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A couple weeks back I saw a commercial from a local cosmetic surgery company that caught my attention and surprisingly I am still thinking about it. It was not a new company being advertised but the commercial content was new information and the approach must have contained the right sixty seconds of information.

After hearing the advertisement for a non-surgical procedure that could help me "lose weight from those problem areas for good," I went to check out the company website to learn more.

I have never given serious thought to cosmetic surgery. For people that have lost a great deal of weight leaving excess skin, it makes sense. Since I do not fit into that category, I have never really given it much thought and certainly not as a weight loss method. I have my problem areas like most people. At my thinnest and most fit as a college volleyball player, I had a small lower abdominal "pooch." After having children, it remains my biggest problem area. Additionally, I have a body type where I gain weight first in the mid-section and lose it last from that region. I have really been working on my core this year and have lost a few inches, which is rewarding. However, my six-pack remains hidden in a soft-sided cooler and probably always will.

As a dietitian and an athlete, I have always believed that a healthy diet balanced with an active lifestyle is the best way to manage my weight (although I did battle with disordered eating during my college years). As I have shared before, developing thyroid disease brought the reality to my life that sometimes you can't control your weight using those methods the way you want to. I will also honestly admit that over the years I have thought that liposuction would probably be the only way I would ever see changes in my problem areas. Since that would require surgery with general anesthesia, it isn't something I would most likely ever do. After learning about a new FDA approved anesthesia free, non-invasive procedure called laserlipolysis that is "especially useful for treating areas with localized fat deposits by reducing fat cells" for only a few thousand dollars, I cannot get the question out of my mind. Would I ever consider this type of cosmetic surgery? I am not sure what the answer is for me yet but I would love to hear how many of you feel on the subject.

POLL: Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery? Why or why not?

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    If I suddenly had the money handed to me I would definately have it done. I have lost almost 100 lbs and would love to have the excess skin gone and the problem spots lipo'd - 5/22/2013   8:50:15 PM
  • 766
    There are a lot of procedures labeled "cosmetic," and they often get a bad name because of the fake, Hollywood look we often see in magazines. I had a breast reduction 13 years ago (I was 20), and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself physically and emotionally. Some things, like that, can't be changed with lifestyle, and I think surgery, even invasive like mine was, shouldn't be seen as a cop out. We get LASIK so we don't have to wear contacts; why is lipo so we don't have to wear spanx that much different? I do fear people hearing the ads for aqua lipo and such and seeing it as a way to get thin with no work, but that's always been an issue. - 5/22/2013   7:16:26 PM
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    I just had cool sculpting done on my abs because I just can't lose the inches. So far I am slowly losing. It takes up to 4 months to lose the fat that is treated. And after almost 2 I am losing the fat. The procedure is not comfortable and you do go through a different type of recovery. But it IS NONINVASIVE with a minimum of side effects. Plus the cost comparably is fantastic! Consider it! I do believe it was worth it for me. - 5/22/2013   6:00:06 PM
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    If it were to remove excess skin then yes...but otherwise...like implants or gettting rid of wrinkles or things like that no because I believe God made us the way we are and I don't think its right to change it that way... - 5/22/2013   5:46:44 PM
  • 763
    I definitely would consider getting rid of excess skin and fat that now hangs...especially if I lost the excess weight first. I lost to 144 from 193 in 1991 and was excercised and toned....but the pouch was still there. I was close my BMI I would have chopped off that pouch myself if I could - 5/22/2013   5:41:20 PM
  • BWALZ56377
    Yes I definately would if it were the noninvasive type. I have lost 20+ pounds in the two years but as others have stated the "baby" fat bulge just doesn't totally disappear and after losing weight and exercising to tone up my body I think I would to feel better about my body image and to go along with how much better I feel since taking better care of myself. - 5/22/2013   5:34:11 PM
    Yup I sure would!! It would be for ME! I've got major stretch marks and loose tummy skin and I hate it. It makes some pants and other clothes not do right or fit right!! And makes a roll that's not really a roll!! - 5/22/2013   5:04:44 PM
  • 760
    I did do it. After keeping nearly 100 lbs off for a year and a half and after being heavy/obese my whole life I have no regrets at all! Is my stomach perfect? Nope but it is a heck of a lot better!!!! - 5/22/2013   4:39:38 PM
  • 759
    Heck yes. Also, a dietician, personal trainer and a cook. - 5/22/2013   4:19:33 PM
    yes, I have lost 60 pounds and had a C-section when I was over weight....I have what I call my pounch...my husband calls it Alex (our sons name). I would love to have that gone!
    - 5/22/2013   4:14:46 PM
    100% yes not even a second thought - 5/22/2013   4:14:45 PM
  • 756
    Oh, heck, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!! - 5/22/2013   3:50:17 PM
  • 755
    If money were no object.. I'd buy a personal trainer - a chef - AND cosmetic surgery. Oh.. and a house cleaner... - 5/22/2013   3:46:36 PM
  • LAURAG5697
    yes yes yes! I've lost about 140 pounds and I now have 'bat wings' and they drive me nuts! Along with loose skin in other places. - 5/22/2013   3:38:24 PM
  • 753
    Yes! I would be very wary of messing with my face, but weight/age related body stuff, you betcha. It sounds like you work very hard at being healthy and staying fit, so you sound like an excellent candidate for that sort of procedure. I am a yo-yo dieter so lypo would be futile, but if I could do something about the baby tummy, stretchmarks, gigantic Scandinavian arms heck, even permanent hair removal so I don't have to shave all the time. I'd be all over that. I have thought about breast augmentation, I wouldn't mind having a fuller chest, but I am not willing to risk losing an entire erogenous zone for it. I haven't even had Lasik yet though, extra money goes to kid stuff. I don't mind though, its like Disney or Lasik? No brainer. - 5/22/2013   3:33:29 PM
    Yes I would have cosmetic surgery if money was no object. There is only so much you can do with exercise. The rest can be fixed by the professionals. - 5/22/2013   3:33:15 PM
    I have recently had bariatric surgery and lost 70 lbs. so far. I have about 50-60 more pounds to go but I would not have the cosmetic surgery. I am 65 years old and know that there are ways to dress and thank God for Spanx but for the outer look I can hide the flab. I want to keep it as a reminder of where I was and where I have come to. The love of my life loved me before the weight loss, had stood by me through thick and thin and I know he loves me for my accomplishments. It is what is on the inside not on the outside that counts and I am not a VAIN PERSON. - 5/22/2013   3:17:35 PM
  • 750
    Yep, I sure would - but not as a substitute for healthy living. Of course I'd have to do a LOT of research and feel confident about the results and side effects. But all that being done, yes. - 5/22/2013   3:09:10 PM
  • 749
    yep, I would. I've got about 70 lbs left to lose. When I finally achieve my ideal weight, I will have the skin removed, and while they're at it I may opt for a facelift to get rid of the turkey wattle and a belly tuck, since I've never had a flat belly ever, not even when I was thin. I figure its a better reward than a big meal any day of the week. - 5/22/2013   3:06:57 PM
  • 748
    Yes, I would. Lots of exess skin from losing 230+ pds. It would be a whole body lift for me. - 5/22/2013   3:05:20 PM
  • 747
    If money were no object, I would pay a personal trainer/nutritionist to help me before would pay to have surgery that isn't really needed to begin with. - 5/22/2013   3:05:13 PM
  • 746
    In the past I wouldn't do it, but since having 3 C-sections(due to a narrow pelvis) I have skin that hangs and it has gotten caught in the zipper of my pants(sorry if it's TMI). I would do it for health/comfort not for beauty reasons. - 5/22/2013   3:02:39 PM
  • 745
    No, the risk of any invasive surgery isn't worth it. I too have a belly pouch from childbearing I'd like to reduce or tone and I am willing to work at by natural means...if it doesn't work I will not however consider surgery. - 5/20/2013   5:59:20 PM
  • 744
    If I have too much saggy belly skin after I lose the weight, I will consider having it removed. But I am hoping it will take care of itself as I lose 1-2 pounds a week. Started at 344, will get down to 180 range. (302 now) - 5/17/2013   8:37:34 AM
  • 743
    no...I will work with what I have..extra and all..!! - 5/16/2013   2:54:28 PM
  • 742
    I would become as educated as possible before making the decision. Ask these questions and find the REAL answers.

    1) If you do lose the weight naturally by diet and exercise, will the deflated fat cells sit dormant waiting to balloon back to life when the opportunity arises?

    2) If you have the procedure performed and it removes/destroys those cells, will they be naturally replaced by your body in that area if you do start to gain again?

    3) Since you say that your pouch has been there since college, will your belly truly go flat if the procedure were to be performed?

    With these questions, you try to get to the real issue that you want to know! Will it work? How long will it produce results? Will you be setting yourself up to be disappointed and devastated at having spent the money and only being slapped with an unforeseen result!

    If you have the money and you can attain real, long term results and if you believe that if you don't have it done, you will never be able to happy with yourself as you are, just knowing that you are entertaining the thought says that you should pursue what helps you find the peace you are searching for!

    You are the only one that can live in your skin! To spin a phrase! - 5/16/2013   7:55:04 AM
  • 741
    No, I wouldn't! But I admit I long for the days - and body - of my youth! :) - 5/15/2013   10:55:41 AM
  • 740
    After my ACL repair at 19 (I too, was a volleyball player in college) I have some spider veins on my legs. I would happily get rid of those. It is a big cluster where the surgery scar is, and is from the surgery. Ugh. Hate that.

    Also, after nursing a child and losing weight, I would possibly consider a breast lift. Really would depend what I think about it later. - 5/14/2013   11:11:48 AM
  • 739
    I wouldn't consider liposuction but I am sorely tempted to see what a plastic surgeon could do about the turkey wattle that was left when my double chin disappeared. It is pretty gross and there's no way to hide it. - 5/13/2013   5:47:48 PM
  • 738
    I have a cousin who did have this kind of surgery, and the results were pretty amazing. She had her stomach, back, inner thighs, and arms done--it was amazing to behold. If I had the money, I would consider a non-invasive procedure. - 5/8/2013   7:31:28 PM
  • 737
    If I could afford it, definitely. - 5/7/2013   7:54:06 PM
    Nope. Poor surgical risk...plus, I'm chicken! ;) - 5/4/2013   8:56:03 PM
  • 735
    If I could afford it, I would do ANYTHING to get rid of loose skin! - 5/2/2013   2:26:16 AM
  • 734
    I have done something similar that reduced the fat, but not skin and it worked 100%. I lost about 3% body fat with 3 treatments but it didn't help my skin. This however says too so I may try it. - 5/1/2013   2:32:42 PM
    My dad's been suggesting and offering to pay for me to undergo surgery since I turned 18 (I will be 25 in July). He reckons I could fix my nose and my eyes. Strangely enough, those features were inherited from him (thanks dad). It's become a battle of wills, patience and persistence; every few months he rings me, asks how I am, and drops hints to get fixed, every few months I ring, ask how he is, and politely point out I'm not broken.

    Just to be clear, it's not as if I am disfiguringly ugly (so I hope). I've battled body image issues for years, and have found peace with my "imperfections". In fact, I now see my body as a book, chronicling all the choices I have made in life. As long as my body is healthy and functioning, I will not let a scalpel anywhere near me, so help me God. - 5/1/2013   12:33:17 PM
  • 732
    the dangers scare me too much to consider surgery.
    - 5/1/2013   12:22:15 AM
  • 731
    I've thought about the LifeStyle lift on face, but don't know if I would actually go thru with it. Would love to have the saggy neckline fixed and have the eye lids lifted as well. Have to admit that I am a little worried about the loose skin on tummy after I get this weight off. - 4/30/2013   5:27:58 PM
  • 730
    I would like to have it done so I can remove the excess skin after having lost 168 pounds, the healthy way.. Daily exercise and eating healthy can't take care of that extra skin that is hanging around. That is the only reason I would ever consider cosmetic surgery. Most likely I will never do it though because of how expensive it is. - 4/30/2013   1:24:00 PM
  • 729
    I never thought I would, but after losing 115 pounds and having the extra skin hanging on my thighs I would like to have them done. I wouldn't mind a little extra medical help. I do exercise daily and I am proud of my body and myself for how long I have come, but I would love to be firmer!! - 4/30/2013   1:22:19 PM
    YES, I did once and will do it again. - 4/30/2013   10:14:02 AM
  • 727
    To have cosmetic surgery simply for vanity seems to be taking unnecessary chances. There are risks to any surgery. Having said that, I think I might consider having excess skin removed after losing a great deal of weight ( I think all the extra skin might cause balance problems). And of course in case of an accident or birth defect or any medical issues I would certainly consider it! - 4/30/2013   9:18:20 AM
  • 726
    I guess it would depend on how I felt abut my body and image...but more likely than not.....:no I wouldn't do it... - 4/29/2013   6:10:02 PM
    NO. The Lord made me this way and I love it. Stay the way you are. You was created that way so stay that way. BEAUTIFUL. - 4/29/2013   1:51:37 PM
    No-- Never--- I am afraid to have my ears pierced! - 4/29/2013   11:42:48 AM
    Yes, if it made me feel good about myself. I don't see myself doing it though. I don't want to have surgery unless it is for a medical condition that I have no other options. - 4/29/2013   10:47:09 AM
  • 722
    I would definitely love cosmetic surgery if I could only afford it. Since it is impossible for me, I don't dwell on wanting it. - 4/29/2013   6:44:30 AM
    I would consider it because of being so big for so long I will have lose hanging gross skin and who can feel good about that even if you lose the fat? I would do it if I could! - 4/28/2013   8:58:45 PM
  • 720
    First of all, I am 72 1/2 yrs. oldand NO. I have lost a total of 24 in. since last April 3, 2012 and dieting, exercise & walking will do the trick for me. - 4/28/2013   4:26:24 PM
    Yes as have been an athlete all my life and I would love to get rid of my pooch as I have done tons of exercise but that is the last thing left....I run half marathons, I do Ironman Halfs, I open water swim.....I eat right, don't drink and don't smoke....so yes I would do something to get rid of the pooch I have. - 4/28/2013   3:40:42 PM
  • 718
    I had a breast reduction. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. - 4/28/2013   3:28:18 PM

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