Poll: What fitness equipment do you have at home?


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When I recently posted about the SparkPeople Fitness Starter Kit, I was surprised to see how many people already owned all (or most) of the equipment in the Kit. That got me wondering: What types of equipment do you have at home?

Even though I have access to a workplace gym and a commercial gym, I still keep a lot of fitness paraphernalia at home, including:
  • Dumbbells
  • A stability ball
  • A yoga/Pilates mat
  • Resistance bands (3 different levels) and Pilates resistance bands (the long, flat kind)
  • A mini ball (it's the Bender Ball, actually)
  • A hybrid road bike
  • A good collection of fitness DVDs
  • A jump rope
  • An aerobics step (semi-permanently borrowed from a friend)

Now of course my "home gym" isn't even in a single room. It's in various closets, containers and rooms throughout the house. But if I could add one thing to my wish list it'd be a real Spinner bike or maybe a Pilates Reformer (both of which are pretty pricey).

How about you: What do you have in your home gym? What do you WISH was part of it?

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  • 996
    I wish I had a rowing machine and some heavier dumbbells. All I have right now is my bike, 10 lb dumbbells, 15 dumbbells, a 6 lb medicine ball, jump rope, and a few taebo dvds. - 12/19/2013   4:17:04 PM
    I have a workout room. I wish I used it more, but its so easy to say I'll do it tomorrow. Going to the gym actually makes me workout more. But in my workout room I have a Total Gym, Bosu Ball, Kettlebells, hand weights, stability ball, DVD player with about 20 DVDs, resistance bands....ya, all that I would really rather go to the gym and a do a Zumba class LOL - 10/31/2013   1:40:42 PM
    yoga mat and dumbbells - 11/8/2012   10:40:59 AM
  • 993
    I almost got a Bosu at a garage sale last weekend, but the woman in front of me bought it first! It's ok, though, I have the Bell fit (or whatever it's called) from the SP store. I also have 5 and 8-pound weights, a resistance tube, two yoga mats, two blocks, and a few DVDs. I'd love a quiet way to do cardio in my 2nd floor apartment, but I guess that's what the dog is for. - 10/11/2012   10:38:06 AM
    i have a wii fit, fitness dvds, stability ball, gazelle, spin bike, ab lounge, resistance bands, dunb bells, kettle bells, bosu ball and 5 kids to keep me crazy - 10/10/2012   9:30:45 AM
  • 991
    5, 10 & 15lb dumbbells
    2lb resistance band
    Medicine ball
    Stability ball
    Kettlebell - 10/9/2012   3:17:31 PM
  • 990
    Yoga mat that's never been used
    3 different sets of hand weights
    Stability ball
    stationary bike
    Zumba for the Wii
    Just Dance 2 & Just Dance 3 for the Wii
    A decent pair of shoes and iPod for walking outside :)

    My wish list item would be a treadmill and personal trainer to kick my butt (can I have both?) - 10/6/2012   7:42:23 PM
  • 989
    I have a yoga/pilates mat, resistance bands, pilates bands, a few dumbells, a stabilty ball. and Wii Fit (which I mainly use offline for step aerobics). I belong to my local Y so I don't want to invest in anything big, but I'll probably be getting a few yoga blocks and a pilates foam roller one of these days. And a pedometer. I really need to get one of those. - 10/6/2012   3:43:05 PM
  • 988
    treadmill, exercise bike, exercise mat, jump rope, hula hoop, and 2 different types of dumb bells - 10/5/2012   1:37:18 PM
    Treadmill, 2 small kettlebells, assorted small dumb bells, stability ball, exercise mat, fitness bands and an aerobic step. - 9/28/2012   1:05:28 AM
  • 986
    I would love to have a multipurpose machine. - 9/26/2012   1:26:17 PM
  • 985
    small dumbells
    leg magic
    small exercise trampoline
    videos - 9/26/2012   1:25:21 PM
    Treadmill, free weights, stability ball, resistance bands, aerobic step, Wii Fit, X-box Kinect, and a Parabody 350. Oh, and a dog. - 9/26/2012   1:18:05 AM
  • CLIP53
    Treadmill, recumbent bike, dumbbells, medicine ball, resistance bands, workout DVD's, Wii fit, and my labrador retriever - 9/25/2012   12:49:51 PM
    I have a pilates reformer, a yoga mat, resistance bands and free weights. I have alot of problems with my knees and feet so I have to do very low impact workouts. I would love to get a spinning bike but I have access to one at my work gym...it's just hard trying to find time to use it. - 9/25/2012   10:23:04 AM
    elliptical trainer
    set of 10 pound dumbbells
    yoga mat
    jump rope
    resistance band set

    Wish for:
    set of 15 pound dumbbells
    - 9/23/2012   7:50:31 PM
    dumbbells ranging from 2 -30 lbs
    yoga mat
    jump rope
    resistance bands
    videos galore
    swiss ball
    medicine balls ranging from 5 -12 lbs
    ankle weights
    recumbent bike
    treadmill (incline trainer)
    heavy bag
    home gym - 9/23/2012   4:39:07 PM
    I have
    Powerblock dumbbells, club step, High step, additional risers, Slant risers, yoga mat, kettlebells, workout video's (wont count but there's over 200 options. Been collecting and doing for several years) weighted gloves, lifting gloves, bar bell, with lots of plates, rebounder, Cathe Power Tower, resistance bands, tubing, mats, and chair. I think that covers it....maybe - 9/23/2012   1:30:26 AM
  • 978
    Step, Bunch of bands, hand weights, glove weights, ankle weights, kettlebells, wobble board, stability ball, bender ball, punching bag, boxing gloves, a plethera of workout DVDs and VHS tapes....I think that is all. ;) Oops Iforgot a yoga set w/mat. - 9/22/2012   8:54:52 PM
  • 977
    punching bag
    dumbells and weight bench
    ab roller
    jump rope
    weighted hula hoop
    videos galore
    The Bean
    roller skates
    stability ball
    resistance bands - 9/21/2012   7:47:11 PM
  • 976
    I have an elliptical, a treadmill, and free weights. - 9/21/2012   10:19:59 AM
  • 975
    I have free weights, a treadmill and WII fit. Treadmill is my favorite because I can just clear my mind and walk. - 9/12/2012   7:29:53 PM
  • MIZINA730
    I have free weights (1, 2, 5, 10 lb), one resistance band, wrist weights, ankle weights, treadmill, exercise DVDs, workouts loaded into Netflix, stability ball, jump rope. - 9/12/2012   2:34:44 PM
  • 973
    I have a treadmil, resistance cord, 5 lb weights, dvds, exercise books (yoga etc), and my own feet. I did have a big ball but with my weight and coordination - I was afraid I'd hurt myself. lol - 9/12/2012   2:33:59 PM
  • DORIAN4182
    I have a spinner bike, treadmill, set of dumbells, resistance bands ,walking DVD's ,strength training DVD's, total gym, and the wii - 9/12/2012   7:24:31 AM
  • 971
    1,3 and 5 lb dumbells, Pilates resisitance bands, stepper, portable mini cycle, ankle weights, hand grips, collection of exercise dvds, and stairs. - 9/10/2012   1:12:19 PM
  • 970
    I have 2 set of dumbbells, a jump rope, collection of dvds, and of course my legs and arms, lol. Those I want to get now are resistance band and exercise ball and a medicine ball too. - 9/9/2012   4:19:50 PM
  • 969
    An old truck tyre and a sledgehammer, a jump rope, a bo, a powerbag made from an old army duffle filled with freezer bags full of builder's sand. Also have a yoga mat but one of the greyhounds is using it. - 9/9/2012   2:30:41 PM
    i have a large building behind my house ,it is my jym i have machines, weights and bench ...zumba dvd walking dvd ball susan powter tapes these i love
    - 9/8/2012   11:44:45 PM
    I have a treadmill, yoga mat and a variety of workout CD's and DVD's. I also have access to a gym, whirlpool, sauna and pool where I live. I also have a bicycle. - 9/8/2012   3:43:01 PM
  • 966
    5 & 10lb dumbbells
    2 swiss balls ( med & lg)
    resistance bands
    Yoga mat w/ blocks
    jump rope
    various dvds
    WiiFit & WiiFit Zumba2 - 9/7/2012   9:33:51 PM
  • 965
    I have dumbbells, a yoga mat, a resistance band, a few workout videos and a medicine ball. I wish I had a treadmill. - 9/7/2012   3:10:23 PM
  • 964
    Snow shovel, gardening equipment and other yard implements. ;)

    There's also a treadmill.

    - 9/6/2012   6:40:06 AM
  • 963
    I have a treadmill, a Total Gym, 5-lb and 8-lb dumbells and a ton of videos. I also have a heavy bag, but unfortunately have no where to hang it. - 8/3/2012   8:23:07 AM
  • 962
    I have a cheap treadmill that I learned to run on, great for learning, but wasn't able to run on it after running outside all last summer (belt too narrow, no incline etc) I have oodles of DVD's (Jillian and Jackie mainly, with a couple yoga or barre workouts), resitance bands (x3) some pilates bands, foam roller, jump roap, and a mat - 7/5/2012   4:37:08 PM
  • 961
    My at home go to piece of equipment is an 18-speed road bike on a trainer with aero bars (great for propping up a book as a train) - I love this bike!

    I also have a concept2 rower - new to me via craigslist - this has been my "dream list" piece of equipment for more than 20 years, and I finally acquired it late last year.

    I also have a stability ball, dumbbells, yoga mats, bands, DVDs. I used to have a weight bench, roller blades, and a home weight machine but they now live in other places. But truly it is my bike that I use at least 2 x a week. - 6/8/2012   1:37:00 PM
    I have a pilates reformer, an outdoor bike, a small kettlebell, assorted dvds, and a WII. - 6/1/2012   10:53:44 AM
  • 959
    I like that i'm not the only 1 with alot of exercise equipment. Ok here goes: yoga mat (blocks & strap),indoors (stationary) and outdoors bikes, weight bench, hand weights in all weights, medicine balls in all sizes, step platform, trampline, resistance bands,wrist and ankle weights, pedometer, and last a large # of exercise dvd's! I saw on here before that someone put that their a exercise equipment junkie! I know that i'm one too. Oh 1 more thing I was watching QVC last night and they were selling the ZUMBA set. No I didn't order it, but it does look like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - 5/31/2012   10:26:24 PM
  • BEADER1231
    I have the rubber bands with handles, the elastic-type flat, thin bands, several small hand weights, floor mats, several VHS and DVD's (from Richard Simmons to Bollywood Dancing), a Health Rider type bike, a seated Back Exerciser, and more. I used to have a treadmill, and exercise bike, but I got tired of them and they never seem to help me so I cut down on what I owned and I do better when I use the DVD's, like Leslie Sansome walking DVDs. - 5/29/2012   10:28:05 PM
  • 957
    I have a step, Bosu, rebounder, yoga mats,several DVD, resistance bands, and a jump rope. - 5/29/2012   7:00:35 AM
    Couple weights and resistance bands, and my MA weapons: bo, sai, nunchuka. We don't have much room for big equipment. - 5/28/2012   8:18:14 PM
  • 955
    exercise bike, treadmill, stability ball, stretching mat, dumbells, jump rope, and a quasi-all-in-one weight machine - 5/28/2012   7:49:56 PM
  • 954
    3 Leslie Sansone DVD's, Body Dance Groove DVD (which I learned about here on SP), 3 sizes of weights, 3 resistance bands, treadmill & (when my daughter is home) an exercise ball.
    Wish list? Bowflex looks interesting, but don't have room for it. - 5/27/2012   5:59:50 AM
    Spinner NXT bike (I am a certified instructor), weights 2 lbs - 12 lbs, resistance tubing multiple weights, pilates band, stability ball, medicine ball, exercise matt, mutliple DVD's: circuit/strngth by Kelly Coffey-Meyers, Gilad, and Paul Kattami and various pilates DVDs. I stopped my gym membership when my gym d/c'd spinning and I don't miss it one bit. Working out to DVD's is like having a personal trainer. I feel stronger than ever. - 5/25/2012   3:00:41 PM
  • 952
    I have a exercise bike, resistance bands, stability ball, step plus two height platforms and a bender ball. I have three video tapes with step routines on them. But my favorite exercise is walking my dog so I wear a pedometer at all times. - 4/24/2012   8:41:30 AM
  • 951
    3 and 5 lb weights, elastic band, stability ball, many work-out DVD;s, Mat, medicine ball. jumprope, step, Wii Fit. The only ones I don't use much are the medicine ball and my Wii Fit , although I did at first. But one day I will make use of the Wii Fit again as I got tired of it for awhile. I had a treadmill that I bought from a friend but quit using it after a few years so I gave it away. - 4/19/2012   4:30:47 PM
  • ASINGH527
    I have the following:

    yoga mat
    stability ball
    3 lb weights
    5 lb weights
    tons of DVDs
    Wii Zumba (by end of today also Zumba 2) and Just Dance 2
    pilates band
    sneakers - 3/2/2012   9:07:57 AM
  • 949
    I didn't realize how much I did have until thinking about it.

    - stationary bike
    - 12lb dumbbell (husband's)
    - resistance band
    - stability ball
    - fitness DVDs
    - The Firm step equipment (two stackable steps and a bar with detachable "weights")
    - iPhone (music and various apps for tracking food and tracking distance when walking)
    -pedometer (which I actually need to put on now! good reminder. Supposed to be tracking my steps this week and then making goals to increase that number!)
    Wii balance board and games on XBox Kinect. - 1/31/2012   7:30:36 AM
  • 948
    I have:
    kettlebells - 10 and 15lb
    dumbbells - loose weights to adjust weight
    Two different weight medicine balls
    Fitness videos
    My bike hooked up to a trainer that allows me to ride in my home. :)

    I would like to add a ball, resistance bands and a jump rope. - 1/28/2012   10:50:28 AM
  • 947
    We have an exercise bike, a treadmill, exercise balls, weights, an ab machine (which we hate and never use), mats, etc. What I'd prefer is an elliptical machine, but the treadmill will have to do because we can't afford the elliptical and we don't have the room. - 1/27/2012   7:29:19 AM

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