Poll: How Did You Learn to Love Cardio?

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When I first set out to lose weight, I didn't know much about exercise. I had spent most of my teen years and early 20s finding ways to avoid exercise, instead choosing to control my weight by restricting calories and other, unhealthy methods. I thought sweating was gross, running made my lungs burn, and I didn't like sports.

So I walked. At first just the two miles home from work, then to work, then longer routes… it felt good to move, then time outside allowed me to clear my mind, and the weight did start to come off. Eventually I joined a gym and started integrating different cardio into my workouts, usually the elliptical. Cardio back then was just something I did to burn calories, not something I particularly enjoyed.

It wasn't until I joined SparkPeople as a member and an employee that I found my two primary forms of cardio: running and Spinning. I love challenging myself in a tough Spinning class, adding resistance until my legs burn and pushing myself to complete the sprints, jumps, and other killer moves. (That Coach Nicole is one tough Spinning teacher! She loves jumps on the bike!) And running gives me time to think, or not think. It's a moving meditation for me, and it allows me to shed stress while getting a great workout.

When we start on the path to healthy living, exercise can feel like a chore. The trick, I think, is finding something you love. Now cardio is something I eagerly anticipate. It's like adult playtime!

How about you? How did you find something you like? Did exercise become easier after finding an activity/activities that you love? Which activities do you like most?

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I love Coach Nicole. She gets me through every single one of her workout videos, no matter how hard it is. Can't say the same for any other trainer. Report
I started my journey with only cardio! I walked outdoors or used a recumbent bike for the first 2 years of my journey then added strength training. I lost 100 pounds in those 2 years. Report
I'm Dutch, so cycling doesn't really feel like exercize. Since I dared to take taichi and ballet classes, I found out that exercise doesn't need to be boring.
My love/ obsession with cycling has been a huge part of my massive weight loss and new thirst for life. I can ride 40 miles but walking over 2 miles is a chore I guess because it's slow. I love the challenge of a hill and the reward of blasting down the other side. Report
I love to walk/ jog! i'm working my way up more with jogging but it takes away stress like no other. I also love doing my elliptical every single night. I can challenge myself with the resistance on it. I've been doing 5K's every month with my best friend. We are starting to get into hiking/trail runs also. It's easier on my body than constantly running on concrete. I seem to tone up my body more than anything but I have learned not to care so much about the number on the scale than to how I feel. I feel amazing after every little thing I do! I also sleep better at night. Its the little things that make me happy. Report
I love cycling. Report
The endorphin rush got me. It's a wonderful stress-buster so now instead of destructive habits when under stress, I can do something healthy. Report
I like being outdoors for my exercise. I'm a long-time walker who loves races and even had a playfully-termed "arch nemesis," in my age category who showed up at all the same races. But I've gotten a bit bored. Biking is my new thing and I'm totally obsessed and excited to make PR's in a new sport! Report
Started exercise (cardio or anything else) many years ago with an early morning TV show - "Morning Stretch" with Joanie Greggains (quirky humor, attractive blond from Northern California)...........fun to watch her as well as work out - I've been doing some form of exercise on a fairly regular basis ever since...... Report
I love running, but I always have to give up because of an injury... I am looking for the right way for me... Report
I love riding my bike. Report
I'm very lucky to have an easy bike-ride to work. "Easy" meaning: lots of open country between my home and my work, a decently maintained cycling lane which I have almost to my own and maybe two traffic lights on the whole trip. It means I can start my day with over 30 minutes cardio at the fresh air. Yay! Report
Rollerblading is where it's at! Report
I tried to become a runner off and on for over 29 years. What finally worked was seeng Coach Nancy's blog about Jeff Galliway's Interval Method for running.

For an older body, intervals allow rest phase if walking interspersed in running. I wound up finding a running coach in Memphis -Mark Higginbotham of Memphis in Motion-who uses this method in his running group.

If some say running intervals is BS, then they're wrong. One can go a real long way with intervals. The run phase is usually faster than when running continuously. Walking is slower than running.

I have run several half marathons and a full marathon with the interval method. Mark Highinbotham completed over 92 miles using TJ's method in a 24 hour race and Mark is in his late 50s/early 60s.

Slowing down helped me also be me a runner. I feel good when I run now. I only run 3 times per week max. My older body needs the recovery time. Report
Lindy Hop/ Swing Dancing can be highly addictive because it's so fun and there is so much to learn. I took my first lesson 4 and a half years ago and I have danced every single week since that day. I dance at the very least 5 hours a week and sometimes up to 20-25 hours in one week. Report
Two tricks to love running:

1) A good playlist

2) Run whatever pace is comfortable for you. This is crucial. If you run so fast you are hyperventilating and in physical pain, you will teach yourself to hate the activity. If you go a slow, comfortable pace, you can enjoy the sunshine, the alone time, and your music without the punishment, while improving your fitness. Over time, that pace will increase.

This is the strategy I used to go from hating 2 mile runs to loving 15 mile runs. Report
Years ago , I joined a dance aerobics class. I loved it!. After having children I drifted away from exercising. When I returned, it was walking which I like. But, dance aerobics is still my first love. Report
I LOVE running! I didn't at first. But I promised to stick with it and over a few weeks I noticed how GOOD I felt afterwards, then one day I got the "runner's high" during one of my runs and I've been addicted ever since. I do other cardio,but running is my favorite :) Report
I love dancing! I joined a gym to go to Zumba, but due to my work schedule I'm no longer able to attend on a regular basis. I started playing Dance Central Spotlight just for fun and now I'm hooked! I can easily play the game for an hour or two. Since each song has different dance routines and difficulty levels it keeps my workouts interesting and motivates me to reach higher scores. Report
I also have found that going to the gym is not necessary for me to enjoy a good work out. I have owned videos for years along with free weights and a few other things to get a great work out at home. As the last writer said, I can sing to my music, work out in my undies if I choose and not need to worry if I'm using the machine to long. And work at my own pace, heavy work out or just a stroll on the treadmill or on the road in good weather. Just keep up the great work eveyone. Report
I joined the local gym. First I tried several of the classes, but found them all a bit much at my age. The pool was filled with wall to wall women who just seemed to want to gossip. The elliptical seemed too easy, and the stair climber too hard. I about gave up. And then I found "my" machine. The AMT - I think it was called. I cranked up the old iPod, and I felt like I was flying. Our love affair lasted for almost two years, and then the weather finally did me in - nearly two feet of snow yesterday. What was I to do? So I dusted off all the old unused exercise equipment and DVDs I had collected over the years and set up my own home gym. And to my surprise I realized that it wasn't the fancy machine - but the music and the movement and yes, the sweating that I had come to love. And as an added bonus - I can now sing along to every song at the top of my lungs. And I still feel like I'm flying. . Report
The one thing I've learned about myself is that cardio is my favorite type of workout. I think that's one of the reasons why, no matter what size I've been, I've never been entirely sedentary. I started life in dance classes, and it's always been the first thing I go back to when I feel like I need to get in shape. Once you're grown up and on a tight budget, though, dance classes are expensive, so I started walking. And then about 3 or 4 years ago, I decided I should start running instead. And now I skate. And skating is really... my happy place. I put my skates on, and I'm excited. I fall. A lot. I'm not very fast. Yet. But I haven't wanted to get better at something and do more of it no matter how bad I am since I studied dance. I want to eventually learn how to dance on my skates, but first I want to master the basics and play roller derby because it's the coolest sport in the world. (My opinion. But really, would you disagree?)

It's everything else - the lifting and conditioning that I still struggle with daily. I force myself to do it, because it's important, and because it helps me skate better. But at least I've found the motivation to do it! LOL! Report
I like doing old fashioned aerobics, walking, hiking and swimming in rivers and lakes. Cardio is addicting! Report
I have wanted to be a runner since I was in college. Even the phys ed credits I had to have for graduation were good - I took running. The thing is, I tended to find that it burned my lungs and legs. It felt good after and sometimes during. But my head wasn't where it needed to be.

I've done eliptical machines. I used to ride bikes semi-competitively. I've done a variety of things. But I always secretly wanted to be a runner.

I tried Couch to 5K several times. But something changed for me about 4 years ago. I picked up Bob Glover's Runners Handbook. I used their training program. I remember reading on their training program that some of their clients would repeat a week or repeat it a couple of times before moving on. So I did that. I chose to progress more slowly. I started eating a hearty breakfast of oatmeal. The days I didn't train to complete the program, I walked the dog for 30-40 minutes.

Then here on spark people, I ran into a comment by Coach Nancy about the run/walk method popularized by Jeff Galloway, Olympic Marathoner. I got an interval timer and started 1:1 walk intervals and got myself up to running 4 miles on my own.

I decided I wanted to train to run a marathon. I found a local running coach who uses the Galloway method. I ran a marathon in December 2012. I learned I prefer half marathons for the longest distance.

Running is my primary cardio. I've started adding cycling back inconsistently in 2014 bu I'm aiming to use it more consistently in 2015 as good cross-training.

The dog? He still likes his daily walks we do on the days we don't run together.

The key that has kept me running? Slowing down. My running coach said - run slow enough that you'd feel stupid if someone saw you. My body grooved on the slower pace for long runs. It was an easy adjustment.

Oh. You are a runner if you run or jog or use walk/run intervals. :) Report
I jog a bit during most workouts but I hate it, use it mostly as a warm up. What i love is the Expresso bicycle machine. Its like a video game, with all different looking/length/difficulty courses. Keeps me from getting bored! Report
I started loving cardio once I noticed how AWFUL I felt on days I missed a workout. I get sluggish, achey, grumpy... Since it's winter, I've found a few machines I love at the gym. A machine called an ArchTrainer (kinda like a ski machine), and also the rowing machine. The calories burned can't be beat, and doing both machines give me a good overall burn. I turn on the music and tune out for an hour. I feel better physically AND mentally. Now that I've become more active, I can't wait for summer!! I always loved hiking and kayaking. Now I want to challenge myself with trail running (with my dog - she's excited too!) and more challenging kayaking. Report
doing zumba ..that was the first time I found out that I like exercise Report
I've always prefered cardio over strength training. My favorites have always been swimming or taking kickboxing classes. However, I recently decided to learn to love running since it seemed like that was the easiest form of exercise to get (you don't need a pool or gym membership). After several months of hard work and determination, I now look forward to most of my runs and feel accomplished each time I set a new time or distance record. Report
For me it was setting goals and reaching them. Ive always hated running but then I also learned that there are more ways to get cardo into a workout. But since running was the reason why I hated cardio I taught my self to love it. Now I look forward to runs, not everyday, but once I get that "runners high" its great! Report
I don't like exercise except swimming which I don't get to do as much as I like. but I do like how regular exercise makes me feel so I do it for the health benefits. Report
I am the odd man out - I still hate, loathe, and despise exercise. I have done it at various times in my life, but I always hated it. Now I have severe arthritis, so running isn't possible. I do still walk, not at a fast pace, again because of the arthritis, but at least I enjoy that enough to do it. Report
I am the odd man out - I still hate, loathe, and despise exercise. I have done it at various times in my life, but I always hated it. Now I have severe arthritis, so running isn't possible. I do still walk, not at a fast pace, again because of the arthritis, but at least I enjoy that enough to do it. Report
I discovered Zumba 11 months ago and love it. I have lost 66lbs. I have tried the gym and frankly got bored. But I love to dance. so today I am going to try Salsa. Report
I got a West Highland White Terrier puppy! He was so full of energy I had to walk him a lot just to keep him happy. He needed about 3 miles a day no matter what the weather! That was in 1984 and I still go out everyday with the Whippets. It's so much fun it dosen't feel like work at all. Report
Now that I know how to swim I love swimming but I wouldn't want to do it every day. I first got hooked on cardio by doing step classes in my college gym. Then I fell in love with cardio kickboxing-I have Turbo Fire and love the challenge and the steps and moving my body to music. I am starting like running-right now I more of a slow jogger but I am going to change that soon! Report
I love Curves cicuit training and Zumba. Love dancing! Report
Love Spinning too! But I'll leave running to others...just have never gotten into that groove as yet. Cycling, walking ./ Nordic walking and elliptical are my other preferred cardio outlets. ALSO I find if I do my strength training at a good clip with little / no rests I work up a good sweat too which I'm sure means there is cardio benefit along with strength benefit.

Don, Co-Leader of All Health Professionals, Binghamton Area Losers and Laid Off But Staying Strong SparkTeams Report
I heard about this idea so I pushed my bike into the living room! Now I watch my favorite TV shows while riding my recumbent bike. I remember doing this years ago at the health club. They had TV's with closed caption in front of the cardio machines. Why didn't I remember this sooner? (sigh) Report
I love the pool, and bike riding. I have learned to walk on all of the trails around our house. I go with my husband and my dog. I feel so good, after, I do these things. They all feel like play, to me. Report
I'm lucky in that I've always enjoyed sports, so learning to love cardio came natural to me. In recent years, I'm trying to incorporate lots of variety into my weekly workouts, including treadmill, stationary bike, bicycling, elliptical, tennis and yoga. My FAVORITE thing in the world, however, is to combine cardio with nature. I LOVE to hike! I also load my bike up and take it to nature trails. Report
The question is how. When I was military I had to do PT every morning at 4:00 AM. Report
Walking was always my mainstay as its the way I get around not being able to drive. I have always loved cardio, first started with water aerobics and then when I qualified for a free liesure card for my city's fitness facilities discovered a whole new world of fitness classes and fun, from Boxercise to Zumba!! Report
Initially, I hated it! Now I absolutely can't see not doing "something". I have found many activities I enjoy and like to challenge myself. A few are water aerobics, dancing, I am a wii fit junkie, I like a walk. I have been given some nordic walking poles I am anxious to try. I am not very strong, so I stick to the basics. Report
Love those water aerobics! Especially good for us seniors, but surely good for everyone!
I don't watch TV as a rule, but will watch a couple of game shows while riding recumbent bike.
I walk as a sense of duty and do enjoy it when on paved roads, not gravel like the one where we live in the summer. Report
I've always liked walking, but couldn't get into running, no matter how many times I started C25K. Now that I'm doing intervals at my own pace, I'm actually running more, and enjoying it more. Report
Exercise is my reward for the day. I usually schedule it to fall at the end of the day in the late afternoon. The early part of the day is usually for "mind" work and mundane things that have to be accomplished. Exercise is the release for the day--where I don't have to "think".....just "do". I used to love running and high impact step in my younger days, but now my two favorite forms of cardio are spinning class and elliptical or arc trainer. Spinning is great because of the music and the teacher telling you what to do -- oh yeah -- add more resistance! Match the beat! I do the elliptical or arc on days when a spinning class is not available but I still need the motivating music on my ipod. Report
I enjoy the elliptical the most! My workout is not complete without it. Report
I have been dying to try a spinning class. I think I would really enjoy it. I plan on going this Sunday! Report
I would swim daily if I had a pool, since I love the water. Report
I started out with running, but I really had to push myself to go for a run. Then I discovered that I could walk briskly almost as fast as I could run and I enjoyed it a whole lot more. Report
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