Poll: Would You Gain Weight for Money, Like Renee Zellweger?

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Another Bridget Jones movie is in the works, which likely means that the star, Renee Zellweger, will be bulking up for the role, according to Vitamin G at Glamour.com. Zellweger, who would reportedly earn at least $6 million, gained 30 pounds (more than 2 stones for you Brits out there!) to play the eponymous character.

Gaining the weight isn't as much fun as one would expect, Zellweger said. Her blood sugar's rises and falls caused mood swings--counteracting any joy she had in eating whatever she wanted. For someone who thinks of the gym as therapy, as Zellweger does, gaining weight and being unable to exercise would be stressful.

Losing the weight wasn't so easy, either. "It was horrible," she said. "On one side it's fantastic because you get to go back to taking care of yourself, so you feel wonderful, but the first lap around the track I felt like I had a toddler on my back."

Let's play devil's advocate for a minute and imagine ourselves in that situation.

Would you gain 30 pounds for $6 million? What if you weren't allowed to lose the weight?

Money seems really important to us, but it comes and goes in life. Our health is even more valuable--and you can't buy good health.

What would you do: Gain the weight and take the money or stay the size you are (or continue to lose)?

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There are some things I would not do...but I have no problem gaining 30 extra pounds for 6 million :) Report
LOL. Are ya crazy! I don't think so. I want this weight off so bad and not being allowed to lose it seems like a nightmare to me. No thanks lol Report
In a New York minute! Report
I hate to admit it but for 6 million YES I would gain 30 pounds! Afterall, we have SP to help us take it off, right? I doubt I would have felt this way one year ago but I've been unemployed for a year now and the money sounds GREAT! Report
I would never do that. It is unheathly plus, gaining weight is easy, losing weight is to hard. Report
It would have to really be a lot of money and the answer would be yes. I then could afford to do what ever it would take to lose it. Report
Considering she's too thin to begin with, and her "fat" size to play Bridget Jones is the size I'm striving for....I would absolutely gain weight to play a role! The amount of money she is getting to play the part is worth it. And she'll have personal trainers, cooks and every other type of support she needs to get the weight off again. Her job is to fit the part. She gets paid to have a certain body type.

And yes, I'd still do it, even if I wasn't allowed to lose the weight after. Report
There isn't much I wouldn't do for $6mill. Seriously- think of the personal trainers, the fitness equipment, the chef that you could buy for $6mill. Not only that, but you have to look at her before and after- after gaining 30lbs she still looks pretty much fantastic. I wouldn't mind that at all! Report
I've gained more for free. So sure!!! Of course if I wasn't "allowed" to lose it, that might change my mind. Report
I have been big for most of my life and just in the past year have come to a place of true harmony and health concerning my weight. I wouldn't change this feeling for ANY amount of money. I don't think my health and/or happiness should be for sale. Report
WHY?!?!?! Why would a person intentionally want to GAIN weight?!?! It's bad for your health, it's bad for your self esteem, its bad for everything! $6 million, $6 billion... I wouldn't do it! Sacrificing my health which could lead to bigger problems later on is not worth any amount of money. You'll be spending that $6 million on gastric bypass and heart bypass and everything else! Report
Ha, I gain weight for free...of course I would do it for $! Report
The money sounds nice but gaining 30 lbs. no way I most likely would gain twice as much. For me it is to hard to loss again. Report
Absolutely no way! Report
I have generally gained weight for FREE. Not a really great idea. WHEN I lose what I want to this time around, I never want to gain it back for no amount of money. It takes so longggggggg to lose it..........and it is not fun to repent for your sins..... Report
Yes. I identify with the "dedicated to the craft" (acting) mentality, sinking into the role. For a $6 million movie job I would take on the challenge. Report
I would! Then I'd break contract & lose the weight anyway. Report
I wonder why she doesn't just use a "fat suit" and makeup. It seems like an awful lot of trouble just to get a job. Report
I wouldn't if I wasn't allowed to lose it. I constantly have weight loss on the brain so I'd be in violation of that contract almost immediately. However, IF I had Renee Zellweger's body, I'd do it. Her "overweight" body is still smaller than mine!! Report
I'd have to say I'd probably take the money. After all, I've been on a yo-yo for years for no pay... but if it meant I couldn't lose the weight, I may have to re-consider. I do want to be healthy someday! (thus the multiple attempts to lose) If it were temporary, though, DUH! Yeah, I'd do it in a heartbeat.... unless it was an excessive amount, as I'm already nearly 225. Guess that means I don't really know, huh?! Ask me when I'm actually offered the money for real and I'll tell you then, lol... Report
I would take the $6million gain the weight and have a fun time doing it. Bring on the buffets. lol. However though I would have to lose weight to play the Bridget Jones role. Report
Okay at first my immediate answer was no because it's so hard to get the weight off, but for $6 ml I would do it because I'd have enough to hire a cook to make only healthy meals and a personal trainer to work me back to shape and of course a massage therapist to work those tired muscles. Report
This is a no-brainer for me. I'd take the money, gain the weight, do the movie role, then work like a man possessed to lose it again. And my "miraculous" weight loss would be the talk of the town, and I'd become the celebrity face of Spark People. What's to think about?

:) Report
Lol that's a lot of money but wow, to not be able to lose it? That's crazy and I wouldnt even enjoy the money cuz with 30 lbs on me, I'd be lucky to live long enough to enjoy it all! Report
Ummm....duh. I gained 40 lbs for free. I'd take $6 million any day. Report
If I could lose the weight, then I'd gain 30 lbs for 6 million bucks. I'd be able to lose it with a dietitian, personal trainer, chef, and home gym.

If I was never allowed to lose it, then no, never. I'm working too hard to get rid of this weight. Not only that, but how disgusting I felt weighing more than I wanted to weigh is enough of a motivation to keep it off, more of a motivation than money would be to gain it. Report
Yes. i already gained it for no money but then I would lose it like I'm doing now! Report
If I was her size before hand, honestly she looks better with the weight on imho.
I mean look,

I think the speed at which she had to put the weight on might be more to consider, and how unhealthy it is.... Report
If I had to keep it ... maybe not ... but then again if I was as thin as she is now and put on 30 I would be me now so .. yeah... for 6 million I have to say I would. Report
Well, 6 million is a lot of money!! And if the weight was only temporary, then yes- I would. If the contract said to gain 30 lbs and KEEP IT, then NO WAY would that be worth it to me! My health is worth more than any amount of money.

But if it was to just gain 30 lbs, then immediately lose it again... I know I could do it, and have a nice chunk of savings in the process!! I wouldn't even hire a personal chef or trainers. I'd just lose it myself like I do now. With everything I've learned over the years about nutrition, and having all my Beachbody workouts handy... maybe I could even do impressive "before-afters" and submit it to Beachbody and win even MORE money with their contests!!

But no- if there was no money in it- there is NO WAY I would allow myself to gain 30 lbs now. Ugh!
ordinarily, No! but to be honest, for 6 million dollars i would. Report
ordinarily, No! but to be honest, for 6 million dollars i would. Report
ordinarily, No! but to be honest, for 6 million dollars i would. Report
Well most of the people that are actors and actresses, they are usually about 110 to start with, so If I was at 110 then yes I would gain the 30 pounds, but where I am now, there would be no money in the world worth making me feel more miserable then I am right now, so no. But I could really use the money, but still say no :)) Report
Unfortunately I don't need to be paod to gain weight!!!! I would not take money to do that. I we afraid I wouldn't be able to lose it again. It isn't worth the gamble or the money. When I lose weight, it is too much of a struggle to even consider gaining it voluntarily. Report
I've been overweight for most of my adult life so the only difference would be that I'd be rich. I would probably do it for half that amount, even if I were not allowed to lose it. ( I'm with you RKING4!) Report
That almost makes me sick to my stomach to think about gaining 30 pounds since just being 20 pounds overweight has made me feel old and worn out. Report
I would. With the money I would hire a personal trainer and chef. Report
I couldn't pass up 6 mil!!!! Afterwards I would use some of it to have a personal chef and trainer come to my house and whip me back into shape... And keep them till I reached my goal weight and fitness level!! Report
I wouldn't be able to pass up the $$. I'd then have enough to quit my job, hire a trainer and a chef. :) Report
Yeah, I would and then continue to use sparkpeople to get it off along with a trainer. No doubt about it. For 6 million oh yeah!!!!! Report
I sure would! Like the others have said, take the money and hire a personal trainer to get back into shape afterwards. Too bad she took the "eat whatever you want" attitude in gaining the weight. I wouldn't do it that way. One can gain weight by eating more of healthier foods. Report
Of Course! Report
NO..NO...NO...ABOSULTELY NOT. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to lose it again. It's hard enough just losing the 20 I need to lose now! And ya just don't feel very good when you're 30 lbs overweight. Report
Would I gain a measly 30 pounds for SIX MILLION dollars? Not just yes, but hell yes! Report
OK, lets be fair here. Is she really gaining the weight for the "money"? Or is she gaining the weight because she is an actress and playing a role is her work? Report
I would do it. With that much money I could get the weight back off with trainers, chefs, and whatever else I would need. Report
Actuall I've seen Bridget Jones Diary and hte Sequel , truthfully she looks actually better with the weight on. More "rounder out." That's her, though. I'm not saying I do. I look better with 70 pounds gone. (LOL) But I thought she was prettier with the weight. she oculd keep it on and still look good. Would I do it for 6 million? Yes I would because it would pay all my bills, mortgage, everything for life, and I would still have enough to have the strictes trainers, chefs , programs to lose it after. Report
Tough one. For 6 mil I think yes then use money to help family pay off debt. I would pay off house, buy a bigger house with a gym and personal trainer. I am not that big and hopefully would come off easy. As for health I am young and think I'd be fine after. If luck was bad and I got very ill and died, I know my kids would be financially set. If I couldn't lose it, then no way would I do it. I hate being overweight, and permanent risk to my health isn't worth any amount of money. Report
In the past I've gained it for a lot less, but now that I'm on the other side, not a chance. Besides, at my age, I could get diabetes, heart disease or a stroke, and no amount of money is worth that. Besides, I'm thinking Hollywood is probably not going to call. Report
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