The 10 Healthiest Foods You've Never Tried


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I recently saw a list of the 10 Healthiest Foods You've Never Tried. I pride myself on being an adventurous (mostly vegetarian) eater. When I saw the list, I was excited to see how many I'd eaten.

How many have you eaten?

I've eaten all 10. Numbers 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 are regulars in my household.
Here's the list and a quick tip for eating each food!
1. Kiwi (just scoop it straight from the skin!)
2. Broccoli rabe (sauté with olive oil, garlic and lemon)
3. Brazil nuts (munch on a couple)
4. Edamame (steam in the pod and sprinkle with salt)
5. Red lentils (cook lentils, then substitute them for chickpeas in hummus)
6. Quinoa (use instead of brown rice)
7. Canned salmon (throw on salads or in pasta sauces)
8. Prawns (shrimp) (stir fry with vegetables and serve with brown rice)
9. Whole grain and multigrain pastas (swap these for all your white pasta)
10. Pomegranate (toss the seeds on salads or mix them with yogurt)

(For more information on how to cook these foods, and what nutritional benefits they offer, read the full story.)

Have you tried these foods? Will you? How do you eat them?

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  • CLAY10237
    Agreed. Most of these aren't uncommon. And a few are quite expensive. Careful with canned salmon. The redder the salmon, the higher the fat content....good fat, but more fat. - 3/27/2015   1:43:26 AM
  • LILDAB56
    I don't believe many people have tried kale. I love it and I do believe it is pretty healthy for you. Most of my family thinks that it is bitter, but I don't. I love it raw or cooked and just tried it for the first time a few months ago, because I hear that it was good for you. - 2/16/2015   6:42:39 PM
  • 678
    Tried them all and allergic to all except the broccoli rabe. Red lentils cause vomiting within a 1/2 hour after eating. - 2/14/2015   7:39:18 PM
  • 677
    I've tried 7 of them. I have heard of broccoli rabe but really have no idea what it is.
    As far as I know I haven't had red lentils or quinoa.
    - 2/14/2015   7:26:30 PM
  • 676
    Been there, done that! :-) Haven't eaten canned salmon in decades, though. Much prefer fresh, wild caught in texture and flavor. - 2/14/2015   11:31:42 AM
  • 675
    All are regular foods around here, nothing new at all. - 2/8/2015   9:32:50 AM
  • 674
    I've had them all, so I'm sad that there wasn't anything new to try. - 2/3/2015   10:33:36 AM
  • 673
    Those foods are on my menu. I was rather disappointed as I was looking for something new to try. They're among my favorites. Thanks. - 1/31/2015   12:40:43 PM
  • 672
    Well, at least 5 were regulars in our house when I was growing up in the '60's . I'm disappointed in the somewhat smug, patronizing tone of the author. Seriously, these foods aren't uncommon. We do 8 out of 10 fairly regularly. Can't stand prawns though.
    - 11/10/2014   3:17:37 AM
  • 671
    I am not sure what is broccoli rabe and have not eaten any lentils, my DH won't eat it so I've never cooked them. Must buy quinoa. - 10/9/2014   9:00:32 PM
  • 670
    I've eaten all on the list except broccoli rabe, local stores don't carry it (I've checked for a recipe I wanted to make that used it). I eat broccoli at least twice a week though. - 9/17/2014   2:50:35 PM
  • 669
    I have eaten all on the list . - 9/17/2014   9:05:39 AM
    Wonderful list I love them all...I am a raw food chef...getting back to good habits with Spark. - 8/12/2014   9:41:47 PM
  • 667
    I have eaten all of them, but I'm allergic to kiwi, makes my tongue swell up and crack. - 8/1/2014   7:15:19 PM
  • 666
    I think most people in America have eaten many of the foods on this list, if not tried almost all at least once. - 7/18/2014   10:00:12 PM
  • 665
    I love how most are vegan :D it's really funny, but pretty much all of them make regular appearances in our house---- especially the edamame. My step-daughter looooooves edamame. - 6/6/2014   11:41:59 AM
    I've tried everyone but broccoli rabe. Don't care for brazil nuts and edamame are revolting in taste and texture. I eat the rest on a regular basis. - 5/4/2014   1:36:54 PM
  • 663
    Edamame - I use it in fried rice or just steam it and eat it as a snack. It's great on it's own, so I can't see putting Parmesan on it. Of course, it's soy (which I'm avoiding for many reasons) so I haven't had any since the beginning of the year. - 5/4/2014   7:35:29 AM
    Edamame a nutty bean - RCKBLYKITN
    Kiwi - the skin is edible. Once I discovered this it saved me a lot of time carefully scooping out kiwi, or ending up with sticky hands. There is a hard nub at the top where the stem connects, but the rest is edible. - 5/3/2014   9:10:24 PM
  • 661
    someone tell me - what does edamame taste like?? I actually have a bag of frozen edamame in my freezer. But I haven't made it yet because I'm so picky and I don't like a lot of things. I have seen them on Pinterest and they look like they've been cooked somehow that they're crunchy?? And then sprinkled with parmesan. That sounds good. When they're steamed, are they soft like peas? - 4/10/2014   1:59:58 AM
  • 660
    Yes, I have had every single one. I even picked up dried kiwi when buying dried fruit the other day, but it has a significantly weird taste. - 4/9/2014   4:29:29 AM
  • 659
    I don't think I've tried #2, and I don't understand why 'canned salmon' is even this list, is canned somehow better than regular salmon? (no it's not) so it should just be 'salmon' on the list. anyway, I we eat most of those on a regular basis besides quinoa, I just can't seem to like it. - 3/23/2014   10:37:36 PM
  • 658
    I eat 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 you can keep the salmon - 3/23/2014   9:33:28 PM
    I have and enjoyed all but Canned salmon (throw on salads or in pasta sauces. - 1/24/2014   4:33:10 PM
  • 656
    I eat them all, but I prefer fresh salmon and I don't care for quinoa. Prawns and kiwi are my favorites.
    - 10/26/2013   5:47:21 PM
  • 655
    I haven't tried any.... - 5/27/2013   8:56:48 AM
  • 654
    ive tried all of them. i hate anything seafood and dont like kiwis but other then that i will eat the foods on this list. i love pomegranates. my mom used to get them cut it in half and send me outside with a towel to eat them so i didnt make a mess inside. nice summer day by the pool with pomegranates was the best thing ever. - 4/2/2013   3:28:31 PM
  • 653
    I have tried several. It's been years but canned salmon was used in salmon patties growing up. I have found that I like edamame. Don't care for whole wheat pastas. I substitute spaghetti squash or zucchini for pasta. I do like brazil nuts, kiwi and shrimp. - 3/10/2013   10:57:29 PM
  • 652
    I've tried all 10. I eat pomegranates when in season. Love them, I regularly eat whole grain pasta. I also use quinoa and canned salmon regularly. - 1/13/2013   2:24:46 PM
  • 651
    I have eaten about half. I don't eat seafood or fish. I am not a fan of quinoa, although it is a constant in our home. I have never had edamame but I've seen it cooked on Chopped. - 10/3/2012   10:04:08 PM
  • 650
    I love them all. Since going vegan I don't eat prawns or salmon anymore though. - 9/8/2012   4:16:11 PM
    I've eaten all except edamame (don't know it in my country) and prawns - I'm a vegetarian. Pomegranate is hard to come by here. - 9/8/2012   9:37:24 AM
  • MIRANDA2112
    Love them all. Makes me hungry just thinking about them!! - 7/30/2012   7:33:32 PM
  • 647
    I have tried them all at some point. Can't eat the prawns anymore since I am allergic. The last time I ate kiwi it made my mouth feel funny so I am off that as well. I don't know when I last ate a Brazil nut but I will have to try them again. Canned salmon is a brilliant idea and pomegranates are lovely if a bit high maintenance. Try getting the seeds out while submerging the fruit in water. The seeds float and the rest sinks (or vice versa). It is easier to get that stuff you want that way! - 7/29/2012   9:43:18 AM
  • 646
    I have eaten all 10 too. My favorites are edamame, quinoa, kiwi, and pomegranates - 7/25/2012   6:03:28 PM
  • 645
    All except broccoli rabe. I've never seen that in any shops, unless it happens to have a different name in the UK.

    I don't much like red lentils - puy lentils have more flavour. And I prefer fresh salmon to canned salmon. - 6/30/2012   9:52:10 PM
  • SHEILA-45
    I've tried 8/10...I'm surprised Kale isn't on the list. Will pick up some red lentils from the Farmer's Market on the next trip. - 6/27/2012   2:14:59 PM
  • 643
    I've tried 8 cerious about the other 2, will try them soon! - 6/27/2012   5:36:51 AM
  • 642
    I've tried 8. - 6/19/2012   9:25:02 PM
  • 641
    I've tried most. - 6/19/2012   8:28:42 AM
  • 640
    I've eaten them all. - 6/17/2012   10:50:14 PM
  • CMOORE1111
    I have tried everything but the red lentils. I prefer salmon steaks instead of canned salmon but canned saves on cost and you still reap some nutritional benefits. - 6/5/2012   4:08:25 PM
    All but the Broccoli Rabe and the Brazil nuts although I am open to trying these! - 6/5/2012   6:38:19 AM
  • 637
    We have had all 10. - 6/4/2012   1:37:57 PM
  • 636
    #s 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9
    I like the frozen mukimame which are so easy to microwave for a quick protein-laden snack! Kiwis are a staple. - 6/2/2012   5:28:33 PM
    Yay! All of them!! Especially a fan of edamame, red lentils, quinoa, pomegranate (love the seeds!!!) and regularly use whole grain pasta and canned salmon. - 5/31/2012   9:23:58 AM
    I have ate and enjoyed everything on the list except broccoli rabe. I never see that organic at any of my frequented grocery stores. Does it taste similar to broccoli because I heart broccoli. - 5/30/2012   12:39:20 PM
  • 633
    I have had everything but red lentils & broccoli rabe. Will give it a try! - 5/30/2012   12:27:09 PM
  • 632
    1. Kiwi (just scoop it straight from the skin!) - yummy
    2. Broccoli rabe (saut´┐Ż with olive oil, garlic and lemon) - I prefer broccoli
    3. Brazil nuts (munch on a couple) - not a fan
    4. Edamame (steam in the pod and sprinkle with salt) - this is good
    5. Red lentils (cook lentils, then substitute them for chickpeas in hummus) - I'll have to try this
    6. Quinoa (use instead of brown rice) - not sure, my mother eats this and I may have eaten it at her house
    7. Canned salmon (throw on salads or in pasta sauces) - I've been eating this since I was a kid
    8. Prawns (shrimp) (stir fry with vegetables and serve with brown rice) - love boiled shrimp
    9. Whole grain and multigrain pastas (swap these for all your white pasta) - we've been eating whole grain pasta for years
    10. Pomegranate (toss the seeds on salads or mix them with yogurt) - I've been eating these since I was a kid. We had a Pomegrantate bush and we would pick them and eat them fresh.

    So, there are only 2 on the list I haven't tried. I figured there would be more. - 5/15/2012   4:03:37 PM
    I have try all but the red lentils, I am vegan now so I don't eat the can salmon or the prawns. I think I have only had the brown lentils.I tried Quinoa once and didn't like it and will have to give another try. - 5/14/2012   7:13:27 PM

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