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Last week while I was flipping through the July issue of Shape Magazine catching up on the latest news in the world of health and fitness, I came across the interview conducted by the three cover models for that month's issue. Poised on the cover in the standard bikini attire were Dancing with the Stars and county singer Julianne Hough along with country singers LeAnn Rimes and Martina McBride. All three women looked amazing.

The interview inside was even more enlightening. All three women were quite candid as to how celebrities are judged according to their size. The minute a celebrity packs on a few pounds her photo is splashed across every tabloid. We have seen this happen to celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Kim Kardashian to yes, even Oprah Winfrey.

As par for the course, this got me to thinking how we, as non-celebs, judge others we may not even know, but also how we judge our own bodies when it comes to our weight.

Do you find yourself any less worthy because you may be a few pounds heavier than you would like to be?

Last month Coach Jen wrote a fascinating blog about usernames. While I have always wondered why one would use such derogatory names for themselves, I have also wondered why so many members choose to use celebrities pictures as their profile picture. Is it to keep their identity hidden or is it that they have not accepted who they are and the body they were born with?

A few years ago a friend and I used to share an inside joke about my weight. I would always say, "I am not overweight, I am just under tall." If only I was a foot taller I would have never been classified as obese. But after 48 years, I don't think I will be getting any taller than the 5 foot 1 1/2 inches I currently measure. This is reality.

Sadly, I spent so much of my adult life wishing I was taller, thinner and less muscular, that I failed to embrace each moment and chapter of my life, even to the point of avoiding family photo opportunities.

Now that I am 55 months into my never-ending healthy lifestyle journey, I have no desire to have the body of any celebrity woman my age or younger. I have learned to appreciate the blessing that my legs have allowed me to run well over 3,200 miles in 3 1/2 years, my muscles lifting well over a ton in weight, and most importantly having the opportunity to wake up each and every day knowing that I do not have to face the adversity of poor health.

Have you come to accept the body you currently have? If not, what is the one thing that you would change if you could? Do you believe it is more difficult being a woman with weight issues than a man with weight issues?

Photo of me at the Too Hot to Handle 15K, July 2009

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  • 280
    No because others nasty comments make it impossible. - 1/1/2015   12:24:54 AM
    I would love to see myself in perfect shape but i am big food lover too. The only problem i have is belly fat which i am not able to loose. I am already very skiny and if I start dieting i look very odd as my belly fat shows up more clearly.. I think being in shape also will raise my self confidence. - 11/12/2009   10:27:28 AM
  • 278
    Nope...don't like it at all right now...can't even find the energy to do anything about it...mayb tomorrow will b different... - 11/12/2009   3:00:43 AM
  • 277
    but for the cellulite and the rolls, i think i am fine... i don't mind being large, it's just looking like the michelin man that is the problem... - 11/11/2009   4:28:49 PM
    I do not like my big butt. - 11/11/2009   1:22:07 PM
    I had just become completely comfortable with my body and then I had a baby. Now am am more uncomfortable with my body than I could ever have imagined. The things I would change are my weight and my breast size. I feel like those two things are what's keeping me from being comfortable with myself. - 9/26/2009   1:59:11 AM
  • 274
    I am not please with what I see when I look in the mirror. I will feel better once I am back down to my ideal weight. - 9/20/2009   12:47:52 AM
  • 273
    Yes I feel good about my body, but there is always room for improvment. - 9/16/2009   5:36:10 PM
  • 272
    I started to love my insides first - that took a long time! And, over the course of this 5 year journey of health, I started to love my body. Not just because it runs and lifts and looks fabulous in a pencil skirt but more for its willingness to forgive me my transgressions: I made my poor knees carry around 85 extra pounds! I stuffed my gut into so much spandex, I ended up with chronic reflux (I'm convinced there's a connection!)! I had such a poor diet, I suffered gallstones and my body forgave me for the surgery. I was so stiff and sore all the time that I refused to move but, when I did start, my body let me. It's an amazing body!!

    It's the only one I'll ever have too. - 9/16/2009   4:32:47 PM
  • 271
    No, I hate my body and have fought against my body image since I was 20. That's when I needed my
    first organ transplant and anti-rejection drugs and the steroids I have to take have made me gain 127
    pounds. And I know it's the drugs because I am lucky enough to have a personal chef that sees to all my required dietary needs. There is no other food in the house - none. If I wanted to, I could go down a whole head of lettuce or cucumbers or onions but there is not one single unhealthy thing in this house and she is well paid to see that it stays that way. My life depends on it. - 9/15/2009   10:52:23 PM
    Yes, I love my body. My body is God's temple. I was created in His image. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have all of my parts and they are in good working order. I feel blessed because I am healthy. Because I am healthy and strong, I am able to do what it takes to maintain my heath and fitness goals. - 9/13/2009   7:47:42 AM
    "Have you come to accept the body you currently have? If not, what is the one thing that you would change if you could? Do you believe it is more difficult being a woman with weight issues than a man with weight issues?"

    I don't accept my body as it is today, and I'm trying to change it myself. The main thing I would like to change though is my abs. I don't like them at all.

    I do believe that it is more difficult for a woman with weight issues. For a man like me, you can be socially accepted for the way you are, even if you are a bit on the big side, but for a woman, it seems much harder. Everything you see talks about the ideal women, and it has to be hard for a woman to cope in that situation.
    - 9/12/2009   2:25:11 PM
  • 268
    I don't "LOVE" my body.....but, I do not hate it........ It is a pretty good body.... lol.....we have been thru a lot together........ It has been thru abuse , Child birth, weight gains and losses...........As this body ages from a young silly girl into a strong willed woman who can take on the world at times the Spirit inside is still the same........ The outer shell has scars and discolorations, sags & lines here and there.......but still it is a quite lovely old body that has served me well......... I may not "LOVE" the body but I most certainly Love the person who lives inside. - 9/11/2009   5:11:01 PM
  • 267
    I enjoyed PJOY17's comments. I do think more of myself when I am fit and in shape, but much of it comes from not being able to find decent clothes and shoes. I am short, so finding clothes is a struggle. It is even more frustrating to be 107 pounds and not fit into a size 12 due to how the clothes are cut. It would be nice to find a fashion store that had style and sizes for everyday people to wear. That would help with how I feel about my body more than the scale. - 9/10/2009   6:22:57 PM
  • 266
    I accept it. I want to lose the weight to love it like I used to.
    The only thing that really bothers me but I have to accept is the saggy skin I was left with after the birth of my daughter. But I can really learn to love that also :o) - 9/10/2009   1:30:50 PM
  • 265
    I love my body based on that stupid number the scale tells me. I really wish I could learn to love my body the way so many woman love their own. I have stopped weighing myself daily to help except my body based on mirrors and not numbers and so far I am doing pretty good, but no way close to "loving" my body, but hopefully in time I will. - 9/10/2009   10:00:26 AM
  • 264
    I LOVE my body...i'm sort of an hour glass shape. I would just like to shed the extra pounds. - 9/10/2009   9:52:26 AM
  • 263
    I don't LOVE my body. I know there is lots of room for improvement. But I do like my body. My body is like an old couch. Very comfortable, good frame, but in need of reupholstering.

    I hope that you don't still avoid photos. I've had dear relatives pass on without leaving photos. - 8/27/2009   4:03:41 AM
    Thankfully, I almost always love how I look :) - 8/18/2009   11:36:51 PM
  • 261
    Today I can say I love my body. It got me through a muggy, humid run today. I keep forcing myself to love the postive parts of me and not to focus on the flaws. But it's a challenge. I find myself constanlty comparing my body to the women around me. But instead of putting myself down, I just try to remember where I've been, where I'm at, and where I'm headed. It's a journey. I haven't arrived yet. - 8/15/2009   10:43:33 AM
  • 260
    I have my days where I do and days where I don't. I'm starting to see that even the imperfections are beautiful and they make me who Iam. Even with the weight gain that I had. Part of me loving my body is me working out and changing my life style. I want it to last me for as long as I can so I want to take better care of it. therefore working out more and less crap going into my body and all. I may not always have the best outlook but I am trying with all I have - 8/12/2009   9:55:40 PM
  • 259
    Just this morning as I rather reluctantly went for a walk, I thought about how grateful I should be that I CAN walk. There are many people who would give anything if they could put on a pair of walking shoes and take that walk. I will never be happy with my fat belly, I will never lose it, but I am learning to live with it. - 8/4/2009   11:30:21 PM
  • 258
    I can't say that I love my body but some days I do accept it more that other days. If I go over my calories or don't get in my full exercise I sometimes actually think of my self as fatter or uglier. If I had a good day at work or a fun social event I might actually feel pretty good about my body. It's sad that my body image is based on so many things that may or may not be under my control. I am working on being more accepting and realizing that my looks really don't change with every situation I am in. - 8/3/2009   10:51:10 PM
  • 257
    I don't love the body I have --- there are too many things medically wrong with it that cannot be altered by the loss of a few or even many pounds --- but I am learning to work with what I was given. I figure if I never lose any more weight, then I'm at least eating healthfully and treating myself decently.

    What you see is what you get. That IS me in my pictures, all of them. I'm actually proud of that because it's the first picture taken of me in quite a few years which shows me laughing and in which you can make out any of my facial features.

    If I could change anything, it would be my biceps. They're quite large and prevent me from wearing clothes which would otherwise fit. I could also do without the broad shoulders, but that's not fat, it's bone structure so it's going nowhere.

    I think men have just as hard a time as women, it's just not something they speak about. - 8/2/2009   8:56:23 PM
  • 256
    I can't say I love my body - that would be a lie if I did - but I know people don't love me less because of it. If I ever get to goal weight, I doubt people will like me more, but they may respect me more, and I'd like that. I, too, avoid pictures and some of life's pleasures because of being obese. But, then again, I am glad I'm healthy enough to continue the journey to lose weight and get stronger. Getting to goal weight would help my self esteem and self respect, I'm sure, but it wouldn't change my life to a great extent. We all have our issues and all America is fighting obesity so I'm not the Lone Ranger! I'm just glad I've lost 47 pounds and have Spark People.com to thank for that. Maybe next year I'll be able to say I love my body!! I'm the first to say, "I Hope So"! - 8/2/2009   4:14:42 PM
  • 255
    I love and am very grateful for all of my body's capabilities, however, there are still a few areas I would like to firm up. - 8/1/2009   3:04:35 PM
  • 254
    I used to love my body....................
    before having children. After i had my twins and my youngest my body changed a great deal and it has been hard to accept. I put on some weight which I have managed to take off over time. I do not LOVE my body but i am getting there again. Sparks and all the amazing members have really helped me. I do think there is an imense amount of pressure put on women to be "perfect". But I dont believe in such things - 8/1/2009   2:05:31 PM
    I was given a good body-basic structure just what I would have picked-but I
    have abused & mistreated it-right now-it rather disgusts me-yet-I am most
    thankful for the fact that it has put up with my mistreatment & still allows me to
    walk & move.I am thankful for EVERYTHING it allows me to do-I hope to treat it
    with more respect in the future-I am trying.
    - 8/1/2009   8:27:30 AM
  • 252
    I guess I really appreciate my body and all the seasons it has gone through. As a high schooler I never really paid much attention to my body but was very active. Now that I have gotten married and have kids it is a new kind of adjustment I have to make. Through exercise I am working on making this body stay healthy for a long time. And to answer the last part of your question. Yes I think for the most part that ladies have more problems dealing with weight then men. - 7/31/2009   10:43:31 PM
  • JACIE69
    I admit that I do not love my body. But, like most of us here I am trying to change that...I didn't come on all in one day and I contiunely have to remind myself that it will not come off in one day. Be that as it may, good luck to all of us. :)
    - 7/31/2009   8:28:49 PM
  • 250
    I have never been confident with my body. I am married to a coach and always aware that I need to lose in my thighs or butt or stomach. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I never feel comfortable. - 7/31/2009   8:08:54 PM
    I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with my body. How can I not love the body that gave me two great boys? But, I also have about 70 more pounds to lose. Yes, I do think there is more of a weight issue with women than with men. Just last weekend, I heard about a survey in one of those "glam" magazines, about the three little words women want to hear from their men. "I love you" was down on the list. I turned to the hubby and suggested "Honey, I'm sorry?". He turned to me and offered "Honey, you're right?". We were both wrong. The three little words women want to hear from their men are (drum roll please) "You've lost weight". What more can I say? - 7/31/2009   9:59:52 AM
  • 248
    I appreciate all that my body has done for me, and regret not loving it more when it was slender and really nice to look at. At this point, in the throes of menopause and dealing with major weight gain for the first time in my adult life, I cannot say that I love the way it looks. But, I like how fit I am starting to feel with the past several months of steady exercise, how much better I sleep, etc. I will say that this really is an opportunity to learn about my own attitudes towards myself - I cut others much. much more slack, and am trying to be a bit more generous to myself. The one thing that I really hate is trying on clothes, which used to be easy and lots of fun. Now I find it...humiliating. - 7/31/2009   9:36:46 AM
    Well, if I totally loved my body, I wouldn't be here trying to improve it!
    That being said, about 2/3 from my goal I am actually pretty happy with it. If I was stuck here I don't think it would ruin my life, but achieving what I have has made it seem possible to be even better.
    I'm willing to cut myself some slack- a body with these genes and having grown and fed 5 human beings is going to sustain some permanent damage. It's more about the health and the abilities of my body than the looks anyway. If the side effect is looking better in a bathing suit, then that's fabulous, too.
    As for my "celebrity" pic- I don't really have any pics of me, it's a bit about privacy, and I thought it was kind of funny. It had a really nerdy attitude and I thought it served me well. - 7/31/2009   8:09:06 AM
    I personally can't stand myself physically and emotionally. My head is all messed up and so is my body. There are so many old sayings like; you are what you eat. And your body is a temple. Well I guess I'm sauerkraut and brunswager, and my temple is in ruins. - 7/31/2009   2:57:50 AM
  • 245
    Right now I'm not comfortable in my own skin.
    I'm working on both my body and outlook.
    I'm also working towards quitting smoking and am worried about the potential for more weight gain... but in the end I know I'll be happier with how my body feels. - 7/31/2009   1:03:51 AM
    I hate my middle section, just dont like the way I look. I have such a hard time bending down due to my belly. I try to eat healthy everyday, I do just fine during the day, until the night comes - then I ruin what i've accomplished what i have sacrificed and then I get mad at myself when i look in the mirror, just dont like what I see. Why cant i stick with it!!! - 7/30/2009   8:34:17 PM
  • 243
    No I am not comfortable in the body I have! Joints ache, clothes too tight, avoid the mirror whenever I can. I like me... just not my shell. I would like to be at the point where I didn't have to think about what to wear, how it fits, how I feel in it, how I look to others I am trying to make changes one day at a time. - 7/30/2009   12:05:36 PM
  • 242
    Now that I have been a regular exerciser for about 3 months.....I am beginning to love it, but there are some areas that still need major improvement. - 7/30/2009   10:10:53 AM
  • 241
    I don't like my body that is why I am trying to do something about it. I avoid having my picture taken cause I think that they always turn out horrible. - 7/30/2009   8:43:05 AM
  • 240
    I am not afraid to show who I am on sparks. Infact, my spark picture is of me and my husband renewing our vows after 20 years. I am only human and I was born to make mistakes....my mistake is not being educated on how to properly eat certain foods to get the most out of them for my body. Everyone has a scar...some are just more obvious than others!!!! - 7/29/2009   10:27:31 PM
  • 239
    Well, I won't say that I am satisfied with my body in the way it LOOKS. If I was, I probably wouldn't be a member at SP. :-) However, as I am exercising more, I am more satisfied with the way it FEELS. I am enjoying the summer so much more than I did last year! Not out of breath~ Am able to be so much more active without getting winded and tired. Last year, just walking up and down the basement stairs to do laundry was enough to make me breathe heavy. NOT ANYMORE! So, I guess I am learning to be more satisfied with my body. I do think it is probably harder to like your body more as a woman than a man, in our American culture. But, I don't know. My husband has always struggled with weight and I know that bothers his self-image as well. - 7/29/2009   9:21:16 PM
  • JUICE68
    I still don't like my body. After losing over 100lbs I have so much loose skin, that I still am uncomfortable with my body. I do however like more when I'm in a nice outfit. I guess it will take time because I still catch my self doing a double take sometimes when passing a mirror. - 7/29/2009   9:05:40 PM
  • 237
    I'm happy with the body God gave me and it only gets better from here! - 7/29/2009   8:08:17 PM
  • 236
    I don't hate my body as far as appearances go although I would like it better if I felt/looked thinner. Of course I have those little things I would like to change like the shape and size of my pumpkin head but all in all I would run out to a plastic surgeon as my body is fine the way it is.

    With that said I hate my body because of its inability to perform simple things without pain. I have a back problem and I hate that my body isn't stronger and more capable of doing the things I want and used to do. - 7/29/2009   5:49:17 PM
    I have to say I agree with some of you. I love parts of my body. Bit I did read an article that said women who diet and excersize to get healthy and feel better loose more and keep it off longer than those in to just try loose weight. While I am not sure if that is 100% true, it has helped me. I am looking at this as a way to feel better, and the stress is not as strong. Sure sometimes the thought of wanting to loose weight is there. But on the most part it is not. I hope to some day feel good about myself, even though I will never be a size 2, I am just built different, I am coming to be okay with it. - 7/29/2009   4:48:45 PM
    I do like certain parts of my body, when I look in the mirror I see beautiful eyes, nice breasts and a hot butt, but my theighs, double chin and gutt are a downer. I am 5'2 and 157 pounds. I am currently working out and eating better, so I hope to drop to 120. My husband accepts me as I am, he is so supportive and I love that he loves me so much.. - 7/29/2009   3:47:53 PM
  • 233
    You know.... I started this journey only wanting one thing, to have a smoking hot bod. Well that has changed with the process. I sit and listen to my sister who is very low in weight complain about her body. She is stick thin but still says she is fat. Then I think to myself.... Am I never going to be happy with my body?

    For woman... nothing ever seems good enough. So my new motto, just getting healthy. Doing the goals I want to accomplish in life and getting my body healthy and fit in the process.

    So I do think I am accepting my body for what it is... no matter the shape. My legs are able to run, my arms are able to lift weights, etc...... It is getting toned and in shape, I can be happy with that! - 7/29/2009   2:35:41 PM
  • 232
    No. I have a ways to go to get to feeling better about myself. - 7/29/2009   2:15:45 PM
  • CATLADY_14
    I can honestly say that I'm horribly ashamed of my body... I just feel like people are always staring at me and judging me..

    - 7/29/2009   1:36:31 PM

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