same!! - 8/10/2009   11:25:26 AM

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