Poll: Do You Have a Favorite Running Song?

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Recently, I shared my half-marathon music playlist with you, and it got me thinking. While some of the songs on the list are newer hits, most of the music I run to day in and day out are anything but new. However, they are some of my favorite running (or workout) songs of all time. While I occasionally swap out some tired tunes for new ones, most of what I listen to stays pretty much the same year after year.
It made me wonder whether YOUR favorite songs are those tried-and-true ones or newer hits.
In an effort to create a collection of the best running songs of all time, we want to know: What is your favorite running song?
I consulted with my good friends at Yes! Fitness Music. If anyone knows music, it's these guys! Their entire business is creating workout compilations and remixes. In fact, they are the force behind SparkPeople's workout music, too—including our downloadable "Workout Songs of the Year" album from 2011. According to them, the best possible tempo for running is between 150-171 beats per minute. Together, we scanned for songs from every era and genre that fit the ideal running pace and came up with more than 100 of them!
You can take our quick survey to vote (at surveymonkey.com) for your top 10 from the list. In a few weeks, we'll share the results!
Do you have an all-time favorite running song? Tell us below!

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Hey Ya - Outkast! Report
I don't run but I like to walk fast on my treadmill. My kids think I'm "cool" because even though I'm 65 years old my favorite walking songs are "Move Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and "Friday Night" by Katy Perry. Report
Skillet - waking up
Bullet for my Valentine - tears don't fall
lynyrd skynyrd - (I like them all)
bad company - feel like makin love
steppenwolf - magic carpet ride
Simply Red Greatest Hits. Consistent beat for over 3 years! Report
LMAFO -- I'm Sexy And I Know It!!!
I don't run, I water jog - so the music I listen to is in my head and it's generally what I was listening to in the car on the way to the pool. I find myself getting a good pace when I've been listening to Tom Petty. Jogging to the Zombie Zoo.. Report
Defo Ride of the Valkries- Golden Earrins TWILIGHT ZONE, and lots The Stones...Satisfaction, Walk this way,......so many....... Report
My favorite is Stronger by 'Kanye West'. I love it because it pushes me to workout "harder, better, faster, stronger! I also listen to 'Run the world' by beyonce and 'Heartlines' by Florence and the Machine. Report
Some people probably couldn't stand my running music, haha, and I really can't pick just one song... when I want to really push myself it's all about Bad Religion, The Distillers, Social Distortion, I could go on and on. Led Zeppelin is awesome for running -- especially "Rock and Roll" and "Living Loving Maid" -- but unfortunately most of their songs have those long, rhythmless guitar solos that can throw me off when I get a nice pace going. Report
If I could still run it would have to either "The Wall" by PINK FLOYD or "Wish you were here" the album NOT the song!!! Report
I do a lot of running to the faster songs that the Glee cast sings. Report
Affirmation by Savage Garden - I didn't expect it, but when it came on my ipod one day, it was perfect and has been my go-to song since! Report
LL Cool J - I'm Bad
Kanye West - Stronger Report
Holding Out For A Hero [1985] by Bonnie Tyler--the BEST for moving FAST! Report
At the end of a long run when my feet don't want to go on, I need a song that compels me to move. These always work.
David Jordan - Sun goes down
Cake - The Distance
The Black Eyed Peas - Pump it Report
Most of my playlist is dance and/or pop music. Tiesto tops my list. Report
Any County or Blugrass tune get's me moving, especially You Belong to Me, by Taylor Swift, that gets your blood flowing. Also I Told You So, by Keith Urban. New one, Good Girl, by Carrie Underwood makes me move it! Report
Where's Your Head At? by Basement Jaxx Report
not so much certain songs, but I like to listen to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, and Disturbed. Linkin Park is also great! Report
I love The Prodigy's "Firestarter", great fast pace song. Report
Running Down a Dream and hey ya! Report
Bizarre Inc feat Angie Brown - I'm Gonna Get You (1992)
Pat Metheny Group - First Circle
Tears for Fears - Woman in Chains Report
Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson (warmup)
One World by TobyMac
Drive By by Train
Get Over It by Ok Go
How It Starts by The Features
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived by Weezer
Steve McQueen by Sheryl Crow
Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch
Aint Nobody by Mary K Blige
Save Your Life by the Newsboys
Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt
At Last by Etta James (cooldown) Report
Wow! What a great list of running songs. I can't run at this point but I can sure chair dance in my office chair with springs on it.

Shake, rattle and roll is another goldie oldie, but I like a lot of these newer ones too.

Let's get busy, runners,
Renie Report
STOMP by Kirk Franklin
I always start any exercise with Tina Turner's Proud Mary. Big Wheels keep on turning....
I love that song. Report
Sweet Freedom (Michael McDonald), Life (Beckah Shae), I Believe In Love, This Is It (Kenny Loggins), Walls (Manic Drive), Music (Manic Drive), Smokin' (Boston), Made to Worship (Chris Tomlin), Thank You (33 Miles), Peace of Mind (Boston), My Deliverer (Mandissa), My Next Thirty Years (Tim McGraw), Lose My Soul (Toby Mac and Kirk Franklin), New Day (Avalon-for warm up), Life Less Ordinary (Carbon Leaf), Livin' In The Days Ahead ( 33 Miles), Get Back Up (Toby Mac), It's A Miracle (Barry Manilow), Keys To the Kingdom (Group 1 Crew), Heaven (Salvador).....SO MANY GOOD TUNES!!! Report
Invincible by MGK right now. Report
Invincible by MGK right now. Report
Invincible by MGK right now. Report
Feeling Stronger Every Day by Chicago was the first song I listened to when I started working out - 136 lbs ago! Still my fave running song. Report
I just finished half-marathon #4 on 5/20 - and while my playlists change - these songs are always on:
Iggy Pop's Lust for Life

Queen's Another One Bites the Dust, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions

SpongeBob SquarePants' Best Day Ever Report
any song by the Ramones. Their songs last one-two minutes and make you run in overdrive! Report
"Move" by MercyMe, "Lose Yourself" by Eminem Report
Running Down a Dream, Tom Petty Report
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Wasted Years by Iron Maiden Report
Remedy by Seether
Pretty Fly For a White Guy by the Offspring Report
On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and Dj Got Us Falling In Love by Usher Report
I second the Girl Talk suggestion -- any of their mash ups are great and high energy! Report
Who do you think you are by The Spice Girls is a happy song to exercise to. Report
Rolling in the Deep, by ADELLE. ANYTHING FROM HER 21 album. Report
"Uprising" by Muse Report
We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP....125bpm Report
The entire "All Day" album by Girl Talk is *perfect* for running [plus, it's a free download!]. It always gets me pumped and is never boring. I just lose track of time when I'm listening to it, which is great for running. Aside from that album, my running mix is pretty eclectic, from the Pokemon theme song [seriously!] to Rise Against to the Monkees. The song that really gets me inspired, though, is Plain White T's "What If". Report
Fly Like A G6. Stronger. I Got The Magic in Me. Report
I am loving Everybody Talks by Neon Trees and Viva La Vida by Coldplay, really motivates me. Also, Gomez See the World has a good beat. Report
I prefer jazz (Dave Brubeck "Take 5" or Dave Grusin "Mountain Dance,"
or classical music (Yo Yo Ma, or Bach). It's easier to get in a zone, a steady zone with something that isn't finished in 3 minutes. I get bored easily with the same pop tunes, so jazz or classical works for me. Report
"Love Shack" by the B-52's
"Figured You Out" by Nickleback
Anything faster-paced by Aerosmith, Queen, or Christina Aguilera Report
"Love Shack" by the B-52's
"Figured You Out" by Nickleback
Anything faster-paced by Aerosmith, Queen, or Christina Aguilera Report
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