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Poll: Do You Make Your Own Holiday Gifts?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
This time of year can be a mixture of fun and frustration.  When it comes to gifts, we all have those hard-to-buy-for people in our lives and the friend or family member who doesn’t give you any ideas.  If there is something they want or need, they just buy it themselves.  I have a few of those people on my gift list, and I always struggle with what to do for them.  I want them to know they are an important part of my life, but I’m not going to buy them something random just so that they have something to open.  This year, I’ve decided to make gifts for some of them.
I’m the first to admit that I’m not a crafty person.  I don’t have hobbies like scrapbooking, sewing or anything else that involves lots of creativity.  But I have found some things that I can do without too much difficulty, and they make for nice gifts.  The first is baking.  This year I’m making healthier versions of some of my favorite cookies and bread.  I found good banana and pumpkin bread recipes (that are not quite “health food” but not terribly unhealthy, either) that I’m making for my kids teachers.  Photo gifts work well, especially because I have young kids and I’m constantly taking pictures of them.  I’m framing a few good pictures, and making photo books or calendars (using an online photo site). 
Homemade gifts can help save money, which comes in handy whether you have two or twenty people on your list.   I always prefer receiving something someone made, because I feel like they put a lot of time and love into creating it.  I think it also cuts down on the unnecessary things people give.  Really, who needs another pair of Santa socks or candy dish full of chocolate? 
As the number of shopping days dwindles and you’ve still got people to check off your list, consider making them something.  You can save yourself from having to battle crowds at the mall, and also save some money at the same time!  Need more homemade gift ideas?  Check out 11 Healthy, Homemade Gift Ideas
Happy Holidays!

Do you make your own holiday gifts?

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Our Son makes us a Calendar with pictures he has taken in other parts of the world. He also includes the Family Birthdays with the individuals face on that day. I dread the day he stops making those for Christmas. They are a treasure. Report
I do when I am feeling well and not having Crohns Disease symptoms. Report
I make pottery, so most of my pieces end up as presents. Report
Actually they need a BOTH option. I usually make ornaments for our family, homemade goodies for neighbors and church staff, but buy other presents. (After all there are a lot of things I can't make.) Report
It seems to be time consuming however, I prefer getting home made gifts. I've wanted to try it but do not make the time to do so. Report
I always make home made nibbles and give those out in recycled jars with gold painted lids and a pretty label. Most friends and ALL my family love them and look for them every year! I have made dress up costumes for my Grandchildren, dolls clothes and bedding for my own children and cushion covers etc in the past too. I made all my Christmas cards this year but have decided that if I am going to continue that, I will have to start in January!! Report
I used to make a lot of my Christmas gifts. I made some beautiful cross-stitch items. I am no longer able to do crafty things. I miss it. Report
I make some and buy some. This year I knitted stuffed animals. Report
When giving a gift of food, including the ingredients and recipe is desirable. IF someone has an unknown allergy (and who knows anything about their child's teacher's health), they can regift it. Or if they really enjoy it, they can make their own in the future. Report
Where is the option - I make SOME of the gifts that I give? I don't make most or none. I make some, and have a lot of fun with the ones I make that are specifically for an individual. Report
This year I am making a Memory Jar for my grandma. You get a big jar and decorate it. I hot-glued colored baubles all over it and am making a pretty bow with my Bowdabra. Then all the family and friends write happy or funny memories about Grandma on the pieces of leftover cardstock I cut out. I fold them in half and put them all in the jar and give it to her, then every day she can pick out a memory and have a smile. Report
A few years ago, our family decided to stop the commercial Christmas gift giving frenzy and instead give each other either homemade gifts or gifts of time with each other. (We also agreed to 'just because' gifts at ANY time of the year IF or when we happen to come across the perfect gift for someone.) So now, we give homemade maple syrup, photo collage calendars, and a variety of things like helping paint a room, tickets to a Bruins hockey game, a family hike, etc, etc. I can tell you honestly, our Christmas is much happier, more relaxed and sincere. Report
I like to give salad dressings as gifts. Put them in a cute bottle that costs about $5 and ta da, fancy homemade dressing! You can also attach a recipe for the dressing and the best salad combo to eat it with using some kitchen twine around the neck of the bottle. Report
Shutterbug is a good way to make a photo collection into a personalized book as a gift.
The gift of TIME is also important and a great idea. Some people personalize this by making "coupons." Report
I always make holiday treats. It's fun! Report
I've been making gifts since I was a child. My Mom used to make us clothes and doll clothes and I picked up the habit when I was in Junior High. I can control the quality of the gift and also the colors and size. This year I'm making hot mitts for my walking buddies and my sister and crocheting hats for my husband and brother-in-law. I am buying some gifts though and that's what I'll be doing later today. Report
I don't give many gifts - my circle is growing smaller every year BUT I do hand make a lot of what I give. I knit socks which go out to close friends & long time workmates. I make my own wine & port which also go to friends. I don't bake - like I NEED the calories!!! - but wine & socks always seem right. This year, I knitted for Charity, gave money to another & donated to Public TV for everyone. Some things you just can't make yourself and that's okay. Report
Why is there no option for making *some* gifts but not most?

This year we're mainly giving non-homemade gifts, but I'm knitting a scarf for my SIL. Report
No, I don't make anything. but, a thought for future gifts did cross my mind. What I may do is create my own CD mixes and give those as gifts. That's not a bad idea. I admire people who can create their own gifts. Some times, I just don't seem to have enough time to be creative. Report
Im like the writer of the blog, I am not very creative but I would love to get into crafty things because I think I can do something fun like that all while helping me relieve stress! Report
I answered "I make most of the gifts I give" but the reality is that every year I make *some* of the gifts I give, but no where near all--for one thing, what I does not appeal to everyone (I knit and bead gifts, mostly) and second of all, it takes a lot of time and time is not something I have in abundance. I usually start making gifts in January and even then I always run out of time to do everything that I truly want to do.

I do not, however, save any money on gifts by making my own. What it does let me do is give a nicer gift than I could otherwise afford. Report
I have always made gifts for people - some years more than others. These gifts have included knitted pieces (hats, scarves, socks, baby things), handmade dolls for nieces, clothes, food gifts (chocolate candy, cookies, breads, infused oils), and more ambitious projects like handcrafted music boxes for our daughter's collection. I think it's more meaningful to make something for someone because, as you're making it, you're thinking about them almost the whole time. I have wondered, though, if some recipients just think I'm cheap because the gift wasn't purchased. This year I'm not making anything for anyone except for my husband. Report
I do graphic design scrapbook sets for a living and other graphic design art so im doing a book for each grandchild this year or the whole 2011 year for their parents and copy of the pages in a big book for greatgrandparents. Next i will be working on scrapbook sets for next Christmas to do personal family favorite recipe books for the adult children. Report
I make some things but purchase more, so I really couldn't vote. This year I made some flavored cooking oils for my co-workers, and am working on crocheting two ponchos for my daughters. But I bought stuff for everyone else. Report
I do a mix. Some folks like it, so this year Mom and Dad are getting homemade quilts. But some don't, so the sister is getting something store bought. Report
As a child my family was large and we did not have a lot of money so home made gifts were what we did. I have continued this as a tradition in my own family. I have found that my co-workers look forward to see what little thing I have come up with each year. Our eight year old has been hinting that he would really like a pair of fingerless gloves so his gift is easy! Now what to do for my husband........ Report
Yes; I made hats and scarves on my Knifty Knitter loom, and also crocheted top hanging towels. Report
I always make something for someone. This year, an afghan for a niece & a sweater for my sister - she left me a bunch of not-so-subtle hints about the sweater...And some Christmas baking for all to enjoy. I have always made something for gifts...I enjoy making the stuff & it seems folks enjoy the fact that the gifts took time & effort to create. Report
I love homemade gifts because they come from the heart, some of my gifts are homemade. Report
i discovered that i have a talent for doing designs on t shirts, so everyone is getting one of those, the good news is that the local hobby shop has ALMOST every design i could think of..also i crochet tween 10 to 15 afghans for people some of these i do charge for!!!i also like to woodwork but dont get to very often! Report
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