Poll: Which Decade Had the Best Workout Songs?


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Country. Dance. Metal. Rock.
Oldies. Techno. Disco. Pop.
Our world is full of music for every taste and personality. And whether you are a music connoisseur, or you devote yourself to a single band, there's no denying that music can be motivating, uplifting, and energizing—especially when it comes to your workouts.
We love helping our members discover new kinds of music to power their exercise sessions—and now we'd love to hear from you! We're working to develop the most best-ever library of workout songs based on YOUR votes.
First up, help us name the best workout songs from the '90s, '80s, '70s and earlier (Oldies)!
All you have to do is take this short survey to vote for your favorite songs from each era. We've done the legwork and found 50-100 upbeat tracks from every decade. All you have to do is pick the winners. We'll compile your votes and announce the top workout songs of every decade in an upcoming feature!
Which decade do you think offers the best songs to fuel your workouts? Tell us in the comments below!

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