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I recently read that more doctors are prescribing yoga, meditation and other mind-body therapies to their patients. As a yoga teacher and student, this thrills me. Though I came to yoga on my own (actually at the urging of a friend), I think it's great that health-care professionals are recommending it for their patients. I believe that everyone, young and old, regardless of weight, can benefit from yoga and meditation.
br>When I was plagued with lower back trouble in my early 20s, I was "prescribed" Pilates--not quite an alternative treatment or a mind-body therapy, but it definitely felt nontraditional to me at the time. I'm so grateful that my doctor suggested it. I still enjoy Pilates, and the exercises are a great supplement to yoga.

These days about 1 in 30 Americans use prescribed mind-body therapies, which surprised researchers.

You can read the whole story here, and in the meantime, I want to know:

Have you ever tried a mind-body therapy such as yoga, meditation or Tai Chi? If so, was it prescribed?

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Have you ever tried a mind-body therapy such as yoga, meditation or Tai Chi? If so, was it "prescribed"?

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  • 24
    With a sore hip my doctor suggested a number of yoga stretches rather than going for P.T. - 2/21/2017   7:11:58 AM
    Hi RENEETC1: I am fairly new to sparks, but have been seeing this type of concern expressed about yoga fairly frequently, but it is based on some misunderstandings... yoga is a practice, not a religion, and there are so many teachers nowadays who are also Christian (myself included). Yoga not only does not conflict with any religion, and is only as spiritually based as you want it to be, but it is actually complimentary to most religions, at least ones that believe in kindness, compassion, faith, etc. There are even Christian BASED yoga classes opening around the nation due to the increasing evidence of the huge benefits of yoga practice and to avoid the stigma of it being a conflict. Yoga truly is a wonderful thing for your mind, body and spirit and I find it parallels my faith - it would be a shame for you to miss out on that due to that misunderstanding. It may have originated in another country, but it has become quite separate (for better or worse) from its origins. Don't let the sanskrit names of poses (asanas) fool you! The foundation or principles guiding yoga practice (separate from other limbs of yoga entirely) parallel the teachings of the bible very nicely. God bless and namaste :) - 8/4/2012   10:46:40 AM
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    I've been doing yoga (Iyengar) for over 10 years. It's just a part of my life. - 8/22/2011   10:09:20 AM
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    I love Yoga! Great for sore muscles and a nice addition to running ~ also good for my head :-D - 6/28/2011   10:39:44 PM
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    I have never tried yoga or tai chi, and probably won't, especially yoga, which comes from the Eastern religions. As a Christian, I feel I would be going into areas which would be harmful. - 5/23/2011   8:34:50 AM
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    This will make you feel good, yoga was first perscribed to me by my doctors in 1967. Since then most of my doctors have perscribed yoga, tai chi and meditation instead of pain pills, anxiety pills and anti-depressents. The first did not want to start me on pain pills so young as they would be useless by 30 to 40 years of age, and I would have spent the remaining 50 or so years not being able to get any relief. After that I explained to my doctors that I preferred not to take the pills and that was the result.
    So this is not a new thing, or I had some really great doctors in many states. - 5/22/2011   5:20:03 PM
    I think the only thing to worry about is the quality of the instructor. Some are incompetent and make the customers do something they can't or that is hurting them; yoga isn't supposed to hurt, so if the instructor is pushing too much, choose someone else. - 5/20/2011   1:40:49 PM
    My orthopedic surgeon recommended yoga after an accident where my hip was broken and he did a half hip replacement. I've tried yoga but don't have the flexibility to get in the child's pose and would love to take a class for beginners and one that helps people with restrictions. - 5/19/2011   9:55:54 PM
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    I have RA and fibro plus neuropathy and balance problems. My doctor did "prescribe" Tai Chi. However, in dealing with high pain levels, my preference is energy work, specifically Reiki. - 5/19/2011   6:45:37 PM
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    A few years ago I was suffering from situational depression. I went to the doctor who prescribed medication but not as a first line of defense. She and talked at length about other options. We both agreed that the meds would be used only as needed but I should go see a therapist. Well, it was during one of my sessions that meditation and yoga came up. The therapist gave me the name of a yoga instructor and the rest is history. I have enjoyed my weekly yoga classes for about a year or so and love to practice on my own. I have downloaded guided meditation albums and yoga videos to my iPod since I travel a lot for work. It has really worked to keep me sane!! - 5/19/2011   3:37:46 PM
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    I have been given a prescription to take Yoga class to help relieve my back pain and to try to increase my flexibility. It really helped to relieve some of the pain and helped a little bit to improve my range of motion but my severe arthritis prevents much increase. I now use the yoga in my daily exercise routine. - 5/19/2011   9:07:21 AM
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    My doctor gave me a "letter of medical necessity" on my government flex spending account's (FSA) required form. The letter essentially was the prescription for yoga to relieve back pain due to arthritis and increase hip flexibility to prevent me from developing the shuffling walk of the aged. He included the required diagnosis codes. He signed and dated the form. He did what he was supposed to do. My U.S. Government FSA denied the claim. That's MY tax dollars being wasted by MY government, because I had to run out and get some not-so-necessary but "approved" procedures done to get back the money I had put into MY FSA for MY health. Rant over, off soapbox. - 5/19/2011   7:29:05 AM
    I think separating treatments in to alternative and regular is wrong. There is medicine that works, and medicine that does not work. Yoga works to relieve stess prevent heart attacks etc. It does not cure cancer or anything but it is very good at what it does do. Excercise is a medical treatment but it is not "alternative" and doctors prescribe it all the time. - 5/19/2011   5:37:50 AM
    I have this argument with my husband as he does not see pilates or yoga to use weight. - 5/18/2011   8:21:16 PM
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    I did something taught by a dance teacher called balpi. Ballet and pilates. I loved it. But I can't find it any more and it was GREAT for my back! - 5/18/2011   6:48:06 PM
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    I haven't tried mind body therapy yet. I plan to. - 5/18/2011   5:09:11 PM
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    Yes, my general physician suggested I try yoga to help relieve stress. It has definitely helped me to become flexible and has strengthened me too! - 5/18/2011   10:23:41 AM
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    Shortly after completing treatment for breast cancer, I began practicing both tai chi and yoga and have found both to be extremely beneficial in helping me focus and relax. They're also great for recovery and healing. - 5/18/2011   10:05:32 AM
    I have tried both yoga and tai chi, I use a combination of both. - 5/18/2011   9:16:04 AM
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    I saw a GI specialist about 10 years ago. She diagnosed my issues as being stress related and prescribed yoga. I've never been able to keep up with it regularly, but whenever I start getting overly stressed, I pick it back up. - 5/18/2011   9:05:36 AM
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    I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. I began because I was curious.
    I have also done pilates, Kabbala dreaming, different types of meditation, even a kundalini workshop with my partner.
    All these therapies serve to engage all of my senses in alignment, healing, balance.
    And by gosh, I need that! - 5/18/2011   7:55:59 AM
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    Yoga was reccommended to me by my counsellor to help relieve stress. I am currently looking for a beginner's dvd. - 5/18/2011   7:41:08 AM
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    I'm a counsellor, psychotherapist and yoga teacher. I recommend that (where appropriate) my clients practise yoga as an adjunct to therapy. It is calming, grounding and enhances self-awareness and the release of blocked emotion. At times it has the effect of 'turbo-charging' the therapy process - 5/18/2011   7:18:44 AM
    I've tried meditation and tai chi in a class setting, but have very little experience in yoga/pilates. The only alternative therapy I've been prescribed was acupuncture for lower back pain. - 5/18/2011   6:16:02 AM

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