Poll: Do You Ban Certain Foods from Your Home?


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A British warship captain has banned Brussels sprouts from his ship, calling them "the devil's vegetable."

According to a story in the Telegraph:

"(Commanding Officer Wayne Keble OBE) brought in the boycott because he "hates" Brussels sprouts but denied a rumour he introduced the ban because they make his crew suffer from flatulence.

Capt Keble disclosed details his ban after he was asked to confirm reports he had banned fried foods from his ship."

While he wields more power than most of us, I wondered if other people have been tempted to outlaw certain foods. Many of us have "trigger foods," junk foods that tempt us to overeat. But are there healthful foods that you ban from your house as well?

Are Brussels sprouts on that list? Apparently, Captain Keble is not alone in his distaste for them; a 2002 survey deemed them the No. 1 most loathed veg in Britain, according to the Telegraph story. (He should try roasting them. That's the magical cooking technique that will get anyone to eat vegetables!)

What food would you ban from your house--or do you? Why do you ban it? Is it the taste, the smell or another reason?

Is there a certain healthful food that you just can't eat? Does it bother you when other people eat that food?

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  • 364
    I live alone so do not ban foods. The one food I can not eat and throw up is all kinds of seafood. I do eat fish. I do not even ban what people call unhealthy foods, all food is allowed, it is how much and if I overeat by going out to dinner, I plan ahead of time and exercise more every day for the 7 days before. - 4/28/2017   6:54:02 PM
  • 363
    yes, Soda! - 12/1/2012   10:33:31 AM
  • 362
    I have banned tortilla chips...its the one food I cannot seem to control myself around. :( - 11/21/2012   12:35:13 PM
  • 361
    I wouldn't say banned but I just cannot make myself eat cooked broccoli. The only way that I can eat it is finely chopped and mixed in a recipe of with other ingredients. I don't like the smell of cooked broccoli or cooked cabbage. - 10/18/2012   9:14:25 PM
  • 360
    We don't ban anything per se but we are Seventh Day Adventists so we discourage pork and shellfish or other non biblical meats. - 3/18/2012   1:59:00 AM
    I have quite a few but people seem amazed that I don't have a bag of sugar or red meat EVER! - 10/12/2010   12:26:15 AM
  • 358
    I like brussel sprouts.
    I ban green beans. Even the smell makes me feel ill. If I eat them I throw up. I can't stand eating them, snapping them, smelling them, or looking at them. I ate yummy green bean casserole, the one with the crunchy onions on the top and threw up. I think I have some kind of sensitivity to them or allergy. I have heard you can have an allergy to green beans.

    I will eat any other vegetable. (even kale) but don't you dare try to feed me green beans. - 9/19/2010   11:06:14 PM
  • 357
    There's really nothing I don't like and I don't have any food allergies, so there's nothing I would "ban". Actually, the one thing I avoid as much as possible is milk that comes from cows that have been treated with hormones, because I think it might have been making my acne breakouts worse back when I used to drink it. - 5/10/2010   5:45:19 PM
  • 356
    I don't ban things really, but when my kids used to ask me if I would by sugary cereals I would tell them that white sugar is poison, or white death, and I wanted them to be healthy so I would not buy it. - 5/7/2010   3:04:47 PM
    I don't stock junk food/snacks or soda and so when my son needs an in between meal snack, he picks from available choices, such as yogurt, apple sauce or wheat crackers. I drink crystal lite or water. Doesn't mean that we do not partake of so called junk food. In fact we do when out at a friend's place etc. - 5/6/2010   3:51:19 PM
  • 354
    My family is vegetarian, so while not "banned" per se, no meat products ever make it into our home. - 5/3/2010   2:51:40 PM
  • 353
    hahaha, too funny. I've banned brussel sprouts from my home too. I couldn't STAND them as a child; therefore my children have never had the pleasure. bleck.. just shivering at the thought of them. We don't have coffee either since we don't drink it, not that it's truly a ban. - 5/3/2010   2:03:08 PM
    Unfortunately for me, we live right next door to a convenience store and I can go over there any time and buy garbage if I want it, so it makes no sense for me to "ban" foods. My husband and I agree to not having junk sitting around. No HFCS, no trans fats, no cake, pastry or cereal (not even the healthy ones, it's a major trigger food for me, I eat the whole box). When my husband buys something he thinks might tempt me, he puts it out of sight. - 5/2/2010   12:37:21 PM
    I would like to ban most processed snack products with little or no food value but have a spoiled, 145 lb., sick with Parkinsons, husband who demands things I would like to ban. They makes me fat but not him so I give in and try stay clear. However, I do successfully ban trans fats. When my children were small, I taught them to read lables. When the first ingredient on a cereal label was sugar, it was, and still is, banned. - 5/2/2010   12:21:51 PM
  • 350
    Asparagus - YUK! It's one of the few foods I will not eat and I can't stand the smell of it. It's also expensive. - 5/2/2010   11:44:38 AM
  • 349
    Yes I do. I am deathly allergic ( as in anaphylaxis ) to licorice, anise and fennel, and I have a less deadly allergy to Parmesan cheese, I don't allow them in to my house for any reason. And anyone who thinks they - or their child "need" to have licorice candies in my home will be escorted to the door in short order. Sorry, not worth my life. - 5/2/2010   12:16:27 AM
    Nothing is banned. My mother and sister eat just about everything including the foods I turn to when my emotions are running high (white bread, ice cream, unhealthy snacks) so I have to just deal with it. - 5/1/2010   4:33:58 PM
  • 347
    Pork and any food containing pork by products are banned from my home. Read up on "the other white meat". You may put a ban on pork too. - 3/9/2010   10:15:29 AM
  • 346
    When you live with roommates you're not allowed to ban anything! My mom banned bananas and peas growing up, because even the smell will turn her stomach. Interestingly now they're both among my favorite foods. - 3/6/2010   10:50:49 AM
  • 345
    I banned Doritos because I love them and I overeat them. I know my hubby buys them but he hides them in the desk drawer in his office. Now, brussel sprouts I love! Have you tried them on grilled on skewers? They're great that way ... - 3/5/2010   9:41:42 PM
    Banning food is pointless, unless it is for religious/idealogical reasons, due to allergy, or because it contains a harmful substance.

    Constantly telling yourself 'no' is an easy way for a healthy lifestyle to become a chore, rather than something to celebrate. I keep a very healthy array of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and skim milk at my house. I also keep snacks like chips and cookies--the key is not denying yourself, it is keeping it as it says in the food pyramid, "sparing."

    If i must have chips or whatever, I will reach into the bag, pull out a single chip and eat it and drink a whole glass of water with it. That way, I have the taste in my mouth and feel full after.

    The most important thing that you can learn and teach your kids is self control. If certain foods are always painted as "forbidden", then they will seduce you at your weakest times. You will have an unhealthy relationship with these foods for the rest of your life. Come on now, you know that you deserve better than that. - 3/5/2010   5:53:14 PM
  • JMLEE509
    We LOVE brussel sprouts! While shopping at the grocery store, my 12 year daughter yelled across the isle, "Can we get brussel sprouts"! You should have seen the other adults' faces when she asked that!

    We ban snacks and cereal filled with sugar and anything that's not low-fat. - 3/5/2010   2:47:55 PM
  • 342
    I don't ban anything from my house - my hubby can bring home whatever he wants, doesn't mean I have to eat it!
    I don't have to ban brussels sprouts, lol. Hubby and I both hate them and won't bring them home anyway. Doesn't bother me if other people like them, but they're not for me! (I may have to give them just one more shot roasted, though). - 3/5/2010   10:29:13 AM
  • 341
    I never say "never" to anything. But there are certain foods that I don't keep in the house on a regular basis, because I don't want them available for temptation.

    When I have a craving for one of those foods (ice cream is one), I try not to give in to the spontaneous "gotta have it right now" feeling. Instead, I take the time to plan it into my menu the next week, within my calorie goals. Then when I buy it, I portion control instead of eating the whole pint or whatever. - 3/5/2010   9:50:14 AM
  • 340
    If I had my way, meat, dairy, and eggs would be banned from my house. My husband eats them though, and I can't exactly tell him what to eat. I respect his ability, as an adult, to decide what he will and will not eat.

    I would ban them because I'm vegan and subscribe to both the health and philosophical reasons for being vegan.

    However, as I said, I also strongly believe that this is a personal choice. So, these foods are in the house. I just don't eat them. - 3/5/2010   9:35:21 AM
  • 339
    I don't tell my husband and son they can't have their snack foods, just that they can't have snack foods I crave; like potato chips, cookies, pretzels. I do not allow any of the bad oils for cooking. DH insists he have his "real butter" but I use soy butter or heart healthy butter in cooking and he can't tell the difference, so that's what he gets more often than not! - 1/29/2010   1:04:18 AM
    I ban a lot of foods from my house. We don't buy soda, chips (except for organic tortilla chips for salsa), kool aid, crystal light, white bread or flour, cookies, candy (sugar free gum is ok), cake and any sweets in general. I also stopped buying juice since all juices have way too much excess sugar. Chocolate is very limited at friends and family since I have a child who is allergic and will throw up if he eats more than one small piece and another who just plain doesn't like it. I really try to avoid all foods with Hydrogenated Oils and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    I do buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I try to buy fat free, low sugar, and low sodium products whenever possible. I have 5 children ages 14, 11, 9, 8 and 5. Even though my they complained at first , now (three years later) they don't even miss it and even continue making better choices at friend's and family's houses.

    My only thing I can't give up is creamy peanut butter. I know they have lots of natural peanut butters out there. The oil on the top and mixing it up when you open it each time doesn't bother me, but I just can't get past the taste. - 7/6/2009   3:08:05 PM
  • SHERI1969
    the only foods I ban from my home are junk foods and grapefruit. Due to one of the medications I take, if I were to have grapefruit or its juice, it has a serious side effect, bad enough that nobody in the medical field will tell you what it is. - 7/5/2009   1:01:44 AM
  • 336
    I try not to buy anything with HFCS (at my daughter's insistence) but it's hard. I also try to limit the amount of potato chips, other salty munchies, and sweets, my husband's addicted and will eat whatever's available without regard to how much he has already eaten at meals and in between. - 7/3/2009   11:37:35 AM
  • 335
    Mashed potatoes -- they're not banned but they are only for holidays because I could eat a vat of them (lol) - 6/28/2009   4:18:46 AM
  • 334
    I ban trans fats and HFCS. They have no place in a healthy lifestyle. - 6/26/2009   3:17:06 PM
    I try to ban sweets. Any desserts that aren't healthy go right out the door. I also ban soda. My fiance is awesome, he keeps it hidden in his car somewhere. - 6/26/2009   12:34:01 PM
  • 332
    I try to ban chocolate from the house - chocolate bars are my weakness and most times if they aren't there, I don't have a problem in temptation - 6/25/2009   9:34:15 AM
  • 331
    We don't allow the purchase of or bringing into the house of junk foods such as potato chips, cakes, cookies, or other processed foods. Frozen pizza runs a close second but sometimes it makes it past the ban. Basically, if it isn't a raw food ingredient it can't come here.

    And I have grown to love brussels sprouts. They're quite tasty sauteed in olive oil, sprinkled with seasonings, and roasted over a grill. - 6/23/2009   12:46:05 PM
  • 330
    No Pastries! Any cake-like product is addictive for me, I'll eat it several times a day if it's around. I used to bake a cake once a week when my girls were home, that's what got me into the shape I'm in now--No More! Chips or chocolate, not a problem, it's in the house all the time; hubby eats them. We both love brussel sprouts--usually have them for dinner at least once a week. - 6/23/2009   11:00:35 AM
  • 329
    I'm vegetarian and kosher, so in my home, no treif (unclean) meat ever, and very little of it at all for the kid and spouse.
    I'm moving out soon, so my new kitchen will be a veggie paradise.
    I also steer clear of trans fats and corn syrup.
    - 6/23/2009   10:32:34 AM
  • 328
    I ban anything with hydrogenated oils and it makes me very angry when they try to sneak those trans fats in and call it "0 grams transfat per serving". - 6/23/2009   9:12:40 AM
  • 327
    As being the shopper, I buy very little of regular chips, and mostly get the FF or Baked; and as now I'm taking BP Meds, I eat little of what I am buying... - 6/22/2009   12:43:35 PM
  • 326
    Once in a while I get tempted to buy a bag of corn chips to make nachos...but I try not to buy chips of any type.
    It doesn't bother me not to buy ice cream...but I do keep frozen fruit bars at home.
    :o) - 6/22/2009   10:25:22 AM
  • JULZ94708
    I'm with Captain Keble on this one. No matter how hard I try, and whatever way I fix them, I just can't stand brussel sprouts. I've even roasted them, and sprinkled them with toasted hazelnuts and bacon. BACON! What doesn't taste good with bacon?

    I'm also not a fan of okra. I spent some time in Louisiana as a child, and have had to choke down my fair share of fried okra. - 6/21/2009   7:20:14 PM
    There are a lot of fruits I know are good for you but I can't stomach. I regularly (each year, when they're in season) try things like blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple. I can't eat yogurt either (although yogurt shakes are another thing); it's the texture, not the flavor, so please don't ask me to try different flavors. Finally, good publicity for red wine aside, we have a dry house (no alcohol of any kind). Betty had a liver disease, so she can't metabolize alcohol, and alcoholism runs in my family so I'd rather not chance it. I'll stick to red grapes. - 6/21/2009   5:46:20 PM
  • 323
    Dr. says cut out some sugars and white flour items, so they are banned from out kitchen mostly. But we have 8 grandkids often on weekend. So they have a special chest in the "xbox cave" room where some snacks or treats can be kept. Out of my eye sight as I am compulsive. There are guidelines and healthy meals are a must for grandkids. But a few goodies , including apples, whole wheat pretzels, etc. are ok with grammy and grandpa. - 6/21/2009   4:32:17 PM
  • 322
    Coffee is my only ban. And that's because the smell and whatever is emitted when it is perked, gives me terrible headaches and I'm not going to inflict that on myself so someone can have a cup when there's a coffee shop on virtually every street corner in Toronto. there are things I don't serve (like green peas) because I don't like them, but that's different. - 6/21/2009   2:05:47 PM
  • 321
    I used to ban popcorn; however...I now buy the mini microwave bags and count the fiber and use a shaker type topping instead of butter. The popcorn fills me up and because it's portioned out for me - I don't over eat. - 6/21/2009   12:39:23 PM
  • 320
    I have banned two healthy foods but not out of choice. Tomatoes and cucumbers are way to tempting for me and Iove them both but I know if I eat them I will have a flair up of gout and not be able to walk so I try not to have them in the house. Oranges were my favorite fruit but I have the same problem. I do allow a few of these once in a while but will not help to peal them and have been able to grudgingly resist them. The high fat and sugar snacks are put in a certain low drawer that I ban myself from. There is nothing in there for me so I try not to open it and keep healthier stuff in more convenient locations. I know if I banned food the family would fight about it and things would be worse. - 6/21/2009   10:56:39 AM
  • 319
    Oh, I almost forgot.... corn is not allowed in my house only because I love it but my body hates it and I hate the way my body tells me that it hates corn, so I have to stay away from it. It's so sad. I miss corn on the cob or corn mixed with mashed potatoes. - 6/21/2009   9:07:46 AM
  • 318
    I haven't necessarily banned them but they don't end up in my house..... cucumbers & tuna fish because of the smell. I used to love tuna fish but it was the only food that made me actually sick while I was pregnant and now I can't even smell it without dry heaving and I have never liked the smell or taste of cucumbers. Also, I don't eat peppers... except in salsa. Don't know why... just don't like them. Cooked or raw, they are one of the worst tastes for me and I can taste it if even one got onto my pizza so when my boyfriend says something about going halfies on a pizza, I tell him no on the peppers. If he wants peppers on his pizza, he can get his own pizza. Other than that, there isn't really anything that I won't allow in my house. There are other foods that I don't care for but if my boyfriend or friend wants to bring over something for a meal we are preparing together, I fine with it, so long as they don't try to make me eat it. As for brussel sprouts.... YUMMY!!! I like to eat them cooked in a little butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Mmm! - 6/21/2009   9:04:20 AM
  • 317
    On a personal "ban" list because I eat it!!!: Ice cream, potato chips, chocolate candy of any kind, brand label pop (my kids love the dollar store 3 liter of lemon-lime... cheap name brand replacement... same with root beer flavor).
    LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!!! Read that most people can taste the tanic acid in them - makes them unappealing. Apparently I lack that gene as I have no bitter taste - actually sweet when roasted. Super Yum! Have 2 bags frozen right now and grow in my garden! - 6/21/2009   8:48:06 AM
  • 316
    Kinda sorta....even before deciding to drop the weight and get healthier, I stopped by ice-cream in anything larger than a pint....because if I do, my portion sizes will be "gynormous". Usually with the pints though, I'll divide that into 2-servings, eventhough the according to the container a pint contains 4-servings (who came up with that???). - 6/21/2009   1:24:06 AM
  • 315
    I ban anything I really like that's sweet for a snack. Because if it's in the house and in the cabinet I hear it talking to me all night long. It calls me by name and makes me forget all about the good work I have done for the day. So with that said, when I do well for many weeks in a row I may buy one and only one of my favorites and enjoy. This weekend it was a small bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Gosh I love those little bits of Joy. - 6/20/2009   8:29:24 PM

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