Poll: How Do You Eat on Thanksgiving?

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, of course, and we're curious:

What's your eating style on the big day? Do you eat with restraint or overboard? Do you have seconds or stick with one helping? Do you skip dessert or sample a bit of everything?

Do you enjoy Thanksgiving, with its bounty of food, or does it cause stress for you? What is your favorite dish?

What is your eating style on Thanksgiving?

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I made a lot of healthy options, and then skipped the unhealthy options. Made sure after dinner ALL the "bad" stuff went down the drain so there would be no next day temptations. Report
I had decided that I was going to cut back (and exercise extra) before Thanksgiving, which I did, but then give myself some leeway on Thanksgiving and the day after, (when I would be visiting family) and not count calories at dinner, and made sure that I brought plenty of healthy food for my other meals to keep them as usual. That's exactly what I did, AND I did extra exercise the day of and day after. But I was amazed (and happy) at how different I felt. I had some of everything but then stopped...I did not keep eating after the meal. Plus, yesterday, instead of lying around and eating I really wanted to be active and work out instead, and was not that hungry during the day. So I am very pleasantly surprised at how it went, and now I am back and going right back to my routine. Report
We don't do thanking giving in Barbados. But I am thankful for all of my Sparkpeople. Report
I refuse to let people bully me into thinking I'm a failure and not serious about my journey because I choose to partake in the bounty of Thanksgiving. On one hand you have people saying, "I'm not going over my calories and I'm going to work out for 6 hours because I'm better than you" and on the other hand I hear people say, "I'm going to eat any and everything I want because it's a special occasion and calories don't exist on holidays!" Well I guess I actually fall in the middle. Yes, I'm going to have dessert. I might have two! But I refuse to be bullied into thinking that makes me less of a person. Because it doesn't. Report
I wasn't as careful as I should be... but did get in over 22000 steps today to help counter it. Report
Scotland, Scottish -
I don't do Thanksgiving, per US.
But I do a "thanks" for my friends in America.
And I am so thankful for all my friends, everywhere in the world. Report
We eat the big meal early so we have a chance to burn it off. Then a smaller meal for dinner. Report
I have gastroparesis, so I can only eat small amounts at each meal, so Thanksgiving is still an ordinary eating day for me. If I stuff myself too full I have a LOT of pain. Report
This year, I'll eat as I usually do. My husband's having all kinds of extra snacks, though :) Football, y'know! Report
I will eat a little bit of everything that I like. I have become very good at eating just enough so that I have ENJOYED my meal rather than feel yucky after it. Report
I don't like turkey & a lot of the foods that is served for this day so I just eat like I always do HEALTHY!!! Report
I agree with Phraser and feel lucky that we don't have 2 big celebrations to cope with in November and December. However, happy day to those who do celebrate it. Report
I used to over eat a lot! To the point where I was very uncomfortable. Now I eat what I consider a normal portion (smaller than the old me), and I only eat what I like. I feel very satisfied and not uncomfortable. I'm not a pumpkin pie eater, so as long as that's all there is for dessert, I'm good!! Report
Being the "cook" I've been able to find ways to decrease calories/fat in some of my regular dishes...like not using milk or butter in the mashed potatoes but using low sodium chicken broth instead....I really don't think my family will notice that much of a difference! Report
How about we remember what the holiday is for and give thanks for all the blessings we have. The food should be the on the list but certainly not the first. Report
There are only 3 of us so I don't cook a lot of extra food so don't overeat that much. just making a big chicken rather than turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and a pumpkin dessert.
Will eat a little more than usual but will try to take a walk later if the weather warms up. Report
I can't stuff myself like I used to, my body just can't handle it. We don't a high fat meal to begin with the most fattening thing is the stuffing, we have veggies turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry then I'll have pie later, I might have a little eggnog. I have learned if I over eat I feel bad so I don't!
Happy Thanksgiving! Report
I love Thanksgiving. I will eat what I enjoy, but not feel guilty as I won't give in to gluttony. Report
I eat only what I love and literally walk the "extra miles" to counteract the extra calories. It is my goal to gain NOTHING over the six weeks we call the Holidays.

Thanksgiving foods aren't my faves, so I don't tend to overindulge in them even when I'm not dieting. Report
Every day's eating is stressful. Thanksgiving will be no different. Although, I will eat. I probably will not have desert. I probably will eat everything else!!! Report
Happy thanksgiving. Report
This year the meal is at my house, so I control the menu... and it will be healthy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Report
How about just ignoring polls that don't apply to you? Some people can't NOT complain. Report
I eat more within one meal than I usually do... and certainly more dessert-type foods... but it is usually within or just slightly over my calorie limits. Report
I don't care for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner or anything that goes with it, except certain desserts. So I generally have a small steak, with mixed veggies, brocc/caulif salad when available, and 2 desserts. I also usually enjoy wine on that day. I may exceed my calories with wine included, but not by much. Report
I do enjoy thanksgiving. I don't have a favorite food. Turkey is okay.... I like my mom's pumpkin cheesecake. Report
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