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The other day I arrived at yoga about 20 minutes before class. I didn't want to head in the studio just yet, as it was a lovely, sunny day. Instead, I spent 10 minutes hiking to the top of a super-steep street that's next to the studio.

I left my phone in the car but wore the watch from my heart-rate monitor to track time. I didn't take music. I just walked and breathed.

That night, my practice was spot-on. I felt so strong and focused, and as I lay in Savasana (corpse pose) for our final relaxation, I felt my body relax more deeply than it had in a few weeks. (I've been B-U-S-Y!) Those 10 minutes of "me" time were just what I needed to center my mind, warm up my body and leave the day behind before unrolling my mat.

At SparkPeople, we frequently talk about the importance of starting small, especially when it comes to exercise. But this reminded me that the same tactic can be applied to stress, relaxation, and general well-being.

10 minutes is enough time to...

  • Close your eyes and rest
  • Meditate
  • Walk around a block or two
  • Call a friend
  • Complete one task on your to-do list
  • Send a long overdue email to a friend
  • Enjoy a healthy snack--away from your desk and at a real table
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast
  • Read at least a few pages of a book
  • Pray or think positive thoughts
I'm committing to regular 10-minute intervals of "me" time throughout the week. I find that I sometimes don't sit down all day--I don't rest until it's time for bed. I don't have a free hour every day, but if I really think about it, I can free up 10 minutes--and so can you!

Today I challenge you: What can you do in 10 minutes? (Now DO it!)

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  • 63
    10 minute power nap! :) - 7/22/2011   11:09:44 PM
  • 62
    Pray, read a book, play with pets - 7/22/2011   8:46:59 PM
    Lay down & rest and just let my mind relax! - 7/22/2011   1:43:00 PM
  • 60
    power nap! - 7/22/2011   11:31:55 AM
  • 59
    Ten minutes of "me time" - definitely would be spent doing something relaxing, like stretching or meditation. It sounds WONDERFUL to me right now! - 7/22/2011   11:27:13 AM
  • 58
    ten minutes of me time. hmmm, i think i'd sit and reflect how i want to make the changes in my life that need to be done. - 7/21/2011   12:22:43 PM
  • 57
    Lately I've been finishing my lunch with about 10 minutes left before I have to be back to the office, so I've been taking a 10 minute walk around campus (I work at a university). It's great! Just enough to warm me up for my walk up 9 flights of stairs to my office...and a great time to clear my mind and just enjoy the sunshine! - 7/21/2011   7:52:02 AM
    10 mins of me time? I would catch up on my emails or plan my meals for the next day. - 7/20/2011   7:05:27 PM
  • 55
    Love this!!
    Lately, I would take those 10 minutes to do some stretches. - 7/20/2011   3:56:49 PM
    I would:
    10 mins. in my garden
    10 mins. talking to my friends
    10 mins. playing on the computer
    10 mins. sitting outside on the patio looking at them big hills
    10 mins. Thanking God with blessing me with so much in my life.
    10 mins. giving one of our dogs some mommy time
    I could go on and on... - 7/20/2011   3:49:30 PM
  • 53
    I have to make an effort to rest...and that is a wonderful thing when you're always going full speed ahead. - 7/20/2011   12:58:15 PM
  • 52
    The best use of 10 minutes would be to pray & meditate. Although I love to read, garden, exercise, and do crafts, I am at a point in my journey where I need to get in better touch with myself. I use all these other activities to distract myself from what I'm really feeling. Thanks for the reminder! - 7/20/2011   12:32:28 PM
  • 51
    Reading! I adore carrying my Kindle with me to grab those small intervals. - 7/20/2011   12:30:38 PM
  • BOBBIE1040
    I would work on the sweater I am knitting or answer an email from one of my grandkids or spend the time just enjoying my garden, play with my cats, plan a day trip with my husband.. - 7/20/2011   11:15:55 AM
  • BOBBIE1040
    I would work on the sweater I am knitting or answer an email from one of my grandkids or spend the time just enjoying my garden, play with my cats, plan a day trip with my husband.. - 7/20/2011   11:15:37 AM
    Read and/or pray! - 7/20/2011   11:14:50 AM
  • PEACH3187
    I would most definitely take a nap :) - 7/20/2011   10:54:07 AM
    I would spend my ten minutes in prayer. - 7/20/2011   8:52:25 AM
    I would exercise, or pray, or read, or crochet, or maybe even go for a walk. - 7/20/2011   8:41:24 AM
    Thank you for that Pearl of Wisdom. I have found myself in go, go, go mode. No wonder I have a migraine. I think it is my body's way of forcing me into "Me" time. I will just have to take the 10 minutes for now on, and skip the crappy headache! Sounds like a better trade offf..... - 7/19/2011   7:40:34 PM
  • 43
    I am single with no kids, so I have no problems finding "me" time.
    My favorite thing to just to relax is reading. - 7/19/2011   7:33:01 PM
    10 minutes to catch up with SparkPeople! - 7/19/2011   7:28:03 PM
    Playing with or simply brushing your pet's coat can lower blood pressure. - 7/19/2011   5:44:31 PM
  • 40
    I'd write in my journal, or read. - 7/19/2011   4:27:35 PM
    I'd write in my journal
    Do a short meditation
    Read a few pages in my book
    Share a laugh with my significant other
    Sit in the sunshine and close my eyes
    Sit on a park bench and people watch
    Lie in bed and do either deep breathing or stretch
    Paint my toe nails
    Massage my face - 7/19/2011   2:36:17 PM
  • 38
    NOT that I am complaining but I have plenty of me time, so taking 10 more minutes isn't really hard! but things i like to do in 10 minutes are, to go for walks around my office or read spark blogs or articles. Find recipes that my b'friend will actually eat. Stretch or talk to a co-worker. Sit & pet my cats (when home!) check my email from a computer rather than my phone. Find out the name of a song I really like. Or just lay in my bed (alone) making 'snow angels'! It makes me smile & takes stress away :) - 7/19/2011   2:11:55 PM
  • JMB369
    I guess taking 10 minutes for "me" time is a lesson I need to learn over and over. I am 70 and retired, but still my life is sometimes too busy. Most restorative for me:
    10 minutes of yoga stretches, or
    10-minute power nap,
    10 minutes just sitting in the sunshine looking across the lake,
    10 minutes reading,
    10 minutes practicing new dance steps - 7/19/2011   1:53:43 PM
  • ALLIB22
    i relax and take the time to Sparkpeople or play bejeweled blitz on my phone - 7/19/2011   12:31:46 PM
    I use my "Me" time to read Spark Peoples Blogs. Wish I had more time. - 7/19/2011   12:20:07 PM
  • 34
    I usually use my "me" time to get lost in a book. Getting lost in my own thoughts doing something active is probably last on my list, and yet I think it would be so good for me. Why do I always have to CONVINCE myself to do the things that are good for me? ;) - 7/19/2011   11:48:11 AM
  • 33
    I play Angry Birds! ;) - 7/19/2011   11:09:48 AM
    Take the 10 minute daily exercise challenge - just 10 minutes everyday! - 7/19/2011   11:08:37 AM
  • 31
    I usually read emails, unfortunately. I should get up & do something! - 7/19/2011   11:07:40 AM
    I use my 10 minute ME time to read & send emals. - 7/19/2011   11:00:04 AM
  • 29
    I make sure to read at least 10 minutes every day. - 7/19/2011   10:45:53 AM
  • 28
    "My 10 minutes" is something I shoot for daily. This takes place generally after I exercise in the evening after work. The sun is on the front porch about that time until sunset. I try to spend at least 10 minutes, sometimes longer, either just sitting in the peace and quiet letting the sun shine on me, relaxing and enjoying God's Creation. This is a time for prayer as well as relaxation and renewal. Sometimes I read or listen to music too. Sometimes I just like to watch the ducks and birds. I am totally de-stressed and at peace afterwards. - 7/19/2011   10:23:28 AM
  • 27
    I'd knit - I have got to get my new bag done. I can't wait to wear it! - 7/19/2011   10:22:57 AM
    I like to either sit and think about all the things I am thankful for, brush my dog or comb my cat . - 7/19/2011   10:00:57 AM
  • 25
    My Daily Reward:

    I work all day. I cook, clean and be Mummy and wife all evening... my daily reward is 10 minutes of reading before bed every night.
    I don't have the time to start many new books, so, I am rereading old favorites. But, that little bit of "me" time is something I look forward to which helps me wind down and have a better night's sleep (I don't say 'good' because it's frequently too short, so I need all the help I can get). - 7/19/2011   9:15:23 AM
  • 24
    few a pages of one my fitness mags - 7/19/2011   7:56:56 AM
  • 23
    I would close my eyes and reflect - 7/19/2011   7:50:41 AM
  • MAWS21
    I would sit on my porch and listen to the bird and look into the blue sky, And say a pray.Which would say thank God ,for all the beauty around me . - 7/19/2011   7:26:57 AM
  • SUNSET09
    Take a deep breathe, pray and plan my next vacation! - 7/19/2011   6:54:19 AM
  • 20
    A short meditation is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and return to being fully present. I especially love doing this outside in my backyard surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature! - 7/19/2011   5:38:32 AM
  • 19
    Do a 10 minute power nap using my iPad hypnotism app, then wake feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of my day. - 7/19/2011   1:13:33 AM
  • JAY75REY
    10 minutes? close my eyes and take a quick cat nap on the recliner! - 7/19/2011   12:16:22 AM
  • 17
    This is so cool! This morning, I was ready for work a bit early and decided to just lie down for 10 minutes. (I watched the clock). It was nice to let myself just rest and 'do nothing' for a change--not even try to meditate. - 7/18/2011   11:59:59 PM
  • 16
    I can do a 10 Meditation. :^ ) - 7/18/2011   11:54:25 PM
  • 15
    Close my eyes and meditate while having acupuncture......gives me a great break in the middle of a busy work day. I try and do it 2-3 days at week. - 7/18/2011   11:49:42 PM
  • 14
    I would just play a game! - 7/18/2011   11:31:53 PM

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