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It's been a while since I've taken a true vacation (I've been taking more staycations -- staying home while taking vacation time), but when I do go on vacation (or even when I take a staycation), I like to stay active. I do spend some time relaxing as well, but I do my best to make sure that I incorporate some form of exercise/activity in my day, which helps me stay on track with my health goals.

When vacationing, I like to do as much walking as I can, so I try to select places to stay that are within walking distance to things that I would like to do or see. That helps to keep me active and saves money by not spending it on gas for the car. If I go to a place that has a lot of outdoor type activities to do, I try to hike and bike too. If I stay at a hotel that has a pool or gym, I also like to take advantage of those as well. One time many years ago, I stayed at a resort in Mexico and participated in a water aerobics class that they offered -- talk about a fun, active and relaxing time!

If I take a staycation, I like to do a lot of those types of activities as well. It helps me get out and see more of the surroundings in my area that I may have missed before. There are numerous hiking and biking trails around me that I have yet to try out and what better time to do so than during a staycation! This year when I take some time off, I'll be including my dogs in my vacation and/or staycations too, so that will make staying active more fun and exciting for all of us.

Before taking your next vacation, you may want to read about 11 Active Vacation Ideas to help you stay active during your vacation and be more likely to stay on track with your healthy goals. 

What are your favorite active vacation or staycation activities? Do you try to base your vacations or staycations around staying active? Do you think staying active on vacation or staycation helps you stay on track with your healthy goals afterward?

Do you like to be active on vacation?

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  • 58
    It's been a while since I took a vacation, but when I did, i always found ways to stay active. - 9/5/2017   9:40:11 AM
  • 57
    I like trying to exercise on vacation! - 8/11/2017   6:46:16 AM
  • 56
    If I don't sweat on vacation I don't enjoy it.
    When I go on a vacation I always search the maps to look for places I can go for a long bike ride or a long swim in the ocean or lake. A good lake is hard to find. I don't like swimming in lakes that allow motor boats of any kind, I'm really afraid of them, I can't hear them while I'm swimming, and most of them aren't looking for swimmers. - 5/23/2017   3:39:23 AM
  • 55
    I LOVE being active on either my vacations or staycations !! For the past 6ish yrs we've stayed on the beach in a nice hotel on the beach at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We live less than 30 mins away and on the harbor, but it's not the same as the crashing waves. FUN FUN FUN !! The hotel we stay at has a heated pool and a hot tub. SUPER FUN and the beach is 7 MILES LONG !! - 5/23/2017   2:01:58 AM
  • 54
    My wife and I love to vacation in Hawaii, and at an RV park in Utah next to a river with a running trail. I really love running around Kapiolani Park first thing in the morning, then walking up and down the strip in Waikiki several times a day. At the RV park, there is a walking/running/biking trail that starts at the lake and goes for miles up the river, well over 10 miles thru the town and then up the canyon for at least another 10 miles. If I'm feeling up to it, I can have my wife drop me up the canyon a ways and run down all the way thru the city and back to the RV. There is even a half marathon that is run along this river...I did it. Or, just head one direction on the trail and do an out and back. in Glattbrugg Switzwerland there is also a nice river trail to run. In London we mostly just walk everywhere we want to go, even though public transport is faster. - 1/30/2016   9:41:56 AM
  • 53
    I love taking my bike with me on vacation. My partner bought a bike as well so now we try to plan most vacations with the bikes. I love that you can take a bike on AmTrak and on most ferries. Now that I live right along a great bike trail we get out more often and ride the trail. - 11/26/2014   2:46:05 PM
  • 52
    I like staying active on vacation, but I've never considered it "exercise", per se. I love exploring places on foot - whether it be Blarney Castle, Edinburgh or climbing through the pyramids in Mexico. They are definitely active, but I don't really consider it "exercise". They keep my brain going as well.

    I would love to do a hiking tour at Lake Titicaca / Machu Picchu or ice trekking in Alaska, but I'll have to leave my hubby home. He likes couch potato vacations. - 5/13/2014   7:02:03 AM
  • 51
    I actually find that I get even more active while on vacation that in my every day routine. We plan some cycling exploration tour and we walk much more than we usually do and since it's quite a big change from our day to day, it's very relaxing :) - 7/2/2012   5:58:10 AM
  • 50
    I didn't vote because I don't understand how one can go on a vacation, be active and not relax (too). Since the only options were: workout, be active OR relax, I couldn't vote. I am very active during my vacations, whether its in my backyard or a road trip. I also use the time to de-stress and relax, or what is the point of getting away? - 6/26/2012   11:55:41 AM
  • 49
    My husband and I went to Bermuda in February to get married and for our honeymoon, because there was soo much food at the resort to eat we did a lot of walking to combat any weight gain.

    We had bus passes, so we'd take the bus all over the island, but once we were off the bus it was non stop walking. We did so much walking that I actually had a little room in my dress the day of the wedding.

    Anytime we go away somewhere, whether it's for a weekend or longer we try to get it as much exercise as possible. - 6/26/2012   9:42:15 AM
  • 48
    Every vacation of my life has been a camping trip or a hostelling/cycling trip. I can't even imagine what it would be like to take a cruise or go to DisneyWorld. - 6/24/2012   10:59:33 PM
  • 47
    Don't get me wrong, I like to do my fair share of lounging around on vacation. But I'm proud to say that I just returned from a week at the beach where I exercised every single day. I have a 10K coming up at the end of Sept that I'm starting to train for so my exercise was mostly running and walking. It felt amazing to take advantage of the beautiful beachy scenery while I had the chance! - 6/24/2012   11:27:18 AM
    The level of activity depends a lot on the location, of course, but I usually like to be active on vacations. Surfing is a really fun activity if it's a beach vacation. And lots of cities have bike shares or rentals now. In DC, we rented bikes and got to visit this great arboretum that we would have had to drive to otherwise. - 6/23/2012   4:14:19 PM
  • 45
    I like to take my bike with me when I travel, getting in as much riding/exploring new trails as possible. Walks in a new area are great too. - 6/23/2012   3:38:08 PM
  • 44
    A walk on the beach is always nice. Paddling on the lake is both relaxing and a workout too depending on how much I let the current help out. - 6/22/2012   6:49:41 PM
  • 43
    I never thought about whether I was being active on vacations or not, but whenever I would go on vacations I always stopped at all the places to see which entailed walking to see things. I have friends who think that you just get in the car and drive straight to your destination and never stop to see anything. To me, you don't see the country tht way. If I go someplace like Mesa Verde I will stop at all the places on the way down and go through them, too. - 6/22/2012   4:27:53 PM
  • 42
    I like to relax. We still walk, go kayaking and things like that but to me that isn't really exercising. I think because I train hard thru the week that vacas are more in slow easy mode so it doesn't seem like exercise : ) - 6/22/2012   3:29:45 PM
    I got back from visiting my sister in Oakland CA a couple of weeks ago. While there, we went to 4 botanical gardens, spent several hours in the Exploratorium in San Francisco, hiked some trails along Sausal Creek on a couple of days and spent a morning helping the Friends of Sausal Creek pull invasive plants. Despite eating out a lot, I came home with out gaining any weight. - 6/22/2012   2:59:23 PM
    I got back from visiting my sister in Oakland CA a couple of weeks ago. While there, we went to 4 botanical gardens, spent several hours in the Exploratorium in San Francisco, hiked some trails along Sausal Creek on a couple of days and spent a morning helping the Friends of Sausal Creek pull invasive plants. Despite eating out a lot, I came home with out gaining any weight. - 6/22/2012   2:59:11 PM
  • 39
    I always think that I'm going to just sit around and do nothing apart from read and bathe in the sun on my holidays. A lazy vacation sounds like bliss, but then when the time actually comes I find myself bored within an hour and I just have to get up and get moving. I love to walk around and visit interesting places, but vacations are also a great opportunity to try water sports or maybe take a new class if the hotel offers any. - 6/22/2012   1:55:39 PM
  • 38
    My husband and I don't workout on vacation or plan our vacation around active things to do (though I have practiced dance routines on vacation when I had performances coming up). However, we like to get out and explore whatever area we're in. So we usually end up doing a lot of walking. And I try to take advantage of any hotel pools, though I just do leisurely swimming as opposed to laps for exercise. I'm always on the go at home, so it's nice to do things at a more relaxing pace while on vacation. - 6/22/2012   1:28:41 PM
  • 37
    We are hiking in Spain again this year. Then we go to NYC again, where we walk walk walk (while our kid dances at theatre camp). I plan to run across the Brooklyn bridge this year. I meant to last year, but never got around to it. - 6/22/2012   12:16:16 PM
  • 36
    Vacationing is all about doing what I do not normally do at home with my family. Work and home get in the way, so on vacation I take advantage of taking long morning walks with my husband and seing and doing things that we dont at home. When I first began this lifelstyle journey, I took a trip to Brasil and lost the most weight while trying all sorts of new things!!! - 6/22/2012   11:36:55 AM
  • 35
    Yes definetely! We are beach lovers so we take our bikes or workout clothes & take advantage of the beach & run or bike ride. If we are at a place we have never been before we try to make sure they have some kind of gym or work area with equipment so we can stay feeling good even on vacation. We even love to swim at the beach or in the hotel pools. Summer Fun I love it! - 6/22/2012   11:15:23 AM
  • 34
    I actually like to do a bit of both. On a recent vacation I made sure to walk everywhere on the resort and participate in the pool activities. Other than that I just wanted to chill. - 6/22/2012   10:46:29 AM
  • 33
    Just came back from vacation in Acadia , ME. Walked everyday . It is an enjoyable place to hike, walk, or bike. Had good weather everyday but one and then I did boot camp dvd. - 6/22/2012   10:46:10 AM
  • JMB369
    I guess for me vacation and being physically active are synonymous. Whether it's hiking, camping, walking the beach and riding the waves at the shore, or exploring a new city, activity is what rests my brain and revives my body. My favorite vacation was a trip to Hawaii where we biked, hiked, canoed, snorkled, swam, and danced. Second favorite was a backpacking trip in the High Sierras in Yosemite National Park. And last year a friend and I went sailing and scuba diving on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. - 6/22/2012   10:30:45 AM
  • 31
    I love scuba diving! Getting in a couple dives a day is excellent exercise. - 6/22/2012   10:20:59 AM
  • 30
    it is the most consistent perfect time for me - i am out of my normal boring element and into a different routine and place - so i like to get up early - have a walk on the beach - do my exertube and stretches - all before i even start my day or have a breakfast.
    then there is eating on a schedule - you are not at home just able to grab anything and put it in your mouth. i do keep fresh fruit on hand for the real munchies.
    there is sight seeing, walking to see, meet and greet other people.
    it is the best time for me - i wish i could have that mind set all the time. - 6/22/2012   10:19:06 AM
  • JPEARL127
    When we are on vacation we walk every day and feel so much better. When we get back home life seems to get in the way of the daily walks, but we continue to exercise by doing gardening and other activities in our neighborhood. - 6/22/2012   9:17:17 AM
    Best vacation my husband and I ever took was with Breakaway Adventures hiking in the French Alps. We hiked up and down mountain trails 9-13 miles a day and finished with incredible 4-course meals in quaint hotels. I could enjoy good food knowing I'd walked off all my calories and had a wonderful experience in the bargain. - 6/22/2012   7:55:35 AM
    If the vacation is away from home, I always lose weight. Away from the fridge and walking/exploring all day does my body good!! - 6/22/2012   6:31:59 AM
  • 26
    I voted for "stay active" but in honesty, it's a blend. I have always like to "do things" when on vacation, but I rarely think of it as "exercise." For example, my husband and I recently took a mini vacation where we mostly walked around the town we visited, played games--put put, air hockey, pool, etc.--and swam. But I also need vacations to really be a break from stress, so that means I need my down time, too--whether it is soaking in a hot tub or reading or whatever. It's all about pacing and balance, I guess! - 6/21/2012   11:47:39 PM
  • 25
    we spent a week out in Santa Fe last year. I rented a road bike and while my family rested I took a siesta, I rode the most awesome steel framed Italian road bike up and down the hills of Santa Fe and had a blast! - 6/21/2012   10:56:05 PM
  • 24
    Before i gained so much weight I used to love going on vacation and exploring. One of the best vacations i ever had was in Oklahoma and walking thru what i think was a nature reserve by Fort Sill. the air was so clean and fresh and everything was so beautiful it was really amazing. - 6/21/2012   9:22:12 PM
  • 23
    We haven't lot to go on a "vacation" in some years, (home to do's) but when we do get away, even if it's only for the day we love to walk, alot! Sorry if it doesn't seem like much, it all adds up? - 6/21/2012   8:24:24 PM
    exercised on vacation! - 6/21/2012   7:38:19 PM
  • 21
    I love to go sightseeing on a vacation, so we sign up for "day tours" when we get to the city we want to see. It is amazing how much a tour can get you through in a day, when you don't deal with parking, waiting in line for tickets, etc. Some years back when they still had tours of the White House in Washington DC, we took a Grey Line tour and went there. The line outside was several blocks long, but to my surprise, we were taken in through a side door and had no wait at all, and a Guide met our group inside & we were all on our way getting the VIP treatment. That sold us on taking tours. - 6/21/2012   4:59:35 PM
  • 20
    My fiance and I plan vacations around whatever races are in the area :) - 6/21/2012   3:31:02 PM
    We are getting ready to leave on a cruise. I'm very hopeful that I will be a le to use the on board gym, pool, and outdoor track as well as the snorkeling and kayaking we have scheduled! 1st time to kayak;hope my arms are in good enough shape. The family is still debating about the toured nature walk. - 6/21/2012   2:55:45 PM
  • 18
    I always have big ideas when I go on vacation, but since I rarely do get to go, I like to sleep in and relax and jsut give my eyes the chance to see something different. - 6/21/2012   2:48:16 PM
  • 17
    I like to sight-see attractions on vacation, so I guess I would get in a lot of walking. - 6/21/2012   1:45:10 PM
    When I am on vacation I will indulge in some fattening foods. Not all the time, but a lot more than usual. Cardio is the only thing that takes away that gross gut run down feeling I get. A lot of places offer a nice view from their gym, such as the Monte Lucia resort in Scottsdale, AZ. You can go for a run while you're in their second story gym facing the red rock Camel Back Mountain. It still feels like vacation when you're not thinking about the fact that you're working out. - 6/21/2012   1:32:35 PM
  • 15
    My family really values the destination. Everywhere we go offers unique scenery and landscapes to explore by walking, biking, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, etc. it is always so beautiful that it never even feels like exercise, it's just active, fun, and sometimes even educational! We also visit family every year in CO so there's lots of hiking and biking options in the summer and skiing/snowshoeing in the winter. Sometimes the family gets together to play a little soccer, tennis, or football. Again, its so much fun it doesnt feel like work at all. It helps that our friends and family are very active too. - 6/21/2012   12:21:39 PM
  • 14
    I always bring running gear when going on vacation. It is a great way to explore plus a good way to keep healthy. - 6/21/2012   12:00:33 PM
    My husband and I always walk a lot in our urban vacations. We also take a couple of scuba diving trips each year. In addition, in the past few years, I have taken trips with my husband and/or my sister that are organized around running races, such as the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K and the Healdsburg Half Marathon. - 6/21/2012   11:05:12 AM
  • 12
    When I'm on vacation, I do stay active. I walk everywhere seeing the sights. I'm an urban hiker.

    I'd love to do a bike tour somewhere.
    - 6/21/2012   10:31:20 AM
    I do like to stay active on vacation, but also balance it with relaxation. I enjoy walking when I'm visiting a new place. Not only does it keep me active, but it also is a great way to see the sights and explore. I've even managed to lose a couple of pounds on vacation by keeping relatively active and watching portion sizes. - 6/21/2012   10:28:26 AM
  • 10
    I also believe in moderation. Some activity, some relaxing. I usually camp on vacations, so we go kayaking, swimming, hiking and biking, but there is alot of reading in a camp chair with my feet propped up too! - 6/21/2012   10:06:46 AM
  • 9
    It's ironic but I usually come away from vacations with a weight loss - too much to do and see - food just takes a back burner! - 6/21/2012   10:04:26 AM

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