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As many of you know, I live in the great state of Texas. However September is the one time of year I am almost embarrassed to say where I am from.

Why September, you may ask? This is when the great State Fair of Texas opens the gates to some of the wackiest and most processed foods one will ever come across. Each year the entries for new food vending treats to be sold and served during the fair become more bizarre by the minute and this year is no exception. It's as if the more wacky the food, the more publicity is gained for the fair.

This year's entries include of all things deep fried butter, deep fried pecan pie, deep fried peaches and cream, and deep fried peanut butter cup macaroons. And this is no joke. Many foods that are now commonly found at state fairs around the country have their humble beginnings in Texas.

Many of us are fully aware of fried Twinkies, fried Snickers, and fried OREOS. But have you ever heard of a fried banana split, Texas fried Cookie dough and yes, even fried Coke? And if you are curious as to how one fries Coke--it is actually a Coke-flavored dough that is deep fried and smothered in a Coke-flavored syrup, topped whipped cream and cinnamon, all for a whopping 830 calories, or the equivalent of me having to run well over 8 miles just to burn off the calories.

With Texas having one of the highest obesity rates in the nation, not to mention having the city of Arlington being named in Men's Health Magazine as the fast food addicts capital, one would think that we could offer healthier options at the fair.

There comes a time when the novelty is long gone and it is time to move on to healthier choices. These foods certainly fit the bill of Dr. David Kessler's food description in his book The End of Overeating. Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite of fat, on sugar, on salt, on fat, etc.

My challenge to my state and to fair officials is to offer healthier choices and enough with the fried foods. And trust me, you will NEVER see me eating deep fried butter, no matter how hungry I get even if it comes with a free deep fried Coke!

Have you ever tried any of these foods at your fair? Would you be willing to try these foods just to see how they taste? If you have tried them, how did you like them? Were they worth the calories?

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  • 893
    We haven't gone to the state fair in probably 8-10 years. We have to watch out for the fried foods, to make sure the food isn't being fried in lard, or that the meats are kosher. Kansas evidently has the Texas vendors up the very next week. I can't imagine fried butter, even as I know butter is considered KETO-friendly! In the past we have seen vendors selling deep fried alligator emu possum I don't know what all - disgusting. We tend to eat the main meal at one of the local charity fundraiser dinners (like the church that has chicken and noodles or the one with homemade tacos and enchiladas.). Then we would get some fried outlandish thing like funnel cake to share, or fried cookie, that sort of thing... Will have to see how the fair lines up with our other September events (birthdays and our anniversary, and maybe check it out this fall? - 2/5/2017   9:41:53 PM
  • 892
    Last year I finally broke down and tried the deep fried butter, and it was so good, I bought 1 stick and me and my boys shared so I only had a bite, and my boys are so underweight. Anyway, I would not have more than one in a blue moon, but it was good. - 2/15/2014   6:18:03 PM
  • 891
    No deep fried butter for me because I'm not a big fan of butter, especially melted butter (unless there is a bit for my lobster). As for the other deep fried fair foods, I might try one of them once just for the novelty of it. - 5/3/2011   8:13:24 PM
    I think all of these "fried" foods are disgusting. I once said that everything is Texas is fried except salad. Well, at last years fair, in Lubbock, they finally had a fried salad!!!! Still disgusting. - 1/21/2011   2:53:29 AM
  • 889
    Definitely not deep fried butter!!! - 9/24/2010   3:26:38 AM
  • 888
    i can't lie ... i love fried foods! but i just don't eat them all the time. however i'm lucky cause i'm no where near any of these fairs so they aren't even a temptation!
    but i heard that the "deep fried butter" is actually more like a deep fried butter on toast ball ... so the butter just melts into the fried toast! and sadly that does sound delicious to me! - 9/23/2010   8:58:13 AM
    i live in texas as well, and yes some of the food is outrageous and sounds weird and u could proabably eat it and have a heart attack. Yet the fair is only here once a year. We don't go every year but try to go everyother year with the kids and our rule of thumb is to share it. We usually try the one that is the most popular for the year and share it among the four of us! this reduce ur calorie intake, then we walk and walk around the fair to burn some too!!! its all abt moderation! - 9/20/2010   3:48:50 PM
  • 886
    You will never catch me trying these foods. I left that mentality behind as a kid. Those concoctions are really gross. - 9/20/2010   4:21:25 AM
  • 885
    Yuck! - 9/19/2010   11:50:52 PM
  • 884
    Deep fried butter?? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........

    I like a bit of butter on toast, but deep fried anything is simply NOT appealing to me. - 9/19/2010   9:04:10 PM
  • 883
    If the butter is accompanied by something else maybe & I am a Butterton. lol - 9/19/2010   6:58:38 PM
  • 882
    I never eat food at the fiars. The smells are nauseating. I do like to see the animals and talk to the different people at the stands--but eat is a big no-no. - 9/19/2010   1:14:35 PM
    HELL YES i would eat deep fried butter. come on, you're only eating it once, and no one says you have to eat the whole thing. i'd try any deep fried food at least once. and deep fried butter sounds delicious. not gross or atrocious at all to me. it would be worth the workout later on. sure, we're all learning to make healthy choices and decisions here, but the occasional treat never hurt anyone, and can even help you reach your goals if you learn not to label anything as "forbidden." especially if trying that fried butter adds to how much fun you had at the fair, trying weird foods with your family/friends. the fair is only around once a year anyways! my $0.02. - 9/19/2010   12:50:59 PM
    No wonder there's so many fat kids. This is just wrong. Sorry, but I hate seeing people and their kids eating this crap! - 9/19/2010   8:28:14 AM
  • 879
    I do not want anything deep fried. I only go to the fair for a candy apple. Since I have fillings and crowns on some of my teeth, I don't go to the fair. - 9/18/2010   8:58:37 PM
    this is like looking forward to a heart attack . they are selling fried macaronie and cheese at a local food place . - 9/18/2010   3:08:32 PM
    NO way would I eat anything like mentioned. Seriously, it is gross! eww

    Makes me almost happy to have food allergies - never a temptation to eat deep fried anything! - 9/18/2010   2:51:06 PM
    I like butter but deep fried!!? I don't think so! I have never seen anything at ANY fair that I wanted to eat and the one time I did (a corndog) I was sick the rest of the night! I don't even like fried food from restaurants. I think the grease gets old or too hot or something. - 9/18/2010   11:56:04 AM
    Today is the opening day of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. It's a yearly thing somewhat like a state fair in the US. I haven't been there in a few years but I'm listening to the General Manager talk about the new culinary things to be found there this year and fried butter is one of them. He associated the expression "if you fry it, they buy it". Never heard that before, but it's so true, people do gravitate when eating unhealthily, to the fried. - 8/20/2010   12:38:35 PM
  • 874
    OMG this is absolutely disgusting!!
    I'm an Australian, but I currently live in Belgium, and people here would never even dream of frying these kinds of foods!! They're not perfect either, but guys, come on, seriously.... fried candy bars ?????!!! Fried butter!!!!! I feel sick! - 4/6/2010   4:04:02 AM
  • 873
    My favorite splurge item at our fair here in California is the Bloomin' Onion. I don't feel too guilty about having it though, as my hubby, son and I always split it. - 12/26/2009   5:37:01 PM
  • 872
    I can't imagine even trying fried butter! That doesn't even sound good enough to cheat on my diet with. And how does one FRY a pecan pie? - 12/16/2009   4:59:50 PM
  • 871
    As a fellow Texan (converted from MI), I, too have been surprised at what our county fair offers in Lubbock, TX. I am very glad that now when I volunteer at Lubbock Christian University Associate's corn booth, it's a decent food! The deep-fried Snickers were right across the way from our booth! I wasn't doing SparkPeople then yet, but I still would have NEVER have eaten all that FAT! - 12/12/2009   10:24:45 PM
  • 870
    Homer Simpson is drooling on this article. Springfield must be in Texas. - 12/10/2009   11:54:25 AM
  • 869
    Okay like Im a large woman ....and the sound of deep fried butter makes me want to hurrl!!!!....Fair food is food that was created to insult our intelligence! - 11/17/2009   5:10:08 PM
  • 868
    i saw a segment on the today show with kathy lee and hoda where they talked about deep fried coke. haha, they said it tasted horrible! but i actually do not eat anything deep fried. i try to stay clear away from that...ok, maybe during state fair times, i may ignore my better sense and eat a corn dog or butterfly chips....which is why i am here on sparkpeople :) - 11/17/2009   12:50:16 PM
    I have tried some deep fried things (including pickles), but having never been a fan of melted butter deep friend butter makes my throat close up just thinking about it. bleurgh. gag. - 11/17/2009   12:35:21 PM
  • PAIGE17
    The answer to would I eat deep fried butter is a resounding "NOOOO"!!!! This just sounds gross! How could that possibly taste good? Yuck! I have never tried any of the other deep fried monstrosities, but would posssibly be willing to taste if someone else or even a couple someone elses would try with me so we could split the calories. Something like a deep fried candy bar might be good because it would be gooey in the middle. But deep fried oreos or other cookies don't seem appealing to me. It seems like you could only eat a bite or two anyway before your stomach told you "no more please!" - 11/17/2009   8:28:09 AM
  • 865
    Gross is the first word that comes to mind. Ewwww! I enjoyed flash fried ice cream and I tried fried oreos once (not my fave), but I don't want to imagine what fried butter would taste like. Ewwww! Once, on the Travel Channel, I saw a program showcasing a bunch of fried foods. I thought breaded, deep fried bacon was as bad as it could get, but butter? - 11/16/2009   10:54:47 PM
    No-no-and no again. I have never tried any of them and would not be willing to try them. Just the thought turns my stomach. - 11/16/2009   5:13:05 PM
  • MAGS09
    I can't even picture the thought of eating deep fried butter. Never tried any of the others either. - 11/15/2009   1:45:18 PM
  • ZUNK58
    I live in texas also, and deep fried butter sounds nasty to me. The others maybe would really have to think on it - 11/15/2009   12:58:38 PM
    wow, its no wonder that our kids are becoming obese. There has to be another way to enjoy a fair, sounds like we are all killing ourselves, for what, fat.... YUCK!! i can't see me trying any of these, i am trying to hard to be healthy again. - 11/14/2009   1:10:43 PM
  • 860
    My favorite booth at the fair is the barry kabob booth. I tend to stay away from anything deep fried. Thinking about eatting all that butter upsets my stomach. - 11/14/2009   1:09:32 PM
  • 859
    Deep fried what???? ... You can't be serious! - 11/13/2009   5:51:41 PM
    I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago & I don't think that I would be able to do this. I may like butter, but I think that this is going too far. A lot of people were trying it & it was making the guy who started it a lot of money. - 11/13/2009   3:32:56 PM
  • RDAWN1213
    I saw a chef on the Food Network once make fried butter. Although I totally agree that the name makes it sound atrocious, she mixed the butter with cream cheese and some seasonings. It came out looking kind of like a hush puppy and probably tasted like a cheese dumpling. I don't think I would try butter by itself, but I'll try anything with cream cheese in it. Plus, watching them try to fry it was hilarious! They had to refreeze it after every ingredient addition to keep it from melting into a puddle of goo. - 11/13/2009   1:28:10 PM
  • 856
    I lived in North Carolina for a couple of years, and when we went to the state fair, I had to try the deep-fried Twinkie! The funny thing is that my in-laws were with us, and even though they all said, "Eeew!", it didn't stop every single one of them from trying a bite! I must say, one bite every two years is good, but I don't think I'd be able to do more than that! - 11/13/2009   1:02:59 PM
  • 855
    I did try it. IT WAS NASTY!!!!! Do not waste your time, money, or calories on this mess. - 11/13/2009   12:49:17 PM
  • 854
    I have tried deep fried oreo's. It is NOT worth all the extra calories. - 11/13/2009   9:47:25 AM
  • 853
    ewwww NO! Makes my gag just thinking about it. I did have a friend in highschool though that would put a pat of butter in her mouth and suck on it. She would probably love it. lmao - 11/13/2009   3:51:08 AM
  • 852
    I have had the deep fried Twinkie and didn't think it was worth it. Nor was the deep fried PB/Jelly worth the effort and calories. I will try just about anything once, but I'm thinking that I wouldn't try the deep fried butter. - 11/12/2009   10:53:19 PM
  • 851
    I would try a deep fried twinkie or a deep fried snickers, that sounds wonderfully fattening and delicious (as a treat or to split with someone).....but butter? That sounds disgusting, I would never eat that. Not even a bite. My hearty is clogging just thinking about it. - 11/12/2009   11:26:19 AM
  • 850
    I grew up on a farm in SW Ohio. We had dairy cattle that Dad milked daily. Mom churned butter (electric churn--I'm not THAT old) that was wonderful. Today, I still use only butter sparingly instead of margarines or other supposedly healthy substitutes (I just can't get them past my nose).

    But fried butter? Not EVER in my lifetime. It sounds disgusting. - 11/12/2009   9:34:31 AM
  • 849
    I would totally eat deep fried butter. It sounds delicious. - 11/12/2009   7:46:36 AM
  • 848
    My husband would say...this sounds like "heart attack on a plate" I gave up deep fried foods in July, when I started SP, and hope to never go back!!! EVER!! - 11/11/2009   8:43:51 PM
  • 847
    NO, totally gross sounding!! - 11/11/2009   3:18:44 PM
  • 846
    No way! I'm getting heartburn just thinking about it!!! - 11/11/2009   2:33:39 PM
    The butter is covered in dough, then deep fried. There are also flavored versions--garlic, cherry and grape. It's not one big stick of butter, but 3 or 4 small balls of it.

    I might try a bite just to say I've tried it, but if I was at the State Fair, I'd be blowing my calories on deep fried Oreos. - 11/11/2009   1:04:15 PM
    I can't imagine eating fried butter. The only thing on the list I have ever tried was a fried oreo. They were selling them at a craft show on the 4th of July and my husband wanted some. I passed a guy who said they were so good they should be outlawed. My daughter, niece and I each took a small bite and threw our piece away. My husband loved them. - 11/11/2009   12:00:53 PM

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