Poll: Have You Ever Taken a Water Aerobics Class?


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Three summers ago, I ventured into the world of water aerobics. This was one class I was certain I could do well in and if not, no one would notice or so I thought. Never having had the grace or the agility to feel comfortable in a step aerobics class, I decided to take the leap and see where this class would lead me.

So I donned my swimsuit and hit the pool on a cool Monday morning in May when the outdoor pool officially opened at my gym. While I was one of the younger participants in the class, I found the ladies and gentlemen in the class to be full of vim and vigor. They welcomed me with open arms and were eager to share what equipment I would need. I gathered up the noodle, the webbed gloves, elastic bands and weights and then slowly inched my way into the very cold water of the pool. I kept thinking that the water was way too cold to exercise in, but I later found out why. YOU WORK HARD and don’t even realize it.

The instructor, Alexis, was full of energy as the disco tunes from back in my day echoed across the pool. We started with a nice warm-up of jogging in place for approximately five minutes and that’s when the fun began. We moved from the rocking horse to side steps with the elastic bands wrapped around our ankles then on to jumping jacks. We were then instructed in the great art of backs to bellies. This exercise involves floating on your back and then bringing your knees to your chest and flipping over to your belly. Something that looked quite easy when someone else was doing it became quite the challenge for me. I think it took me almost 2 weeks of classes to finally master this technique.

Soon afterward, we jogged from one end of the pool as we raced to the other side high-fiving our classmates along the way. This was followed by bicep curls with weights that merely floated on the water before class but now felt like cinder blocks as we worked hard to keep them below the surface of the water. I spent so much time laughing that I truly did not believe the workout I had spent the better part of an hour participating in gave me much benefit. That was until the next day when I discovered muscles I never knew could hurt after just ‘playing in the water.’

Each summer since, I have ventured back outside to visit old friends I see only three months out of the year, but what fun it is. So now that May is here, I am looking forward to getting back to the pool. And the next time anyone tells you they take water aerobics, I beg you not to snicker until you give it a shot, it is much harder than it looks—trust me.

Have you ever taken a water aerobics class? If not, would you consider taking one? What would be the reason not to?

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  • 415
    One of the main exercises I am still able to do for any duration. And thankfully the place I go is an Indoor pool, so I can go year-round. (only been going a few months so far). Not only that, but it is a heated pool with SALT WATER which is easier on the skin & hair and it adds buoyancy. - 8/22/2017   4:02:56 PM
  • 414
    Love water aerobics, do it on a reg at out local fitness center - 7/19/2013   2:24:28 PM
    You really do sweat in water ! Water exercise - helpd me to learn how to walk again- prior to a serious accident - I swam five miles every morning prior to work. I damaged both of my legs , when the surgeries where compeleted and cast removed - it was the water that helped me walk again. The water has less impact on your knees and feet. The workout are intense but , refreshing ! - 12/9/2012   12:14:03 PM
  • 412
    I have taken water aerobics. I enjoy it. However, I prefer land classes, and the water classes are always at the same time as the land classes at my gym. - 9/9/2010   8:23:05 AM
  • KRAGS1
    I have been doing water aerobics in my apartment pool using an audio workout purchased from Water Gym, a flotation belt, and heart monitor. I am amazed at what a good workout it is. My heart rate stays between 120 and 130 for most of the 40 minutes. It is said that your heart rate is about 10 beats slower because of the water effect. I wish I had started earlier this summer as now the water will get cooler every week into the fall. I am seriously thinking about getting a wet suit so I can do this all winter I am loving it so much. BTW I have been lurking on SP for quite some time, but this is my very first post. I bought the book, set up my page, and intend to lose 30 lbs by Christmas!!!! - 9/7/2010   6:24:19 AM
    I do water aeorbics 5days a week at our condo pool, a group of ladies,the aqua divas, rise and shine at 830am till 930am. our ages range from the fifties to the nintys, lots of fun. - 9/6/2010   7:03:08 AM
  • 409
    I tried a water aerobics class a few years ago, and it was good, but my work schedule doesn't allow me to go to a pool and do that on a regular basis. Also, the chlorine messes up my hair and skin, and I can't wear a bathing cap because I have a large head and those things are torture to get on, give me a headache, and look incredibly stupid. I have a pool in the back yard, so I do my own water aerobics sometimes, but again, the chlorine in the pool is a big drawback, and because I'm a redhead, I have to be very careful about sun exposure. I've heard of salt water pools or pools with a high Ph that don't use chlorine, but don't know of any that are accessible to the public for free. - 6/24/2010   11:24:43 AM
  • 408
    yes and loved it until I tore my rotator cuff. - 2/10/2010   11:11:42 AM
    I did water aerobics for 2 years and it saved me! The first time my arthritic knees and sore back got in the water I squealed to my roommate that "This is the first time in years I have been able to walk and feel free." You can't imagine the feeling of the weight being taken off joints and spine in the water. Of course, that first time was in the dark at our complex's pool - alone, wearing shorts and tee shirt. Guess what - NO ONE cares what you look like in a water aerobics class. You see all shapes, sizes, post-mastectomy, crippled with arthritis, fit and trim. The most important thing is to get in the water - in whatever you feel comfortable in - shorts and shirt, water leggings, one piece, lots of people wear bras under suits (Ah, the ravages of gravity!). I had two knee replacements and lost 80 pounds in that two years - and, yes, that makes my thighs pretty loose and STILL NO ONE cares. I stopped the classes only because I now work with a personal trainer in the pool and find it completely different in terms of very tailored strength and fitness. But I do miss the camaraderie of the water aerobics classes. Everyone is always so friendly and encouraging. Oh, and you don't get wet hair or ruined makeup if you chose not to - REALLY, you can workout and it is easier and more convenient than you think. - 2/8/2010   6:30:54 PM
  • 406
    I did take a water aerobics class with a friend a few years ago, and a deep water fitness class at a gym I lived close to about 4 years ago. I loved both of those classes. Two pleasant surprises for me were that I was not the only 'younger' person in either of those classes, and they were a much better workout than I would have guessed. - 2/7/2010   2:36:19 PM
  • 405
    I have taken water aerobics and I loved it. I am saddened that I can't take it any longer because I have moved so far from the pool so now I have to go to the Y to get into the classes. I can't swin but I like to do the water exercises. If anyone is thinking about doing it is a great thing. Go for it... - 2/6/2010   3:57:38 PM
  • 404
    I took a water aerobic class for several seasons a few years ago with my mother. She had been taking the class for a long time, I was new to town and living with my parents while house hunting. There was one person younger, one other about my age, and most Mom's age and older. I was surprised to really enjoy the class--it was terrific and the only reason I stopped attending was that I couldn't get to the class on time once I moved to my new home.

    There were women of all sizes in the class and even one older man, everyone in the class was friendly. It was an excellent workout--it was easy to make the workout more or less challenging.

    Also, there are a wide variety of suits worn--regular one piece suits, the 2 piece suits with shorts and even some wore the suits with long swim pants.

    I need to do this again!! - 2/6/2010   12:29:18 PM
    I am going to go to water arobics in about 3 weeks. I am retiring and I thought might be a good place to start. Especially since my knee and back are weak. - 2/6/2010   12:01:35 PM
  • 402
    I took a water aerobics class when I was pregnant with my last child. It was important to me that I get lots of good exercise while carrying my daughter, and I knew that exercising in the water would put less stress on my joints and my growing abdomen. In a class of approximately 15 people, I was the youngest. I didn't let it bother me, though, and everyone was so sweet to me, especially the older ladies. They loved sharing their pregnancy and birthing stories with me! I did enjoy the class, and learned a few exercises that I continue to do in the water today. I don't know that I'll take another water aerobics class in the near future, though...I'm more at home in my cardio step classes! - 2/6/2010   9:05:48 AM
  • 401
    My doctor has recommended that I take a water aerobics class to help my DJD knee pain but I am not ready to be seen in a swimsuit in public. My 85 year old mom loves her water aerobics class at the Y. - 2/6/2010   9:04:58 AM
  • 400
    No, I've never considered taking a Water Aerobics Class. However, I live in the Caribbean and love going to the beach, and whenever I'm at the beach I tend to do lots of exercises in the water. It's fun and you do 'feel the burn' the next day. - 2/6/2010   8:20:39 AM
    I have always wanted to take a water aerobics class. After reading this I will be looking for a location to give it a try...SOON!
    ~Sue~ - 2/5/2010   9:00:46 PM
    I have not take a class per say but does getting together with friends in a pool to workout count? - 2/5/2010   3:20:20 PM
  • 397
    No...but would like to; especially since it wouldn't cause my knees to hurt later. - 2/5/2010   2:47:18 PM
    I did many many years ago but have been to embarrassed to put on a suit for so long now that even though I live where we have a pool and I have free access to it 4 months a year I have not even gone now for 8 years. Maybe I will try the Y where no one knows me. - 7/24/2009   9:23:00 PM
    I took water aerobics, the water temperature was fine, but my joints ached the time because it felt cold to me and I had to constantly move my legs which I do out of water anyway.I had to stop, it was just too painful. - 6/22/2009   9:36:32 AM
    I have tried water aerobics class it was allot of fun but the place I went to was to expensive so I stopped going. - 6/7/2009   10:03:36 PM
  • 393
    I would say you feel "refreshingly exhausted" after a water aerobics class. I love them. - 6/6/2009   11:01:32 PM
  • FLOWER012
    I have taken a class at the YMCA, it was fun. - 6/4/2009   7:56:58 AM
  • 391
    When I lived in CA, the local recreation department offered Water Aerobics from April to October. I really wanted to take the class, but alas I was working 20 miles away at the times it was offered.
    I always thought the idea sounded like a lot of fun and your description makes me want to find a public pool up here that offers it.
    - 6/3/2009   3:32:53 PM
  • 390
    I'm actually going to start water aerobics on June 12th. Looking forward to it. - 6/1/2009   1:47:14 PM
    have never tried water aerobics, but would love to. - 5/30/2009   9:39:10 AM
  • 388
    I have taken water aerobics class, and I loved it. - 5/29/2009   4:53:03 PM
  • 387
    I tried it and loved it, even though I am not a water person. It helped me get a lot more comfortable in the water. I really liked 3 things about it: 1) you don't feel hot and sweaty, 2) no one can really see how fat/thin or graceful/clumsy you are, and 3) the time goes by much faster (for me) than with other forms of working out. I was truly sad when I had to quit going because the club stopped offering child care. I still regret it but there was nothing else I could do. I'm still working on replacing this wonderful exercise activity. - 5/29/2009   11:08:41 AM
  • 386
    I have never taken a water aerobics course before. Would love to, but they had always been offered while I'm at work. Now our Club is not offering them, because they can't find an instructor. But I do what I thought was a good workout in the pool (until I ready what everyone else seems to be doing)

    I certainly enjoy my time walking and jogging in the pool. - 5/29/2009   9:49:46 AM
    Not only have a taken a water aerobics class last june I became certified to teach water aerobics and in August of 2008 I began teaching a class at the local boys and girls club. This is not just a summer sport/exercise program this is a year round lifestyle. This past wednesday was the last day of the boys and girls club evening water aerobics class (they don't offer it over the summer) and I saw dramatic changes in many of the participants. One woman came up to me and said "look Kat no more jigglies" as she raised her arm. She went on to say how now she felt comfortable wearing sleveless shirts. Another woman told me she dropped 2 dress sizes since Sept. and one young lady (80 Years Old) told me how please her doctor was with her increased mobility. Water Fitness is a wonderful thing, and I encourage everyone to go out there and try it. P.S. there is a photo of my Aqua Divas and Dude Class on my Sparks web page. - 5/29/2009   9:40:01 AM
    When I was pregnant, I attended water aerobics at our city's health club. I remembered my grandmother doing it in the 80's and I thought it was for little old ladies. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually a good workout. And like the author of the blog, I found the "little old ladies" to be such good company. When the class ended in September, I was 37 weeks pregnant. They threw me a mini shower and came to see us in the hospital! No one from my spin or BodyPump class would do that! I loved my water aerobics time, and will totally do it again this summer. - 5/29/2009   8:23:05 AM
  • 383
    I love this form of exercise. I got three times a week. - 5/28/2009   8:44:19 PM
    Yes I have - from several gyms and multiple teachers. The teacher makes all the difference in the world! The best one I ever had was in her late 50s (my age). She worked us hard, but it was fun with amazing results. I don't like to sweat, so water aerobics is the ticket! I highly recommend it. Only down side is the chemicals in the pool....yuck! - 5/28/2009   5:30:33 PM
  • 381
    Yes I have, I really enjoy my summer forays into water aerobics. - 5/28/2009   4:41:28 PM
  • 380
    I have tried to make myself do this. I feel like I'm to big to show any skin with others. I'm so vain I guess but, my Doc tells me this is the best for Fibromalgia people. - 5/28/2009   3:35:38 PM
  • 379
    sounds like fun, but it would cost me to much, between day care, classes and membership fees. - 5/28/2009   3:12:16 PM
  • JAS22308
    I used to teach water aerobics and I loved it because i was able to get my heart rate up and still go easy on my knees. I had knee surgery 8 years ago and it was really nice to get the resistance of the water but still know I was being good to my body. If you can find the right class its totally worth it! - 5/28/2009   1:26:28 PM
  • 377
    Is fantastic - 5/28/2009   10:31:44 AM
  • 376
    water aerobics is my FAVORITE fitness class!!! i am usually the youngest there (27), but the older women there give me LOTS of inspiration, and are in unbelievable shape! i have been doing water aerobics for about 2 years or more now, our class is fairly basic, I wish we used more of the equipment that is available at other facilities. We just use weights and noodles. In the summer, we use the outdoor pool, which has a lazy river, and we do our jogs, etc against the current which is a GREAT workout! i wish more people would take the thought of this class more seriously, its fun and is a good calorie burn! - 5/28/2009   10:29:27 AM
  • 375
    I would love to take a class. I don't remember taking one, and I'd have to look around for something like this in my city. - 5/28/2009   9:49:59 AM
  • 374
    I took water aerobics for about 4 years and it was very beneficial. I started when I was about 61, most of the ladies in the class were older than me and looking great. I quit about 6 months ago feeling I had too much to do taking care of my elderly dad ... but I need to get back to it. My arthritis is worse, my limping is worse and my weight is higher. I need to do that for me! It is the most fun I can have! And it isn't expensive, only requires a bathing suit! Thanks for reminding me! - 5/28/2009   9:39:40 AM
  • 373
    I gave up on water arobics because the people were all unfriendly and I felt out of place. After reading all the coments I AM GOING TO GO AT A DIFFERENT TIME AND TRY AGAIN. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. - 5/28/2009   1:48:50 AM
  • 372
    I signed up with my friend from work for a class this spring. We're the youngest by about 20 years, but we have so much fun! - 5/27/2009   11:23:21 PM
  • 371
    I have been lucky because I work with seniors and get to take them to water aerobics occasionally. I get to join in with them in class and they are so fun! - 5/27/2009   7:00:24 PM
  • 370
    Yes and loved them, but could not afford the gym anymore. Now I do them in my pool during summer, a nice treat. - 5/27/2009   3:28:21 PM
  • 369
    Yes and I just loved it! With knee problems it made exercising so confortable for me. I moved away from the area though and where I live now there is none available. - 5/27/2009   2:35:12 PM
  • 368
    I have never tried one of these classs but I have lifeguarded and watched the class. I have found that the degree to which you work is up to you. The instructors tend to do the basic excercises and be encouraging, but you can work at your own pace. - 5/27/2009   11:30:14 AM
  • 367
    I love water aerobics. Too bad I moved too far from the gym where I did it. - 5/27/2009   10:10:24 AM
  • 366
    Yes, one year ago, my husband and I started taking water aerobics classes through our community rec. center. They are held at the high school natatorium, so the water is very cool, (78 to 80 degrees), but after about 5 minutes we are working so hard, it is no longer cold. At the time, was the only knind of exercize my husband was able to do, but now he is able to walk and work out along with me, but we still go to the water aerobics classes twice week. We love them. You have so much fun, you don't realize how hard you are working and the hour just flies by. - 5/27/2009   8:29:59 AM

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