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Last week, I was catching up on my emails newsletters, one of which I get from Shape magazine. Within it, a short slideshow of celebrity couples who work out together caught my eye. (Who knows whether these photos were capturing actual workouts or simply "active" time the couples were spending together—there is a difference!—but I digress.) While the famous duos captured on film varied in location, age and level of stardom, the activities they all did together were very similar—lots of running, walking and hiking.

This led me to wonder: Do you ever work out with your significant other or is that just something celebrities do?

My fiancé and I have been together for more than five years now and from the beginning, exercise has been an important part of both of our lives—as it was even before we met. This means that while we can sometimes go to the gym together, we're usually doing our own thing while we're there. While I prefer running and Pilates, he's much more into strength training and skimps on the cardio. Most often, we are exercising, but in totally different places and at different times of day. While we encourage each other to balance out or workouts—I tell him cardio is important and he makes sure I don’t neglect weight training—we don't typically "work out" together by doing the same routine or exercises. However, we do try to be active together in other ways: hitting the trails for a hike, walking the dog, riding our bikes, working in the yard and garden, and occasionally running a race together.

Still, I'm happy that we can both share a passion for fitness, even if we don't share workout time. After all, fitting healthy habits into your busy life can cause you to make tough choices, often sacrificing time away from your friends and loved ones. Hitting the gym instead of watching TV with your partner or choosing to cook a meal at home instead of dining out with friends aren't always an easy choices to make. The more you can try to involve your significant other, family and friends in your healthy lifestyle, the easier it will be to make the right choices each day.

How about you: Do you ever exercise with your significant other (or family or friends)? If not, do you prefer it that way or do you wish he or she would be more involved in your workouts?

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  • 218
    My boyfriend and I keep each other in check when it comes to working out. We don't like doing the same things (I enjoy doing different aerobic/kickboxing DVDs at home and he likes to run), but we try to set aside some time every day for us to each do our workouts at the same time. By the time I'm all done with my 40-min DVD, he's back from his run. - 10/20/2010   11:55:35 AM
  • 217
    I wish we would at least walk together but he won't not even to walk the dog. He's a courier and thinks he gets enough exercise at work. - 7/20/2010   11:15:14 AM
  • 216
    My partner and I jog together 3x a week. Its great bonding time and we love being cheerleaders for each other!! - 7/2/2010   2:39:59 PM
  • 215
    My husband and I don't currently work out together. First, he doesn't work out at all. He says it's because "he does a lot of physical activity" at work. I've tried to tell him that burning calories lifting boxes isn't the same as a regimented "work-out" at the gym.

    We have, however, joined a fitness challenge at our job. It's Tour de Route 66. Every 10 minutes of exercise earns you 2 miles on the Route 66 map (running between Tulsa and Texola in Oklahoma). We've made it a competition ... which one of us can get to the finish line first? - 6/29/2010   11:13:51 AM
  • 214
    We use to walk together all the time while we were on campus together, but life got in the way and it stopped. We've recently started going to the Y together though! As far as Cardio... he's getting use to treadmills and all, so he bounces about 10-15 minutes! Which, at least he's working out... even if not for long. :) While I do the treadmill for a straight 65 minutes. However, when we hit the weight machines, we go together! Help each other count... and encourage to keep going.. or to move up.. (or down in his case... think he's stronger than he is... LOL) I love that it's something we're doing together though. Makes it that much easier to stick with it. - 6/26/2010   11:37:25 AM
  • CYNDI758
    I walk with my husband and take Zumba with friends. Working out with someone else helps me to commit and not back out of my exercise committment. - 6/24/2010   5:27:05 PM
  • 212
    Yes! My husband JMan and I are in our 3rd week of an intensive 6-wk BOOT CAMP run by Marines. Originally, he wanted to take a "supporting role" when I signed up, but I insisted that he needed to do it with me, and we both agree that it was the BEST decision we ever made. We motivate each other, have some fun 'competition' going, help each other get out of bed in the morning, and are enjoying the special bonding and boost to our marriage relationship. My advise to everyone is to find a way to work out with your partner! - 6/24/2010   2:42:27 PM
  • 211
    My hubby rides the bike while I walk; he can't physically walk too much. Glad he's nearby to handle the dog-chasing stick. Sometimes we go to the beach and he'll sit and people-watch while I walk. - 6/23/2010   8:51:08 PM
  • IN102WIN
    No, my fiancÚ doesn't really need to lose any weight as he's the tall, slender one. Also our scheules does not permit it either.
    Maybe some day we can do it together! - 6/23/2010   12:13:41 PM
  • 209
    My husband loves working out and gives me much energy but letting me do my own thing and strength training with him.... I love biking, although he doesn't he came with me and now we do spinning once a week! - 6/22/2010   10:56:11 AM
  • 208
    My husband's work schedule doesn't permit us to exercise together but he has expressed several times, as I have, how we wish we were able to exercise together but we give each other constant encouragement even though we don't "see" the progress to keep each other motivated! - 6/22/2010   12:32:21 AM
  • 207
    My husband and I exercise at the same time but not always together. Like QUEENBEME said, I am so much shorter than my husband when we hike (something we started doing at the beginning of this year) I hold him back...so... I let him go ahead and it just makes me hustle that much harder to try to keep up ( he is usally waiting for me at some point)...but most mornings I walk for an hour outside while listening to my ipod, sometimes we pass each other while doing that ( I always feel good when I'm running when that happens). We have a home gym so there are times when we both exercise at the same time but usually doing different things. Today he lifted weights while I rode the recumbent bike. - 6/21/2010   12:12:37 PM
  • 206
    My husband won't exercise unless I do it with him :p So yes, we exercise together! I love him too much to let his health go by the wayside. - 6/21/2010   11:11:35 AM
  • 205
    My Husband and I are OTR team truck drivers and we were just discussing before I read this going to Walmart and buying a medicine ball so we can stop at rest areas when we have the time and doing exercises together like throwing the ball to one another ect... I cant wait it sounds like a fun way to lose weight together. - 6/21/2010   6:56:47 AM
  • 204
    nope, i have a family membership and he wont do it so i have a workout buddy.. i think we have the most fun - 6/21/2010   4:08:18 AM
  • 203
    NEVER he has more excuses than I do as to why it is not a good time to work out etc. If I count on him it sabotages me so nope not together on this one. - 6/20/2010   8:59:42 PM
  • 202
    I never work out with my husband. He doesn't like to work out. I'm hoping as some stress leaves our life he will start taking some hikes with me. I play soccer with my son and hike with him and his girlfriend. I take walks with one friend and biking and jogging with another. It's so much more fun to do it with someone! - 6/20/2010   12:44:12 PM
  • 201
    I hike with my dog, horse and husband - 6/20/2010   11:19:28 AM
  • 200
    I work out with my BFF, (Best Furry Friend), my dog and I have logged some serious mileage. - 6/20/2010   9:31:43 AM
  • 199
    My husband is very sweet and supportive. He will walks or hikes with me every day, his work scheule allowing. Sometimes he even rearranges work to get home so we can walk our ususal 5 miler. I feel bad, because I know I am slowing him down. He's a distance runner, and he's a foot taller than I am, so I take two steps to his every one. I have tried running, and I just don't get the form or the breathing, so I stick to walking... Still I feel bad for holding him back. - 6/20/2010   9:10:48 AM
  • 198
    Hubby and I like to go on walks and hikes quite often.

    Unfortunately, my husband has a bum ankle which prevents him from running with me. I want to run more, but I have to do that myself. - 6/19/2010   8:56:31 PM
  • 197
    Due to our schedules we do not work out together. On occassion we will go to the Y, but once inside we go our seperate ways. - 6/19/2010   3:35:38 PM
    We often walk together most days, but he likes to ride his bike and go to the Y, while I hate my bike (it makes my bum numb) and I prefer my aerobics classes and tai chi group, yoga and pilates, which my husband isn't into. We have a room in the basement set up as a gym on his side and dance studio on my side but so far we don't go down there together.
    Norma - 6/19/2010   1:33:02 PM
  • 195
    I do! and I love it! We mainly run together but its awesome, great support and motivation, plus its so much fun! Running is always better in numbers! - 6/19/2010   12:03:58 PM
    I have to do it myself. No friends that work out, no friends that exercise at all. It make thing really difficult some days. Oh well, who needs 'em. I'll do it myself. - 6/19/2010   11:39:24 AM
  • SUSANGO123
    No way because, my boyfriend in general is just lazy. So, out of the two of us, I am far more active. For him, if he wants any exercise, he will tend to play sports with the boys when he feels like it. However, he eats too much and is rather sporadic with his exercise. Any suggestions on how to get him more active? - 6/19/2010   8:29:15 AM
  • 192
    Sometimes we go to the gym together, though rarely doing the same thing (he tends to do strength training on days when I'm doing cardio). We fence and do yoga together. But I work out alone more often than we do stuff together. - 6/19/2010   12:45:37 AM
  • 191
    I love walking with my husband. We like to walk together but seldom get a chance to. We have 5 kids and now I am back to work plus we have to run 2 of the kids to scouts and 1 of them to dance 4 days a week. Since I just started back to work this week I am struggling to find time to work out. - 6/18/2010   10:20:32 PM
  • 190
    My husband and I enjoy a hobby called "Hashing". We meet with other people and run or walk trails in our area. The trails are usually laid by a group of the runners,(we call them hares) and the rest of us follow the trail they laid and sometimes they are very challenging!

    As for "exercise"... no way on earth I would do that with my DH...he thinks I am funny... not "ha ha" funny, but "funny strange" the way I move my largeness around... so I do not do it when he is near. - 6/18/2010   8:19:44 PM
  • 189
    My fiance and I don't workout together and I really wish we did. Mostly,because I think he needs to get more active for his health. I worry about him! However, my daughters (ages 17 & 9) run with me, or I should say I run with them. We are even running my first 5k, together, in September....hmmm, maybe if I ask my fiance nicely, over and over again, he might be inclined to join us! - 6/18/2010   5:59:36 PM
  • 188
    Yup Nicole, as Bobby said we do everything together. And for a long time! We push each other. If he doesn't feel like going to work out, I just get ready and look like I am going without him. Just about drives him crazy to think I might get a workout in and he doesn't so he usually gets himself moving and comes with me. - 6/18/2010   4:04:51 PM
  • 187
    My husband can only work out in a pool due to a back injury. He even has trouble walking long distances and can only go slowly. No power walking for him. We always go to the gym together and sometimes I do my workout in the pool with him. Most of the time, though, I prefer to use the machines. I wish he was able to use them with me. - 6/18/2010   1:30:12 PM
  • 186
    My cat is a very good example to me for stretching, but not much of a help on cardio or strength training. - 6/18/2010   10:28:41 AM
  • CHUNK40
    My story is a lot like yours. We hike/bike/walk together, but when it comes to working out, he has a free gym at work, I belong to Bally's. I am able to use his work gym (which I may go on a weekend), however, he does his thing and I do mine. - 6/18/2010   9:24:44 AM
  • 184
    One day a week I go walking with my best bud Dennis. We chat, we walk and I am his support person. he's trying to work on his weight. I tell him about good nutrition and that this is a life style change. And the rest of the week I work out alone. It's my "ME" time. But I also tell Dennis about my workouts too. He knows that I lift weights and that I run 6 days a week. - 6/18/2010   9:00:28 AM
  • 183
    We do fast paced 3 mile metro hikes together with her kids and with the golden retreiver. We used to do Leslie walk stuff together but she is so intense at it that we do not do it anymore. - 6/18/2010   7:13:45 AM
  • 182
    My guy bought a motorcycle... I sat on the back for a couple of years until I decided to get a Harley... One may not think that sitting astride a bike is a workout, but I think so... It requires balance, isometric exercies and brute strength... My BlueBelle weighs 575 pounds!

    We recently moved to a warmer climate and have the bikes out as often as possible. I'll tell you, a six hour enjoyable ride can add up to buring 145 calories an hour... and it's fun!! It's great to ride together!! - 6/17/2010   10:55:12 PM
  • 181
    Ethan and I do a ton of stuff together but working out won't ever really be one of them. We have completely different fitness philosophy's and are at completely different levels physically so honestly it just doesn't work well for us. He's probably in better shape than most pro athletes and the few times we did try to exercise together his approach was super hard core....I mean like he could make Jillian Micheals and Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club both curl up into a ball and cry lol. Plus he's a runner and I hate running and he's crazy into weight training and I'm just starting out so..yeah we don't mesh well in that area.

    We do activities together like tennis or hiking, and he's super supportive of my efforts and has helped me a lot with my diet and nutrition and helping me pick and learn how to use equipment, but I'm not going to be doing Crossfit anytime soon and he won't be in a Zumba class anytime in the near future so working out together isn't happening lol.. - 6/17/2010   9:57:38 PM
  • 180
    I have tried everything I can think of to "spark" my husband's interest in exercise. I will do anything he's like, but the problem is that he doesn't want to do anything. It leads to resentment on his part (because I workout by myself or with friends) and frustration on mine. I would consider it a step in the right direction if we were doing different things at the gym, but went together! - 6/17/2010   9:46:55 PM
  • 179
    After being together for 20 years and several failed attempts at working out together we came up with a systerm: Ride to the gym together, kiss goodbye at the door, wink across the gym if you catch each others eye and go home together Same goes for races, we start together, and cheer on the one who finishes last. (usually me). - 6/17/2010   8:45:52 PM
  • 178
    My DH has a membership to the same fitness center I do but, I have only seen him there 3 times. He thinks he gets enough exercise mowing the lawn in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter which is not enough so the answer is no he has no interest in it. I just have to make sure I have a good gettin over the grief fund. - 6/17/2010   8:32:03 PM
    Yes I work out with my Your Significant Other. The girls and I 2 and 10 years old walk every morning before I leave for work and every night when I get home. We average 20-30 kms a week. Course the girls do more than I do as they are always running ahead. And of course I think they sleep most of the day alone at home.

    - 6/17/2010   7:39:51 PM
  • 176
    I'm like Sassi-Spring, minus the fish. When I workout here at home, my cat joins me. We often tear around our home together, & this is a great way to burn off calories. I have no significant other, but, if I did, I'd hope we'd work out together. For now, though, I sometimes get together with a friend or two occasionally. Otherwise, it's just me, & that's fine because I can go my own pace & not worry about going too fast or holding someone else back. - 6/17/2010   4:40:58 PM
    In fact, my husband is more energetic than I am, and he is the ONE who keeps after me to go for walks and etc. Most of the times I don't feel like it, but I am glad that he pushes me to do it or else I would have weighted MUCH more than I do now. - 6/17/2010   4:26:24 PM
    I would love it if my signifigant other joined me in my daily dog walking sessions, but unforunately, he's not interested. He also has some physical limitations right now, but even ifhe were in perfect condition, he wouldn't want to spare the time to walk. I think it would help me stay motivated if I had someone to drag me out when I was in a lazy mood, but unfortunately, I must survive on personal motivation--wanting the health bennies for me and wanting to have a dog that is easier to live with because she's well exercised. I'd ask my sister to be my walking partner, but she and he dog can't keep up with me and my dog (her dog is heavy and strong and when he wants to stop and smell the roses, he does). Oh well, no one ever said that life was fair or that I'd end up with a walking partner. I'll just enjoy the solitute and my happy dog to keep me going. - 6/17/2010   4:00:23 PM
  • 173
    i love working out with my husband! he used to not be an avid exerciser, but he was always active. while we were dating, he started asking to go on runs with me, offered to come and play soccer with the group of people i met up with on weekends.
    that was actually a huge step at the beginning of our relationship that let me know we'd be good together!
    we have different strengths, but going for walks, rollerblading, and playing team sports together allows us to exercise together. although we only work out together a couple of times a week (the rest of the time we do separate things; i'm generally a "don't talk to me i'm exercising" kind of girl, haha), it definitely strengthens our bond. plus, it lets us more actively enjoy our non-workout lives together because we have more energy to offer each other. =) - 6/17/2010   3:41:21 PM
    My husband and I always roller skate and ride our bicycles together. But I usually work out with weights alone and he swims alone. - 6/17/2010   3:15:18 PM
  • 171
    No i have a personal trainer for a while who is my friend and Taekwondo instructor at golds gym. but after that i will be workingout by myself again,
    my husband does not workout with me at all. he works during the day
    in another part of Virginia. - 6/17/2010   3:00:02 PM
  • MLESTER2009
    My husband and I go to different gyms and when we are home, we are both usually too busy to work out together here either. I wish we would do more activities together! - 6/17/2010   2:32:02 PM
  • 169
    I wish my husband would work out with me! We take walks with the dog together and occasionally work out in the pool together, but we rarely work out together and frankly, he needs it! He has a stressful job and is significantly overweight, but feels too exhausted to work out when he gets home and he does get home late! My mother does work out in the pool with me and my belly dance community is a strong system of female friends who all work out together and enjoy each other's company! But, much of the time, I enjoy exercising alone and grabbling some "me time"! - 6/17/2010   2:07:27 PM

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