Poll: Are You More Tempted to Cheat on Weekends?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Are you tempted to overeat and be lazy on the weekends? I certainly am.
From Sunday brunches with my boyfriend to late nights with friends, it seems like there is a temptation at every turn.

I've gotten pretty good about sticking to a schedule: I work out on Friday night to start the weekend off right, I eat sensibly for breakfast and lunch, and I plan ahead when I go out to dinner.

Still, on the rare days when Iím at home with nothing to do, I sometimes find myself grazing and overeating.

What tactics do you use to keep yourself on track over the weekend? How do you stay strong? Share your tips in the comments below!

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A few years ago, I would've said weekends were harder for me to stay on my regimen. However, I find that being home now during the week, weekends really aren't so bad. Then again, I find the converse is sometimes true in that sometimes the weekdays can be troublesome. But, it isn't because of the day of the week - it's other outside reasons (or I guess really INSIDE reasons - inside my head, that is). Report
Weekends are not a challenge anymore. I guess I am just more disciplined in what I eat. Eating out is the real challenge for me. Report
I don't find weekends more difficult - I actually think it's easier. During the week, I have to plan my meals and snacks ahead of time and I don't always have the time or energy to do so. I also keep reminding myself that I'm making a life change not just dieting. So weekends just give me more opportunity to "practice" my new life choices :-) Report
No I'm Cool!!!!!!! Report
Weekends are definitely a challenge for me. On alternate weekends my hubby is home and we generally are out and about and will need to eat out. When he is at work, I sometimes open the refrigerator too often. I try to workout more on the weekend, but even that doesn't always happen. Report
It doesn't usually bother me on weekends. I tend to have more temptations during the week. Report
Sunday brunch invitations make it harder. So does the fact that my bf wants to have drinks and dessert on Friday nights. I'm doing fine though. I'm tempted, sure, but I don't succumb to it. Report
On the weekend, I find myself constantly looking in the fridge and pantry for something sweet or just a snack. I do a lot of snacking over the weekend. I plan on 'redoing' my kitchen (going through and getting rid of all the junk, high calorie foods) so that there are more healthy choices available for me and my family. Report
Weekends are the same as any other day, I follow my nutritional guidlines and keep exercising - usually exercise more on the weekends... Report
For me eating healthy on the weekends is very hard. We live in Hawaii and It is all about family and gatherings here on Oahu. I do have to admit I am one who needs to have free menu days on the weekends. Report
Great question and i loved reading the responses. i'm new to this so have no real advice except that i already know saturday is my fun night - thats my night for going out to dinner or having a glass or 2 of wine. i hope it doesnt de rail my progress... Report
I tend to eat heavier on weekends as well.....I try to exercise first thing in the am and extend session by 5-15 mins, make sure that I have good food choices quickly available, and keep 100 cal snack treats available. My new thing is to eat fresh baby carrots dipped in spicy mustard...the crunch and taste is quite satisfying. Report
Weekends are totally hard for me. I almost always overeat. During the week I plan out each meal perfectly, but on the weekend, I lose all my willpower. I hope to get this under control soon. Report
Yep weekends are hard for me. Less structure. Kids and hubby home so we have a bigger breakfast and they always want snacks or goodies. Most social invites include food and drinks and it is tough to make good choices. I dont have a problem with exercise on the weekends though because we tend to hike or bike or something else active as a family. Report
I have a tendency to do good on the weekends because I still have to work during the day on Saturday but on Sunday I tend to eat out at the buffet but that is usually the only full meal that I get. Then when hunger hits I usually will eat some chips and salsa or some seasoned oyster crackers with bottled water. Report
Weekends tend to be less structured for me. If I spend the weekend alone, then I do try stay with my plan, but sometimes when I'm spending time with my boyfriend or hanging out with friends then I tend to just go with the flow. If I have any say in the restaurant, I'll try to pick something that everyone can be happy with, but sometimes I don't get to chose and I just try to make the best of it. Report
Weekends are my downfall...I can do really well all week and when friday night hits..LOOKOUT!! I really have to curb that feeling. I think its because the work week is over and I feel like I can let go, and letting go means of all the rules. I have to either have a cheat meal or something...Havent figured it out yet. Report
Weekends are totally hard for me. My husband is home and we go out to eat a lot... Report
Weekends are the hardest. I do much better when I have my routine to keep me busy and my mind off munchies. Report
I used weekends as a "Favorite Food Celebration" so I'm having to change my behavior. After reading everyone's comments (thanks everybody!) I like the Friday exercise idea, plus my gym offers several good classes on Saturday and Sunday. Report
For me, it's not just a weekend thing...it's basically a boredom, or emotional thing. So whenever that occurs, my mind turns to thoughts of food. I actually logged into Spark because I'm sitting at work (bored) and I was getting tempted to walk to the vending machine for Skittles. The only difference is on the weekends my boyfriend and I can hang out more. He is around 180 lbs and can eat a quarter of a 10 inch pie and not think twice (and of course won't gain a pound...jerk) and he always wants fast food and junk. I've just learned to adapt to his eating habits and am prepared to eat different foods and I eat off of saucers to make myself more aware of what I'm eating and how much.... Report
My friends and families activities revolve around eating and enjoying a few drinks on the weekend as well as some week days. I have a difficult time going out to restaurants or bars with them and not having too much to eat, or a couple of alcoholic beverages. I have been spending less time with them, and will hang out with them more once I feel like I have my goals and myself under control. Report
weekends are a double edged sword. If we aren't over subscribed, I have more time to prepare and be mindful of my activity and choices. If we are busy......yeah.
I'm going to work on that. You all heard that right? (or read that as the case may be) Report
Weekends are harder but since my husband has joined me in our weight loss plan, he wants to get out and hike , walk or run with me now. My hardest thing is tracking my calories on the weekend, I never get to the computer. Report
Planning for me is the key...if I know what i am going to eat it takes the stress out of it. I also make sure that I leave something sweet and tasty for the evening, something to look forward to...but it has to be in my daily plan..like icecream or a hot milky chocolate drink. I used to keep opening cupboards waiting for something to jump out for me to eat...it not only drove me nuts but made me fat!!!
I am more likely to overeat Monday-Tuesday. My husband and I take every Saturday we can get to do a long and intensive hike in (4-9 miles in the Colorado Mountains) and I usually end up meeting my exercise requirements for the week on that day. We have also found that if we go on a less strenuous hike on Sunday with our 5 year old son we are less likely to be sore from the Saturday hike. This doesn't mean that I don't exercise during the week, but after a weekend like that Monday and Tuesday definitely feel like lazy days. Report
Weekends are always when I sabotage myself. It is social gatherings and the false assumption that I am like everyone else! I am different, and need to remember it when faced with food choices in social situations! People hate to see me stick to a weight loss plan..."come on have some of my best pie!" or, "you don't need to lose weight" or "I like you fat and happy!" GRRRR!!! Very hard to stem the tide and stick to the plan when with friends on weekends! . May have to drop bad eating friends and find some people who really wish me well! Report
I do well unless I have company. Then everything revolves around food. I cook more and always have desert. If I shop with my girls, we always eat somewhere we don't normally. I need more willpower. Report
I have been doing well during the week. The weekend is when things get a little out of control. Report
I'm the strange one. Great at home (anytime). Terrible at work! Report
I'm the opposite. I mostly overeat on weekdays, usually grazing at my desk, or eating too many snacks from the break room or goodies that someone brought from home, or attending after-work receptions. On the weekends I am able to control my environment more, and get to be out and about. Report
Hands down. I'm a whole different person on the weekend compared to weekdays. Report
I tend to be around food all day and that is where I get tempted. I bought low fat and calorie snackin cakes, and have planned when I would eat them, instead of less healthy choices, so far, this has worked. Of course, I must refrain from baking! Report
Definitely worse at weekends but I am getting better little by little Report
I tend to have to make an effort to get the fruit and veggies in along with the water. That is one of the ways I don't eat all the other temptations. And I try to do something physical with my husband. I do not always stay on track. Report
I try to plan a special walk during the weekend or do something I really like doing that is away from the food. go to a music store or book store. used book stores are very intresting and no starbucks!! a walk in a wetlands or down by the lake. It takes my mind off the snacking and the time seems to go by quicker. Report
I struggle, but i try to make better bad choices. If i eat something bad, I just try eat less of it or try to make it more low cal. Report
So far, weekends are easier than weekdays. With no work, I can look forward to a long and vigorous workout at the gym, and generally more time to take care of me. Report
Yes I am more tempted, but I tend to eat the same amount of calories, but not healthy ones on wekends. Report
We just got onto a health-kick, and we actually look at weekends as a celebration of the week. So, we go out to eat at our favorite restaurant on Fri or Sat night. We then compensate for it the next day with lot of healthy foods, and then we enjoy a bit with some more of the home made foods.

If we cheat due to a party or something, we immediately get onto a compensation program like the Celebrities.

It has worked so far, to the point where cheating would add 3-4 lbs of weight since we added Carbs (which attract more food and weight), but then we give it nothing but good protein, a good exercise, and we lose the 3-4 + additional weight.

Basically, figure that Output Minus Input has to be greater than Zero every day except for one day of the week. Think about this formula everyday and you will win.

In my case, the proof is that we started this 'self made program' on Dec 15th,2009 or so, and we have lost 17.4lbs, including all the cheating during Xmas and New Years. We had 2 days + 2 Days of solid parties and lots of foods + 1 Day of SuperBowl party at our house!

Weekends are ahrd but I try to plan ahead. If I know I am going to eat a higher calorie meal at a restaurant on the weekend, I try to eat less calories in the morning and lunch and maybe exercise more. Report
I am on my frist weekend starting this new diet and I am having a very hard time. I have had one cookie and I feel totally guilty about it so far. Report
I often go rouge on Friday nights then dont pay as much attention on Saturday and Sunday. Just started on spark, so I'm hoping that tracking what I eat on the weekends is really going to help out. Report
Try Jello Sugar-Free Mouse as a treat. Great portion control, only 60 calories, tastes great, fewer calories than sugar-free jello. That is my new way of controlling my eating on the weekend and my favorite sweet treat! Report
My plan allows for special occasions and 1 weekend day to splurge on anything I want. I find that I can control my special or splurge days by not wanting to taint my M-F healthier lifestyle eating, but I don't feel guilty if I do ultimately splurge on the allowed day. Report
I do okay when I'm home on the weekends--a little splurging but planned ahead. The problem is on the weekends that I work, I have a hard time eating healthy when I only get one meal break in a 12 hour day. I find it difficult to eat a filling healthy snack on break, usually it's high calorie food and quick. Report
weekends are very very hard. i try my best to maintain, but sometimes you have to cure the cravings a little Report
Weekends are the worst!! I have no idea why, but weekends seem almost like a free pass. I know I need to get this under control. Report
this will be my first weekend after joining spark so i feel i will do better than last weekend. Report
Going out always leads to bad choices for me. During the week I'm focused. I enjoy the splurg but trying to put a healthy spin on it. One meal off my plan and the rest within the guild lines I've set for myself. Report
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