Poll: Will You Make Time for Fitness before You Feast?


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Every Thursday, I wake up earlier than normal to go for a run before I go to the office. This coming Thursday happens to be Thanksgiving, a jam-packed day in which I'll be cooking for more than a dozen people. Although it's Thanksgiving, it's still just Thursday to me. That means I'll be up early and out the door running while most people are still sleeping.
Since cooking for others and having company over can be stressful—and time consuming—sticking to my workout plan helps me stay sane, but it also helps me stay on track.
So what I'm wondering is: Will you be joining me Thursday morning for a workout, too?
Sticking to your fitness routine is one of the best ways you can offset the extra eating that occurs during the holiday season. Exercising consistently will also help you ring in the New Year in new (smaller!) jeans. Who wouldn't want that?
But more than a way to burn calories, working out no matter what life throws at you keeps you motivated and builds momentum—doing so is a real sign that you're committed to a healthy lifestyle for life—not just for a little while. And THAT is what will ultimately help you lose weight and keep it off for good.
So tell me, what are YOUR plans to get active before you eat this Thanksgiving? What will your fitness routine look like the day before, on the holiday itself and the day after?
Me? I'll be sticking to my normal routine: kettlebells and Pilates on Wednesday, a morning run (and evening walk) with Ginger on Thursday, and my "wild card" Friday, in which I exercise, but I choose whatever sounds most fun to me that day, whether it's a new DVD or a class at the gym.
How about you?

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  • 91
    No, I'm recovering from ankle surgery. But I'll be very careful about what I eat. - 11/23/2011   7:22:52 PM
    Yes, for the 1st time ever! Our pool is opening for an extended water aerobics class sampling a little bit of everything, so we'll pop the turkey in the oven, leave basting duty for the men & hit it at the class, come home & finish preparations for a 2pm dinner... Quite excited about it even :) - 11/23/2011   6:16:48 PM
  • 89
    I will be walking on Thanksgiving Thursday. My family will be having our Thanksgiving on Friday and I hope to keep up the walking then too. - 11/23/2011   5:47:28 PM
    5 mile Turkey Trot for us, then a low-key day and simple meal. - 11/23/2011   5:29:13 PM
  • 87
    Flying Feather Four Miler for me, followed by some housecleaning, and then a lovely Thanksgiving at my sister's. My little one with is with her Dad and his ladyfriend this year, so it'll be quiet for me. I'll miss her. - 11/23/2011   4:05:19 PM
  • 86
    Normally I do the Turkey trot on Thanksgiving. But this year I think I'm going to try out a new exercise video I just got. - 11/23/2011   3:50:42 PM
  • 85
    I have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD 6 days a week, and I don't see a reason to stop that just because it's Thanksgiving. I'm committed to a healthy life style no matter what! - 11/23/2011   3:48:32 PM
  • 84
    I'll be awake and out of the house earlier than I normally am for work, as I'm participating in a 5k race. I won't actually be feasting in the evening, but I will definitely be getting my cardio on. - 11/23/2011   3:46:08 PM
    Me walking and some other form of cardio today tomorrow and tomorrow st as well - 11/23/2011   3:29:22 PM
  • 82
    planning on it. - 11/23/2011   3:13:31 PM
  • 81
    I will be playing with my 2 year old niece all day! she has so much energy and i totally love playing with her. - 11/23/2011   2:53:18 PM
  • 80
    I am running a turkey dash first thing Thanksgiving morning. - 11/23/2011   2:35:20 PM
    Run 7-8 miles. I don't have the stress of preparing anything so I'm prepared to NOT put on the weight this holiday season. - 11/23/2011   2:18:16 PM
  • 78
    Thank you SO much for posting this!! I've been thinking about my PLAN (capital P. L. A. N.) for thanksgiving quite often the past few days. Last year, we hosted a bash for 23 people. This year, I gracefully bowed out of having it at our house, so all we have to do is show up at someone's house with a deep fried turkey and some homemade bread - a relative cake walk compared to our usual hosting duties. Because I'll have the morning free, I'm going to get up early and treat myself to my usual Sunday activity - an 8.5 mile walk from my house down to the beach and around Diamond Head. The scenery down there will help me get into the attitude of gratitude that is appropriate for Thanksgiving! - 11/23/2011   1:56:52 PM
  • 77
    Tomorrow I will be doing my strength training exercises! I'm excited to feel that burn :) - 11/23/2011   1:51:38 PM
  • 76
    Today's a rest day for me, though I may hop on the elliptical in my bedroom while waiting for pies to bake when I get home from work. Tomorrow, to the gym in the a.m. for an extended cardio session and my usual weights. Friday, an hour of cardio, then to the office! - 11/23/2011   1:44:58 PM
  • 75
    I won't be joining you for a run(just not there yet with my fitness) but will definitely do my scheduled workout and sculpting routine for Thursday. Happy thanksgiving to everyone! - 11/23/2011   1:34:58 PM
  • 74
    Yes ... I'm running a 5K Turkey Trot race in the morning. Proceeds benefit a local animal rescue organization. I may hit the gym later that evening, just to sweat off all the stress of dealing with family, ha. - 11/23/2011   1:21:30 PM
  • 73
    nope. wont have time :-(
    - 11/23/2011   1:15:17 PM
    Have plans to go the gym with a freind at 5 a.m. (Usual time). Maybe a walk outide if it's nice too - 11/23/2011   1:13:57 PM
  • 71
    We will be traveling early Thurs morning, so I took a long lunch from work today to fit in my favorite aerobics class and I'll get up extra early tomorrow morning to attempt to run... not my favorite thing, but the gym is closed. I've already looked up the local gym schedule for NC which is where I will be staying so I'm going there on Black Friday instead of shopping. They're doing a "Keep it Lean" challenge at the Y, so I'm really going to try to actually LOSE this year! We'll see... - 11/23/2011   1:08:59 PM
  • 70
    I am recovering from minor back injury. Running is out for now, but I can walk. I will walk before dinner if cooking is going well or after if time is a problem. - 11/23/2011   1:03:25 PM
  • 69
    cardio as usual. why not give myself the gift of good health on that day. I do every other day. - 11/23/2011   12:56:30 PM
  • 68
    I am going to try to get out for a walk & maybe do a arm/shoulders workout. Unfortunately, an illness is hindering my running/intense weight training. :( - 11/23/2011   12:56:27 PM
    I have been trying to get back into a regular exercise routine ever since the new school year started. I have a new job (which I love) at a new school (which is wonderful, but further away from home than my last school) and have been putting in some seriously long hours. Since we have off this whole week, I have been making it a point to get out in the fresh air every day. I went to the park with my grandson this weekend. Then since Monday, I have been walking in the neighborhood for 30-40 minutes each day. There will be at least one of those walks in my plans for tomorrow as well. I hope to keep the momentum going and fit in at least 3-4 a week after vacation has ended. - 11/23/2011   12:47:22 PM
  • 66
    I'll be spending most of tomorrow morning in the airport, but may take a walk in the evening if there's time. My 'big workout' this weekend is my first marathon on Sunday though!! - 11/23/2011   12:41:04 PM
  • 65
    There is an annual Gobble & Gorge 8K in Carrboro, NC (Chapel Hill) that I enjoy participating in! - 11/23/2011   12:39:51 PM
  • 64
    I hadn't planned on it, but now I think I'm going to squeeze a hike in tomorrow morning. It'll be sunny and in the mid 50's - probably the last hike of the season :-) - 11/23/2011   12:34:11 PM
  • 63
    I'm doing body combat and body pump classes at the gym tonight as well as doing the 5:30 am combat class Thursday morning. I will have a guilt free holiday.
    Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/2011   12:26:32 PM
    Because I'm pretty sore from my workouts earlier this week, I plan to take a long walk or do an hour of yoga. - 11/23/2011   12:13:57 PM
  • 61
    Yes, I'll be joining you tomorrow and walking for 60 minutes before going to my son's house for dinner. I also plan to half everything I normally would be eating, so I'm looking forward to being satisfied without the "food coma" that usually comes with a holiday feast! - 11/23/2011   12:12:30 PM
  • 60
    Won't be exercising before Thanksgiving, but our family always goes for a 15 minute walk after dinner. Friday, tho, we have some running planned. Also on Sunday, too. - 11/23/2011   12:12:00 PM
    I won't be working out before the meal (unless you count this mornings workout!) but after everyone leaves it'll be nice to get out of the house and take a nice long walk. - 11/23/2011   12:11:08 PM
  • 58
    Yes, I will continue to follow the p90x schedule. For thanksgiving, yoga x in the morning, and cooking for my family for the rest of the day! - 11/23/2011   12:10:26 PM
  • 57
    Yes, will be doing a Turkey Trot run. For the most part, don't change the work out schedule much for the holiday.
    - 11/23/2011   12:04:03 PM
  • 56
    YES!! I'm getting up and working out before Thanksgiving even knows what hit it. Ninja Sparker! - 11/23/2011   12:03:48 PM
  • 55
    Absolutely I will be working out. I LOVE thanksgiving, so I don't plan on skipping food, therefore extra workouts are in store!! Yum Yum - 11/23/2011   11:43:46 AM
    After getting up a bit earlier than usual to prepare the "big bird", there will be lots of time for a longer than usual workout while bird is in the oven for about 6 hours. This will eliminate any possible pangs of conscience over how to best enjoy a really nice time with family, relatives and in-laws. "I've never felt guilty over the pleasure of a good meal among friends though I do set certain limitations.......! Wishing all you SPers out there na safe and happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/2011   11:39:26 AM
    I am away for the holiday and don't have weights or acccess to my gym so I will walk 3 miles in the morning and 1 mile after dinner...twice as long as I would do at home. I will be very careful about what I eat tomorrow bu my elderly aunt is cooking my "old favorites" so I will have a taste of at least a few of them and I'm hoping the extra walking will offset the extra calories. - 11/23/2011   11:36:55 AM
  • 52
    I'll be wogging (walking/jogging) the 5K Run! Turkey Run! for our local food bank on Thursday morning! - 11/23/2011   11:30:33 AM
  • 51
    I workout with a friend most days of the week and we have it scheduled and confirmed for tomorrow am! Sticking to the plan! - 11/23/2011   11:27:42 AM
    Thanks for reminder, I will be doing my regular treadmill today, my light weights and treadmill or bike on Thanksgiving and regular treadmill day after. Maybe try to add a little more time on all areas. Happy Thanksgiving - 11/23/2011   11:26:07 AM
  • 49
    I usually run in the morning as well, just to burn off the stress of the coming day... it helps me to deal with the insanity of huge family gatherings. - 11/23/2011   11:16:37 AM
    Yes. Running the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K tomorrow morning. Lots of hills! - 11/23/2011   11:06:44 AM
  • 47
    I'm running the Cleveland Turkey Trot, a 5 mile race. - 11/23/2011   10:53:21 AM
  • 46
    I'll be going to the gym this evening for ST and Zumba.
    Thursday morning, I'll be running my own unofficial 5K.
    We'll take the puppie-girls out for a nice long walk before dinner (they get a few turkey treats in their dinner bowl as well).
    Friday morning, it's back up and at 'em with another trip to the gym for ST, and a walk later on. I'd much rather workout than face Black Friday crowds!
    C~ - 11/23/2011   10:51:34 AM
  • 45
    Yes, I will be exercising. My family thinks I am obsessive about exercise, but that's because no one else exercises - and many have weight and health problems. The genetics are not in my favor! - 11/23/2011   10:50:35 AM
  • 44
    I'll be running a Turkey Day 5k in Columbia, SC!
    I believe this is the first Thanksgiving I have ever worked out. - 11/23/2011   10:47:00 AM
  • 43
    We have made it a family tradition to run our local Pumpkin Pie 5K on Thanksgiving to benefit our local YMCA so we are all signed up and ready to run. - 11/23/2011   10:46:29 AM
  • 42
    Day before - going hiking at Starved Rock. Turkey Day - run an unofficial 5K - or more! Day after - long walk shopping! - 11/23/2011   10:43:50 AM

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