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A couple of weeks ago,  I blogged about how I normally work out alone, whether I'm at the gym or at home. I also shared my concerns that I had about taking fitness classes and asked for recommendations for getting over those concerns. I was impressed by the amazing amount of positive and supportive comments, along with the fitness class recommendations that were made on that blog and I truly thank each and every one of you that left a comment! In response to those wonderful comments that you all left on that blog, I wanted to write another blog to let you know what I have done since then.
In the last couple weeks, I have taken 4 different types of fitness classes at my gym AND I have been to some of them twice! Yes, I stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to try something new. I have to tell you, it is something that I have enjoyed so much and can't wait for my next fitness class. Now, I haven't tried anything with choreography (Zumba or any other dance-style class), but I have been doing some HIIT, TRX, Core Conditioning & Functional Fitness (think circuit training) classes. These have fit my style perfectly and I have made many new friends through this process. Also, just as many of you commented on my previous blog, the instructors and other people taking the classes have been very friendly and accepting of me and other new people taking the classes. Of course, that requires patience, as we I ask a lot of questions to make sure I have proper form and doing things properly in general.
So what has this taught me? Challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone can be a great thing! I certainly have been missing out on a lot of fun fitness classes, but I'm having a blast now! A quote by Fred Devito that Coach Nicole shared on Facebook yesterday is one that I think applies here: "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." When I saw that post come up in my Facebook news feed, I thought, "what perfect timing!" Even though I am getting used to the fitness classes that I have been taking (and will continue to take), I am constantly challenging myself by going and doing new things in each class (each one is never the same as before) AND I will soon be giving Zumba a try. Talk about a challenge for me -- but I love the challenge and now I know that I should not be concerned if I get everything right. I should just go and have fun and enjoy the challenge and change that comes with it.

So tell me, what are you doing to challenge yourself today? How about this week or month? Are you stepping out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself?

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    I'm stepping out of my comfort zone too & not taking my health for granted. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. ScArY! I have some health issues that I've been avoiding for quite a while & now I've got some additional concerns. I may as well find out what is going on so I continue to move in the right direction. BTW-You're gonna LOVE ZUMBA baby!! - 5/3/2012   7:38:09 AM
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    It's wonderful that your fitness classes have turned out to be such a positive experience. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! - 5/3/2012   7:11:15 AM
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    I'm learning to speak Italian. - 5/3/2012   6:42:24 AM
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    My box is just the opposite of yours in that I would rather be in a class than exercise by myself. I just don't feel as self-conscious when I can disappear in a crowd of people pushing themselves as hard as I am pushing myself. It's energizing! Right now joining a gym is not an option, so outside my box means finding motivation on the treadmill or in front of the tv. - 5/3/2012   6:24:17 AM
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    I'll be looking to PR my marathon by at least 10 minutes this Sunday. 4+ hours of pain. - 5/3/2012   6:16:36 AM

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