Poll: What's Your Least Favorite Day to Work Out?


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I've been keeping track of my workouts and trying to create SparkStreaks this year by logging my workouts on a monthly calendar. It's been so motivating to see all the days checked off that it makes me want to work out more often. But I've noticed a pattern. While I can get to the gym and exercise most days of the week, my "rest" days tend to fall on the same days each week. And it's for no reason other than this: I don't like to exercise on certain days of the week.

So I started to wonder whether other people have similar patterns. Do your "off" days tend to be on the weekend? On Monday? Or somewhere in between?

Take a look at the photo below. It's my actual tracking calendar for January. Every highlighted day is a day that I exercised for at least 30 minutes. Every big blue "X" means I didn't work out. Notice a pattern? Me, too.

Tracking my workouts on a calendar has made me realize that I don't like to work out on Fridays or Saturdays. But mostly Fridays. I hate to exercise on Fridays! You know the song "Everybody's Working for the Weekend?" Well, I'm working OUT for the weekend! I find myself motivated to exercise on all other days of the week so that I don't have to exercise on Friday (and sometimes Saturday, too).

But you know, I don't see this as a bad thing. Knowing that I'd rather sleep in a little later on Friday and leave the office without any obligation to hit the gym is a good thing. It means that I'm working hard all week long so that I can rest on these days without feeling guilty. I know that I probably won't hit the gym on Friday, so I'm more likely to do it on Thursday so that I can "earn" that day off.

Knowing which days you don’t like to exercise—whether you'd just rather relax on a Saturday or you've got too much going on Wednesday night—can help you design a fitness program around your preferences. And then you'll be more likely to stick with it! Instead of feeling guilty about missing that day, embrace it! (Just make sure you do manage to exercise on most of the other days of the week.)

How about you: Which day are you least likely to exercise? Why? Do you try to force yourself to work out on that day, or just accept that it probably isn't going to happen?

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  • 610
    Fridays!! - 1/25/2012   9:30:56 PM
  • 609
    Sunday's definitely not a day for me to exercise. We go to church in the morning and everyone is home usually. It's my day off from exercise...unless something came up earlier in the week to prevent me from working out enough. - 1/24/2012   6:28:43 PM
    Sundays...with breakfast, getting ready for church and not getting home until 1 or so in the afternoons I don't like exercising on Sundays. - 1/24/2012   9:39:46 AM
    Though I never take a break from it as I should, I'd say Fridays are days I sometimes want to just join that girls in an "outing" but always opt for exercise. But, Mondays are usually the hardest. Fridays, though I may want to "play," I often am pumped because it's the w/e, so it's not a bad work out! :) - 1/22/2012   2:36:13 PM
  • 606
    Fridays, definitely Fridays - and I don't do homework on Friday, either! Sunday probably takes a close second, but I'm usually at least cleaning house or something! - 11/15/2011   9:54:43 AM
  • 605
    Sundays. Tthat's my sleep in and spend my day relaxing and getting myself and my daughter ready for the week ahead. - 11/8/2011   3:06:07 PM
  • 604
    My least favorite day to exercise is Sunday. We drive 45 minutes to church in a neighboring city and eat lunch after church. It is usually 3:30 or 4:00 before we get home and then I'm ready to relax in front of the TV or computer. - 11/1/2011   11:24:45 PM
  • 603
    Sunday is my least likely day to work out. I work out every other day of the week. I try to spend Sunday with my husband. If he is working or something, then I work out on Sunday. - 10/9/2011   9:46:01 AM
    Wednesday's...at least, for right now. I have two grad-level classes on Wednesday, so that day is crazy packed already. Working out just amplifies the craziness of my schedule. - 9/28/2011   8:48:49 AM
  • YANKS10
    Saturday, being retired I hit the gym 6 days a week ( most weeks), Saturday is my rest day and the Gym has to many weekend warriors. - 8/31/2011   4:07:11 PM
  • 600
    Monday, the gym is too crowded. I guess everyone paying for their weekend "sins". - 8/30/2011   11:56:04 AM
  • 599
    Yep, Fridays for me too. But my favourite day to exercise is Saturday morning. - 8/19/2011   7:52:44 AM
  • 598
    Sunday! - 7/22/2011   11:10:34 PM
  • 597
    Saturday seems to be the day for me lately. After a busy work week and fairly consistent exercise on weekdays, I like to slow down for just one day to recharge my batteries! - 7/19/2011   5:48:27 AM
  • 596
    Sundays are my "planned" day off from the gym and Thursdays are the days I have the hardest time convincing myself to keep the streak alive. I love Fridays at the gym because everyone else is taking the night off and I have the place practically to myself. Saturdays are my favorite because I have a 7 am session with my trainer and I'm fresh and not tired from the day's activities and stresses. While I'm aiming for 6 out of 7, I am mostly hitting 5 out of 7 days in the gym and resting two (Thursday and Sunday). - 7/3/2011   5:48:16 PM
  • 595
    Sunday is my rest day just because after church I am usually at my SO's house until late. If I take another day off it's usually Friday. When I am done with the week, I usually feel like I need that day to not have any obligation to anything but myself. - 6/29/2011   11:54:08 AM
  • 594
    I leave Sunday as a rest day when I'm planning workouts. I don't want to work out every day of the week. - 6/29/2011   8:30:56 AM
  • 593
    Sundays. My body needs a day off! :) - 6/25/2011   10:04:31 AM
  • 592
    Wednesday. I push myself really hard on Sundays, Monday, and Tuesday and by Wednesday I just need a break. So if I do workout I hate it. I have started to embrace it as a day off though. - 6/23/2011   8:17:28 PM
    monday like everything else on that day - 6/23/2011   6:57:16 PM
  • 590
    sunday. - 6/23/2011   6:03:54 PM
  • 589
    Mondays, Fridays, and weekends, but if I have to skip any day, it's Friday. - 6/23/2011   2:41:21 PM
  • 588
    Mondays for sure!! Can't seem to get going. - 6/12/2011   7:58:18 AM
  • 587
    Deefintely Mondays-I can't seem to propel myself out of the bed. - 6/10/2011   2:08:09 PM
  • 586
    Sunday is my casual family day- the day we most likely go for a ramble along the creek.
    I strength train mon, wed, friday and run on tues, thurs & sat. Saturday I run to the organic market, meet my family there, shop & have brunch. They usually drive, but sometimes scooter or bike there.
    I love the calendar visual, I get a boost from tracking here on spark! - 6/6/2011   10:15:52 PM
  • 585
    Sundays is my day off from working out - 6/6/2011   8:19:54 PM
  • 584
    Sunday is a bad day for me, it is tough to fit it in with other activities happening. - 6/4/2011   10:54:55 PM
  • 583
    Wednesday is the worst for me. If I get past that day I usually work out all week. - 5/31/2011   9:16:57 PM
    - 5/29/2011   7:53:07 PM
  • 581
    OMG Fridays! I have working lunches every Friday that leave me far from my house and my gym. And on Spanish time, working lunches get over at 5pm. By that time my brain has completely shut off and I almost always end up window shopping in the centre instead of catching the train home to go pick up my gym bag or go for a run. - 5/29/2011   12:13:20 PM
  • 580
    My off days are my off days from work. I will workout after work but if I am off and can really get a good workout I don't go workout. Guess I'm too busy on my off days. - 5/28/2011   9:22:54 PM
  • TRACYG0625
    My off days are Friday too! I have to do the bills and stuff on Friday night so I can get to the bank on Saturday a.m. I don't schedule workouts on Saturday either, but I usually am doing yard work or gardening that day. I schedule exercise all other days. - 5/27/2011   1:35:02 PM
    Sunday... and if I'm off work I try to get rest - 5/27/2011   1:27:17 PM
  • 577
    I'm with Friday's and Saturday's. - 5/27/2011   1:10:08 PM
  • 576
    I agree with you - Fridays are my "day off" because I usually do extra on the following Saturday with the extra time available and I don't want to "overdo" it or have nothing in the tank for my Saturday workout. - 5/23/2011   1:06:54 AM
  • 575
    I have tracked myself and it seems Wednesday is usually the off day for some reason. I have taken to doing laundry that day, housework and just chill out. I think mentally I have given myself permission and since I am a creature of habit Wednesday seems to be the off day for the body.~ - 5/20/2011   6:26:29 AM
  • ALLIB22
    i really despise working out on sunday and thursdays....i can plan it but i will always find excuses not to - 5/19/2011   11:47:13 AM
  • 573
    I don't workout on 2 days that I work, it would just stress me out. Generally would be a problem but currently since I am an RN working 3 12 hour shifts a week it isn't too bad, as it means I still get 5 days worth of exercise in during the week. I barely have enough time to get home, eat something, shower, and sleep before the next shift comes around. And, we all know what stress can do to weight loss, so I don't plan on adding in exercise on those days any time soon. - 5/18/2011   7:56:06 PM
  • 572
    Sunday...it's my only day to relax. - 5/18/2011   1:33:12 PM
  • 571
    Sundays most definitely. I would really prefer to just relax, read the paper and/or a book. I do not want to exercise, clean house, do laundry, or grocery shop. Unfortunately being a full time working mom working towards my masters I do not have any other options. - 5/18/2011   1:22:18 PM
  • 570
    Friday's! That's our date-night - 5/18/2011   1:06:07 PM
    Thursdays are hard for me to exercise. I work late, and by the time I get home and have dinner it can be 9 pm. If I get a long lunch break and the weather permits, I try to get in a walk. - 5/18/2011   12:47:28 PM
  • 568
    Saturday! It seems like everyday of the week I'm obligated to someone in my family or some activity of my life. I try to not schedule Saturday. Every other day is scheduled and structured. I want to just go with the flow on Saturday, and usually after my workout on Saturday morning I do just that, but I hate having to do the workout in the first place...so much that sometimes I don't! :-( - 5/18/2011   12:20:27 PM
  • 567
    Saturday and Sunday. These are my off days from very long work days and my only chance to catch up on some sleep, laundry, cleaning, phone calls to family, etc. I usually do not end up working out on these days, unless climbing up and down 3 flights of stairs carrying laundry and other miscelaneous items to be put away counts. :) - 4/26/2011   3:48:53 AM
  • 566
    Fridays !!! I'm tired at the end of the week and resting up for lots of exercise on the weekend - that's my story and I am sticking to it. However, I do try to trick myself, by working out on Friday mornings, when I am tired and not sure what day of the week it is - try it. It works :) - 4/2/2011   10:03:23 PM
  • 565
    Don't want to work out on friday or Saturday, especially Saturday (rest day!). - 2/28/2011   9:45:55 PM
  • 564
    Thursday, because we go do the grocery shopping on that day, most every week, so I feel pressured to get my time in on the exercise bike. - 2/4/2011   9:36:37 PM
  • 563
    I don't usually work out on Wednesdays. There is something about being able to sleep in for a day in the middle of the work week which re-energizes me. I go to the Y before work and getting up 5 days in a row at 4:30 am is just too much. - 2/1/2011   11:17:22 AM
  • 562
    Okay...I think I'm the only person who finds it difficult to workout on either Tuesdays or Wednesday. I don't know why it happens that way. I love working out on the weekends. No problems here. - 1/27/2011   11:28:45 AM
  • 561
    EverydaY...Sorry Just couldn't resist! ;-) - 1/19/2011   9:16:43 PM

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