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Many people have a love-hate relationship with the scale. We love it when it gives us numbers that appeal to use, hate it when it seems to be "stuck" or going in the wrong direction. But no matter how you feel about the scale, using it is a reality for most people who are trying to lose weight. Weighing in is a quick, easy, cheap and pretty accurate way to measure your progress compared to other methods, but the scale is just one option out there, since other measures (waist circumference, body fat percentage, how your jeans fit) matter, too.

Will just any scale do? These gadgets run the gamut when it comes to price, features and accuracy. You can find a basic model for $5 or $10 at a big box store, a mid-grade model that stores info and estimates your body fat percentage, or a pricier version that does all that and connects wirelessly to your computer to upload your data and show you progress reports. Then of course there's aesthetics. Some really sleek, modern scales appeal to a certain design-minded consumer, while others are just as happy with the "flamingo pink" scale they've had for 15 years.

When a sleek, modern scale with all the bells and whistles arrived on my desk to test out recently, it led me to wonder: Do you own a fancy scale with a lot of bells and whistles, or just a basic model?

I do own a basic scale at home, but to be honest, I only step on it about once a year—sometimes less. I prefer to gauge how I feel, how my clothes fit, and how my body looks to determine if my weight has fluctuated or whether I need to pay closer attention to my diet or fitness plan.

I've used scales in the past (usually at the gym) that calculate body fat percentage, but never before had I seen a scale that did all that and also connected wirelessly to my computer as the Withings body scale does. I tried it out and it was pretty cool. It even connects directly to my SparkPeople.com account. I could see liking a fancy scale like this, especially if I was trying to lower my body fat percentage or lose weight. This type of scale could also serve as motivation or a reward, much like new workout gear can.

How about you: Do you own a fancy scale with a lot of features or a basic scale? Why?

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    Digital scale is what i have. Think it's been jostled too much because it's always 3 lbs. lighter than my docs scale or the fitness centers scale. Can be discouraging! - 6/12/2013   1:39:30 PM
  • 224
    I own a fancy scale. It tracks my weight progress and does do BMI. Unfortunately, I always forget to say save so I am only reminded of where I was last out a while ago. So now, even with its gadgets it is only a scale. - 10/18/2010   11:12:57 AM
  • 223
    The only scale I'm interested in is the cheap one I have. - 10/3/2010   11:43:39 PM
  • 222
    My scale is about 15 or older years old one of the first digital that came out. I change the battery often and it's about two Lbs off from the Dr. office. I have been checking out a new one really wasn't worried about all the updates on the new ones. Really didn't understand this fat thing until spark. I have learned a lot and I hope to keep learning. I will check into updating my scale now . Veronica - 9/11/2010   11:03:28 AM
  • 221
    I have a chheap 10 dollar scale at my house and a little better digital one at my boyfriends i do my weekly weigh in on. Would love to have the $$$ to get one of the Withers Body Scales sounds awesome!! - 9/10/2010   10:45:49 PM
  • 220
    I have a digital scale under my bed - What kind eludes me at the moment.
    Now I use the wii fit to weigh and track - I absolutely love it - As it does
    a running total of weight, fit credits, etc. Greatest thing since sliced bread, um no....I mean SparkPeople! - 9/4/2010   11:02:13 PM
  • FDKAW1189
    I just purchased a scale that gives your weight, BMI, fat %, and water %, plus tells you how many calories you need to eat to maintain that weight. I have to weigh everyday due to CHF and heart disease to make sure my water is down. But it is a pretty neat tool. - 9/4/2010   1:23:06 PM
  • 218
    I tossed mine in a dumpster 10 years ago ! only weight at the gym, and am trying NOT to do that as I fluxuate 7 lbs constantly - 9/4/2010   10:41:56 AM
  • 217
    I use the traditional scales, at home and at office - the office's is for a small group of colleagues' losing weight challenge. I like the sound of the Whitings scale, sounds fun to use and multipurpose! - 9/2/2010   7:22:42 PM
  • 216
    A basic digital scale - 9/2/2010   5:48:10 PM
  • 215
    i use a basic scale and wii fit both match our doctors scale - 9/2/2010   8:41:33 AM
  • 214
    Just bought a scale today...I ended up getting the digital Weight Watchers one that I found at Target, mostly because it matched my bathroom decor the best. - 9/1/2010   10:33:57 PM
  • RENE550
    I have a digital scale that keeps a memory of 3 people. I like how it tells me how much I am up/down from the previous weigh in, but the body fat is WAY off. Those scales are not an accurate way to measure body fat, too many variables. For instance, my body fat done at the club by calipers (5 sites) was 15% lower than my scale at home. - 9/1/2010   9:39:14 PM
  • 212
    I just bought the prettiest scale ever! It's a pinky-red and has flowers on it. Its glass, and digital. I like digital because I couldn't always get a fair reading. Best of all it cost me $12 at walmart. - 9/1/2010   8:34:25 PM
  • 211
    I just bought a new scale and I like the modern looking ones with the sleek glass design. Plus, it weighs to the tenth which makes a difference for me. - 9/1/2010   6:32:50 PM
  • 210
    The thought of a scale that automatically updates my SparkPeople page scares me! Stepping on the scale during TOM, or after a sodium filled dinner or just when i'm bloated and seeing that number recorded does not appeal to me. It's hard enough not to let the fluctuations bother me, but to see it in "writing" might be too much for me. - 9/1/2010   5:13:17 PM
  • 209
    a digital scale - 9/1/2010   4:30:57 PM
  • 208
    A basic electronic scale that weighs in tenths (e.g. 190.5). - 9/1/2010   4:13:19 PM
    I had a very old, mechanical scale that I used for years. Despite my "best" attempts, the number never went below 150lbs. Thinking it was the scale, I went out and purchased a brand new electronic scale with water and BMI calculations. Imagine my suprise, when getting on it for the first time, I actually weighed 5 pounds heavier than with the old one!
    Sure taught me a lesson. Luckily, with spark, I am down to 144, and still losing.
    Thanks! - 9/1/2010   3:59:08 PM
  • 206
    My scale is pretty basic, but it does have a cool feature that allows 2 different persons to track their weight lost based on the last weight listed for that person or you can just step on and weigh without being able to see whether that is up or down. My husband and I love the capability, but I don't think of it as "fancy". - 9/1/2010   2:22:32 PM
  • 205
    I have had my scale since 2007 when I initially started to get rid of the pounds. My scale gives me the date of weigh in, the time of weigh in, water %, BMI, my weight of course, goal weight, and # of pounds to my goal.

    Wirelessly connecting to my computer would be cool but mine offers so much...I just don't think it's worth it right now. - 9/1/2010   12:41:52 PM
  • 204
    I have basic scale that does just what I need it to. - 9/1/2010   7:10:32 AM
  • 203
    This scale connects to Sparkpeople, Wow, did not know one did that. I wish that Sparkpeople had a connection with Omron Go Smart Pedometer that connects to the computer with a cable to download steps, min, cal, it would be great if it downloaded to my spark account. I have a plain digital scale. - 9/1/2010   12:15:12 AM
  • 202
    I have a weight watchers scale that will show me my weight, bmi, water, bone mass, body fat %, and the weight of fat in my body. Its pretty handy. - 9/1/2010   12:12:48 AM
  • 201
    I have on of the complicated scales, but can't figure out how to use it to get more then just weight. I think sometimes my feet need to be damp, not sure though. Maybe someday I'll use all features. - 8/31/2010   11:30:39 PM
    I have a scale that requires you to stand on it bare foot and perfectly straight to register weight and BMI. It can hold up to 10 individuals' information in it. I bought it five years ago and love it. - 8/31/2010   10:46:44 PM
  • 199
    My mother-in-law gave me her old used scale 25 years ago. I think it's an antique but it does what it is intended to do. I can give it a little kick in the right direction and it will even show an unexpected "weightloss".
    I don't believe in throwing out and replacing a perfectly good scale. - 8/31/2010   3:26:24 PM
  • 198
    A Tanita electronic scale that measures body fat and water percentage. Yes, I would like my weight to go down but losing body fat is as important to me. I use it about once a week because anymore than that is pointless as I have huge weight fluctuations throughout the day/week. - 8/31/2010   11:06:08 AM
    I have a pretty simple, inexpensive digital scale from Walmart that measures to the nearest 2/10th's of a pound. I like it because if your weight is not centered, it just reads "ERROR", which makes you stand the same way on the scale every time. It's consistent with the dr.'s scale. - 8/31/2010   10:59:13 AM
  • 196
    I have the worst! As you know, I'm blind, so I have a talking scale that has a loud voice and if anyone else is around they can hear my weight! I'm wondering.... Don't you need a scale to figure your body fat percentage? My scale only gives me weight. - 8/31/2010   10:55:14 AM
  • 195
    I don't own a scale. But I have access to one at work if I have an irresistible urge to weigh myself. I find the scale is too finicky. Weight changes so often even during the course of a day that I think I would would do myself more harm than good if I were to use a scale for something other than a small step stool. - 8/31/2010   5:45:37 AM
  • 194
    I have the cheapest scale I could find at wal-mart. It's an analog scale that never goes back to 0 when you step off. Very inaccuate it was 16 lbs off last time I went to the doctors about 3 mounts ago - 8/31/2010   4:14:00 AM
  • 193
    I have the cheapest scale I could find at wal-mart. It's an analog scale that never goes back to 0 when you step off. Very inaccuate it was 16 lbs off last time I went to the doctors about 3 mounts ago - 8/31/2010   4:06:01 AM
  • 192
    I have a digital scale that weighs to the half-pound. What difference does it make what scale you use, as long as you are consistent in using the same one at the same time in the same birthday suit each week? !! As we all know, weight is but one way of many ways to measure the outcome of our behaviors. Personally, I prefer loose clothes! - 8/30/2010   5:38:35 PM
  • 191
    I have a very old (20 years +) analog (non-digital) scale I got at a garage sale for about a dollar. :-) It seems to do the job, and is consistent with the scale at the doctor's office. - 8/30/2010   3:26:56 PM
  • 190
    I own a basic digital scale from Wal-Mart - 8/30/2010   3:09:12 PM
    I have a Tanita digital with the body fat %. It weighs within .5 lbs, which is nice and the weight function is very consistent, 9 out of 10 consecutive steps on the scale read the same. The body fat %, however, varies a lot, 3-8% difference each time you step on, so I am not sure if it is worth bothering with. - 8/30/2010   2:17:02 PM
  • 188
    I have a basic digital scale with one decimal point. - 8/30/2010   1:03:01 PM
  • 187
    I weigh myself with wii fit on the balance board and since I use it daily, I weigh in daily. It sees to be pretty accutate - at least oit was the last tim I went to the doctor. - 8/30/2010   11:58:50 AM
  • KAREN42911
    I have a Weight Watches digital scale that weighs in both kg and lbs. I am unsure if it is acturate, as it depends on where you stand determines if my weight is up or down?
    - 8/30/2010   9:52:35 AM
    I have a Tanita that does body fat also - 8/30/2010   9:21:32 AM
    I have a digital scale w/memory for up to 4 people. It measures BMI and you can also set your goal weight and it will tell you how much you went up or down and how much you need to lose to meet your goal. I don't think it's very accurate - you can step on it 3 times and get 3 different weights. Sometimes they are VERY different! - 8/30/2010   9:10:43 AM
  • 183
    I have a basic digital scale. It does weigh in half pound increments though, which I like. - 8/30/2010   12:30:47 AM
  • 182
    The scales I use are king of fancy. The real fancy one needs a battery. The one one I weigh myself on EVERYDAY looks like a regular scale, but you have to touch it then some lines come up before the number zero. It's ok...but I like the one that runs on batteries. I love them both. I have to see where I an accirding to the scale. (which is not always correct) - 8/30/2010   12:02:27 AM
  • 181
    I have both a doctors scale and a MBI/Body fat scale. If I think the MBI is acting goofy I use the tried and true doctors scale. Nomally within 1/2-1 pounds - 8/29/2010   10:29:28 PM
  • 180
    A weight watchers scale I bought at Costco, and I'm not sure of the accuracy. - 8/29/2010   10:22:21 PM
  • 179
    I have a digital w/memory for two people. It is within a pound of what my doctor's scale with the weights is. I usually only weigh once a week and always in the morning before food. I am not obsessed with the poundage either since I have had times of no loss but definite noticeable body changes and the way my clothes fit and feel. - 8/29/2010   9:13:40 PM
  • 178
    Basic digital scale that weighs in half pound increments. - 8/29/2010   9:13:16 PM
  • 177
    I own a digital scale with the big numbers and all the bells and whistles that I simply CANNOT get to work. I basically bought the thing for the big numbers. I use the weight readouts, along with how my clothes are fitting and how I'm feeling, to gauge how I'm coming along. It's all related. - 8/29/2010   8:44:00 PM
    I own a basic scale it fit into our budget and we thought it should be able to survive the kids weighing themselves every other day. - 8/29/2010   4:35:16 PM

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