Poll: Will You Make Time for Fitness before You Feast?


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Every Thursday, I wake up earlier than normal to go for a run before I go to the office. This coming Thursday happens to be Thanksgiving, a jam-packed day in which I'll be cooking for more than a dozen people. Although it's Thanksgiving, it's still just Thursday to me. That means I'll be up early and out the door running while most people are still sleeping.
Since cooking for others and having company over can be stressful—and time consuming—sticking to my workout plan helps me stay sane, but it also helps me stay on track.
So what I'm wondering is: Will you be joining me Thursday morning for a workout, too?
Sticking to your fitness routine is one of the best ways you can offset the extra eating that occurs during the holiday season. Exercising consistently will also help you ring in the New Year in new (smaller!) jeans. Who wouldn't want that?
But more than a way to burn calories, working out no matter what life throws at you keeps you motivated and builds momentum—doing so is a real sign that you're committed to a healthy lifestyle for life—not just for a little while. And THAT is what will ultimately help you lose weight and keep it off for good.
So tell me, what are YOUR plans to get active before you eat this Thanksgiving? What will your fitness routine look like the day before, on the holiday itself and the day after?
Me? I'll be sticking to my normal routine: kettlebells and Pilates on Wednesday, a morning run (and evening walk) with Ginger on Thursday, and my "wild card" Friday, in which I exercise, but I choose whatever sounds most fun to me that day, whether it's a new DVD or a class at the gym.
How about you?

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  • 141
    I am signed up for a 10K race Thanksgiving morning. - 11/16/2014   4:39:15 PM
  • 140
    I love to take a long autumn walk after dinner and dishes. - 11/14/2012   7:57:28 AM
  • 139
    I planned for a workout on Thanksgiving but on Monday when I was making my workout schedule I didnt account for what all would be going on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I kept all my workouts for the week except Thursday. M,T,W,F and an extra on Saturday. Cooking for 20 for 2 days I had not accounted that I would not be in the bed until midnight Wed night and up at 4:30 am on Thursday to have everything ready by 2. But I think I did remarkably well all things considered so I give myself and anyone else who kept to their plan or had to revise a new plan a big Whoo-Hoo! - 12/2/2011   12:12:52 PM
  • 138
    Yes, I did. I did the 5k turkey trot, with 2 of my 3 daughters, and about 7 of the 21 people who attended our Thanksgiving dinner! In our area, the turkey trot attendance zoomed skyward - despite threats of rain. - 11/28/2011   8:21:40 PM
  • 137
    i did not run.. but i walked the 2.5 miles to my sisters carrying my two bags of food to share, and i walked the 2.5 miles home when i was done.. - 11/28/2011   5:46:08 PM
  • 136
    I did run before dinner.
    It was great because it set the stage for me to manage what I ate.
    Portion control was truly the winner this Thanksgiving! - 11/27/2011   8:31:35 PM
  • 135
    Leading up to Thanksgiving I was doing at least an hour of exercise a day, a lot of which was extra walking outside. On Thanksgiving morning, before I left for my 5 hour drive to see my family, I did my usual 60 minutes (on a non-work day, 30 minutes on a work day) on a stationary bike and followed it up by a 30 minute walk on the treadmill, so I could be sure that I got my 10,000 steps in. The next day, I did the bike again for an hour (my brother has one!) and then a 45 minute walk outside, followed by another more leisurely walk later.(walked the dogs) I felt great that I was able to do this, even though it was a holiday and even though I was away from home. - 11/26/2011   8:10:54 PM
    I went to a "work out" before you "pig out" session at my church. We brought foods for our local food pantry and then we did kick boxing, zumba, and body toning for 1 1/2 hours with my daughter before we started cooking for Thanksgiving. It was a great new tradition. I managed to fill half my plate with spinach salad and brussel sprouts. I've even gotten back into a workout routine for the last several days- it feels great! - 11/26/2011   3:30:52 PM
  • MALAKA33
    I took it really seriously. I undertook the grueling experience of a two hour spin-class to its full calorie burning capacity. The instructor was extremely motivating and kept us going with comments about being able to eat that slice of pumpkin pie without feeling any kind of guilt... I loved it...The excuse helped me put my body through new limits I didn't know I could achieve...Take on any excuse to try to pump up your workouts and routines...maybe sign up for race with the excuse of Christmas dinner...Everyone just bring it on! - 11/26/2011   1:54:11 PM
    I walked 68 minutes before dinner. Last year I put my nieces and nephews through my own Boot Camp. - 11/25/2011   7:56:57 PM
  • 131
    Well, know this will sound like an excuse, but I HAD planned on getting up and exercising before hitting the kitchen (cooking for 20 today), but forgot to take into account that there would be men getting up early and sitting at the table before going out hunting, so will hope to get a few fitness minutes in off and on throughout the day, but just not that same "feel good" feeling of a vigourous session. (sigh... ) - 11/25/2011   9:48:43 AM
  • 130
    I Walked 4 + miles at the Park while my Turkey was cooking this morning. It was a great walk and help me to curve some of the eating. So proud of myself today. - 11/25/2011   1:32:50 AM
  • 129
    I went for a 30 minute interval run/walk down the beach and a interval walk/powerwalk for the 30 minutes back.
    Interesting that there is a lot of info on SP about intervals but I can't find anything in the fitness tracking? Any hints there? - 11/24/2011   10:30:52 PM
  • 128
    No I did not exercise before dinner
    I was making cheddar garlic parsley
    Buscuits this morning and i went to
    Food Lion. I am going to start back next week
    But i more than made up for it at dinner
    time. I did not eat that much so i made up
    for not exercising that usually works.
    - 11/24/2011   10:17:49 PM
  • 127
    I did walking and ST before the feast and a walk directly after. - 11/24/2011   10:14:52 PM
    I did a 75 minute Warrior Workout this morning at 8:00 am and will get back to the gym tomorrow for a bootcamp at 8:30. - 11/24/2011   9:34:36 PM
  • 125
    Happy Thanksgiving!! I am going to try to row 200,000 meters between now and Christmas- the Concept2 Holiday Challenge for charity. In addition to my usual Crossfit and running the farm :-) - 11/24/2011   8:57:22 PM
  • 124
    I started the day by running a 5K at the Y. I try to do this each year. - 11/24/2011   8:02:34 PM
  • 123
    Strength training yesterday, Turkey Trot this morning, light strength training this evening, Cross training tomorrow, Half Marathon training continues Saturday...I think I have it covered!
    ;-) - 11/24/2011   7:03:01 PM
  • 122
    I was planning to do my own little virtual "Turkey Trot" but it is storming... rain and high winds so that plan is out the window! Tomorrow I'll hit the 60 minute power spin class at the gym. Happy Thanksgiving Sparkers! - 11/24/2011   6:13:32 PM
  • 121
    This is the first Thanksgiving while on SparkPeople and if I was not sick my plan was to fix a turkey breast, salad, sweet potato and green beans. That would be it. I have ice cream in the freezer for desert for the boys if they wanted. I would have gone for a walk through town but with the pain in my face, teeth and head from the sinus infection I just cant hardly get up and go. Saw the doctor yesterday afternoon so am hoping tomorrow will be much better. This year sent the boys to their grandmothers alone so they will get to eat lots and lots!!! - 11/24/2011   4:56:39 PM
  • 120
    i volunteered early this morning and then began packing since i will soon be moving out of my current location. however, i having thanksgiving dinner early enough in the day that i plan to stop at the gym on the way home and get in some quality "me" time. happy thanksgiving all! - 11/24/2011   2:10:25 PM
  • 119
    Replaced my normal Zumba Class with 60 minutes running on the treadmill this morning and planning of doing another 30 minutes later this evening - 11/24/2011   12:42:53 PM
  • 118
    I don't go to the gym as usual on Thursdays due to the holiday, but my family and I try to either take a walk or short hike about an hour or so after eating, weather permitting. - 11/24/2011   11:47:12 AM
    The Holiday is like any other day to me. Fitness first. make the time, make it happen. - 11/24/2011   11:37:10 AM
  • 116
    I've got giblets on the stove for stuffing, and as soon as I step away from the computer it's dumbbells and Swiss Ball time! - 11/24/2011   10:52:48 AM
  • 115
    I got up early and walked 4 miles, then had a Healthy Breakfast---Steel Cut Oatmeal & Fresh Blueberrys--now meeting Friends for Lunch at a Buffet. - 11/24/2011   10:44:42 AM
  • 114
    I started the day with a session on the elliptical before breakfast and just now completed a 20" walk with my Walk It Out video.
    - 11/24/2011   10:32:34 AM
  • 113
    Getting ready to head out the door to do my 6 mile run. Tomorrow, I'm planning on hiking with the extended family. Looking forward to it!! - 11/24/2011   10:28:03 AM
    I'm planning to take a 40-mile bike ride after it warms up a bit! We're enjoying some unusually nice temperatures this week - in the 60's. Not bad for Boulder, CO. It's been windy on some of those warm days, but today won't be too bad. I'm planning on riding for 28 miles on roads, then getting onto a bike path that was recently extended. So I'll be exploring a new area! - 11/24/2011   10:25:08 AM
  • 111
    Hiking! I'm so thankful to live somewhere that I can drive a couple minutes & hike, in beautiful weather on Thanksgiving! I'm praying that my son honors his word & goes with me! - 11/24/2011   8:51:11 AM
  • 110
    My pool/ fitness center is closed today--as it should be for all of the great people there to have their family time--so I have a plan that includes my stationary bike and a walk (if the weather is as kind as has been predicted.) I cannot take a day off from moving and activity or arthritis will shut my body down. Then, on Friday morning, I will be one of the first people at the fitness center when it reopens because I can shop any time!! - 11/24/2011   8:08:02 AM
  • 109
    I am off to Zumba this morning with three friends!!! Can't wait!!! - 11/24/2011   7:16:43 AM
  • 108
    I exercise everyday walking and yoga in the week and at the weekends I do aerobics and strength training. I like to eat so exercising stops me worrying how much!! - 11/24/2011   6:48:31 AM
  • 107
    We had our Thanksgiving yesterday and I made sure to get on the treadmill (53 minutes) because I knew it would ward off stress eating. And it did!! Happy Thanksgiving all!!! - 11/24/2011   6:45:51 AM
  • 106
    Will try to squeeze in a 30-40 minute family walk before or after dinner. It is going to be an exceptional day here in Michigan for Thanksgiving! - 11/24/2011   6:19:32 AM
  • 105
    I am so glad I read this, I do my workouts late in the evening after I have had my dinner. For me this helps me sleep better. Although my endorphins have kicked in, instead of being hyper and awake, I feel more positive and relaxed, which causes me to fall a sleep better when there is nothing negative going on in my brain.
    Anyway, you keep saying BEFORE you eat, this dawned on me that I may not feel all up to working out afterwards. Turkey and mashed potatoes just make me sleepy. Not to mention cooking all day long, I think I may be warn out.
    I think this might be a day in which I need to fit my workout in during the noon hours. I am a little nervous of trying this out, because I have been doing nights for a while now and feel like I have finally found my nitch. - 11/24/2011   4:23:12 AM
    I will be doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. - 11/24/2011   3:31:43 AM
    Yes, I'm going to the gym for an abs class followed by Zumba. Tomorrow it's a weight circuit and more Zumba!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all. - 11/24/2011   2:30:17 AM
  • 102
    I'm going to run my first 5k! Bring on the veggies and white meat turkey afterwards!!! - 11/23/2011   11:31:53 PM
  • 101
    I'll go for a run while some things are in the oven. - 11/23/2011   11:05:10 PM
  • 100
    Yes. My friends and I did our usual workout and a little extra at the gym this morning and we plan to meet Thanksgiving morning to do a Turkey Trot 5k run. The day after is still in planning though. - 11/23/2011   10:39:09 PM
  • 99
    Yep. Already calendared a 40 minute run in the morning. - 11/23/2011   10:29:57 PM
  • 98
    Yes! I will be on the treadmill by 7am. Looking forward to a good workout before I leave to be with all the extended family. - 11/23/2011   9:42:52 PM
    yes, plan to walk and cycle - 11/23/2011   9:41:50 PM
  • 96
    I am going to go to the gym at 7 am Thursday morning to do Jacobs Ladder. My goal is to try for 60 mins. The most I have done at any one session is 45 minutes. - 11/23/2011   9:21:14 PM
  • 95
    Yes I am! Heading to a Zumbathon! Woo Hoo! - 11/23/2011   9:11:23 PM
  • 94
    Yes I am! Heading to a Zumbathon!! Woo Hoo! - 11/23/2011   9:10:02 PM
  • 93
    Hitting the treadmill before and after. - 11/23/2011   8:20:21 PM
  • 92
    Yes. Walking & Strength Training! - 11/23/2011   8:14:53 PM

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