Poll: Would You Eat a Whole-Wheat Big Mac?


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McDonald's has different menus in every country. When I lived in Seoul, I could get a bulgogi burger, in India McDonald's only serves fish and chicken, and in Norway, a salmon burger has been on the menu.

Now in France, you can get a Big Mac au Pain Complet--a Big Mac on Wheat Bread.

The big question is: Would you eat it if it were offered here?

The nutritional stats are not all that different. I did a bit of research (finally, my degree in French is coming in handy!) and compared the nutritional facts. Unfortunately, I don't know the size or weight of the French burgers versus the American ones, but I remember that McDo (the French diminutive for McDonald's) portions were slightly smaller. (Any francophones out there who can confirm? I haven't been to France since '07 and haven't eaten at a French McDo since '03.)

It has less salt than the standard French Big Mac but surprisingly more than the standard U.S. Big Mac. It has just 2 additional grams of fiber.

Big Mac au Pain Complet
475 calories
28 g protein
37 g carbs
24 g fat
5 g fiber
2,000 mg sodium

French Big Mac
495 calories
27 g protein
40 g carbs
25 g fat
3 g fiber
2,300 mg sodium

U.S. Big Mac
540 calories
29 g fat
1,040 mg sodium
3 g fiber
25 g protein
45 g carbs

Some questions to consider:

When restaurants and food companies make changes to make their products (like organic Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Pepsi Natural) appear to be healthier, do you believe it?

Is a Big Mac on wheat bread going to win you over? What other changes would McDonald's (or another company) have to make to convince you that a product is good for you?

Do you like organic, natural or other terms on processed foods is a step in the right direction or is it just good marketing?

AKASHA66 tried the Big Mac!

In the interest of science, I ate a Whole Wheat Big Mac yesterday. It was about the same as a regular one, I really do think they are just a tiny bit smaller in France than in the US. The difference in the bun gave it a slightly sweeter taste. Both my husband and I agreed that if McDonald's offered whole wheat buns, we would always order them on other sandwiches.

So, that was the third Big Mac of my life, McDonald's is a rare thing for us, but in the interest of the blog, I did go out and get one of the new sandwiches.

I asked my husband to take pictures with his phone, if they are anuy good, I'll post them on my SP photos in a couple of days, I'll let you know. The bill for lunch for two, I had the whole wheat Big Mac, a small crudités with low fat dressing and a Diet Coke, and he had the whole wheat Big Mac, a beer and fried potatoes with bbq sauce was 12.60 euros.

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  • 801
    I always prefer whole wheat buns to the usual pasty white bread. - 1/28/2017   12:09:25 PM
  • 800
    I would not eat a Big Mac made with a whole wheat bun. They stopped singing their jingle for a reason, "two all beef patties on a sesame seed bun", because they are not all beef. No telling what is in the meat or is it meat??? - 12/10/2014   9:10:07 AM
  • 799
    sure, I would try it if I was hungry enough,, I prefer the salad and yogurt parfait though.. their freshly brewed unsweetened tea is a draw for me on the road.. - 4/15/2013   3:40:05 PM
  • 798
    No, I wouldn't eat a Big Mac on Whole Wheat since it DID come from McDonald's. McDonald's is owned by the Koch Bros who tried to buy the presidential election of 2012. I try my best to avoid anything that gives one red cent to the Kochs.

    However, I must say that whole wheat buns are delicious & would probably be a nice touch if the rest of the burger could trim more calories. - 2/5/2013   2:46:31 PM
    I would love to see a Whole Wheat bun in Canada. And, I would also love to see a Vegetarian Hamburger too - added to their menu. :) - 10/1/2012   12:40:23 PM
    I have given up all meat...so no...
    - 2/6/2012   5:05:45 PM
  • 795
    It McDonald's had a decent tasting veggie burger on a whole wheat bun in a normal calorie, fat and sodium range I would totally go for it. I would never eat a Big Mac. - 2/6/2012   2:01:01 PM
  • 794
    I don't eat 2,000 mg of sodium in a day.
    I can't believe that there are many people who would fall for the 'substituting a whole wheat bun makes it healthy' line. - 2/6/2012   9:52:28 AM
  • 793
    Not anymore I wouldn't. - 2/5/2012   8:19:21 PM
  • 792
    I don't eat McDonalds, nor does the whole wheat bun tempt me to. Bad food on a good bun doesn't change much. Furthermore, as an American, I will not knowingly put money into the pockets of the Koch Brothers wallets. - 2/2/2012   1:38:02 PM
  • 791
    I don't eat McDonalds, nor does the whole wheat bun tempt me to. Bad food on a good bun doesn't change much. Furthermore, as an American, I will not knowingly put money into the pockets of the Koch Brothers wallets. - 2/2/2012   1:38:02 PM
  • 790
    Sorry this posted multiple times... - 2/2/2012   1:30:41 PM
    I would rather have it whole wheat because I cant really eat white buns because of my blood sugar spiking so this would be good if they did the big mac with whole wheat bread. I love my big macs - 8/2/2011   9:48:48 PM
  • 788
    Guilty pleasure. I love Big Macs. I would order it on whole wheat. The signature taste comes from the "special sauce". The whole wheat bun doesn't make it any healthier for you but a couple more grams of fiber can't hurt. - 8/2/2011   11:28:12 AM
  • 787
    You can put a bad guy in a nun's habit, and he's still a bad guy. That being said, I haven't had a Big Mac in years, and somehow the idea of having one on a whole wheat bun really appeals to me. I realize that it doesn't make it any healthier whatsoever, but isn't it funny how something can so easily be disguised as healthy? - 8/1/2011   12:26:52 PM
  • 786
    Whole wheat sounds great, but I don't eat meat! - 8/1/2011   10:36:40 AM
  • 785
    No. Still not healthy. Too much sodium. Too much everything that is bad for us. - 5/17/2011   9:15:29 PM
    Right now I'm avoiding fast food, but if they were to introduce something like this stateside, I'd try it once. - 5/17/2011   3:13:00 PM
    NO, no matter what bun they put it on - it is still a 'diet dumpster' food.
    However, to be fair I have never eaten a big Mac. Still not in the least bit tempted. - 10/30/2010   1:00:47 PM
  • 782
    Oh I'd love to have a Big Mac on whole wheat bun. I'd have them hold their excessive sauce though...probably hold their cheese too. Fun! - 10/8/2010   11:03:05 AM
  • 781
    Yes, because I prefer whole wheat bread and bun; however, I would have to reconstruct it like I do the American Big Mac, remove the center piece of bun, scrape off most of the secret sauce, remove 1 slice of cheese. I eat at McDonalds every 3 months give or take, so this would never be a regular in my diet. - 6/28/2010   1:25:21 PM
  • 780
    I always, always check the label. Every time I see "organic, low fat, fat free, whole wheat, whole grain, low sugar, sugar free"... that means I double-double check the label. The "lower sugars and organics" are usually accurate to their names. But those "low fat, fat free and whole wheat" are many times just as bad, if not worse than the regular food versions.

    As for Big Macs. I love Big Macs, but I eat maybe once every two years because they don't love me. And no, I would order the regular just because as I said before, I have found that those "whole wheat" options are, most times, just as bad. - 6/28/2010   12:44:50 PM
    sounds better with a whole wheat bun. chili's now has a ww bun on their menu (they really have it for their new california burger with avacado) but i would ask for it if i got a burger there - 6/28/2010   11:49:17 AM
  • 778
    Ok so I love a Big Mac, but I am avoiding McD's like the plague right now lol. So I would probably opt for the whole wheat if it was available and I was allowing myself a splurge day - 6/28/2010   9:50:25 AM
  • 777
    I don't like Big Mac's (maybe if they took out the middle piece of bread), but I'm am a Mickey D's girl (well haven't been for the last few months!)... I'm a quarter pounder with cheese girl (and supersize it!)... I wouldn't order the whole wheat bun because it's not enough to make a difference.. nothing is going to make the burgers healthy! - 6/28/2010   6:57:01 AM
    don't care for big macs, though either french version looks better than what we can get in the US - 6/27/2010   10:20:03 PM
  • 775
    NO! Its still junk food. And as far as the "whole wheat bun" it is no more then colored white bread. - 6/25/2010   8:39:56 AM
  • LISALOU2010
    I still wouldn't eat it due to the amount of fat...but kudos for trying to make it healthier. - 6/25/2010   8:18:22 AM
  • 773
    Worked at McD's when I was a teenager and got sick of the food. I have not had a Big Mac since 1980. Ewww.....they are gross. - 6/24/2010   10:55:30 PM
  • 772
    On the very rare occasions I am forced by family or friends to go to McDonald's, I order the premium grilled chicken sandwich, with mustard in stead of mayo. It's actually pretty good, and it comes on a wheat roll. Here are it's stats:
    420 calories
    10 g fat - 2 g saturated
    70 mg cholesterol
    1190 g sodium
    51g carbohydrates
    32 g protein
    3 g fiber - 6/24/2010   1:37:43 PM
  • 771
    If I had to get a meal there, then yes I would try their whole wheat bun. I would rather have it with the fish or chicken though. I stay away from fast food places because it is a waste of calories for me. - 6/24/2010   12:58:52 PM
  • 770
    I would totally eat my Big Mac on a whole wheat bun! It is about moderation.
    I have about 4 fast food burgers a year and the whole wheat makes is slightly better than before.
    - 6/24/2010   12:49:47 PM
  • LUZW8T
    I would give it a try, but not make whole wheat options for all their burgers. - 6/24/2010   11:24:12 AM
  • 768
    I don't eat Big Macs anyway so -- no. - 6/24/2010   9:44:27 AM
  • 767
    No, no, and no. - 6/23/2010   4:32:35 PM
  • 766
    How about a whole wheat healthy mac with soy or turkey/chicken burger....??? - 6/23/2010   8:53:45 AM
  • 765
    Makes me proud to say I am a vegetarian that's just gross.

    - 6/22/2010   5:56:48 PM
    I don't eat big mac's now so I guess I would have to say no I wouldn't. - 6/22/2010   2:15:06 PM
    whole wheat big mac?????? oxymoron maybe? Could be healthy if you say "hold the cheese....and the sauce....oh yeah can you make that with chicken????" Then it would simply be a chicken sandwich on whole wheat =) - 6/22/2010   1:15:11 PM
    I would so eat a Big Mac that was on whole wheal. I am all for the "more healthy" version of foods that I would normally eat, not that I normally eat Mcdonalds, but the Big Mac is a oldie but goodie. - 6/22/2010   10:59:37 AM
  • B4GR8MEN12
    Try not to eat fast food very often, but I would definitley try it and recommend that every sandwich have a whole wheat option...thanks for the suggestion to throw away the top bun and flip the middle one. You just save me some calories. - 6/22/2010   9:35:53 AM
    No! - 6/22/2010   8:19:01 AM
  • 759
    Whole wheat tastes better than white buns. I haven't had a Big Mac on in over 20 years so I wouldn't start now. I generally only eat this type of fast food when traveling and then it would be BK or Wendy's. Then I order off the dollar menu. Eating out at other types of establishments may have contributed to my weight gain - other restaurants are not much healthier. Look at the nutritional informtion provided by most major restaurant chains and you will be shocked. Eating a Big Mac is nothing compared to some of the other meals you could be consuming away from home. I can gain weight without eating fast food/junk food just by eating too much healthy food. Whatever we eat, portion control is most important. - 6/20/2010   5:15:41 PM
  • 758
    I have never eaten or been interested in eating a big-mac, so having a whole wheat bun on it wouldn't interest me in the sandwich, but on the rare occasions that I go to McD's, having a whole wheat bun option would be better. If I go to McD's, I usually get a cheeseburger and a small or medium fry, which makes about a 500 cal meal, so I can still stay on track with caloric intake, even though I'm eating a more fattening meal. Exercise and drinking water helps me to not absorb as much as the fat from the meal. - 6/20/2010   2:07:50 PM
  • 757
    I choose whole wheat over white bread/roll every time so yes, I would order it * IF * I wanted to eat a fast-food burger (which is seldom!!) - 6/20/2010   9:10:33 AM
  • 756
    I'm not much of a meat eater but I cannot say "absolutely Not". The all or nothing thing is a big part of why I have gained the weight I am now trying to loose. To each his own...... in moderation. - 6/19/2010   8:13:11 PM
  • 755
    Unlike some other posters here, when I go to Mickey D's, which is rare, a Big Mac is my sandwich of choice. Not the healthiest, but my favorite. I would probably eat a whole wheat Big Mac, but I eat them so rarely that it would not make a big difference in the big scheme of things in my diet. - 6/19/2010   4:30:46 PM
    never in a million years!! ugh. but then again I wouldn't eat a big mac either! - 6/18/2010   9:43:02 PM
  • 753
    I thik I would definitely order it (the lesser of two evils, maybe)... but I would probably have them cut it in half for me too. That's just too many calories in one sitting for me. - 6/18/2010   12:13:21 PM
  • 752
    Ok I don't like Mcdonlads burgars I think they are more soy than meat... and Beig Mac Ewwww.... I prefer wendy's on the ocassion that I decide to splurge a bit Fist off they are cheap, Secondly they have options even their 299 Value meals can come with a side salad, Also their burgars actually Taste like Beef:P I will get their jr cheeseburgur combo with NO ketchup mayo etc, and Lots of veggies with a side salad and an unsweet tea. MCD's Is just Nasty. - 6/17/2010   4:01:44 PM

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