Poll: Do You Eat More When You're at Home or Away?


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I'm writing this from Chicago, where I am currently enjoying a wonderful long weekend with my boyfriend. We've been doing plenty of walking, eating plenty of great food and doing plenty of yoga (well, just me)!

While I feel like I'm eating foods I wouldn't normally eat (like deep-dish pizza), and I'm eating every meal at a restaurant this weekend, I don't feel full or bloated, which I'm attributing to the nonstop movement.

Because I know I have to walk back to my hotel or the train, I don't want to overeat and feel too full.

I've discovered that I tend to eat more when I'm at home. Even though I lead a pretty active life and spend little time just sitting at home, I have been known to wander into the kitchen and pantry when I shouldn't. When I'm at home alone with not much to do, I have more time to think about what I want to eat, and I'm more likely to fall prey to boredom eating. (Though I usually stay in control, Iím a nighttime grazer!)

When I'm on vacation, I don't have time to sit around and eat. I'm out doing, seeing, experiencing. I have been to Europe on vacation several times, and I always come home a couple of pounds lighter than when I left. Though I ate plenty of bread, cheese, pastries (and drank copious amounts of tasty French wine), I ate moderate portions and walked all day long. Even taking public transit gives you a workout, as you have to climb plenty of stairs and walk to the stations.

Closer to home, if I'm out running errands and keeping busy, I find that I eat less throughout the day. There's no time for mindless eating or extra snacks.

As most of us are enjoying a day away from work today, I thought it was an ideal time to pose this question. If you're home with nothing to do, do you eat more? Are you, like me, a grazer? (Thankfully, my busy life means I'm rarely at home with nothing to do.)

How about you? Are you more likely to overeat when you're at home or away? What are your tactics for staying on track?

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    I am a grazer as they say. Since I ned to eat 4 or 5 times a day, it doesn't really mattter where I Am. I tend to bring food with me anyway, so that helps to control portions and the what I eat. - 5/9/2011   9:37:10 AM
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    I eat more at home if no one is there but me and I get bored. - 2/7/2011   1:17:57 PM
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    I do tend to want to eat more when I am away from home. I think I am afraid I will not find more food later so I overeat. I think it is a survial instinct or something. Being aware of it and preparing by having food with me helps. - 10/8/2010   1:14:27 PM
    i eat horribly when i'm away from home. it's like a mental trigger is flipped that says "i'm on vacation, i can eat what i want". - 10/8/2010   12:29:38 PM
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    I am much more likely to overeat when I am at home. I get bored or there is a ton of bad food around the house (roommates) and it is hard to stay away from the stuff. But when I am away, at work, I don't usually have a lot of issues. - 9/9/2010   10:08:26 PM
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    My issue are eating out away from home instead of at home. I have armed my house with healthy options so even snack mode they are healthy and in portion control. I did notice when we took a vacation this summer I wasn't drinking as much water due to being on the go and not knowing where the next bathroom would be! During vacation mode even though I tried to select the healthier choices at restraurants its still a issue since they are big portions and where do you store the extra. - 9/9/2010   8:48:06 AM
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    I definitely eat more when I'm away from home and when I'm with others. At work and at home I feel like I have more control of my choices. I can reach for the carrots instead of the chips, but in a restaurant you eat what's on the menu. - 9/8/2010   4:47:43 PM
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    I eat more foods, but healthier ones, when I'm home, and less foods but less healthy when I'm away. But it really depends on what I have easy access to. At home I don't usually stock snacky food unless it's healthy, but I do snack more. When I'm not home I would have to pay for any food I want to consume, so I'm less likely to snack at all. - 9/8/2010   11:46:07 AM
    i eat more when im away and usually unhealthy too... - 8/26/2010   5:01:12 AM
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    I eat more at home, but I eat more unhealthy when I'm away - 8/24/2010   2:50:29 PM
  • LOMI647
    Definitely at home for me!...I have learned to remove myself from the kitchen after preparing meals or in between checking the oven or the stove or I will be nibbling and snacking. - 8/24/2010   10:13:25 AM
    I agree I tend to eat more at home; especially if I am not busy. - 8/23/2010   8:44:56 PM
    I wouldn't have a weight problem if I ate at home the same way I eat out. Additionally, I eat in the middle of the night after using the bathroom. I haven't been able to break the habit. - 8/21/2010   12:25:49 PM
  • 329
    I definitely eat more away from home. It's either restaurant food with portions that are too big, or friend's homes where even the best intentions end up with too much food sitting around tempting me. On a better note, I tend to be more active when away from my regular routine, so I burn a good number of those extra calories as long as I remain diligent about not getting too crazy when I know I'm overeating a little. - 8/20/2010   1:13:52 PM
    I eat more at home because it's easier to go back for seconds. I have to tell myself that the kitchen is closed for the night. - 7/31/2010   1:58:11 AM
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    I eat more when I am away because our meals are usually spontaneous. When I am home I plan out my days food ahead of time. - 6/29/2010   1:42:50 PM
  • 326
    Donno why, but i just keep on eating when in the Kitchen. This is just blowing my whole lot of good work. :( :( .... I must put in something in my mouth to shut it up. Im sick and tired of being a foodie now. :( - 6/29/2010   2:49:04 AM
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    I eat the same amount of meals as I do at home but tend to be more active while on vacation (lots of walking, swimming etc) that I also come back with a loss. When we stay at a hotel we choose one that has the free breakfast with choices like oatmeal, fruit, hard boiled eggs, waffles, english muffins etc then eat out for lunch and dinner. When we go to Aruba we have a timeshare so we cook breakfast and lunch in and dinner out. - 6/28/2010   9:54:19 PM
  • 324
    I tend to eat more when I am away but eat healthier when I am home! Temptation is hard eating out but I try to chose healthy options or just eat half! - 5/9/2010   10:09:30 PM
    I eat more at home. If I am in Chicago visiting with family, we are running all over the city, the only transportation is either the EL or feet; mostly feet.
    As a college student I bitterly resent the smell of pizza baking throughout five floors of a building I attend class in every day; it is way to easy to give in. - 5/7/2010   1:43:53 PM
  • 322
    Always eat worse when away from home - part of it's the vacation mentality - I'm usually taking a vacation from logging my food as well as being away from home/work. Workouts are fewer as well. - 5/7/2010   7:56:16 AM
  • 321
    I eat the same @ home & away Im strict about that - 3/15/2010   2:12:27 PM
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    I eat more at home. It's easier to find food to eat when I am bored. - 2/23/2010   5:54:48 AM
  • 319
    I definately eat more when I'm out. It seems I can never leave a restaurant without feeling stuffed. This is something I am working on. I ask for a to go box at the beginning of the meal and put half the plate in the to go box. Its been working great!! - 2/22/2010   4:25:37 PM
  • EJESQ2003
    I definitely consume more calories on vacation. At home I eat a relatively boring diet and quantity of foods day in and day out, never order in, and very rarely bring temptations like cookies, ice cream, potato chips, or soda into the house. On vacation I eat out up to three meals a day, usually restaurant foods. I actually feel that I have to struggle to get back into the swing of my regular diet. Plus I don't really drink water when I'm out and about because I don't want to get stuck having to use the restroom at an inopportune time. - 2/22/2010   8:55:58 AM
    I agree with what most people say on here. I eat more when I am home because I do less. If I am away. I eat three meals and stop while at home and work. I eat and snack because there is nothing to do. - 2/20/2010   4:44:44 PM
  • 316
    I eat more when I'm home. When I'm away, I'm more active and busy with family and friends. - 2/10/2010   12:57:49 PM
  • 315
    At home for me. - 2/9/2010   4:49:28 AM
  • 314
    I definitely eat more when I am away. I LOVE to incorporate eating in new restaurants or cafes, etc. as part of my travel. It's for me a way to people watch, to get a feel for a new city or country. I like to sample local food, drink good wine or beer. Also, I've been living in Brazil for the last two years and the amazing thing here is that no matter what "hotel" or pousada you stay at they have a full delicious Brazilian breakfast of all kinds of breads, meats, fruits, juices and delicious baked goods. So, needless to say, I have to be extra disciplined to take it easy. At home I am super good about eating when I am hungry and keeping it healthy. And then we talk about the weekends... different story... I'm working on that one! - 2/6/2010   4:46:53 PM
  • 313
    Part of my eating disorder I can only describe as a phobia against eating unhealthy food in front of other people which I have overcome to some extent but yes, unless I'm on my guard and use strategies to control it, I do eat more when I'm alone at home. But I do sometimes hide away from people to eat something when I'm out e.g. ocassionally I buy myself a small pack of maltezers as a treat but I will only eat them alone in my car. I don't like people watching me eat sweet or junk food. Probably from years of rude comments and disapproving looks. - 2/6/2010   4:05:00 PM
  • PAYDAY10
    My mindset seems to be more of a factor than where I am. There are days when I have eaten more away from home because of wanting to try a new and different recipe at a party where there is a table filled with unhealty and healthy choices and I take a bite of something I should pass up. At home if I get stressed or bored, I have in the past eaten when I should have done some exercise or worked on a hobby to deal with my stress or being bored. So for me it is more of a mindset. - 2/5/2010   11:00:33 AM
  • 311
    I'm a bit of a different kind of traveler. I travel for work, so my company pays for my food when I'm on the road. It is much easier to buy a nice piece of fish, sushi, or a subway sandwich, when you're not paying for it yourself. Also, I buy a bottle of water every time I see one, so I am really getting 8 servings. Plus, walking around an airport can really tire you out! - 2/2/2010   1:52:11 PM
  • 310
    I eat better at home. Away I eat the wrong thing and not three meals. - 2/1/2010   10:50:57 AM
  • 309
    When Im away because I like to eat good on trips and enjoy myself. - 1/27/2010   7:43:03 PM
    I eat more when Im at home... I guess I get bore. That's why I try to go out and get distracted :-) it always help. - 1/25/2010   4:49:18 PM
  • 307
    I eat more when I'm away; somehow even salad tastes better when someone else prepares it. - 1/17/2010   9:02:05 AM
    I eat more @ home. When I am @ work, I bring my lunch and leave my money @ home, so I can't buy anything from the cafeteria. - 1/14/2010   4:42:42 PM
  • 305
    I tend to eat more when I am away. But I am starting to take doggie bags or hubby and I share meals - 1/13/2010   6:09:58 PM
  • 304
    at home i eat more. all of the snacks are just there, and its so easy to be like okayyyy just a few cookies, or only one bowl of cereal. When im out, i find that becasue i have to spend money on food... that extra step prevents me from eating. unless its starbucks... then im all over that. - 1/13/2010   11:17:02 AM
  • 303
    I eat more at home if I am sitting around doing nothing. - 1/10/2010   9:53:17 PM
  • 302
    I eat a lot more when I'm at home, but on those occasions when I do eat while I'm out, it's something really awful, like a Twinkie, that doesn't even taste good. - 1/10/2010   12:03:04 PM
  • 301
    I eat more when I am at home. When I am on the go, I can forget to eat! - 1/6/2010   10:33:34 PM
    At home, because all the food here sings to me to eat it. - 12/29/2009   6:08:13 AM
    I eat more when I'm away..I take it as a chance to try new things which end up in weight gain...When I'm at home I can control my eating habits. - 12/12/2009   10:27:40 AM
    I know I eat more when I am away and I eat all the wrong things too. When I am home I eat certain times of the day and most of meals are planned and Healthy! - 9/22/2009   2:27:42 PM
  • 297
    I think I eat more when I am away. I eat out more when I'm away and I find it hard to pick the healthiest thing on the menu. While when I'm at home I know I have a pantry full of things that are better for me than goin out. - 9/22/2009   1:59:10 PM
  • 296
    I definitely eat more when I am away. When home, I weigh and measure everything. When I am away, I tend to overeat - 9/21/2009   9:59:23 PM
  • 295
    Well, my 5 pound weight gain while on vacation says I eat more while away.... But, I do graze and have to occupy my mind and body to avoid it! Good thing I didn't allow my exercise routine to suffer while away or I would've gained more! - 9/19/2009   4:05:17 PM
  • 294
    I think I eat more when I am home, but my calories are higher when I am away, cuz I eat at restaurants, etc. - 9/16/2009   2:00:38 PM
  • 293
    I am one of those that goes away on a trip and comes back weighing less. I find I eat better and get more exercise when I am on vacation. I think this is because I have more time to plan and do for myself. When I am at home I eat things I shouldnt and I find other things to do when I should get exercise in.
    I vote for a one year vacation boy could I be slim trim and healthy then! - 9/15/2009   11:16:05 PM

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