Poll: Did You Ask for Any Healthy Holiday Gifts?


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Many of us have gift-giving on the brain right now, whether you're done shopping or still have some items you want to pick up, or you're wondering what gifts you might receive yourself!

I enjoy giving gifts to others, especially homemade ones. Most of the time, there are not many items on my own wish list, but with my newfound love of running, I am realizing that I need a lot more "stuff"—especially now that it's colder and darker outside. Healthy new gadgets are always on my radar, especially since I'm always trying to learn new cooking skills or exercise ideas.

This led me to wonder: What healthy holiday gifts did you ask for this year?

There are a few healthy items on my list. If I don't receive them on Christmas morning, I may have to treat myself to some of these goodies! How about you: Did you ask for any healthful food or fitness gifts this year? Have you given any fit gifts to others?

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  • 379
    I'm asking Santa for a treadmill. No hope at all this year. Thank goodness for online videos! :-) Did score some nice winter walking socks! - 12/1/2016   3:23:44 AM
  • WINGLESS98465
    I asked for "fun, weird workout DVDs". Not sure if I'm getting any from elsewhere, but we just got a new YBB dvd in at work...might just have to pick that up tonight. :D

    Also, I added workout clothes and home-equipment that I don't have yet. It's kind of a long list, won't put it all here. :) - 12/6/2012   3:04:13 PM
    I asked for a fitbit and am going to watch the adds after the new year for an elliptical.... - 12/6/2012   1:30:55 PM
  • 376
    Well I really wanted a Treadmill but I don't think its in the budget this year... - 12/6/2012   8:57:54 AM
    My brother and father have asked, and I have requested a fitbit and some running gear. My mother is amazing at picking out great gifts anyway, so I haven't told her! - 12/5/2012   10:01:23 AM
  • 374
    Last year I asked for winter running gear and got some - 4/8/2012   7:57:45 AM
  • 373
    I asked for a blender so I could make some protein shakes, etc. and I got one! :) - 12/28/2011   10:52:29 AM
  • 372
    I ask for a Wii with the dancing video - 12/19/2011   5:47:22 AM
  • 371
    I didn't ask for any gifts this season. I don't think I will get any thing this year. If I do I will be greatly surprised - 12/17/2011   8:35:24 AM
  • 370
    I have kettlebells and a new gym memebership on my list, I am sure I will end up buying them for myself from the dog after Christmas though. lol - 12/17/2011   6:58:16 AM
  • 369
    I asked for winter running clothes and got them - 12/16/2011   10:55:38 AM
  • 368
    I asked for workout clothing. My mom and I went together to pick them out and she got some for herself as well. Fun. I can't wait to open them and use them Dec 26th. :) - 12/13/2011   2:35:05 PM
  • 367
    I wanted Yoga socks....didnt get them so I guess I will be picking them up this week with some of the $$ I got as gifts ;) - 1/2/2011   5:54:23 PM
  • 366
    yes i bought new cashew butter because i cant eat chew good however i think about celery grind with it i will try that - 1/1/2011   6:05:45 PM
  • 365
    i asked for weights and some exercise clothes and got it! - 1/1/2011   3:26:34 AM
  • 364
    I asked for an elliptical--and got one! :) - 12/31/2010   8:48:39 AM
  • 363
    I received 8 bars of the Lindt 85% cocoa very dark chocolate, instead of the usual chocolates I would have gotten. - 12/30/2010   10:50:15 PM
    Asked for none - and got the same........hmmmmm - 12/30/2010   1:16:15 PM
  • 361
    I asked for a yoga mat & I got one! - 12/29/2010   5:50:20 PM
  • 360
    I asked for a new suimsuit, goggles, and spinerval dvds to get me through the chilly months - 12/29/2010   12:50:30 PM
  • 359
    I asked for the Body Bugg and new cute workout clothes! Please, Santa!!! - 12/9/2010   9:12:49 AM
  • 358
    I've asked for a new pair of Reeboks. I'd also love to get a bunch of new games for the Wii - 12/8/2010   2:05:28 PM
  • 357
    I asked for a wii system so that I can do wii fit! - 11/30/2010   10:39:18 PM
  • 356
    EA Active 2 and a new bike! - 11/28/2010   7:35:22 PM
  • 355
    Yes! I told my grown kids (when asked) that I would like a pedometer, 5 lb weights, and a new scale. Any one of those gifts would be awesome. - 11/28/2010   2:40:52 PM
  • 354
    I put a pedometer on my christmas list. - 11/28/2010   10:12:09 AM
  • 353
    I'm asking Santa for a treadmill, but I'm expecting something more like a fitness DVD & socks!
    - 11/26/2010   2:49:19 AM
  • 352
    I asked for a wrist watch that is a heart monitor and pedometer; as well as a watch. - 11/24/2010   10:33:53 PM
  • 351
    I asked for a Wii fit for this Christmas. Maybe Santa will be nice to me??? :-D - 11/24/2010   3:59:11 PM
  • 350
    I got Wii Fit, the Zumba Total Body Transformation DVD set and walking shoes for my birthday. I got running shoes and new headphones for our anniversary. - 10/26/2010   3:39:34 PM
  • 349
    I didn't ask for but received some cute work out clothes from my folks, and my hubby gave me a teeny tiny MP3 player so when I ride my exercise bike I can hear some sweet sounds... other than my panting! - 1/11/2010   8:18:45 PM
  • 348
    I got cold weather running gear and new trainers! Yay! - 1/11/2010   5:51:39 PM
  • 347
    I asked for money so that I could buy a recumbent bike. I bought one the Sunday after Christmas and love it. - 1/11/2010   3:45:01 PM
  • 346
    I asked for and received a heart rate monitor for working out. - 1/11/2010   12:09:10 PM
  • 345
    I asked for Spark the book! - 1/11/2010   1:36:28 AM
    I asked for a blood pressure monitor, a pedometer and a food diary. In addition to those I also received a low sodium/ low calorie cookbook and my husband received a book on running and a weighted vest for working out. - 1/10/2010   10:28:24 PM
  • 343
    I asked for and recieved the Wii Active and also a shock absorbing floor mat to work out on in my basement. Never thought I'd ask for a floor mat. Who knew! - 1/10/2010   10:06:07 PM
  • 342
    i asked for a wii fit :) - 1/10/2010   9:23:12 AM
  • 341
    I asked for and received The Spark book, WII Fit Plus and Your Shape video games, Jackie Werner Circuit Training DVD and Sketchers Shape-Ups shoes. I've been a very good girl!!!! - 1/10/2010   2:31:39 AM
  • 340
    Yeehaw! I asked for and didn't receive a weighted vest. I asked for and GOT a fuel belt, reflective bands for my ankles, a road ID and a firefly! Hubby gave me the lot and used some of his rebates to get me a $50 giftcard for the running store!! Wheee!!! - 1/9/2010   10:04:31 PM
    I asked for and received a YMCA membership! - 1/9/2010   3:55:57 PM
    Wii fit plus was a surprise gift I had forgotten I asked for. I love it. I have not exercised for years and this has been a great way to get started. I have been searching for my motivation and I think I found it. I only opened it this week and have lost 4 # since Tues. - 1/9/2010   10:00:07 AM
  • 337
    I asked for a weighted-vest, but didn't receive it. - 1/8/2010   7:47:24 PM
  • 336
    I asked for an exercise bike and got a nice recumbent. I love it. Now when I get bored and want to snack, I just grab a book, hop on the bike and pedal away. - 1/8/2010   6:41:31 PM
  • 335
    I asked for, and got, a Garmin running watch. I got myself some new headphones (Panasonic RP-HS11, they're washable!) as well. I love my watch! - 1/8/2010   3:56:00 PM
  • 334
    We had a pretty healthy Christmas this year. My sil received Wii Active and I received the Fit Plus addition to my Wii. - 1/8/2010   11:47:39 AM
    I asked for and got running shoes. And with my yearly bonus and went and bought workout clothes. - 1/8/2010   9:51:51 AM
  • 332
    I asked for and received The Step and Gilad's Step and Tone DVD (very awesome!). I was also hoping to get a mini-stepper, and have decided to use some of my Christmas money to acquire one! - 1/8/2010   9:43:39 AM
  • 331
    I asked for.. and got.. a wii and a wii fit plus.. also just bought myself the biggest loser for the wii! woop woop! Hopefull will help! x - 1/8/2010   9:09:26 AM
  • 330
    I don't really have anyone to ask for gifts, but for myself I bought the Spark Book, and I've also given myself the time I deserve...to be happy, healthy, and getting better every day!!!

    If Santa were to read this though, I think I'd like the stud in the photo (he-he). - 1/8/2010   3:18:50 AM

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