Poll: When Did You Last Change Your Workout Routine?


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Love it or hate it, the only constant in life is change. Some people avoid it. Others crave it. And sometimes, how you feel about it depends on where the change is happening (think career, relationships, residence, or life stage). I love the comfort of routine myself. It keeps things predictable and easy when the rest of my life seems stressful.
Recently, I gathered a group of my SparkPeople co-workers for a lunchtime kettlebell workout. Three of us had done kettlebells before and have used them fairly routinely for a while. The other five had never tried them. None of us had gotten together at noon on a Monday for a workout before (let alone this specific workout); all of us were trying something new.
That led me to wonder: When was the last time you changed your workout routine?
I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to working out. I run on specific days. Practice Pilates on certain nights. I teach Spinning every Wednesday…and so on. This is my routine. While I do make it a point to change up the length, intensity, route, and distance of my individual runs or Spinning classes, try a decent variety of exercises during Pilates and strength training, I can tell you with fairly good accuracy what workout I'll be doing on any given day even five months from now.
I know the many benefits of adding variety to your workouts, from blasting boredom (which can help you look forward to exercise rather than dreading it) to surprising your muscles (so you can get better results over time). I also love trying new things. But I will admit that I often stick with the status quo because it's easy. I don't want to put more thought or effort into exercising. I'm a lazy exerciser!
Lately I've been trying to add more variety to my standard routine just one day a week. I'm designating just one day to try a new workout, DVD, or class at the gym. (Baby steps.) After just one week of this practice (I'm talking about that aforementioned group kettlebell workout again), I am feeling good about it. We all stepped out of our own routines and our comfort zones and have the sore muscles to prove it. It was challenging, different and abnormal for all of us, but we all agreed: Change (when it comes to workouts) is a good thing!
How often do you change up your workout routine? Is that strategy working for you? What's the newest thing you've tried?

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    I have a question. For about 4 months I've been doing plie squats with shoulder press pyramids (1 rep, then two, then three, all the way to ten), squats with tricep press pyramids, and deadlift with butterfly shoulder press pyramids (8 lbs dumbells) Also a cardio kickbox video and nicole's 6-minute butt blast video.I feel that I've plateaued, (those last dang 5-lb saddlebags!) but I dont think I can possibly find time to do more. I have a 1 yr old and 4 yr old! And I'm afraid to start new things for fear that I'll go backwards. But this is getting boring! lol - 11/28/2013   10:14:57 PM
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    Since I just started Spark, I have used fitness tracker to create exercise plans. It's only been a week and the plan required a little tweaking this week but I like it. I'll keep it up for at least 4-6 weeks before reevaluating some changes more than likely. - 1/28/2012   10:45:39 AM
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    I always changed my workout routine, every workout day usually not same thing. Maybe same workout style but different exercises. As I'm so easily get bored, so this works well for me and I like to try new things! - 10/9/2011   7:55:44 AM
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    I do change up because I get bored pretty easily with the same workout. One thing I do everyday whether I do a workout video or not, is ride my stationary bike for 45 minutes. This is when I can get some uninterrupted “me time” to read a book or magazine. The calorie burn is a bonus! - 10/6/2011   3:53:49 PM
    I work best on a strick routine (with a check list). That way it keeps me focussed. Without out it I never remember what I am supposed to do today (such as housework, special events, etc.) This checklist I created on my Excel program consists of everything that needs to be done, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Once a item has been checked off I reschedule it based on daily, weekly, etc. Works for me. - 10/3/2011   2:12:50 PM
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    I like the idea of doing something new just one day a week. I am really happy with my workout schedule but may need to change it soon as the weather will soon be too cold for me to bike and run outside. Thanks for the idea. - 10/3/2011   10:35:19 AM
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    I changed routines last Saturday. The pool at the gym was closed for cleaning so I tried the spinning class. Actually lasted the entire hour. Will try again today. Like to change up every couple of months to keep it interesting. - 10/3/2011   9:05:39 AM
  • JULIA1154
    I try to avoid overuse of any one joint or limb by varying my routine pretty regularly. I've been told to lay off running for a while, so will be varying the routine even more! - 10/1/2011   7:23:36 PM
  • 37
    I've been during pretty okay... My 1st 3 months (2011 summer) included outdoor nature walks 90- minutes per day...

    September 2011 I brought a new (WALK AT HOME DVD- 56 miutes) along Killer Legs & Buns DVD - 30 minutes which equaled to 86 fitness minutes aining for daily 90 minute plan

    October I just brought 10 min Pilates Work Out Body Sculpting DVD - 56 minutes

    I have Taboe Fitness DVD 112 Minutes - body Scultpting...

    All of that and the last three days I did not work out I rested... But today I gotta fit somethinginto the schedule...

    I also signed up for 1 hour (3x's week) Dance Cardio Workout Community Event...
    - 10/1/2011   3:24:01 PM
  • 36
    I don't think I have ever changed other than just stopping...do you think it might be a prob?

    I vote yes.... thanks - 10/1/2011   10:57:19 AM
  • 35
    I started my workouts with just Zumba, and once I became more confident to show myself in the gym, I began using the elliptical and switching back and forth between the two. I also began doing kickboxing and yoga videos. And two months ago, I decided to begin training for a half marathon, so I've switched to running regularly. Unfortunately, that's all I've been doing, because my runs are fairly long. I do change my route, and I am planning to incorporate strength training and yoga again into my week (at least twice), along with running. - 10/1/2011   8:41:53 AM
  • 34
    I try to change it fairly regularily as I am trying not to plateau - 10/1/2011   12:10:58 AM
  • 33
    I try to change it up every week. I get bored too quickly so I have to change it up in order to succeed in my fitness goals! - 9/30/2011   6:16:17 PM
  • 32
    I like to change strength training routine every month. I had a meeting with my new trainer today actually. - 9/29/2011   9:42:06 PM
  • 31
    I love new exercises. If you get bored, you tend to stop exercising. I love yoga, because of all of the different poses. At the pool, we have 3 different teachers, so the routine is always changing. If you walk, or bike outside, keep changing your route. - 9/29/2011   7:37:14 PM
  • 30
    I'm always looking for new exercises to try. I live in a small town, so there's very few workout classes around here, but I have many exercise DVDs and I'm always on the lookout for more! - 9/29/2011   3:53:55 PM
    Aside from increasing weight and reps on my stength training, and increasing incline and speed on the treadmill, it has been the same for years!

    Sometimes I walk for distances outside, but I do not consider this working out, it is just bonus.

    I am considering hooping....I used to do a pretty mean hula-hoop when I was a girl! - 9/29/2011   2:43:00 PM
  • 28
    Does my routine change? Yes and no.

    Here is what does not change: daily stretching/mobility work, core exercises, kettlebell training, cardio work, strength training (push something, pull something, squat, hinge, and carry something).

    Here is what does change: the specifics within each broad category. These might involve different exercises, different training intervals (time spent), and different training intensities. - 9/29/2011   1:46:30 PM
  • 27
    I had to laugh at this -- I change mine up all the time. While there are some favorites, I never have the same schedule from week to week and I'm always scrambling to find something to do that fits in whatever time I have. I guess the side benefit to that is that I never have to worry about my old routine getting stale! - 9/29/2011   9:35:26 AM
    I changed it yesterday! I'm doing the same for cardio but the same old strength exercisers are doing nothing for me, even after increasing the weight. I finally decided to do some new moves and today my arms are sore, my glutes hurt and I couldn't be happier about it. - 9/28/2011   7:13:08 PM
  • 25
    I do not change my workout often enough. That strategy is not working right now. The newest thing I have added is strength training in the last week. It is very slow going right now. - 9/28/2011   4:59:16 PM
  • 24
    I try to change things up, but I tend to go back to just running since it's something I enjoy and know how to do. I need to add in some strength training into my routine to build some muscle and some variety. - 9/28/2011   3:36:08 PM
  • 23
    All the time - 9/28/2011   2:44:46 PM
    I go through Coach Nicole's videos for a change up. This helps me stay focused and gives me the shot I need to keep moving and motivated. Also I walk everyday and use the gym for strength. - 9/28/2011   2:21:18 PM
  • 21
    I have a wide variety of workout DVDs I mix up, as well as using workouts off Exercise TV. DH and I joined the Community Center this month and have been going 4 or 5 evenings each week. One evening we will use the indoor track, I'm training for a SP virtual 5k, the next we use nautilus and other strength training apparatus with a few minutes on a stepper, elliptical or such. Long story short...too late! I regularly change up my workouts. Although I do have favorites I find myself favoring. - 9/28/2011   2:08:27 PM
  • NIKI778
    I change things up alot, I have a ton of different workout DVDs that are different types and intesity of cardio, sometimes I walk and change my streght training routines and weights all the time, sometime I do them on my own, other times I follow along with strength training DVDs. - 9/28/2011   12:54:17 PM
  • 19
    I started the Rookie Jogging program six weeks ago. Up until then I was just doing walking/hiking. Now that it's starting to get cold and wet I'll be moving from outside activities to inside activities (WATP mostly). - 9/28/2011   12:19:31 PM
  • 18
    I am a newbie and I love the Nicole videos - I try one or two each week plus I have some Fonda videos that I use regularly. Try to do 10 to 20 minutes daily and am slowly increasing. - 9/28/2011   12:04:53 PM
  • 17
    My routine is almost always in constant flux. I always get in 2-3 days a week of strength training, but the days may vary and the individual workouts are different from day-to-day. i squeeze in Pilates, walking, and yoga whenever possible. Kickboxing is offered every day at my gym, so I try to get to classes 3 days a week. - 9/28/2011   11:55:59 AM
  • 16
    I use several of the Allstar Workout sessions though I do rely mainly on two: Cardio Boot Camp and Body Sculpt with Kendall Hogan. I do those two at least three days a week. On other days I do the other sessions--aerobic ball, sports cardio, kickboxing, banghra, etc. I want to buy a resistance band and do the resistance band workout on Spark. Lots of people seem to like that one. - 9/28/2011   11:49:09 AM
    The YMCA I work out at has AcivTrax so it generates a new strength training workout for me every time I enter my results on the current workout. So, at least in strength training I get a varied workout. Believe me, I would not have thought of by myself some of the exercises it has me do. I never knew there were so many positions one could do crunches in!! It is up to me to vary the cardio and stretching routines, but that is easily done with a variety of DVDs at home and cardio machines at the gym. - 9/28/2011   11:30:40 AM
  • 14
    The last time I tried something new was back in June when I tried Zumba classes. Since then, I try to exercise 5-7 times a week, alternating between biking 12-15 miles, running 5k, or going to Zumba class. I would love to try Pilates, I heard it helps with running. - 9/28/2011   10:43:35 AM
  • 13
    I change up my Routine very often, like now I go walking on the beach and walking in the soft sand is very hard,I also do jump rope, Hula Hoop, and walk with Leslie. - 9/28/2011   10:40:51 AM
  • 12
    I think when we find something that works we stick with it - only changing it up to avoid boredom - for me, the Walk Away the Pounds series helped me lose fifty pounds off my peak weight - some of which I've gained back despite joining a gym and spending time on the elliptical trainer trying to make it more intense. It was actually counter-productive for me. I guess I thought I could eat more to compensate, and that never works. Something about the lower intensity, longer workout works for me - so when it's "back on the wagon" time, I either grab one of Ms. Sansone's videos off my shelf, or put her moves (plus a little belly dance and Tae Bo *grin*) to music of my choosing. - 9/28/2011   10:37:54 AM
    Not often enough! I am about to go on an active vacation (biking and hiking) which should mix it up a bit. I plan to change my regular routine when I get back. - 9/28/2011   10:23:39 AM
  • 10
    I've started adding in fun stuff as a supplement to my routine. Yesterday, in addition to my regular cardio, I spent 15 minutes practicing juggling. I'm not good at it yet, so there's lots of bending and stooping to fetch the balls when I drop them. The other fun supplement I'm working into my day is poi--not the Hawaiian taro paste, but the balls on chains that people light on fire. No fire for me yet, though. But it's a good upper body workout. - 9/28/2011   10:14:24 AM
  • 9
    I stive to change my routing monthly or at least every 6 wks. - 9/28/2011   10:11:45 AM
    I choose daily which cardio I want to do. I am always changing up my strength training too. I often wonder if it would be better to choose something and stick with it or to change up my routine almost daily like I often do - 9/28/2011   10:07:46 AM
  • 7
    I have to change things up often or else I get bored. Especially with strength training. I can't seem to follow a routing for more than 3 weeks. - 9/28/2011   9:47:27 AM
  • 6
    I just acquired a Bodyblade to add variety to my evening home routines. - 9/28/2011   9:22:01 AM
  • 5
    I changed my mind set along with my routine. - 9/28/2011   8:56:40 AM
  • 4
    I keep adding new DVDs to my collection, changing my walking route, times and distance and changing the days I do my ST. I am usually a stickler for routine and fight changes, but if I don't constantly change up my exercise it gets very boring, very quickly. - 9/28/2011   8:32:22 AM
    Last week! I just added AquaZumba for the winter. - 9/28/2011   8:31:36 AM
    I injured my knee in June so I was following doctor's orders all summer--using my stationary bike on the lowest setting and doing physical therapy type strengthening exercises.

    Now that I have more freedom and less pain (although I am not pain free) I've been gradually adding other exercises. My husband and I do abs together every morning. We walk after dinner. I still use the bike daily but I've also added using my Wii more regularly and plan on trying one of my Leslie Sansone walking dvds which have been neglected for months now.

    I've also been gradually adding in some upper body work, always careful not to do anything that requires too much balance because, in addition to the knee injury, I have vertigo.

    Obviously, no matter how many obstacles present themselves, I am not giving up. - 9/28/2011   8:10:10 AM
  • 1
    In fact I just finished a different routine moments ago, diff Wii routines w/ a Nicole video - 9/28/2011   7:07:00 AM

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