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Poll: Do You Buy Celebrity Workout DVDs?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Celebrity workout videos aren't anything new. Jane Fonda popularized them in 1982 with Jane Fonda's Workout, which sold 17 million copies, the most of any home video ever (according to Wikipedia). And it seems that other celebrities have been trying to cash in ever since.

Paula Abdul created Cardio Dance. Cindy Crawford helped you Shape Your Body—a video my best friend still uses on VHS and swears by. Carmen Electra brought Aerobic Striptease exercises to the masses in 2003. Even Playboy Playmates of reality-show fame ("The Girls Next Door" on E!) released a workout video called, what else, The Girls Next Door Workout.

More recently, Kim Kardashian released a 3-video workout series called Fit in Your Jeans by Friday and Mel B (of Spice Girls and "Dancing with the Stars" fame) created Totally Fit.

I love a good workout DVD, no matter whose name is on the box, but I admit that celebrity workout videos always catch my attention. So I started to wonder: Do celebrity-led workouts interest you, too?

It's no secret that celebrity sells magazines, perfumes, clothing and of course, workout videos. I'm certainly more likely to check out a new fitness DVD when a celebrity leads it, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll use it regularly. If it looks fun and effective, features good instruction and interesting moves, I'll try it at least once. For the most part, I don't believe that the celebrities leading these workouts really follow these exact workouts themselves to get in the amazing shape they're in. (Do you?) I can't know for sure, but I'd be willing to guess that many of them work out a lot more, often with personal trainers, to achieve their near-perfect bodies.

I'm not swayed into thinking that I'll have a booty like Kim Kardashian's or Carmen Electra's abs just by following their workout videos—and hopefully you don't believe that hype either. But if you really like a certain celebrity, I don't see anything wrong with wanting to work out "with her" or see what her new workout video is all about. To me, it's all in good fun—and might actually be a great workout! My advice for celebrity workout followers is the same for any workout DVD: Check the reviews first and see if you can borrow it (from the library or a friend) before you buy.

I've tried Cindy Crawford's Shape Your Body at my best friend's urging, but I can't say I loved it as she does. Based on the previews, I actually would try Mel B's and Kim Kardashian's workouts, too—they look like they could be fun.

How about you: Do you buy celebrity workout DVDs? Which ones, if any, have you tried (or would you like to try)?

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I am guilty of owning several exercise DVD's that I have purchased after watching an infomercial. I must admit I have yet to use some of them. Report
I cannot stand the K name! They make me sick and I wouldn't buy one of their DVDs if they were given to me! I bought Richard Simmon's workout DVDs. I love that guy! He too went through weight loss and had obstacles to go through. Just because a celeb promotes a workout DVD doesn't mean it was any good. I also bought two Leslie Sansone workout DVDs! (someone I had never heard of). She was recommended highly by a SparkFriend. These are the only ones I have bought! I love them both and have lost 37 pounds. :) Report
I follow Jane Fonda on Youtube. I like her videos because, in the video, she is the same age I am now. She is actually 10 years older than me, but, like you said she's been doing videos for years. Kudos to her...if she can do it so can I. Report
As a frustrated step aerobics instructor, who caused myself multiple overuse orthopedics problems; and who fabricates my own workouts in yoga and low-impact (non-step) cardio--I preview the celebrity dvd via rental or streaming, judging it on its merits on several dimensions, including where my own proclivities lay. I have only a few these days. When I had been a lot younger, the name (usually sports and broadcast stars) had drawn me in to a great extent. Audiotapes had been cheaper and the analog sound had been better.

That said, I have both Bethenny Frankel's yoga workouts. The second one is a lot harder than the first one. But, if you ignore the banter/chatter, it is done at a mindful pace and sneaks in a lot of mat pilates. It had only helped me appreciate her talk show just a tiny bit more than I otherwise would have. Hardly like the show. As we all know, it's been cancelled after this season. So, it's kind of a fail if that had been a main (marketing) reason for the workout. Report
If someone's celebrated because of their work in the field of fitness I'll certainly consider their workout DVD. Otherwise, no, I won't consider a DVD by someone who's just milking their fame. In fact, in the case of the K family, I'd run the other direction! Report
I enjoy working out to the "Dancing with the Stars" DVDs, Julianne Hough's workout DVD, and also the Turbo Jam DVDS with Chalene Johnson. Report
I like Trudy Styler's yoga workouts, but she doesn't pretend to be the expert. James D'Silva does the workout with her and his cuing is so good I can almost do the workout with my eyes closed. Report
I love workout dvds! I have almost all of the Biggest Loser dvds, the Jillian dvds, and I used to do the old Cindy Crawford workout all the time...Loved it :) Whatever it takes to work up a good sweat, whether it be with a celebrity or old friend is good for me! Report
I have tried 100's of exercise dvds but not because of the celebrity in the dvd. If at all possible I try them before I buy them. Netflix, On-Demand and are awesome resources. The Carmen Electra set didn't do anything for me. The Kim Kardashian series isn't bad, my lower body felt it. Jennifer Gilardi is a good trainer but Kim is really annoying. I did like the old Cindy Crawford workout tapes. I think the trainer is more important than the actual celebrity appearing in the workout. Report
If someone becomes a celebrity (like Jillian Michaels) because of their exercise routines I'm more likely to give them a second look. I don't actively seek out celebrities just because they are a celebrity though. I'd rather get an exercise program from someone who is knowledgeable in the proper form to use, etc. and demonstrates this in the workout.

Someone gave me a Richard Simmon's video (a long time ago) and it was a fun cardio workout. He was goofy and fun -- and anyone who makes exercising fun gets points from me. (I enjoy exercising but we all have days when we could use a little kick in the pants to get moving...) Report
No.. I may attain one in some way, and use it. I won't actively search it out and buy it though. Report
I have no problem with celebrity workouts if Richard Simmons, Leslie Sansone or Billy Blanks is leading them. Otherwise, it's just a slim person with little to no training using their status as a marketing ploy to sell more. No thanks! I'll take an expert anyday! Report
Let's get one thing straight. Why is the person a celebrity? Jillian Michaels and Richard Simmons are fitness gurus. They also are former heavy people. Paula Abdul was a fantastic dancer and probably still is, and dancers on that level are very fit. I'd trust an expert celebrity over a celebrity like the Kardashians. I don't trust them to know whether a move they might include may be potentially injurious. Some may have unseen experts who choreograph the routines, but we just don't know, so I wouldn't have much faith in them. Report
The only celebrity work out I have is an Avon video tape by Mary Hart. That was years ago. The DVD 's I have now do not feature celebrities. Report
The only ones I have bought are Richard Simmons. I love the old music & love to dance. He makes it like it isn't working out. Report
Not yer but soon. Report
I have Richard Simmons and Denise Austin. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Richard. Big time fan! Denise is good too. She is funny to watch and listen to. Report
It depends I mean come on Cindy Crawford, Jane Fonda, really? They don't know correct form to save their life. (well, ok maybe that's a bit strong lol) But the people that became a celebrity after they already had a career in fitness maybe, like Jillian Michael's, I would buy it. Report
Nope, why don't you ask Oprah how many she has in her houses that are gathering dust though?? She could pass them around for free. Report
I was thinking about it but I paid for a personal trainer so that I would be shown how to do the exercises properly and guide me in my fitness needs. Report
Yes...Jillian Michaels 30 day shred has changed my life i'll admit i was skeptical but had not tried DVD at home until 3weeks ago I am hooked.
I've also got yoga dvd by what i consider to be yoga celebrities :) POWER YOGA with Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste Report
I had Cindy Crawford's "Next Challenge" tape back in the early 90s and remembered it really kicking my butt. I found it on Amazon on DVD and bought it. Haven't tried it yet, but it sure does bring back good memories. :) I wouldn't buy something just because a celebrity endorses it, but I have purchased quite a few "celebrity" tapes back in the day. Report
I'm not even gonna lie but I def enjoyed KK's fitness vids. I tried the butt and ab workouts. They weren't crazy challenging, but they did get me up and moving, and my legs were usually sore the next day, so I think that's a testament. Its good stuff, I like it! Report
Cindy Crawford's are some of my favourites. They work the entire body HARD.

I wouldn't buy from someone like Kardashian who has apparently had plastic surgery to get her behind. I couldn't do lunges and whatever else with her knowing that paid for her body. Even better, she got famous because of a sex tape. Report
I have a bunch of Leslie Sansone walk and exercise videos. To me she is a real person and not just trading on her name. Celebrities just don't do it for me when it comes to exercise videos. Report
I'm not a big fan of many celebrities who might release fitness workouts but on the prompting of my sister I tried Davina McCall's Power of Three dvd and I absolutely love it! The Cardio Box session is so much fun, I just love the punches and kicks. I think the difference between the three workouts is what keeps it interesting for me. Report
I think celebrities, especially ones whose 'heyday' is over (Mel B comes to mind), will do much to promote themselves. I think most of those DVDs are not authentic workouts, as somebody said above, everybody knows these rich folks have serious personal trainers, several of them. I would much rather have an exercise/fitness EXPERT leading me. Their cuing is generally better, there are better explanations, and far more attention to form. Report
I actually tend to skip over celebrity names if they ever come up in my search for fitness DVDs. I can't believe that they'd use that workout. Most of them have personal trainers who mix and match things for them daily!!!

***Although, come to think of it...I'm thinking about a Jillian Michaels one...does she count as a celebrity? *LOL Report
I liked the Carmen Electra series because the Fit to Strip DVD was a great workout. However, while trying out Kim Kardashian's workout OnDemand, her airhead-ness just got to be too much and I had to shut it off. Especially when seeing the outfit she was wearing, ugh! Report
I bought a Leslie Sansone VHS at Goodwill for .99 and it was when she was just starting out and not popular. I bought it because it was a "walking" video and I have a bad back and have to be careful what exercises I do and thought I could use that without hurting myself. Other then that, I don't buy celebs videos. Report
No, because if I could afford their personal trainer I would make my own work out DVD's. Report
I have bought almost every workout video out there! LOL Report
Yes; I bought Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred, it tore me up (I was more out of shape than I ) I change things up by using the Wii (it's not even like you're exercising, the activities take your mind off the "work-out" I think the Wii is the best thing that happened to exercising, I have to make my 6 year old take breaks, he gets his heart rate up and doesn't want to stop! I also have Richard Simmon's bundle on QVC on my "wish list", I have always LOVED him! He has alot in common with Sparkguy - they both started with a passion to help people. Report
I still use the Cher step aerobic workout to this day regularly, and sometimes I put Jane Fonda on, but my fav is Gin Miller, a celeb in my eyes. Report
No. I use the Wii. It's the best. Report
The only "Celebrity" workout video I own is Mari Winsor's Pilates. Daisy Fuentes was her spokesperson a while back.. when I bought them. I also have Yoga Booty Ballet and I am "stealing" my hubby's Billy Blank's Bootcamp Videos.
I just bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It is going to be my VIDEO OF THE MONTH for Feb...followed by all the previous videos I mentioned!! Report
I have Susan Powter and Leslie Sansone. (I love her!) Walk, walk, walk! Report
Cher came out with a step aerobic tape. Kelly Roberts lead the video. There are 3 parts, step aerobics, abs, and legs. I have done almost every kind of leg routine there is and I have to say that this is the best. I call it Cher legs. LOL. Went and seen Cher and I heard from all the ladies about all the cosmetic surgery. I spiked up and said "Have you ever worked out with her. Shewww Now the step is ok, but that leg routine makes your legs look hot. Report
I began exercising when Jane Fonda and Denise Austin were popular. My favorite of all time is Karen Voight. Report
This is a helpful blog. I recently got a dvd player for our downstairs tv so now I can work out to videos this fall/winter. I may try some Jillian Michaels, they were rated well on Amazon. I don't know if I would try a dvd just because a celebrity was on the cover. Report
To each his/her own. If celebrity workouts inspire someone to exercise then it is all good--assuming it is a well designed program. The first workout tape I ever followed was a friend's mom's old Jane Fonda video and it was a good workout. Generally I prefer dvds by people who made their name as a dancer, athlete or fitness professional because I tend to believe they know what they are talking about when it comes to fitness. However, I would consider a good "celebrity" workout if I could try it first and/or read many positive reviews on it. I probably wouldn't buy one blind. For example, I have never seen an episode of "The Biggest Loser" but recently bought Jillian Micheal's "30 Day Shred" after reading hundreds of glowing reviews of it and following level one a few times on Exercise TV. I realize that is a little different since Ms Micheals made a name for herself as a trainer but I would want to research or try any workout before purchasing since there are so many choices on the market now. Report
Sure, if it's good, I don't care who does it! Kathie Lee's "Fit and Fabulous" comes to mind - she actually used a trainer to lead the workout and she participated with loads of comments (that part wasn't great). But it was fun, and I lost alot off the buns when I did it regularly! lol

Mostly though, they are fitness folks turned celebs, I think - I've done quite a few videos along the way. Report
It's really interesting to see these celebrities workout. And I don't know why but it just is. I actually have never bought one, though. I usually see them on youtube or some other website. My opinion is from wherever or whoever you can get a good workout from, why not! I think you should try anything, some things may work better for you than other; it just depends on our bodies, I guess. Report
I bought the Jane Fonda way back when. I have several Pilates. No other work out with me instructions. Report
It doesn't matter to me who leads the video as long as I can keep up and I'm comfortable with the exercises. Report
I purchased a Denise Austin CD with one of those big balls. The CD was messed up and kept 'jumping'. And the ball, I couldn't stay on it for 2 seconds, it was so big. I won't be buying anymore of those type video's in the future. Report
No I have not purchased a celebrity fitness video. I have worked out to walking videos on my television/on demand...Leslie Sansome. Hope I got her last name correct. I wouldn't buy a video just because a celebrity promoted it. Report
No celebrities videos for me. If a fitness expert gained celebrity due to their quality of work, etc. that's fine with me. I am glad that Jillian on the Biggest Loser being well-known is due to her knowledge. Kim K. -- no thanks! I still don't know why she's a celebrity (but that's another topic). :) Report
The closest to a celebrity that isn't a fitness guru are the Belly Twins dvds. I love those. I have a number of dvds by people that are more fitness celebrities rather than show business. I've worked out to Richard Simmons, Kathy Smith, Denise Austin and, oh what's her name?, another Kathy, I think. I also like Jeffrey Scott, Jennifer Kries and Michele Dozios. I don't really like the dance ones, except bellydance. I'd rather just have a workout.

Oh yeah, based on so many comments on SP, I've started using Leslie Sansome's (?) walking fitness dvds. And of course, Nicole's SP videos. Report
No, I've only bought videos taught by real fitness professionals turned celebrities like Chalene Johnson. I will be buying 30-Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. I guess she counts as a celebrity since if not for Biggest Loser we'd have no idea who she is? Report
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